Fan regains consciousness as Red Lions charged of misconduct: Malawi Super League

A football fan, 24 year-old Geoffrey Mwale, who fainted on Sunday after being severely beaten by Malawi army soldiers at Kamuzu stadium, regained his conscious on Monday after spending a night on oxygen machine at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Red Lions-FC....Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

Red Lions-FC….Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

Red Lions coach  Prichard Mwanza (r)...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Red Lions coach Prichard Mwanza (r)…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.





Mwale, son to Police officer Senior  Suprietendent  Mwale-Traffic Department, was among many football fans who were beaten by the angry soldiers following military side Red Lions’ two-all draw against rookies Surestream.

Initially, violence ensued immediately after the final whistle–Red Lions players roughed up the referee Boniface Chipinga, who they accused of favouring the rookies.

The rookies twice came from behind to equalize through penalties. Lions scored first through Kumbukani Mwambene in 5th minute only Benard Chimaimba to equalize after 35 minutes.

Then Lions took the lead again in 48th minute through Innocent Bokosi but the rookies again equalized in added time after Mwambene handled in the box prompting the soldiers to attack the referee Boniface Chipinga soon after the game.

Fans retaliated by fighting with the soldiers, smashing their bus in the process.

More soldiers from the army Camp Site, which is some meters away from the stadium, were seen punching football fans not only around the stadium, but also along the Chipembere Highway-The Polytechnic-Chichiri Shoprite Mall stretch.

Mwale lost conscious following the beating and had to be rushed to the hospital through former Flames captain Peter Mponda’s vehicle.

According to Timothy Madani Somanje, who was among those who took the victim to the hospital, Mwale bumped into the soldiers near Sports Councils offices where many had rushed to sought refuge.

Meanwhile, the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has placed charges on Red Lions following their players’ misconduct after the game.

According to a statement issued by Sulom,  Red Lions FC, players and officials were in breach of conduct, rules and regulations of SULOM as stipulated in article of the Solum Constitution, rules and regulations and also that of FIFA disciplinary code on the following charges:

1. Red Lions F.C failed to control the actions of its players, officials and supporters who assaulted the
officiating personnel and the general public as stipulated in Article 21.3 Rules and Regulations of the TNM Super League.

2. Its players behaved in a manner which brought SULOM and its sponsor TNM in disrepute as stipulated in Article 13.1.6 of the SULOM constitution.

3. The fracas made by its players’ breached peace of the general public thereby contravening Article 13.2.2 of SULOM Constitution as read with Article 21.19 of SULOM rules and regulations

In the same game the following Red Lions FC players were in breach of the Rules and Regulations of SULOM (Article 21.6) and the FIFA Disciplinary Code (Article 49.1.b) by assaulting the match officials in particular the referee Boniface Chapinga:
1. Jersey number 2 Dickson Mbetewa Jnr
2. Jersey number 10 Lot Chawinga
3. Jersey number 14 Boniface Kaulesi
4. Jersey number 3 William Chiumya
5. Jersey number 22 Mathews Simbeye
6. Jersey number 6 George Haule
7. Jersey number 16 Thomas Makaombwa
8. Jersey number 11 Sunganani Msiska

Red Lions Team Doctor Gibson Langwe was also involved in assaulting the officiating personnel.

Sulom has since given Red Lions 48 hours to respond to thecharges.

“SULOM would like to remind clubs, officials, players and spectators that we all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game by ensuring that the laws of the game are adhered to, always respect the match official’s decisions, promote fair play and never engage in offensive, insulting, assaulting match officials, opponents and opposing supporters,” said Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda in letter copied to TNM Chief Executive Officer and Football Association of Malawi (Fam) General Secretary Suzyo Nyirenda.

But Lions assistant coach Prichard Mwansa cried foul over the officiation.

“I have never seen anything like that. Football will never develop with these dubious decisions. I, however, do not condone the behaviour of my players. This is a disciplinary matter,” Mwansa said.

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52 thoughts on “Fan regains consciousness as Red Lions charged of misconduct: Malawi Super League”

  1. ninkuuzeni says:

    AMALAWI,,,u dont appreciate kuti dziko lanu mulibe nkhondo coz u’ve soldiers who know how to fight..
    taonani even pa DRC pompa the SA SOLDIERS were killed and wounded in the process 2getha with the tanzanianians,,mumafuna abale anu atafa ait????
    no matter wat MALAIYA MUSAGENE

  2. Bodoza says:

    Mwawacita bwino kuwaphika mafanao

  3. COLBY MAJON says:

    Sulom ichitepo kathu apa

  4. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Search me These brutal army players and soldiers need to have their own MDF league. So far they have several team enough for their own league. We ALAIYA can not play football with these monsters. This is not the first time these hynic styled team of the so called RED LIONS has been to it. Enough is enough, they should not spoil our game. Azisewera mpira ndi anzawo a Mozambiquian Army

  5. fight says:

    3rd Class Shorts FADAMULA’s.You can’t even shoot straight.

