Fire guts Kalikuti Hotel in Malawi’s capital city

A month or weeks will hardly pass without hearing of a fire accident in Lilongwe or elsewhere! Black smoke billowed above the capital late Friday night as fire tore through the Kalikuti Hotel, causing major damage but no injuries or deaths, Nyasa Times has the details.

In ashes- the front view of the Kalikuti hotel

In ashes- the front view of the Kalikuti hotel

The corridor leading to the reception

The corridor leading to the reception

Lilongwe City Fire Engine could not contain the fire

Lilongwe City Fire Engine could not contain the fire

Fire guts Kalikuti Hotel as people watch

Fire guts Kalikuti Hotel as people watch

Fire everywhere- The backside of the hotel

Fire everywhere- The backside of the hotel

The fire started at around 11pm on Friday , October 31 and by midnight, everything on the hotel’s northern wing, which comprise the reception, conference halls, restaurant, bar and other facilities had been destroyed.

More than two-dozen residents escaped with their lives — but none of their possessions — after the hotel was destroyed by fire.

Guests had to scramble from their beds and leave the smoke-filled hotel . The building was safely evacuated

At the time of filing the story, a team of fire extinguishers from Lilongwe City Council was still trying to limit the damage but the team’s efforts were proving too little too late as the fire was just too strong to be contained.

The fire brigade is now making sure the fire does not spread to the southern wing, where rooms are situated. This is the only area that has so far not been affected by the fire and guests were transferred to Crossroads Hotel.

The hotel staff and owners are also trying to pull out some stuff from the unaffected area and police officers are all over to ensure safety of the remaining property.

The cause of the fire is not known as of yet but reports suggest the fire started from the kitchen.

No death or injury has been reported but it is clear goods worth millions of Kwachas have been destroyed.

This is a second fire incident in Lilongwe city in less than 10 days following the fire that gutted one of the units for wooden furniture at Mchesi, destroying property worth over K38 million.

The Mchesi fire is believed to have been caused by Hindu members, who were cracking fireworks during Diwali celebrations.

President Peter Peter Mutharika instituted a ministerial committee to look into the occurrences of fire incidents and come up with lasting solutions to the problem.

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51 thoughts on “Fire guts Kalikuti Hotel in Malawi’s capital city”

  1. ismail. chipala says:

    Koma ku Malawi ndiye kwafikako moto basi

  2. moses says:

    kenako mudzamva kuti Malawi yese way aka moto.

  3. Ulesi ndi minyama, Cashgate ndi ugalu says:

    Much as arson could be to blame for these fires, it is only appropriate and lateral to ask those entrusted with authority in our country to call to scrutiny organisations responsible for guaranteeing quality standards to account for some of these incidences.

    I am of a strong view point that these fires are largely as a result of use of substandard materials. Malawi Bureau of Standards need to put their foot down and only allow materials that meet international and our own national standards to be sold within the Malawi territory.

    CAMA must wake up and sensitise the public of the dangers of buying fake chinese products. They pose a great health and safety to the public, they are an environmental hazard, and worst of all a main foreign exchange fraud.

    Mr. Kapito should not just be mourning on the streets, only when issues are involving atonga, as was the case last time he organised a ‘funeral demonstration’ at city centre.

  4. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Fire after fire. Next time we will hear about State House being on fire. Tsopano zayamba kudabwitsa. Should we say another meaning of DPP is fire?

  5. Blessings says:

    Koma maloose akura kumeneko eti mpaka kuocha kut mulandile insurance….ok…dont worry after 5years i will stand as canddent…i will malawi abetter place to lve ok.

  6. ngozi ndi ngozi zimachitika tizingo samala moto wamangetsi,tisamaiwale ku zimitsa ma soketi kaya makuka mwinaso ailoni.tisamasunge mafuta amagalimoto mu room ife alendo.

  7. nkuzi wadumuka says:

    koma tilidi ndi anthu odziwa kuzimitsa moto wantundu umenewu? kapena amadziwa kuzimitsa wobutsa ana osaka mbewa?

