‘Fight criminals until the last Cop is dead’ – Malawi Police chief orders

Amid a cacophony of “Yes Sirs” Malawi’s top Cop Lexten Kachama has ordered his charges to wage a vicious battle against criminals until the last Cop in the service is dead.

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama (centre) says cops will crackdown on criminal gangs

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama (centre) says cops will crackdown on criminal gangs

The Inspector General said this during an interface meeting the Malawi Police Service had with the Business Community in Mzuzu at Mphatso Motel on Wednesday.

“Don’t be afraid to die and don’t be discouraged because we get unnecessary criticism. Just work within the confines of the law and focus on protecting people’s lives and property,” Kachama said.

However, while he acknowledged that people are suspects until found guilty or not by a Court of law, Kachama emphasised that criminals do not deserve respect because they were a disservice to development of the country.

“We will not look and stay idle while criminals terrorise citizens of this country. It means we would have failed to perform our constitutionally mandated job,” he said.

A few weeks ago, the Centre for Human rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Malawi Law Society berated the Police for shooting to death some suspects alleged to have been involved in the robbery of Petroda Malawi cash and the subsequent killing of a Cop.

Kachama’s directive is seen as an explicit revival of the dreaded ‘shoot to kill policy’ but in later interviews he denied it was.

Paradoxically, the IG admitted that the Malawi Police Service had been infiltrated by a few Cops who engage in criminal activities.

“It’s an individual problem and not the whole service. This problem is found in many organisations and the Malawi Police Service is not spared,” he claimed.

When pressed whether the Malawi Police Service had laxed its recruitment procedures and that there was inadequate or no vetting of potential recruits, Kachama defended the Service.

But Inkhosana Kamkhoti Mkandawire said Cops were lured into criminal activities because the Service takes long to motivate them.

“How do you expect a Cop who is a Constable, has six children and earns less than MK40,000 to be motivated? ,” queried Mkandawire.

Veteran activist LilianDindi disagreed with Mkandawire saying the Malawi Police Service is devoid of career Cops.

“Many of them who join the Police would be better as street cleaners or Field Assistants. But despite this short fall we are ready to work with the Police in reducing crime but the Malawi Police Service must improve in the way it handles people especially those in Victim support unit,” Dindi said.

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65 thoughts on “‘Fight criminals until the last Cop is dead’ – Malawi Police chief orders”

  1. Lovely site, it loads very fast and looks really awesome.

  2. Chatota Thawe says:

    Don’t worry fellow Malawians.We have been taught bitter lessons enough.Getting shot, beaten,killed living our dear one bereaved without hope and our support.This is now a point of declaring a shoot to kill action before we get killed.We now challenge Mr Mtambo, CSOs ,Law Society HRCC and even the government that we can no more be too loyal while we are losing lives and after all they don’t even get concerned at all when we lose lives like chickens as you see.We shall now stand with you aggressively against these thugs and those who SEND them even if they are BIG fish.

  3. kodi wakupha amakondedwa chifukwa chiani?Bible story imanena kuti Yesu adanenezedwa kuti aphedwe koma chigawenga chidamasulidwa.

  4. wakupha munthu sadzapulumuka chilango akapezeka.Bible limati weruzani mosakomera wolakwa.Kodi mudzaonerera kufikila liti?

  5. Home hablis says:

    Mbava zikuluzikulu ndinu apolice,coz u keep guns and u lend to thugs to kill,rape and steal.One day tidzathana nanu tokha.

  6. Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya says:

    I support Nanga Ntani Shut until last criminal.

  7. golden eye says:

    Criminals are becoming sophisticated yet our police is trailing behind. Please do research and come up with new strategies, otherwise you are dealing with SMART CRIMINALS.

  8. Nanga ntani says:

    When you say robbers have rights what do you mean?? When robbers point a gun to an officer the point is clear, he/she want to shot. So do you want officers to be killed?? For what?? Does the officers not have rights to have life??? Kill them till the last man.

  9. Ntakataka says:

    What do you do when the criminal is a policeman? Mr IG clean your backyard first.

  10. MOTO says:

    3 police vehicles are always parked at Chisesele Bottle stores Kanjedza from 5pm to 12 mid night. akagwira akuba nthawi yanji maka maka ataledzera. A police ache alibe ndi manjazi olo. Kumwa mowa ali mu uniform.

  11. jasitasi chilungamo says:

    If somebody comes or breaks into your house with a gun or a panga knife that one has removed his human rights.The best treatment is to have a bullet in his head.Game finito.These people come steal,kill and raping the family and you think they deserve any human rights?