  6. M23 says:

    Mudzayetsere kupanga zimenezo ndi Bullets, tidzakusosolani.

  7. Vimbokori says:

    Bola G4S timayiwona mumageti ndi mabank working osati these terrorists masquarading as MDF. pamusundu pino mose a MDF na sekenemba zinu zambula kupipa

  8. simia says:

    Masapota omwe anagenda bus ya Red lions muwatani? The Referee was clearly biased mumutani? Come out clearly on this one please!

  9. Petros says:

    Pamene padutsa uniform yofira ndi choncho basi

  10. Xenophobia says:

    Ena mwa asilikali ndaphunzira nawo sukulu. Ndikawakutumura amathawa ndewu, lero chifukwa choti ali mu uniform ati iyeyo ndi dolo. Ndikazakupeza uli wekha ndizakuthyola, ma zulu atizunze iwenso ka soldier olo nkhondo siunamenyepo utivute? Mapazi anu nonse asilikali pamodzi ndi comander in cheif wanu.

  11. Edk says:

    zigoli zokanidwa zinalidi offside ndaonera pa times tv

  12. wanangwa says:

    Sulom you are also a useless organization. Just ban these army teams. For how long are you going to tolerate this behavior? Where on earth hav you heard soldiers beating up innocent citizens? One day they will kill , that is when you will wake up. Just be bold enough and decide that no more army teams in the super league. These are useless people. They never stop this barbaric behavior.

  13. Ma referee amawonjeza ofunika anzake atengele phunzilo

  14. Angozo says:

    Ban the Red Lion team for stupid behavour they have shown, a soldier is human being like any other person so they should not take the law in their hands and onse akuikila kumbuyo Red Lions ndi zitsiru zopanda nzeru zopusa.

  15. Mitundu yasakanizanatu apa. says:

    Tinkhanza pang’ono.Ma ref amazolowera heavy.afinyidwe basi.

  16. Yense oyambitsa zipolowe alangidwe koposa basi ndiposachedwapa a FAM adati ngati oimbira alakwitsa kuimbira timu yalakwiridwayo azilamba ndandaulolo apa awa atengera lamulo mmanja mwawo ngati nkhondo alangeni basi

  17. Hastings Chikwenya says:

    Security is very poor, referees should learn a lesson, all soldiers must have their own league & sulom the punishment should be tougher without fear. Its shame

  18. kalinyero says:

    Zomwe asilikali amadziwa ndikumenya ma civillian osamakamenyana ndo boko haraak bwanji

  19. Samuel Dzilekwa says:

    Zomwe ndimafuna kunena ndi zomwe mwanenazo.Thank you.

  20. claytone chanika says:

    ma guys amenewa amadzimva 2mach amadziona ngt ndimadolo ofunika one day kudzamponda mmodzi adzamve kti being a soldier doznt min ndiwamphamvu.

  21. kunke says:

    big shame from the so called disciplined force.

  22. your testicles says:

    iwe shekman @11, were you at the game? akuti kunali foul mu 18, kunalinso handball mu 18. si ma penalty amenewo? mumuwuze nyamilandu kuti a fifa akapeleka ndalama ku fam, azigulila ma camera ndi kupila security ya mphamvu.

    i’m free to lodge a complaint to fifa because of interferance and we can be banned from all international competitions. usamayikenso ma capital letters on each word. zachimidzi.

  23. MacDonald says:

    I watched the game. It was unfortunate that the game ended in that manner. However the first culprits were the Referee and the Assistant Referee who was manning the touch line in the covered stand side. They displayed huge incompetence. There some instances where some fouls committed buy Surestreams were waved play on.There were some goals scored buy the Red Lions which were valid goals but were ruled offside. That was what angered the Red Lions and consequently the game ended in disarry. The Referee and his Assistnt need to be severely punished.

  24. citizen says:

    Anakakhala manoma or mawule nde chigamulo chinakayenda mwansanga komaso chowawa. ma team achisilikali akuzolowera. akanyimbi osaphunzira.

  25. Mzozodo says:

    Mareferee oyimbira mopusa amafunika ka booster ngati kameneka.

  26. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Just tell them, and give them simple pun ishment to tell them no more playing soccer in the super league, even wokhulunga do not play again.

