Federalism debates launched in Malawi

Civic Education on Federalism has been launched in the southern part of Malawi in order to debate federalism among the people in the region on whether the country is ready to embrace the system or not.

Fr Mulomole:  Debate federalism

Fr Mulomole: Debate federalism

Chairperson for the Forum, Morgan Chirombo said Thursday in the commercial city of Blantyre that they want people to debate federalism for them to have informed choice.

“We want to educate communities through extensive debates because we feel the grassroots need to fully understand federalism,” he said.

According to him, a recent baseline survey indicates that most people who oppose or support federalism cannot explain why they want it or not.

Recently, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) a forum for different denominations in the country called for the country to debate the issue on whether Malawi should embrace a federal system of government or not.

PAC Publicity Secretary Father Peter Mulomole said the body has revived the debate on whether the country is ready to embrace federalism or not.

He said the consultation meetings will happen in the three regions of the country to seek an understanding of the matter from citizens.

Father Mulomole emphasised that federalism debate cannot just be overlooked as it has special interest groups who would want the system in place.

“People thought that we have abandoned the federalism debate but let me assure you that its not about PAC but national issue”, said Father Mulomole.

He clarified that the current stage PAC is not advocating for implementation but analysing the citizens understanding of the system.

There have been strong discontent of the system from government authorities who feel that the proponents of the system wants to derail government operations.

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Implementing Federalism in Malawi is inevitable, almost as inevitable as was the birth of multi party politics. This is so because no northerner can rule Malawi in the foreseeable future and the only way of ensuring that the north has an equitable share of the country’s resources in various forms is through a Federal system of Government. I dare also say there are other things which are for the time being obscene to think of implementing but they will come to pass in future, One such thing is gay rights. It will one day no longer be taboo one day


Those who think that Federalism talk is futile are very wrong. It is just a matter of time, it will come. Luckily enough the PAC Chair is not from the north but Zomba. Do not link anything controversial with the north.
Federalism will come, pele are tired. The north and centre will always push for it, like it or not. It will come one day. Bwanji mumakonda kudana ndi chilungamo?


Southern Region Ilipo….. Inalipo…Ndipo Izakhalapobe Izakhala kutukuka Mpaka Kalekale.

Ndimene Ikulamulira Malawi Mbali Zonse Nsanje To Chitipa.


Za zii! Zopanda nzeru,kadziko kacheperenji.Mukusowa zokambirana eti? Kuzulowera kugogonana pobibila.


Iwe Nyapapi, Kuanayana kuti ise wina mpoto tikumutemwani imwe yayi. Ndimwe njani imwe pa maso pa ise wina mpoto?

Imwe walomwe muli tuu nga ni khongono la galu. Mitu yinu yazula na mamphina thoo, ayo ni seal yakuti muzamuwa wankhungu mpaka kalekale.

Keen Observer

Zopanda nzeru ndipang’ono pomwe a Malawi zochitika zobwelera mbuyo zokha zokha


Federalism yibwele kenako tizafuna independence.


Debate on the issue is very,very important!


Federalism should just be implemented by parliamentarians in parliament,if at all it is a parliament because they only discuss marriage bills,zinyau bill,food bill,wives bill,without any bills to alleviate poverty or strategies for poverty alleviation.
Let the ‘parliament’ endorse it.Lets relinguish power to the people themselves,not to only one person who ends up enriching himself,but leaves the country in the state that they found it.

If we don’t adopt federalism,Malawi will forever remain a joke,a laughing matter of the world,a person dying from sickness on a hospital bed,a hungry person,a very hopeless man in the world.Federalism ensures that if a kwacha is made in Thyolo,it should be used in Tyholo.Koma anthu a kummwera,anthu amene alitengera dzikoli kupompho,kumalo kokuti aliyense,ndi wa pa Zimbabwe yemwe amaliseka kuti this country is a very big joke are busy castigating federalism.To them,they just don’t understand and cant understand.Its more than Greek to them.You are not ruling this country you guys,you are just delaying this country.Where on earth can a dull… Read more »

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