  12. Leeluu man says:

    I have read several comments but no one has mentioned the most great challenge our Police do face. In my area our police do not even have a bicyle for chasing criminals. Do you think without good mobility police can catch thugs in a Twincab. If you are poor the security will also be poor.

  13. POLICE BELL ndiyawulele says:

    Police bell amati ndiyawulele koma ndindani amatuluka pa bell ulele popanda kunyema? A Kachama zonse zomwe amachita apolisi pofuna kubela anthu inu mumadziwa chilichonse. A police omwe amagwilizana ndimbava inu mumawadziwanso. Mbava zikuluzikulu zimati zikagwidwa zimapezeka zatuluka pasanathe masiku inu ngati IG simumadabwapo kathu bwanji?

  14. nyix says:


  15. Besta says:

    Do it Mr. IG and team, Rwanda is at peace because of shoot to kill strategy. Send police officers to a study tour in Rwanda!

  16. Vilakagwentha says:

    Stupid CSO sanakubelenipo akuba fokofuuuuuuuuuuu. Shoot to Kill is the Best we can do now Bwana IG

  17. James mkoko says:

    Chonde,Chonde, Chonde aMalawi Police kili before u killed akumbawa nawo akukozeka musaope iphani basis.

  18. john says:




  20. Omex70 says:

    I wholeheartedly support you Mr IG Kachama. These animals do not deserve any respect at all. God made them into his imagine but slowly they have become something else. When they are caught they need be either shoot to death or burnt alive.
    I don’t agree at all with the views of these stupid people who think they are learned people. How can Law Society of Malawi and these other stupid CSOs side with robbers? It’s better to keep your stupid mouths quite rather than arousing anger in our hearts.

  21. Fremu says:

    Kill them without mercy.They deserve hell.

  22. Fremu says:

    All thieves deserve “shoot-to-kill policy”

  23. KACHALA says:


  24. Thomad says:

    Leberated Man U r a lier what department do u work and earn K400 000 in Malawi we don’t compare when u work abroad ,tell us the truth mr L man

  25. okey says:

    Komanso ma civilian kunyoza, kutukwana a police muleke nawonso ndi anthu they deserve respect too. They are humans like you they also feel pain. If you disappoint them they will too disappoint you while attacked by thugs.

  26. mulopwana says:

    We forget that all these criminals if properly investigated,reveal that a policeman is connected.And the stupid” Liberated man” thinks police engage themselves in criminal acts bcoz they have more children..no…no…most are even unmarried.Getting more income does not mean you can feed the two children well.Some receive K40,000.00 /month and still live a decent life with their families may be better than you “Liberated Man.”They sent their children to school on the perk………….So stop thinking kuti kubereka mwana mmodzi ndekuti uli ndi kuthekera kwalera….it all goes with how your big brain works….pipo like you ..boosting here..are the ones likely failing to even look after yourself….kumangotenga ma aids instead of looking after your family

  27. Totolitotoli says:

    I doubted you Kachama but now I find solace in you.These criminals should not be treated with kid gloves,Fight them where you see ‘kuti zafika posauzana’ why not just eliminate the thug, period.Those advocating for the rights of criminals are criminals themselves so they just want to protect themseves behind NGO or Civil societies.Deal with them may be Malawi can develop.’ukati uchite kabizinesi ungopeza m’mawa wina wanyamulapo,uwete ziweto wina angobwera kudzatsegulira ulendo nazo’How can we develop that way?

  28. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    bravo kachama but deal with bad apples in your system first

  29. ruth warren says:

    some arguments are empty u cant say ali ndi ana six amalandira 40grand!!!! limamutuma ndi boma kuti akabereke team ya mpirayo? link risk, work conditions etc. to salaries osati zopanda nzeruzo. It doesnot make sense if police doesnot put its house in order, we can curb armed robbery, infact the more guns u reléase the greater the threat. Professionalism ndiyomwe yavuta apa even if u give them those wishful salaries adzibabe, and how do u treat indisciplined officers leaves alot to debate, its stupid and uncalled for to seeee the paucity of punishment for robbers in uniform. Ma promotion ngati sakuenda bwino doesnot justify attacking civillians thats stupid!!!! low salaries is not a licence to breed police robbery, police just put ur house in order and do things right osati ma argument opusawo iyayi!!! be mature and be critícal and honest

  30. Dimingu says:

    Abwana a Kachama, Mwakhwana. Ife timafuna wa police of your calibre. Tikuthandizani kuthana ndi Mbava zonse. Agalu amenewa alibe gawo pano pa Malawi.