  8. osaweta jj says:

    what is happening with our peaceful nation? God have mercy.

  9. Kalulu says:

    In Malawi we are missing opportunities of being innovative – engineers your annual meetings will not be useless if you do not solve these things? Advise those building on how to be fire proof? Electricians wiring our homes could be arsonists? Are you sleeping when your brains suffered much at Poly? TV bring innovative programs the same as music talents where people could share solutions to challenges with tangible presentations. People or country could use that. But where everyone wants easy money like CASHGATE thinking is suspended.

  10. Enoch says:

    zimenezi ndiye ndizoipitsitsa zedi. kwina ndi kuba tsopano coz zoterezi zaka za m’mbuyomu kunalibe izi, tinene kuti kunalibe anthu osasamala zinthu zoyambitsa moto ngati lero! mmmmm something must be done as soon as possible to stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mboniyabwalo says:

    Mlembi wa nkhaniyi Akuti a team of fire extinguishers, it must be a team of firefighters.
    Lilongwe city is growing but some things are still where Lilongwe was a decade ago. One of them is the presence of fire hydrants in our locations. Fire hydrants help fire fighters access water close to the fire scene. Our fire engines have small tanks of water for they depend on these hydrants.
    Hydrants are only found in old town and Kanengo industrial area. I suggest that when big projects like shopping malls are being constructed the owners must include requesting fire hydrants when they are requesting water connection.
    It is also my concern that in Malawi we only have fire fighters but we don’t have qualified fire prevention personnel and fire investigators . That is why the causes of the fires are never investigated and reported.
    Apart from Civil Aviation Training school at KIA, Malawi has no other school that teaches structural fire fighting that is why in time of big fires our men in bunker gear fail to do professionally fight the fires.

  12. This is worse. Why are we destroying our own property Amalawi?. The only solution to this is to play persistently. God can help us. Let’s join hands in praying so that those doing this are brought to light.

  13. ujeni says:

    Blackouts and load shedding is the cause or either someone is looking for insurance and is taking advantage or stone age wiring in Malawi or poor health and safety facilities and poor building structure

  14. John Walusa says:

    Iz ndiye zaonjeza chifukwa ziwasiya paulova anthu ogwila ntchito mmalo oonongekawo

  15. Yobe boo says:

    Fire in a hotel, week end, while enjoying with Girlfriend, Amayi ndi Ana sakudziwa kuti a Bambo anali mumodzi wopulumuka kungozi yimeyo. ……………………………….. amandimvetsa chisoni.

  16. Alluyah Anganga says:


  17. Yankho says:

    Just too much, what is happening. Let us join hands pray to God to shame the devil

  18. myse says:

    lets sit down and assess the causes of all these fires. komanso ndi bwino to have thourogh checks panopa to make sure our katundi are safe.
    but some how i think some of these fires are delibarate. kommano tikuwapweteka anzanthu amene anafapo bulu poika chumacho pamodzi

  19. tac tam says:

    another fire, who is next?? Statehouse kapena??

  20. WAWA says:

    why all these? you just want flaud insurance ……why kuyatsa zinthu.. amalawi kubwezera chitukuko mmbuyo

  21. chiduma says:

    Sorry indeed, this is a great loss to the company.

  22. wakuda says:

    Can the diphiphi regime with its gogo be serious with security matters in this nation, jst for once! Otherwise we will resolve as achair did one time during the time of one Kahuna called Daniel Phiri. He publicly said ‘amai inetu ndachita resolve kuti mdziko muno mulibe mtsogoleri. How can thugs, arsonists, crooks, criminals crooks etc b at ease as it now? Do we really have a government? Atambwali okhaokha!!!

  23. Able says:

    Boma la dpp musaliiwale ndi la moto zinayambila kwa malemu moses bingu ndipo zimu wa kamuzu wakwiya

  24. Koma ma insurance companies pa MW alimba? Sad news.

  25. bwititi says:

    boma la DPP!!!!!

