Federalism debates launched in Malawi

Civic Education on Federalism has been launched in the southern part of Malawi in order to debate federalism among the people in the region on whether the country is ready to embrace the system or not.

Fr Mulomole:  Debate federalism

Fr Mulomole: Debate federalism

Chairperson for the Forum, Morgan Chirombo said Thursday in the commercial city of Blantyre that they want people to debate federalism for them to have informed choice.

“We want to educate communities through extensive debates because we feel the grassroots need to fully understand federalism,” he said.

According to him, a recent baseline survey indicates that most people who oppose or support federalism cannot explain why they want it or not.

Recently, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) a forum for different denominations in the country called for the country to debate the issue on whether Malawi should embrace a federal system of government or not.

PAC Publicity Secretary Father Peter Mulomole said the body has revived the debate on whether the country is ready to embrace federalism or not.

He said the consultation meetings will happen in the three regions of the country to seek an understanding of the matter from citizens.

Father Mulomole emphasised that federalism debate cannot just be overlooked as it has special interest groups who would want the system in place.

“People thought that we have abandoned the federalism debate but let me assure you that its not about PAC but national issue”, said Father Mulomole.

He clarified that the current stage PAC is not advocating for implementation but analysing the citizens understanding of the system.

There have been strong discontent of the system from government authorities who feel that the proponents of the system wants to derail government operations.

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40 thoughts on “Federalism debates launched in Malawi”

  1. bob says:

    Implementing Federalism in Malawi is inevitable, almost as inevitable as was the birth of multi party politics. This is so because no northerner can rule Malawi in the foreseeable future and the only way of ensuring that the north has an equitable share of the country’s resources in various forms is through a Federal system of Government. I dare also say there are other things which are for the time being obscene to think of implementing but they will come to pass in future, One such thing is gay rights. It will one day no longer be taboo one day

  2. Mbanangwa says:

    Those who think that Federalism talk is futile are very wrong. It is just a matter of time, it will come. Luckily enough the PAC Chair is not from the north but Zomba. Do not link anything controversial with the north.
    Federalism will come, pele are tired. The north and centre will always push for it, like it or not. It will come one day. Bwanji mumakonda kudana ndi chilungamo?

  3. NYAU says:

    Southern Region Ilipo….. Inalipo…Ndipo Izakhalapobe Izakhala kutukuka Mpaka Kalekale.

    Ndimene Ikulamulira Malawi Mbali Zonse Nsanje To Chitipa.

  4. Chikuni says:

    Za zii! Zopanda nzeru,kadziko kacheperenji.Mukusowa zokambirana eti? Kuzulowera kugogonana pobibila.

  5. Mpoto says:

    Iwe Nyapapi, Kuanayana kuti ise wina mpoto tikumutemwani imwe yayi. Ndimwe njani imwe pa maso pa ise wina mpoto?

    Imwe walomwe muli tuu nga ni khongono la galu. Mitu yinu yazula na mamphina thoo, ayo ni seal yakuti muzamuwa wankhungu mpaka kalekale.

  6. Zopanda nzeru ndipang’ono pomwe a Malawi zochitika zobwelera mbuyo zokha zokha

  7. Mthandeni says:

    Federalism yibwele kenako tizafuna independence.

  8. Muyande says:

    Debate on the issue is very,very important!

  9. Mphepo says:

    Federalism should just be implemented by parliamentarians in parliament,if at all it is a parliament because they only discuss marriage bills,zinyau bill,food bill,wives bill,without any bills to alleviate poverty or strategies for poverty alleviation.
    Let the ‘parliament’ endorse it.Lets relinguish power to the people themselves,not to only one person who ends up enriching himself,but leaves the country in the state that they found it.