  31. vendort says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kubwera, wakuba doesnt deserve respect indeed.

  32. osanyengerera kumene mbava zonse zikong’onthedwe basi iyaaaaa

  33. Liberated Man says:

    The right question the fool Nkandawire should have asked is: Why should someone earning MK40,000 a month have 6 Children?. I earn 10 times more that what the average cop earns and I have only 2 Children. Malawians should learn to live withing their means. Someone who is not working wants to marry and have children, that is irresponsible. Why not work to improve ones lot first and then marry? All other races of people do that except us niggers. Its always sex first, then expensive clothes and other materials that need money, cars, watches, latest phones, TV sets, then marry and expect government to school and pay health care for the many children. I have never heard government order anyone to fuck and have children.

  34. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Shoot to kill policy should not be abused. Any one who abuses this policy must be brought to book. If any one has information about this abuse must come forward

  35. Ayobe says:

    Mipoli yekhayekha. walekachi kufwa waka

  36. Nanchidwe says:

    Mr IG You Are Good At Talking But The People You Want To Be Dedicated To Their Job Are Not Motivated By Yourself As IG. For Example: Promotions. My Investigation Has Revealed That Those Promoted Are Relatives Of Top Police Bosses Or They Are Close Allies Of Top Politicians. If One Is Not Either Of The Two Basi Azingowonerera Their Friends Being Promoted. Another Kind Of Favouritism You Showed Is When Mr Kanyama Removed Other Traffic Officers From The Branch And When You Came In, Instead Of Kubwezeresa Onse Ku Branch You Did Wonders. Munabwezeresa Owaziwa Anu Okha Onse Opanda Abale M’Police Nkuwasiya. Chipongwe Chake Nkutenganso Your Relatives & Favorites Into The Traffic Branch Oti Sanalinso Ku Traffic. Do You Think Those You Left Can Work Hard Or Motivated? Also You Stubbed Yourself By Saying ” Tachepesa Traffic Checks” Mmmh Mr Don’t You Think Traffic Checks Reductions Have Increased Easy Ciminal Mobility? If U R A Man Start Motivating Ur Men Yourself. Muthese Kukondera Within Police. SHAME!!!

  37. okey says:

    Apolisi ena sakukondwa ndi malipilo, malawansi, ma promotion awo. Joseph Nkasa adayimba kale.

  38. Alex Likoswe says:

    So you will finish your own as thugs come from your backyard

  39. Scolomat says:

    I wish these criminals would attack the Law society and CSO group members then they will know what they are capable of. Don’t we as law abiding citizens deserve protection? Aren’t our human rights and dignity not so important to deserve protocoal but that of the criminals? really law society and CSOs?

    We are supporting our police to do whatever they can to bring back peace to Malawi. Rwanda did the same and they managed to clean crime and today it is one of the peaceful countries. Our police should learn from what Rwanda did.

  40. nyau dancer. says:

    Police ndiyogawanika magulu awiri gulu loyamba ndilimene zinthu zikuwayendera monga kulandila ma promotion pafupipafupi kumapita kunja okhaokhawo kuyikidwa m ma branch onona. Pamene gulu linalo lopanda maina, lolira, akavuule luzi, akalondele suspect ku chipatala, ndilimene likuchita zapalalelo ndi police. choncho likugwila ntchito monyinyilika likumagwilizana ndi mbava.

  41. fleshly says:

    Way to good Sir, lets hunt them down and make them pay

  42. tonkhwetonkhwe says:

    Two points Mr Mkandawire. For example l have worked for the service for 13yrs but no promotion still constable. l got injured while on duty in 2009 up to now no compansetion. However the newly recruited ones have already been promoted whilst on probation. Hence what wonders me most is that we have the same qualification. Therefore how do you expect the working mood???????????????????????????????????????????????

  43. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    IG Kachama seems determined and seems to know what it takes to protect Malawians. He’s the cop to solve the contemporary problems we are facing. Nobody said the solutions will come easily, and quickly. It’s a long slog!
    Reporters are trying their best to trip him up; to say the wrong, or politically incorrect thing. But to no avail. Good.
    He has nothing to apologize to criminals. Look at this way: police now must rightly assume their lives are threatened when called to armed robberies. The (the police) must protect and defend themselves, to be sure. They also have families to go back home to.
    So, Mr. IG: You have the support, by far, of the majority of Malawians on your strategy.
    Do not relent, ever!


