Fire Escom management, PAC demands: Pressure mounts for ‘blackout’ service provider

The Public Affairs Committee (Pac) has backed calls for government to fire Electricity Supply Corporation (Escom) management for incompetence.

Fr Mulomole: Fire Escom management

Fr Mulomole: Fire Escom management

Kapito (lef) and Chingota: Differ on Escom issue

Kapito (lef) and Chingota: Differ on Escom issue

Malawians are calling for Escom management to step down in the wake of persistent blackouts the country is experiencing.

Escom has warned the nation to brace for more blackouts in the next four months due to lower water levels in the Lake Malawi and Shire River, the excuse which Shire River Basin Management Programme has dismissed.

Pac joined the chorus of Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) which has also dismissed Escom’s excuses, blaming it for being short-sighted and lack of forecast and competence.

Pac’s spokesperson, Father Peter Mulomole said in an interview with Capital Radio that Escom managment was lying to the nation about the cause of the blackouts.

”They are cheating the nation. The best way they could do is to keep quiet. Escom management is failing, they should step down,” said Mulomole.

Mulomole said it was not ideal for government to maintain the Escom management which has proven to be incompetent.

”Why keeping people who are incompetent? Escom needs reform. We can’t talk of public reforms when we have institutions like Escom. Its time to walk the talk”.

However, Escom through its Public Relations Manager, Kitty Chingota said it stands by its reasons behinds the blackouts that are now longer than before the institution rehabilitated its power generation plants.

”We can’t comment on other people’s opinion. We stand by our statement, if people want to verify the facts they can come to our offices,” said Chingota.

Cama’s Executive Director, John Kapito earlier this week said it was baffling that the blackout situation was getting worse under the DPP administration unlike during the PP administration, and suspected the Escom management of sabotage.

Kapito has since urged consumers to demand money back for the period that they are being denied access to electricity since they have tofind other alternative source of energy, saying they are entitled to that refund based on the contract they have with Escom through the
Service Charter.

And Shire River Basin Management Programme has dismissed Escom’s excuses of lower levels in the river and the Lake of Malawi, saying there has not been any change in the level or flow of water in the river.

Reports indicate that Escom’s power generation plants have developed faults, causing the blackouts; and an advert in the daily newspapers by the company seemed to confirm this.

Escom is expected to shut down Kapichira Hydro Power Station in order to do some scheduled maintanance works which will reduce the country’s generation capacity to 213.04 mega watts against the forecast maximum demand of 270 mega watts.

Shutting down of the power generation plant will only worsen the blackout situation, which is increasingly becoming unbearable by day.

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31 thoughts on “Fire Escom management, PAC demands: Pressure mounts for ‘blackout’ service provider”

  1. MADOLO says:






  2. Mlomwe wa mkulo says:

    Fellow Malawians,

    Blame the regulator, MERA, it lacks vision to protect the interests of consumers. Blame Energy Department, they have an outdated policy which was copied from some countries in the region and MERA endorsed it. Blame government for failing to prioritize energy sector. Government can make a bold decision to finance thermal plants one in the north and another in the south. They can stop subsiding fertilizer for a year or two and develop the power sector. ESCOM engineers and management are not to blame. They know the truth but choose to lie to the nation. Of course there is need for multi-sectoral approach to address this perennial problem once for all. ESCOM has hundreds of engineers who stopped thinking long time ago

  3. Mcheka Nkhoma says:

    A KAPITO YOU CAN be cleverer today but La 40 Lizakukwanirani like Lutepo and Bamusi! So you think Malawians are so umb that they don’t know you are being used by DPP inorder to sale ESCOM? You have gone further to rope in leader wa PAC naye wadyapo? I personal have insider information Malawians that DPP is bent on selling ESCOM, hence they have started paying these cheap NGOs to make noise! My insider source stated that Kapito is pocketing between Mk9m to mk15m, and wa PAC mdalayu not less than mk5m.

