Fire all presidential aides, cleric tells Malawi leader

A church cleric has told President Peter Mutharika to fire all his presidential aides to save money as the country reels from harsh economic climate in recent memory.

Rev Kawalala: Too many presidential advisors

Rev Kawalala: Too many presidential advisors

Reverend Zacheaus Kawalala said at the just ended Public Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting that the President needs to walk the talk on financial prudence by firing the over a dozen presidential advisors and assistants whom he said are a drain on the public purse.

The government is yet to respond to the call but senior cabinet ministers inCluding Finance minister Goodall Gondwe, Justice minister Samuel Tembenu, Information minister Jappie Mhango and Gender minister Patricia Kaliati listened attentively as Kawalala articulated his argument.

The cleric said the role of the advisors can easily be filled in by cabinet ministers and other senior government officials.

Previously, Mhango had said cabinet ministers and presidential advisors have two different roles, saying cabinet ministers are political heads of ministries whilst the advisors are neutral independent public officers.

Presidential advisors are entitled 500 litres of fuel a month (about K400 000), a vehicle which they drive themselves, medical scheme and airtime, free water, free electricity, DStv subscription at a combined cost of almost K300 000 ($434), including a driver and guard who are also allocated about K100 000 ($145) on top of a salary of close to K1.6 million ($2 312), which translates to K25.6 million ($36, 994.21) a month for the 16, totalling K307 million ($443 641) annually.

Human rights activist and Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director, John Kapito, is on record expressing  concern that the league of advisors  will impact negatively to the austerity measures President Mutharika has been preaching.

He questioned the value they will bring to the office of the President “apart from gossip.”

Among the advisers are chief adviser on economic affairs Collins Magalasi, President brother’s widow Callista Mutharika as chief adviser on safe motherhood, population and HIV/Aids management and chief political adviser, Francis Mphepo.

Other advisers including Symon Vuwa Kaunda on national unity and parliamentary affairs, Annie Makuta (women affairs), Nick Masebo (youth) and Victor Songazaudzu Sajeni (capacity building) are on P3 grade which is equivalent to a director at a ministry.

One critic questioned what will Symon Vuwa Kaunda will  be advising the President on ‘National Unity and Parliamentary Affairs’ when there  is Francis Kasaira as Leader of  Government business in Parliament and yet Malawi is also not experiencing tribal or regional disconnect that the country needed someone to unite us. Besides, Vuwa is not even an MP.

Other presidential aides includes Mabvuto Bamusi as special assistant responsible for the civil society and NGOs,  Apostle  Timothy Khoviwa as adviser on religious affairs.

There are also, personal assistant on international relations, deputy personal assistant on international relations, special assistant to the First Lady, executive and special assistant on capacity building.

And President  Mutharika added to the list of his advisors the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) long-time spin-doctor Hetherwick Ntaba as domestic policy adviser and moved out  Bright Malopa who was adviser to the President on communication and strategy . Malopa has been deployed to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority ( Macra) as adviser on broadcasting.


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31 thoughts on “Fire all presidential aides, cleric tells Malawi leader”

  1. LOMA says:

    IBU uzimako zonena anthu. EEIIISHHH

  2. tain kutala says:

    A failed state indeed. Ruled by visionless leadership and advised by a bunch of opportunistic folks just to make bread and butter for the day. Hey, who fooled us that a professor rules better. Running government is not like lecturing in a law class.

  3. Maunde says:

    Of visionary leaders and recycle politians.

    When u want to put things right u look at things that do not add value to the welfare of our society. U dont fix things that are put orderly. The dpp government should remove the advisors and give the role and responsibility to party. These advisors should be paid from parties account

  4. james banda says:

    end ov times de bible has arldy stated out all of dis,open up our eyes pipo soon de son of man coms

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    What do we have advisers for if the nation is going down the drain? I vehemently agree with those enlightened citizens who demand the head of unfit president Muthalika.It is absolutely the only path to solve the unending and myriad of misleading political and economic trends.It is self- destruction of unparalleled diamention if Muthalika prolongs to remain at the helm.Currently,we have abominable shortage of food for the masses of our people who happen to be the voters,corruption sky- rocketing each day that passes,tribalism has reached unprecedented threat to our nation and yet,the leaders turn a blind eye on this scourge of Africa.We are not Engels,our Rwandese brothers and sisters have been there,they know what it means.Blood- bath does not choose whether you are a Chewa,Manga’nja,aLomwe,Tumbuka,Tonga,Yao the list is long.In short,tribal bloody conflict is worse than bush-fire.Indeed,it is time now to pickup a new and effective national leader who is capable to unite and treat the people of all three regions equally because Malawi also belongs to them.Lastly,it is more than vital to elect an upright and astute national leader.We must not pretend,Malawi has reached a point of no return and may God our almighty bless us.AMEN!!!