  10. Dziko says:

    If we don’t adopt federalism,Malawi will forever remain a joke,a laughing matter of the world,a person dying from sickness on a hospital bed,a hungry person,a very hopeless man in the world.Federalism ensures that if a kwacha is made in Thyolo,it should be used in Tyholo.Koma anthu a kummwera,anthu amene alitengera dzikoli kupompho,kumalo kokuti aliyense,ndi wa pa Zimbabwe yemwe amaliseka kuti this country is a very big joke are busy castigating federalism.To them,they just don’t understand and cant understand.Its more than Greek to them.You are not ruling this country you guys,you are just delaying this country.Where on earth can a dull person be driving professors and doctors?Is there any direction there?This country needs federalism to develop….we have a very big problem amongst ourselves whereby to become rich,we need to steal money…we don’t have to do that.Adopt a system that will improve the lives of everybody.After all,there will be competition among regions kuti eee,anzathu ayambitsa ma toll gates,lets do the same as well,thereby the country will develop equally.Aliyense adzikakhala mwaufulu kumene akufuna,there will be even development.Koma kwa ena,this is all wrong,they want the country to remain where it is.This is a modern world guys.Tidziti basi kukangotenga ka state kamodzi kokha kuchokera ku America ndikukabweretsa kuno ku Malawi basi it means kadzakhala ka capital city?Mzungu samavuta chonchi,koma pamene pali munthu okuda khungu ndiye makani,kukula mtima,kusafuna zabwion,koma poverty.

  11. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

    In many countries that have adopted this federal system of government, universities and colleges are controlled by the local governments. presidency is not rotational as some would want to make us believe. Everyone is allowed to compete at both party and national levels regardless of her/his province/region/state of origin. In other federal countries, movement of people from one province/region/state to another is restricted with so many regulations. In other developed countries where local governments also control local transport operations, citizens from other provinces/regions/states are charge high prices. Those who have extensively travelled and took their time to inquire how others run their governments will definitely agree with what I said above.

    Now coming to Malawi, what type of federal system of government do we really want? Have those who are proposing this type of government finished defining it? Have those who want to civic educate others really understood the definition of federalism by the proponents? My view is that Malawi ought to first define federalism. We can either copy from others or indeed have our own arrangement. After such a clear definition, we will be ready to go and civic educate the masses. Pa Nigeria pompa apa it is very difficult if not impossible for a child from state A to get admitted at university located in and controlled by state B. Let us first describe fully the type of federalism Malawi wants to embrace. Already we have seen that people from the South and Central are ready to chase those from other regions. Is this the type of federalism we want to adopt? Everyone is defining it according to his/her belly. We need to come together and describe this animal “federalism” fully. Thank you.

  12. Mable Katika says:

    Federalism were there during Kamuzu, only that Malawians samaidziwa. Let me tell u this, Poyamba mu nthawi ya Kamuzu kunali ma Regional Representatives atatu, these were receiving all the reports from their respect regions and then they were reporting to HE, that is why u see Malawi was a developed country. In such a way that is Federalism because what Regional rep for South said was different with North and Central reps based on their duties. Therefore federalism does not mean atumbuka, ayao ndi alomwe aliyense azipita kwao. If u do not know, in South Africa there is federalism, they are what we call Province-led by small leaders, u ll find that vegetables, fuel and other things are in different prices in those Province, so that is federalism, we need to understand it. Koma aMalawi timayankhula zinthu tisanazimvetse