    Truth be told, even if you fire ESCOM management today, will electricity improve? NO. WHY? ESCOM needs new plants inorder to function well koma ma power generating plants a 1958, what do you expect>? Is this ESCOM MAGEMENT PROBLEM? Inu za usiru ayi ife a Kapito…..mwaonekela ng’amba.

  4. MaiMai says:

    Kapito you cant fool us Malawians, you are behind DPP being used inorder to sale ESCOM! This stupidity MUST BE STOPPED , you understand KAPITO? iDIOT MAN , YOU WANT TO SALE Malawi FOR YOUR PERSONAL GAINS? We know you have been promised Mk10m for this stupidity and pocketed mk3m! Anyone who wants to know more write me on [email protected]. Kapito MUST STOP THIS.

    If we are to state performance of CAMA, I think it has completely failed, since Kapito has been its leader, the plight of consumers in Malawi is getting worse and worse,,,itsnt it time for you Kapito to go as well? And are you lifetime employee of CAMA? You must be asjamed of yourself. Genuine failures by DPP now no medicine in hospitals, Kwacha falling everyday, security breakdown etc why don’t you demonstrate against such ills of DPP? IDIOT good at nothing but stealing under tables…

  5. OBAMA says:

    Kasim whatever u call urself you are totally mad educated fellow. I wonder if u have researched enough on this. May be you don’t stay in Malawi and you think we are still in colonial era. Anthu akamati aMalawi timayiwala msanga ndizoonadi and even the learned like Kasim. Let me remind you ESCOM is been contradicting itself if you do follow their statement all these years. They told us that we have few generating machines and that is the reason. Just two years ago when JB was in government they told us that they have acquired machines which were in Tanzania and the second generating machines are now in operational. Hence the power blackout will be a thing of the past. We indeed saw that for the first time we had to go for six months with less or no blackout. We could have only a partial blackout which does not relate with power generation. So to tell us today that there is less water in the Shire and lake Malawi is a big lie and embarrassment at ESCOM and the government as a whole. What has gone wrong? This is the question we need to ask ESCOM. Instead of defending things we are not aware just because my brother works there or I support DPP. Don’t you see that there is sabotage somewhere at ESCOM? Or else it is one way the DPP raise their money for the party. Just think of when Bingu was there blackout was an order of the day. JB came power blackout stopped. Now the same DPP is back power blackout is back. Timve ziti inu a ESCOM. Kapito is right the bills remain constant where there is power or no power.

  6. Wilhelm says:

    Fire someone in government employment?

    I think that must have been a mis-statement. Hardly any one, once they have started sucking up the money of hard-working tax payers, ever gets fired.

    Even recently, when some concerned citizens wanted to petition central government about problems with their District Commissioner, they asked he be ‘transferred’ , not fired.

    After making a mess of their job and duties, corrupting and stealing countless tax-payers money, they get transferred to yet another government job, to repeat the same thing all over again.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. It should be scandalous, but, sadly, it’s almost an every day story here in Malawi.

    If this government wants to reform the civil service, one of the really important aspects they need to look at the terms and conditions of service and employment for civil servants and ministers.

    Corruption should be a fireable offense, with evidence – then there shouldn’t be fired employees dragging the government to court and then milking yet more millions from taxpayers for wrongful dismissal.

    Until this happens, there will be no reform in the civil service, or anywhere else. This also greatly harms the development projects the civil service and government are supposed to carry out.

    Nothing will change without such reforms. Malawi will be stuck with low development.

  7. galu wa galu says:

    Kapito is not a DPP. A Malawi munthu kuti akhoze zithu ayi ndiwa DPP. Umbuli wachuluka a Malawi. Too many saveges in this country.