  26. akimu jimu says:

    why always on fire? anyone behind all these misterious? Please God reveal it to us .Without u there is no way forward.

  27. Nkhondomukaya says:

    Sad news.

  28. wa ku nkhoma says:

    ndiri ndi mantha ndi moto umenewu gahena pansi pompano AMBUYE tikhululukireni ndife ochimwa tizimitsireni moto wa satana pa MALAWI.

  29. Wake says:

    Accidents do happen and can happen anywhere. Weeks ago Blandina Khondowe took turns on facebook to castigate TB Joshua for the collapse of a guest house at his complex, forgetting her own recent misfortunes. God allows certain things to happen, for a reason, whether you are a true believer or not.

    I urge Blandina to take time to reflect what she said of the annointed man of God, and repent. In fact on July 27, 2014 TB Joshua said that he had just come from Colombia because he saw a vision of a dark cloud (meaning trouble) over Nigeria, especially close to him. Te man of God even warned Nigerians that if a bomb exploded at the front of the church, them Nigerians are the first to report to CNN, but we dont see the great miracles happenning everyday at SCOAN being shown on National or International TV. At the end of the prophesy, he prayed “Let your will be done!” (meaning that he had no power to change whatever was going to happen). Six weeks later, is when the building collapsed on Sept 12.

    It was unfortunate to see posts by Blandina Khondowe, on facebook implying that TB Joshua is a fake because of this accident. TB Joshua then warned that we would see God’s vengeance on agents of the devil trying to tarnish his name. Is the Kalikuti fire one of the curses? We all recently saw an article on Nyasatimes by a journalist apologising to Bushiri for spreading false scandals about Bushiri. The journalist even admitted that he apologised because he had observed that those who were castigating men of God were quickly dying.

  30. Kika kanawe says:

    Black smoke country or is it a firegate country!Shame on mother Malawi,when will this come to an end?

  31. IFEYO says:


  32. Khongoni Boy says:

    That Much We Know That DPP = Fire Everywhere . Viva Dpp Keep The Fire Burning Pliz

  33. KEERA says:

    Mulungu tichitireni chifundo

  34. jumujum says:

    amalawi kodi moto umenewo ukumachokera kuti? mukuwononga chithukukotu inu mukufuna kuba basi mulungu azakulangani.


  36. Wado says:

    Fire!fire! fire! It all started @ MEC ware house & it spread to differents local markets,banks,offices now its on hotels.Our country is on fire

  37. Boma la Dpp chilowelen tikungomva ngozi za moto,koma Dpp ufit chan

  38. Me says:


  39. Moto moto says:

    All we need are a) Staff trainings in fire security and drills. b) fire fighting equipment in all key institutions and c) fire proof designs and buildings. This fire could have been contained in the Kitchen if the staff were trained and had functioning fire fighting equipment. Invest in fire prevention I say!!!!

  40. Patriot says:

    Chikulamulira ndi chipani cha ma silamusi.
    Amachitcha kuti “moto buuuuu”
    God save us

  41. VULUNGANYA says:

    Alakwa chani bwana Khondowe kukhala amnzawo a John Tembo?….

  42. peter says:


  43. Kadzibwa says:

    Sad development indeed.pakufunika maliseche amoto umenewu.

  44. Fathi Alshab says:

    malawi means fire “flames”

  45. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Kod a diphiphi munatani kumangowotcha zinthu? Mucitepo kanthu

  46. Peter Muthanyula says:

    The same day of Mchesi, two bottles were also gutted by fire here at Upper Biwi. Probably the best we need to do to just set the whole country on fire. The world will lose nothing… There is nothing the world gains from this country anyway, apart from massive supplies of poverty, AIDS, corrupt leaders and stupid people

    1. Peter Muthanyula says:

      Bottle stores, I meant to say. My bad!

  47. Matindi Radio says:

    Tangozolowera, opanda moto sitimanva bwino.

  48. This is not Malawi we know…WHY SO ?????

  49. the Mask says:

    Too Bad for Country progression!

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