‘Fight criminals until the last Cop is dead’ – Malawi Police chief orders

Amid a cacophony of “Yes Sirs” Malawi’s top Cop Lexten Kachama has ordered his charges to wage a vicious battle against criminals until the last Cop in the service is dead.

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama (centre) says cops will crackdown on criminal gangs

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama (centre) says cops will crackdown on criminal gangs

The Inspector General said this during an interface meeting the Malawi Police Service had with the Business Community in Mzuzu at Mphatso Motel on Wednesday.

“Don’t be afraid to die and don’t be discouraged because we get unnecessary criticism. Just work within the confines of the law and focus on protecting people’s lives and property,” Kachama said.

However, while he acknowledged that people are suspects until found guilty or not by a Court of law, Kachama emphasised that criminals do not deserve respect because they were a disservice to development of the country.

“We will not look and stay idle while criminals terrorise citizens of this country. It means we would have failed to perform our constitutionally mandated job,” he said.

A few weeks ago, the Centre for Human rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Malawi Law Society berated the Police for shooting to death some suspects alleged to have been involved in the robbery of Petroda Malawi cash and the subsequent killing of a Cop.

Kachama’s directive is seen as an explicit revival of the dreaded ‘shoot to kill policy’ but in later interviews he denied it was.

Paradoxically, the IG admitted that the Malawi Police Service had been infiltrated by a few Cops who engage in criminal activities.

“It’s an individual problem and not the whole service. This problem is found in many organisations and the Malawi Police Service is not spared,” he claimed.

When pressed whether the Malawi Police Service had laxed its recruitment procedures and that there was inadequate or no vetting of potential recruits, Kachama defended the Service.

But Inkhosana Kamkhoti Mkandawire said Cops were lured into criminal activities because the Service takes long to motivate them.

“How do you expect a Cop who is a Constable, has six children and earns less than MK40,000 to be motivated? ,” queried Mkandawire.

Veteran activist LilianDindi disagreed with Mkandawire saying the Malawi Police Service is devoid of career Cops.

“Many of them who join the Police would be better as street cleaners or Field Assistants. But despite this short fall we are ready to work with the Police in reducing crime but the Malawi Police Service must improve in the way it handles people especially those in Victim support unit,” Dindi said.

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Victoria James

Lovely site, it loads very fast and looks really awesome.

Chatota Thawe
Don’t worry fellow Malawians.We have been taught bitter lessons enough.Getting shot, beaten,killed living our dear one bereaved without hope and our support.This is now a point of declaring a shoot to kill action before we get killed.We now challenge Mr Mtambo, CSOs ,Law Society HRCC and even the government that we can no more be too loyal while we are losing lives and after all they don’t even get concerned at all when we lose lives like chickens as you see.We shall now stand with you aggressively against these thugs and those who SEND them even if they are BIG… Read more »

kodi wakupha amakondedwa chifukwa chiani?Bible story imanena kuti Yesu adanenezedwa kuti aphedwe koma chigawenga chidamasulidwa.


wakupha munthu sadzapulumuka chilango akapezeka.Bible limati weruzani mosakomera wolakwa.Kodi mudzaonerera kufikila liti?

Home hablis

Mbava zikuluzikulu ndinu apolice,coz u keep guns and u lend to thugs to kill,rape and steal.One day tidzathana nanu tokha.

Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya

I support Nanga Ntani Shut until last criminal.

golden eye

Criminals are becoming sophisticated yet our police is trailing behind. Please do research and come up with new strategies, otherwise you are dealing with SMART CRIMINALS.

Nanga ntani

When you say robbers have rights what do you mean?? When robbers point a gun to an officer the point is clear, he/she want to shot. So do you want officers to be killed?? For what?? Does the officers not have rights to have life??? Kill them till the last man.


What do you do when the criminal is a policeman? Mr IG clean your backyard first.


3 police vehicles are always parked at Chisesele Bottle stores Kanjedza from 5pm to 12 mid night. akagwira akuba nthawi yanji maka maka ataledzera. A police ache alibe ndi manjazi olo. Kumwa mowa ali mu uniform.

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