  8. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    Escom is good is at billing people by their substandard service.The only thing they know is to buy expensive cars for their CEOs and bankrolling money for campaign for cheap politicians.All strategic positions are planted by people who are connected to politicians.Which sane investor would like to come to a country which has blackouts throughout the month?people have small businesses which relies on electricity and how do you expect them to thrive in such environment?Kapito is right that these dim wits should be fired.Every time they have the excuses that the Shire river was full to the brim during rainy season and now they are blaming the low water levels.It time Malawi took a radical approach in the way it conducts it things otherwise we will always remain at the base people making fun of us as the poorest nation in the world.For this fact it is only the 10% of people who uses electricity in Malawi and the rest are in total darkness like they are living in mediaval ages.Kitty Chingota should stop defending her incompetent colleagues.If you can’t deliver you just need a sack like their incompetent president wamutharika.Malawi is a doomed nation.Nothing seems to work in this country.

  9. chatonda says:

    To all Malawians of good will, please do not comment before you verify facts against rumours. I went on a boat safari from Hippo View Lodge last Saturday, it is true that the water levels are very low and that crocodiles are in the open with hippos digging the mud and I fear we can lose all the water and all the animals that live in water in Liwonde National Park. It has never happened before. Its therefore true that the water levels are extremely low and that there is nothing that ESCOM can do in my view to avert black outs even if it were you.

  10. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Take two 90kg bags of Uranium to Russia,then ask Putin to build a nuclea plant to generate more electricity to meet the current demand. We have uranium already what can stop us as our population is increasing everyday? Those generators were designed to meet that population of 30yrs ago by Kamuzu and you are still using them today,what a shame? Ndalama angoba instead of investing for the future? l don’t blame them but becaz we Malawian’s are stupid,stingy and selfish pipo who doesn’t care about our children. If Escom indeed have the muscle to pay back to it’s customers,what is then stopping them to invest for the future? Do you have engineers there or you are just employing bola akulankhula chilomwe?

  11. chingolopiyo says:

    No 15, , if you want the name I will handover to you. I think you love my name. To call a spade a spade, the only alternative to wake up what you call Escom, is to have different energy providers , so that they can stop sleepwalking. As long as Escom is the sole provider of energy in Malawi, citizens will suffer to the lowest ebb. I wonder why you are complaining when you have been discrediting the president who has good proposal to improve on the energy sector. Escom will take advantage , and surely has taken advantage because, you have no any other alternative to supply power. How many people have solar energy? How many people have generators in operation? Is charcoal going to run your fridges, TVS, and the HI-FI systems you have. Is charcoal going to charge your cellphones, or you will be charging the battery using the sun. This is the reason I am supporting the government to bring in more energy providers. Most of the gadgets in our houses have stopped working,(burnt or spoiled) because of blackouts. How many people have lost TVS, Radios, Fridges due to power failures in Malawi? How many have claimed damage from Escom and have received? Stop pulling on party lines, look for the future, what is better for the nation and for the generations to come. If water is going down in Lake Malawi and shire river, have we asked ourselves, what if we can have no rains for a year, which means everything will stop. Our hospitals are failing to do operations due to power failures, and yet you support under performance Escom not to be privatised or bring in competitors in the country. Are such blind Malawinas !

  12. Vendor 1 says:

    The problems of employing people because they come from same region or belong to same party. All they know at escome is to give each other orders to buy CUTOUTS and to fuck each other in offices basi. Dzitsilu dza anthu.

  13. Bolero says:

    Chimene munachotsera Morgan Tembo ndichani abale. As chair of ESCOM Board he had the nation at heart. He pushed management to do its work. Blackouts dissapeapered during his reign. Koma chifukwa cha ndale you removed him, ndizimenezo. Ena mwayikapowo angofuna kudyanawo ndi ma contracts

  14. musolin says:

    Escom yonse mbewa zachabechabe…..musiye kulembana ntchito pachibale…akanganya inu!

  15. zladco says:

    Please Mr Kapito educate us on the Service Charter, that we can do something as a consumer! If not we will stay at the bottom economic and development wise, and go nowhere! We should not wait until the last tree is cut, the riverbanks are washed, the lake and Shire River is silted together with their power stations….

