Fam tips BB, KB on Nkacha loan deal

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) had advised Big Bullets and Kamuzu Barracks to sign a proper loan deal agreement on attacking midfielder Harvey Nkacha, whose services are being sought at the ‘People’s team’ ahead of the club’s Confederation of African Football (Caf) assignments.

Jangale: Nkacha cannot feature for both clubs

Jangale: Nkacha cannot feature for both clubs

Bullets had initially wanted to rope in the Kamuzu Barracks star player and Moyale Barracks goal poacher Gastin Simkonda but according to information from the Malawi Defence Force (MDF), the latter will not be available as he is expected to go to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on peace keeping mission.

However, MDF, through its Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Griffin Spoon Phiri has reportedly given Bullets the go ahead to rope in Nkacha on condition that he will only assist the club in its Caf campaign while still offering his services at Kamuzu Barracks FC.

Earlier, MDF, through its spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Francis Kakhuta-Banda indicated it was not possible for MDF to release the two players because their respective clubs would need their services as they prepare for the new season.

The latest development has drawn mixed feelings from soccer followers with some saying it is impossible for Nkacha to play for both clubs at the same time while others suggest the player can feature for Bullets
in the Champions League and play for KB in domestic games.

Shedding light on the issue in an interview with Zodiac Broadcasting Station (ZBS) Fam international transfer matching system expert Casper Jangale said it was impossible for Nkacha to play for both clubs at
the same time.

He advised Bullets and Kamuzu Barracks to sign a proper loan agreement that is in line with Fifa transfer regulations.

“It is not possible for the play to feature for both clubs at the same time. If the player is loaned to Bullets, he cannot play for Kamuzu Barracks during the loan period. The two clubs have the option to sign a short-term loan deal which ranges from one month to six months or a one year deal,” said Jangale.

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19 thoughts on “Fam tips BB, KB on Nkacha loan deal”

  1. Laza Thoms says:

    i love Bullets no matter what

  2. Sautso lungu says:

    kodi eni ake a kamuzu ballacks amati bwanji? tsono inu mukungolankhula osafunsa bwanji, mbuli mukhoza kukhala inu. ngati simuli a bb khalani pheee!

  3. Katswiri left wing'a says:

    Ku bullets ndi mbalame zokhazokha, sadziwa malamulo ampira

    1. davie kathumba says:

      Mbuzi iwe khala chete ukudziwa chani galu..

  4. vwivwivwi says:

    my team all the best

  5. Kwaderatowi says:

    Koma ku team iyi nde kuli mbulidi. Zoona zimenezi?

  6. alukosyo says:

    kusamva msungama ndi fote eeishhh

  7. Peter Shida says:

    Just Wait And See The Results Ov It

  8. xyz says:

    serving 2 masters at the same time. hahaha. kodi bullets, mwapanga bwanji? and i read in the nation of today that the bullets chair has left for Tanzania Kukagula Ma Ticket Andege. really? why cant he buy online or using our local travel agents. muwauze kuti masiku ano kuli e-ticketing. komanso why the whole chair and not the other members? Mpira Sudzatheka Pa Malawi

  9. Get it from me the gist of the whole is that MDF has just implemented a policy which in strict terms states that no player from MDF will play in rival league team in so whatever terms unless that player has resigned from MDF. This applies to oversees clubs as well. Take note this is in black and white so don’t waste your discuss this issue contrary to this policy. No one is mandated to change this, and again no one will take trouble to reveal this policy to you – tikumvana?

  10. yazula says:

    Zinazi musatidyetse nazo galu. Sizoona zimenezo azisewera ku KB konko,mukufuna adzationere our style of play azikawauza ma coach ake kwaoko. A KONDI chonde muziganiza popanga zinanzi komanso muzifunsa nzeru.

  11. Chimbirazowa says:

    Bullets in wonderland, today its money, tomorrow it’s players, hey ma Palestinian zavutatu apa, lets wait and see.

  12. Uchindami says:

    Harvey Mkacha wati sakufuna kupita ku BB.

  13. Miss Angola says:

    The cost of having fools to lead a big club like bullets. Shame on you poor people.

  14. zayakunkhongo says:

    bater inalie kalie kkkkkkkkiest

  15. Brianze says:

    Neba mavuto kwambiri

  16. Kafundo says:

    I am a Bullets supporter since time immemorial but I don’t really understand what sort of administrators we have at the club. Everythings they say seems to be always out of equation. I believe they get too excited with the press before things have been properly worked out.

  17. dayfri says:

    do it professionally please…let the rule of loan do its work

  18. Southner says:

    kodi nde kuti a Bullets wo sazidziwa zimenezi,kodi ntchito mumalembana bwanji guys mpakana munthu oti sadziwa chilichonse cha mpira kumulemba ntchito kutimu yaikulu ngati Bullets?

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