  13. Phodogoma says:

    Letter to Nyirenda contributor # 22

    Point of correction. Dont think that southern region of Malawi do not add anything to GDP of the country. In particular Mulanje alone provide a lot to Malawi’s GDP. The problem with Mulanje and Lomwe Belt in general is that 75 percent of our products are produced by estates while in central region its by locals like tea tobacco growers. There are a lot of estates growing different crops in south like tobacco, tea macademia, coffee, sugarcanes,How much does sucoma from Mchalo pay tax to the government compared to useles Chewa. Or you dontknow how tobacco brings forex in Malawi. Its only the time when you are taking your money using makwacha card. Agalu inu mumagulitsa fodya mumadola koma inu amakakupasani malawi kwacha. Ife a lomwe timakulizani pamene paja.This is only the time the government benefit for its import cover. Amphawi inu mumavala ziguduli ngati mukupita ku gule koma akuti ena mwa inuyo zovala zanu ndi zomwe basi. However by the end of the day these estates in Mulanje provide both white and blue jobs to the locals all round the year not in once.These estates pay a lot of taxes to the government which you use at LL Central Hospital for buying your ARVwhile you foolish Kang’ingi you are enjoying your chilembwe from tobacco with prostitutes. Out of your tobacco how much do you pay as taxes. When, how,where, do you pay taxes to gorvenment.School me here. Come to south and see how many cars transport tobacco to Limbe market. Here we are not pompus for tobacco because it one of the cash crops we grow. Even the fresh water of lake it is being shared. Mangochi in south is controlling large part of lake Malawi. Mangochi is the most important fishing ground for Lake Malaw . Is Lake Chirwa in your region?Is Lake Malombe in your reion? Ukunyadira chiyani, kachewere basi. Ndi magalimoto angati aku kasiya amabwera kuno kuthekerani kudzagula nthochi. Which region has the largest Shire river in Malawi? Do you grow plenty of fruits which are grown in Mwanza? Most of Gulewamkulu members come to Mwanza for buying fruits? Knowing that Malawi is regionalise, I can assure you that southern region will start growing tobbacco in large amount than even the foolish Dambwe-gule amakhala wovala masanza. Ambwuyanu adasowa magule agalu inu. Ndipo agalu achewa inu ndikamadusa central region musamabwere pafupi ndi munsewumo mutavala masanza anu. Muzikavina kukasiya, Bunda, kunkhoma ndi madera ena. Mukadanyengelera ife anthu akumwera tikanatha kukuthandiza achewa kuti mulamulireko kamodzi kokha basi nanga kuchoka nthawi yomwe yija ya a amalemu. South will punish you until you realise how to respect Mwera. unfortunately you respect only two or four people from that dead region. Tizikukwapulirani limodzi agalu inu. Remember in south during election we do have another invisible voter and we use him only when things are getting out of older.Alomwe Kuberakubera kwachiyani, after all munthu ukamubera , ngati akukuthamangitsa akangoti WAKUMBA, MBUZI IWE, SUNGANDIKWANITSE, SUNGANDIMENYE, PANYOPAKO, ungoziwa kuti akulira galu amene amenyo ndipo wamumeta basi kuti asachedwe ndikufunsa chimene chidameta nkhanga.Angoyang’ana m’mutu mwake basi, kaya akawerenge mavoti ake ngati angawinenso. Onse othawa ntchito yamulungu palibe amene amachita bwino. Chakwera wanuyo akamufunse Yona chifukwa chiyani yona adapezeka m’mimba mwa nsomba . Kutawa ntchito ya Mulungu ndi tembelero zedi.Watch out 2019. You will regrete.

  14. Chambang'ondo says:

    Dan Nsowoya….I think you don’t know what your talking about. In this END TIME you should use the gift and talent which God has given you wisely. Not dividing the people let alone nation. Pen is more destructive than a gun. You said no to Kamuzu ideology – Bakili Muluzi was a bad guy – Bingu wa Muthalika was an oppressor – JB wa cash gate – APM has no leadership aura. Which one do you think will be better? Our local thieves? YESU KHIRISITU akubwela. Think of the generations after you. This country is destroyed because of you our reporters. Say it all not to mention but a few. You are working for the devil himself Dan Msowoya.

  15. Adamson says:

    Ikucedwa atumbuka azipita kwawo kukaya. Atikwana kwabasi

  16. kamfana says:


  17. MJ says:

    I thought federalism died neutral death, but over sudden resurfaced .yes gvt want to hinder the proper growth of all regions by refusing the federal system.they forget that we r in twenty first centuries what pipo want,wl never failed. welcome federal debate.

  18. Alinafe Banda says:

    Chonde yesetsani kuti Federalism ibwere mofulumira . Musachite kudikira chaka cha 2019 .Kuli bwino ibwere chaka chomwe chino . Chaka chomwe chino misonkhano yapoyera yokopa anthu iyambike kuti anthuwo avomere kapena kukana Federalism chonde chonde chonde .

  19. Nyirenda says:

    Iwe nambala 10 ndiwe mbuzi ukunyonza engine ya Malawi central region sungamanene kuti dambwe region m’mpamene chuma cha dziko lino chagona ku central region ikatheka federalism chigawo chapakati chidzakhala cholemela zedi no lazy people in central region ma hand out samawadziwa.


    Seccesion Bwanji? Mwina Enawa Akanakagwila Ntchito Ndi Kumanga Nyumba Mmakwao. Tingogawana.

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Bwana Morgan Chirombo, do not ask us if we understand federalism rather ask us what prompted this option/call for federal government.

    Am sure you want to fool us because you already have a written conclusion that majority of people don’t know the meaning of federalism therefore that call was personal and discontentment.

    To make things worse you will go to ignorant people or the ones currently benefiting and not the ones making the call.