  27. Afanaze says:

    SULOM ban Lions team from participating in all soccer activities for the whole year and hold the refs accountable. If u care about the reputation of the league and appreciation of the league sponsorship this is what I would do.

  28. Wati says:

    Mind you, Mwale is still unconcious.

  29. Fathara says:


  30. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Ban all Military teams and let them have their own League Zitsiru.

  31. Misi anguisher says:

    Football in malawi so shame to the soldiers

  32. Observer says:

    Stupid soldiers who prey on civilians. Very uneducated and barbaric people.

  33. Mlakho says:

    Akanakhala manoma bwenzi ndi ban ya chaka chonse.Sulom imadana ndi manoma.Shupiti!!

  34. Vimbokori says:

    Bam them for 9 years

  35. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  36. Vimbokori says:

    Tanzania Defence Force please come and deal with these watchmen called MDF.

  37. cbk says:

    ma player onseo apite ku northen nigeria ena ku yemen.azikakhalanso ku front line.anthu aziopa kusewela nanu kaamba ndi mdf team?angotulukamo mu league amenewa basi.

  38. Obama says:

    Asilikali athu zochita zikumawasowa,taziwatumizani ku DRC,nigeria kapena ku pakistan ki,akachangamuke.

  39. yituwa mphande says:

    Sulam pliz ban all players and place big fine to club and soldiers that were came in TATA to beat people at stadium

  40. ENOCH says:


  41. Shekman says:

    Its Just Unfortunate That Reds Behaved Like That But Our Referees Take Advantage That Their Decisions Cant Be Challenged, Ndinasiya Kuonela Mpila Wa Pa Malawi Chifukwa Ma Ref Amasokoneza Mwadala Podziwa Kuti Salangidwa Akalakwitsa, In Foreign Leagues They Getpunishd If They Make Silly Mistakes Even After The Game, Bt Look Here Only Reds Is Being Charged, What About The Ref’s Shit Dcisions Basi Zapita Maw Mumpatsa Game Saona Kulakwa Kwake He Wil Do The Same Next Time, In The End Tizingoima Pamozimozi Ndi Mpira Wathu Azathu Akutsogola, Reds Inalakwa Komaso Kumaona Chatsitsa Dzaye Naye Ref Afufuzidwe Apa A MW

  42. Paul Chiringulo says:

    Ndeunso samayidziwa amadalira gulu. Kukhala yekha samayamba ndeu. Ngati ndinu amuna enieni muziyamba ndeu muli nokha osadalira anthu ena mudzaone kuti pazachitika zotani.

  43. Tinkanena says:

    Bravo to the fans who braved up to the soldiers. Kuzolowela amenewa and its time they realised that civilians can fight back

  44. your testicles says:

    when will these useless tax eaters learn that they are nothing special? anzanu akuphopholana ndi boko haram, isis ndi al shabab. those are real soldiers on the real frontlines, osati inu omangochinda mahule ndikumamenya ma civillians. athu opanda zochita inu. std 8 dropouts. shatap!

  45. Osbon yesaya says:

    What i can say is the referez in Malawi they dnt know their job and we cant develop footbal here in Malawi oyimbira akuwononga mpira ziwawa sizingathe

  46. i would have loved if all millitary teams never participate in TnM super league…amasokoneza mpira ndi ndeu.. they get military ttraining not to be beating up their own fellow malawians. they are supposed to be protecting us but OMG they are just useless anaimal

  47. wamwaka says:

    The referee should be punished. He was the cause of all this! Soldiers should not be blamed. emotions are difficult to control. I was also annoyed by the way the officiating personnel handled the match. If you protect them even when they are in the wrong, you will see worse scenario than what you have seen.

    1. your testicles says:

      you are a very stupid person. at the end of every football game, all grievances are brought to the match commisioner for review. umufunse rooney kapena drogba ngati anamenyako referee because of a decision that they didn’t agree with.

      abakha a army mumawalemekeza udyo and thats why they think they’re all that. rooney amadya 200,000 pounds pa week koma ndioupeza. inu muli ndi chani apart from ndewu? musamasewere nawo mpila inu, mutisiyile ife ma civillian. go and protect our borders. shatap!

  48. Prescott Tambuli says:

    If you have the nerve go and fight the Tanzanians who have encorached our territory.

  49. Julius H T Luhanga says:

    Lot Chawinga wachititsa manyazi atumbuka anzanufe,kumudzi kuja simunkapanga zimenezo lero watani?

  50. haward says:

    So what are the charges

  51. Alex Ba says:

    Anthu osadziwa mpira koma ndeu.

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