  16. chingolopiyo says:

    SO Kapito is DPP?

  17. Kasim says:

    The problem in this country is immense mental poverty. Whether you fire or not will the generated power increase . All these power stations were built by Kamuzu . There has never been any effort by successive govts to build new power stations in line with the growing power demand. Blame your govt. Tell to invest in peer generation and not just fluffing things you don’t understand. Bullshit

  18. Revelation says:

    You are all wasting your time. It is only PAC that is unaware of what is really happening.
    DPP will fire nobody. In fact DPP has already defended ESCOM on the current blackouts.
    Escom Inside Source said that it is DPP move to discredit Escom vis-à-vis customers in order to push customers to be on the side of DPP gouvernment to sell it.
    After the selling of MSB, DPP wanted to sell Escom too, but the move met resistance from the general public. So gouvernment is using his powerful arm to pretend that some Escom personel are derailling gouvernment plans, that is where kapito comes in. He is in the same ploy. He is just making a lot of noise as if he is innoncent yet he is part and parcel of DPP plan to get Public sympathy on the sale of Escom.

  19. Tili Chenene says:

    The problem is not with ESCOM management, but …. Remember it’s a govt entity. Someone wants to buy it as they bought “the” bank

  20. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

    If government actions were based on public opinion (like referendums), Escom executives would be fired, to be sure! This outfit has failed Malawians for everrrrrrrrr! The minister responsible has to do something. Really do something, rather than just appear to be doing something, for political reasons.
    APM probably knows that even though this issue does not affect majority Malawians, lack of reliable electricity is a big hindrance to investments, and hence to economic development. The president should demonstrate that he appreciates this connection. And get his minister to act fast.
    Perhaps, give this file to Akweni Kaliati. She gets things done, and she gets results, even if some people don’t like her personality. She’s mature enough NOT to care about that!
    There is some truth to the saying that, if you want something done in an organisation, give it to the person who is always busy. Like Akweni! Asaa!
    Escom mwatikwana zedi (we’ve had enough from Escom managers who seem to have no shame of their professional capabilities. Or lack there of.)

  21. mbundesigeya says:

    Achotseni anyani amenewa……iyaaa atopetsa……daily blackout mxiiiii

  22. jimbo says:

    A reliable electricity supply is absolutely essential for a country’s development. No one is going to invest in a country that cannot provide a reliable supply of electricity. Even existing businesses cannot prosper either. ESCOM needs a thorough shake up and that means the government has to get involved as a matter of urgency. With all these failings in the country (unpaid salaries, lack of medical supplies, etc., etc. ) APM appears to be just sitting on his hands hoping something will turn up. Does the term ‘pro-active’ mean anything at all to the DPP government? The country is falling apart around him and yet APM thinks he is a shoe-in at the next election in 2019. Unless he gets a grip on the situation he won’t be around in 2019.

  23. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    Stupidity and idiocy management at its best. mbuzi !!!!

  24. Kandapako says:

    ESCOM, if you fed us the truth we would understand you. Mukuchulutsa bodza that is why we consumers will kick you out.

  25. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Fire Escom management forthwith!

  26. Truck says:

    The problem you are buying Chinese Generators ,you must wake up buy Germany or French Generators.During Kamuzu the first President there was no such thing.Then you see when someone is doing something good its like easy look now you are failing to do nice job for Electricity and Investors will run away because they cant run Business without Electricity.

  27. ZOZO says:

    fire them.very incompetent people.. they surely dont know what they are doing.

  28. mulopwana says:


  29. ESCOM ikutipweteka day by day, mwina zitaterodi zingathandize.

  30. Myao says:


    1. QUEEN OF SHEBA says:

      Fire the civil service first before you fire ESCOM management.Mwanapiye amaonera amake kunyera m’nyumba

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