  6. Mphepo Zinai says:

    A bunch of stupid hangers playing the role of presidential jokers to pacify the troubled soul of a clueless leader of a collective of sedentary and gaping idiot minions inhabiting a land impoverished by their cleverer siblings.

  7. kwetu says:

    resignation is not solving Malawian problems , what we want visionary readers than these

  8. Mlangeni says:

    Ayambe kuchotsa Ntaba

  9. Joyce Mbava Yayikulu says:

    Iwe umadya zakachisi ndiye uziti anzako achosedwe ntchito ndiye akakudyera kuti , kuchipatala

  10. Dr Manga says:


  11. Peter says:

    The Economic Advisor has obviously failed. Chuma chabalalika ichi. Tichitepo kanthu. Collins should be brave enough to throw in the towel. Kheliwe will understand.

  12. Patrick says:

    I guess all Malawi needs currently is economic solution,firing of advisors will bring no value to our Mother Nation.
    Would’ve appriciated much if these so called craggy had brought an economic solution to our govt.
    NB:theses craggy are living exorbitant lives still cause our people,so please next time bring a solutions not disorganization.

  13. Mweneh says:

    unnecessary duplication, Mr President. 2 to 1 is enough for advisors, where the cabinet is picked on merit. It makes a lot of sense to have a statehouse chaplain instead of “adviser on religious affairs”. A ridiculous redandance on capacity building and, political/internal policy advisory

  14. Jigidijigidi Jaba says:

    I support you on this Dr. Zack. You always been consistent in your stand for the truth in as far as what needs to be done in resolving the issues, including that of homosexuality, facing our nation.

  15. Kalyoto says:

    The same intoxicated man of God, is assisting the hungly lies in the hands of government only? Learn from Bushiri if you are a true man of God and also why did you hold your meeting at the magnificent mount soche hotel, drinking expensive wines, sleeping in comfort beds of this world in the name of stability in the country. How can a president be without advisors our neighbours are struggling but their presidents do go out on foreign trips than ours you can’t appreciste that?

  16. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Our president is crazy of what use are the so called advisors, they are there just to waste tax payers money, fire them now before you die of cardiac arrest

  17. master says:

    There is one big fool which Peter Mutharika has managed to employ in his cabinet this time around and this fool is JAPPIE MHANGO, the guy is a big dunderhead i tell u, whatever he speaks shows that he is an empty tin,he says the role of advisers are neutral advisers yet they r all political in nature creating a big clash with cabinet ministers whom he says are political heads of ministries, there is a big sense in what REV ZACC KAWALALA is saying, lets fire this bunch of thieves, looters, dunderheads in the name of advisers who r just draining our money, to hell with JAPPIE MHANGO, how far did u go with your primary education?

  18. tsetsefly says:

    Are you not ashamed to call presidential aids neutral. I have known them as more polical them ministers in some cases. So, as advised fire them to save money.

  19. Malume. says:

    This is too much

  20. Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Oh indeed, too many advisers for poor Malawi, too much paid to them and a lot of duplication. Are ministers and PS’s not frank advisers? Malawi is ill, and will die due to caliber of appeasement. Failed as Minister of Education, failed as Minister of foreign affairs, failed as Minister of Justice, failed as an adviser to late Bingu etc etc . what do you expect from him as a leader of the nation. Overstayed, more than 30 years outside, no clue about Malawi or leadership – only teaching in a small class.

  21. ZINAZI says:

    Fwe fwe fwe !!
    Mukuona zi ma Advisers
    Thoo ooio
    Zopanda ntchito !!!
    Mulhakho basi !!!

  22. Mchindo says:

    I used to respect Rev Kawalala but here he has shown myopic thinking. Even if we say the president start using kabaza on his erands that can not help improve economy. We want economic based solutions and not hatred based solutions. So stupid PAC meeting, stupid Malawians, stupid me.

  23. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    My contribution to PAC’s recommendations: the President should consider reducing benefits (other than salary) to all who get them from the Government pulse by half including fuel, housing, hospitality and any other allowances in the Executive, Legislature and all Chief Executives of State owned companies and public bodies. These guys live like they are not in Malawi when we all concede we are poor. In fact I am surprised that these guys do not see this side including our very saints in the opposition.

  24. Bushiri boy says:


  25. gulo says:

    Hehehede headless cock called Peter Mathanyula operating like a robot. He cannot do thing on his own apart from kunyera. Mxxiii.

  26. Myao says:


  27. peter says:

    I entirely agree with Pastor Dr Zacc Kawalala. We need to get away with posts that are a drain to our purse and a village of advisors should not be entertained especially when the government is failing to perform in spite of having a full village of advisors. Then, after removing these positions, let all non performing ministers be fired.

  28. Mbuya says:

    I second fire them mr president please

  29. Amwali says:

    Zakuba basi

  30. Comred Brigadier says:

    Good idea

  31. Abusa vuto la banja la a Munthalika lili ndi tembelero ,samamvera wena ,to make matters worse wabweretsa Ntaba amene anaphetsa mbale wake

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