    No! the call federalism is genuine and for national benefit

  22. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Honest speaking its Central region where the main production of MW IS = talk of Agriculture remember you can`nt do business without producing something first pple should have cash in thier pockets not buy stealing by Achair but through working very hard

  23. nthandalanda says:

    Go ahead. Ine ndikufuna federalism yomweyo. People in the south say that they shall Be ruling This country forever. They vote on tribal lines.

  24. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    Akhomeni alhomwe onse chifukwa chaku dzikonda

  25. Kholophete says:

    Federalism woyeeee!!! Wina abibidwa kuzolowera kubera anthu. We need federal system sure so that each region should account for its resources.

  26. Yes we want federation. We are sick and tired of Southerners plundering resources from the central region and the northern region. Our colleagues are just lazy people and just love hand outs and stealing. The crime and prostitution rate is high in the south. Tsutsani apa.

  27. Gunde says:

    Yah federalism is what is needed okana ndiamene ali ndi dyera kutibera timisonkho tathu tochepa kaleti. Chonde musatipusitse poti ambirife ndife mbuli kuti ndalama udzidya mtundu umodzi wa anthu. Alomwe ndinu mbanva kwambili ndinu wochepa koma pano ntchito zikuluzikulu mukukwanitsa 75% ngati kuti dziko ndi lanu lokha. Mitundu yinanuso kupusa kwambili tikungoti phwii kodi kulibe anthu ophunzira nanga tulo timeneti bwanj???

  28. Frustrated Northerner says:

    Kodi bwanji atumbukafe timalimbikira zosatheka?

    Ife tingovomereza kuti ndife apumbwa enieni ndipo ahlomwe adzatilamulira mpaka kalekale!

  29. wanangwa says:

    This is good news. We have a lot of people in Malawi who do not understand issues

  30. Ndatero ine says:

    Tili nanu limodzi anthu adziwe chomwe imatanthauza osangobwebweta ,muwauzenso ma disadvatages ake aliyennse okonda malawi adziwe .
    Pamemepo anthu adzakhala ndi choice yabwino

  31. Nyapapi wa Nyapapi says:

    Don’t let any person with Tumbuka tongue to chea you people in the southern region. This is the move of Tumbukas. They have come event to the extent of changing their surnames. Like the called Forum Chair his real name is Chirombo but Mhone from Nthalire, Mkaya. They are crooks. They think starting from southern region will change the negative feelings of Malawians. That is nonsense.You will hear all of them speaking in Tumbukaism and some from Dambwe region. People in south should reject that shit.

  32. aabwino says:

    PAC this meetings will only benefit you in form of allowances. The people of Malawi want development. Use that money and invest in the youth of Malawi by training them in vocational skills.

  33. chipwete chalunda says:

    Kamuzu already destroyed the stupid federation. He used to brag all along and why go back you imbeciles

  34. yaki says:

    Zopusa basi ngati mwakanika upeza udindo olamullira dziko zakuvutani basi ndiyekuti ife sitikufunani

  35. Mwaramwasa says:

    Mukatha zachibwana cha feudalism musachedwe muyambepo ya chamba ya MP wa chamba wochokera mphepete mwa farm ya chamba ya KK game reserve

  36. duduzi says:

    Let us go PAC, nkuwonako zina mwina osati zomwe zomwezo,o,o,o,o,o,o!

  37. zimenezo ndiye zochitazo. Federal system ndiye ikufunika pano ndicholinga chakuti zitukuko tizigawana mofanana. Sibwino kuti ena angokhala makasu pamene ena ongodya thukuta la ena. Mufune musafune, zithu zisotha basi!

  38. m says:

    Yes we in Mangochi do not want people selling pork and alcohol. We are mostly moslems and feel it is good for our interest.

  39. ota benga says:

    ife ku centre tili kale bho. kamuzu acadamey, airport, luanar, stadium kawawa, ma company onse a fodya, zambia ili pafupi, army and police headquarters, parliament, cashgate….chachidule tingoti central region imayendetsa malawi.

    ku south amangodziwa chigololo, kugula ma private parts ndi jando, ku north sadziwa chilichonse amangobetsa uranium, coal ndi mitengo iwo osadyapo kanthu. tapangani za fedulo zanuzo muzilipila polowa mu lilongwe amphawi inu. shatap!

  40. Patrick Phiri says:

    Futile effort. Mulibe zochita eti!

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