    A Police ambiridi ndi mbava, amagwilizana ndi akuba. Tadziwa mochedwa komabe tikukhulupilila kuti atithandiza. Afufuzeni makamakanso a victim support momwe mwanenela, ku Limbe kuli Langisen amazunza ma suspects komanso iyeyo ndi wakuba nkale. He uses police powers to victimise pple especially here in Kachere. He goes to robbers houses and chat with them, timaona zonsezo.

    We hope tidzigona tulo komabe sitisiya mob justice.

  45. Denguzman says:

    Bravo IG, No mercy for notorious criminals. Lets us join our hands together and support the IG directive. How can we call our country the warm heart of africa while thieves are freely killing innocent Malawians?

  46. OMalindi says:

    Inspector General We Will Give More Support Go Ahead To Killing This Criminals.

    Osaiwala Kuthana Ndi Peter Kadawati.

  47. mgwantha says:

    Mr Mkandawire was talking sense, why do Malawians run from real issues. Police officers should not be regarded as desperate people when recruited. Its true the salary is too small. Nowadays for a human being to live good life must have electricity,water,shelter,food and luxuries. The money a police officer gets ends paying for rent,electricity and water therefore with nothing for food and luxuries. Its pathetic that a newly recruited soldier of the same qualification with a cop gets double the cops salary and who works 24/7 is a cop.The goverment should pay policemen dearly.Its more dangerous job than a military one becoz in Malawi we have not seen war for a long time.

  48. No need to spare criminals. Just shot them down dont die before they die.

  49. omer says:

    In my view security is very important for local and forign investors becoz who ever think to do any investment in malawi first he think about security so as much our countary save we all enjoy u can see dubai people are moving in hand to hand a lot of cash and to day the dubai are very peace fully countary and also very development countary so plz plz keep on continue shoot and dead policy untill crime will end up in our country. I sloot our army and police service .

  50. Concerned Citizen says:

    We have an IG. Cops go ahead to wage war against those who are armed. They come to kill you sothat they steal without resistance.

  51. cheyo the real northerner says:

    We have arleady started. The war is on. A very fierce one. As a service, we want to uproot all dangerous criminals. They should be busy critisizing us, we should also be busy killing criminals. At the end of the day we are going to triumph.

  52. nyopssy says:

    no mercy to criminals as they are not mercifull when doing crime

  53. ambuje says:

    malawi police ntchito pachibale too much

  54. Patriot says:

    Who told the cop who earns less than K40,000 to have 6 children?
    Amapanga matama iyeyo amvekere phamvu, aisolva.
    Koma tikamugwira akuba, naye zimuonekera.

    1. ruth warren says:

      sure we need to catch wa police wina akuba tidzamuchite braai aonjeza kuba,alonda amenewa

  55. captain says:

    Hw can someone with 6 children get K40,000? That’s wrong u don’t need to hv 6 children in the first place. Too much kids is no longer a deal these days. The way u are getting these recruits is also the cause. By the way which criminals do u want to crash? These K577 billion or these which steal chickens and cars? Wats a difference among them?

  56. kwali says:

    Lilian, Field Assistant, is not a silly Job. It needs more maturity than being a cop may be! Activists like u are usually abunch of lazy fellows looking for cash from donors. you stopped using your brains long time ago. The Inkosana is talking sense there not u.

  57. Kumapangako recruit amphavu osati ana mwawatumiza pa Mzimba.

  58. peter muthanyula says:

    Oh, in fact, every police officer should be given a target to shoot and kill at least 2 robbers in a year. Whoever kills up to 5 proven criminals should be decorated and promoted. You will see that by then of 1 year of this strategy, the country will have eradicated robbery (and that should be part of the Sustainable Development Goals, I suggest). It has worked in parts of Eastern Europe, it may as well work in Malawi. Trust me.

  59. peter muthanyula says:

    Just shoot the criminals dead. The criminals don’t care about life, why should anybody care about them? Even when they are convicted, it is our money that still feeds them in prisons. Kill them at every opportunity. Tatopa nazo mbava zimenezi.

  60. Zisamakomere mbuzi kugunda galu.Mapolice omberani mbava

  61. vaanwyk says:

    ziphanibe mbavazo. well done a police athu.

  62. Namisako. says:

    When being employed conditions of service are spelled out to prospective employee and police alike.Lack of motivation as other quarters claim must not be a scapegoat for indulging in theft activities.Those who assert these notions probably have a theft spirit themselves.

  63. Honest says:

    Kkkkk no comment

  64. Hoitty says:

    The good thing is mukuyesesa bwana IG

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