First Lady appeals for unity among Malawi political leaders

The First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has called on politicians in the country to learn to co-exist and work together despite coming from different political parties.

Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika: Appeal for unity

Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika: Appeal for unity

Mrs Mutharika spoke on Friday night when she hosted Malawi Members of Parliament who are members to the Pan-African Parliament-PAP to a dinner in Johannesburg South Africa, where she also opened this year’s PAP Women’s Conference.

United Democratic Front (UDF) Parliamentarian Abubakar Mmbaya, People’s Party (PP) MP Roy Kachale and Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Cecilia Chazama attended the dinner.

The First Lady hailed the MPs for accepting her invitation saying unity among leaders of different political parties is essential and critical for Malawi to make progress in its development agenda.

“We need to understand and accept that Malawi will remain a multiparty state where different parties will exist and people will belong to political parties of their choice. But that should not be a recipe for divisions and fighting, it should in fact be a way of bringing together different ideas that should strengthen our unity and zeal to move our country forward and take our people out of poverty,”  she said.

The First Lady urged the Malawi PAP members to represent Malawi well during their tenure and ensure that women issues are being brought to the attention of the PAP.

Speaking during the dinner, the MPs expressed gratitude for the gesture, saying it is a demonstration of goodwill from the country’s first citizens.

“You had all the right and freedom to choose who to invite to have dinner with you. It was possible only to invite members of the DPP, this is a very rare occurrence that should teach some of us that we must always stand together,” said PP’s Roy Kachale.

While echoing Kachale’s sentiments earlier, UDF’s Mmbaya also commended the First Lady for accepting an invitation to be Special Guest of Honor at this year’s PAP Women’s Conference.

“We are grateful that you saw it fit to invite us to dinner. Most importantly we are proud of you for flying the Malawi flag higher at PAP with your presence and powerful speech. Be assured that as we continue to represent Malawi at the Pan-African Parliament we will not disappoint you. You may need to know that you are the first Malawian First Lady to open the PAP conference and that is good for our country,” said Mmbaya.

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20 thoughts on “First Lady appeals for unity among Malawi political leaders”

  1. Napho says:

    a Malawi muli ndi nsanje ya umbuli, very different from where I come from.

  2. cynk says:

    fedalism basi osatinso zinazo

  3. Chatty Man says:

    Ngati wasowa chochita just go and sweep in lake malawi usatinyase!

  4. chekambewa says:

    Chamba eti rotational president? kukhuta kondole eti? mmwera ingalore zimenezo?

  5. Kaka says:

    Just go and sweep the streets and collect garbage. You look better doing that.

  6. Nyapala says:

    Amuna ako oyamba adapita kuti? Kodi iweyo siwoyendayenda? Ndipo ndamuna ako mukusiya zaka zingati?

  7. aDeaconess says:

    A maroon vine or black dress cud be appropriate for dinner. An up-do hair style cudve been better than hair hanging which is gud for day functions.

  8. Tazingo tolerani zinyalala muTown mama.Ku BT kuseri kwa Mage. court pa fupi ndi maoffice aboma paground pali zinyalala zambiri just imagine mkati mwa town.

  9. Kika kanawe says:

    She must learn to do what she talks.Getrude timakuona ukusekerera atsogoleri a DPP akunyoza azipani zina.So what are you saying now?

  10. Which country will unite? We need Federation for us to have unity.If not will not my dear.Don’t cheat your self.Let’s have rotational President from all Regions

  11. duduzi says:

    Nonsense, she should be telling that story to her husband in bed because he is the one who is causing all these problems. He is practicing bush politics…..where he believes that only ‘wild pigs of the South can run/manage the hole affairs and not the porcupines from the Centre and the North…….Mayi Maseko, ntchito yanu ndiyayikulu kwambiri……..muli chimtengo m’maso mwanu ndimwa amuna anumo…..yambani mwachotsa chimenecho…..kenaka muchotse chili mwa anzanu otherwise you are wasting both our money and time on dinners…….free advice.

  12. Njolopingo says:

    You must be a bad example on co-existence Madam

  13. nkhedu says:

    same old nonsense

  14. Nankungwi says:

    Abale stop picking! she is making an effort to co-ordinate! lets support that idea. In fighting is a wste of time folks! she is right, difference of opinon does not mean enmity, learn to agree to differ and still be friends!

  15. chisilu says:

    look who is talking???? didn’t you run away from JB in New York a few weeks ago??? you failed to demontrate co-existance and you’re telling us what??? practice what you you preach fool!

  16. Thoko says:

    What’s up with the fake hair???? looks like wasenza mphaka pamutupo. You need to be your authentic self if you even know what that means kikikikikikiki

  17. chatonda says:

    All these praises for dinner. I suppose the dinner was more than any other dinner in their lifetime.

  18. CHAVULA says:


  19. Mccarthy says:

    First Lady appeals for unity among Malawians, Useless & speechless.

  20. petrol kali says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha koma maseko ngati ndi wopinimbila

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