First Lady donates K3.5mil to Anglican: Beautify Malawi sourced money from Dubai ‘well-wishers’

Beautify Malawi (BEAM) Trust has donated K3.5 million to the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire to carry out various environmental management activities in its establishments.

The First Lady signing the visitors book at Samama primary school during the tree planting exercise in Mangochi- pic Mayamiko Wallace

The First Lady signing the visitors book at Samama primary school during the tree planting exercise in Mangochi- pic Mayamiko Wallace

Right Rev. Malasa, Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire also planting a tree during the tree planting exercise at Samama primary school in Mangochi - pic Mayamiko Wallace

Right Rev. Malasa, Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire also planting a tree during the tree planting exercise at Samama primary school in Mangochi – pic Mayamiko Wallace

BEAM Trust Founder and Patron, First Lady Gertrude Mutharika made the donation on Friday when she joined the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire in a tree planting exercise at Samama Primary School in the area of T/A Mponda in Mangochi.

Mutharika disclosed that the cash donation sourced from well – wishers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was meant to solidify the long standing partnership dating back to 2014 between BEAM and the Anglican Church in complementing each other to conserve the environment.

“The money is available and all that is remaining is to transfer the cash from BEAM to management of the Anglican Church to use it in their different environmental management programmes,” she disclosed.

Mutharika called on people in the country to emulate the example set by the Anglican Church of the Diocese of Upper Shire in particular to establish some backyard woodlots to make Malawi green and a source of environmental pride.

“We should all plant trees and take care of them to maturity for the benefit of future generations,” she advised.

The First Lady said the connection between the environment and human survival could not be over-emphasised, urging people young and old to plant trees to mitigate the effects of climate change.

On beautifying Malawi, she appealed to people to take all the necessary precautionary measures by among others disposing of waste in designated places and digging rubbish pits.

“How does it feel to go to the market and see waste littered all over the place, let alone find food infested with flies? It doesn’t look good, it should therefore start with us to make sure the surroundings are clean and tidy,” she emphasised.

On this note, Mutharika commended the Anglican Church for supporting the education of the girl child, saying it was also in line with the goals of BEAM which has some programmes in the same area like bursaries and construction of girls’ hostels in CDSSs.

Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, Rev. Brighton Malasa said the church was following the footsteps of the country’s leadership which had shown determination that it was possible to restore the country’s environmental status by engaging communities in tree planting.

“We have deliberately partnered with BEAM to unite for one common purpose which is to ensure the efforts of conserving the country’s natural resources are sustained,” Malasa said.

Malasa disclosed that the Diocese under its Samama integrated programme which attempts to plant trees and caring for the same besides adding value to existing forests expects to plant over 16,000 trees this year alone.

Speaking earlier, BEAM Trust Chairperson Mayamiko Mwinjiro said the trust which has had a cordial relationship with the Diocese of Upper Shire with most activities undertaken in Domasi, Zomba decided to extend its footprints to Mangochi to ensure meaningful and sustainable environmental interventions.

Mwinjiro pointed out that the partnership between the Diocese and BEAM was two – fold in the sense that on one hand it was meant to complement each other in efforts of beautifying the country and on the other arrest the rate of deforestation.

“All these efforts are a result of effects of climate change which have about because of careless cutting down of trees which in return has also affected the country’s agricultural production which is heavily rain – fed dependent,” Mwinjiro observed.

He also said the partnership was meant to promote household hygiene by ensuring that people have toilets and rubbish pits to dispose of their waste.

The tree planting exercise was conducted under the theme: ‘Love Malawi, plant a tree initiative.’

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corrupt diocese
Corrupt bishop
corrupt priests
corrupt first lady.
we need maize in our country not tree at the moment.
Learn from Prophet Bushiri.


This same Maladaptive has just received a Voxy from Peter now he is funded to start his personal woodlot in his home village of Samama. you are corrupted like your uncle Bernard Malango selling the Anglican church to DPP


Well wisher in Dubai? ?? This is mwenye who run away from Malawi after stealing millions and maybe another deal hence the donation. The Asians can’t give even a cent without a deal.

Malawi wa njala

Kale ku primary timkayimba kuti ‘ gologolo pa mtengo wakakamira-wakakamira, maso alinawo saona! Mayiwa monga sakuona chofunika kuchita nthawi ino?


A loving mother always worry and make sure that her children are fed and not going without food.Now you would think that the so called first lady and mai wa fuko la Malawi will be concerned about the current lack of food in the country but what does she do? Wasting money on some stupid beautify malawi. Would it not have been wise to tell Dubai that there is hunger in Malawi ?Kusowa cochitatu konseku!


Koma dzoyeretsazo mudzizola bwino zimayambitsa cancer. We know you as a black person.


Why not donate the money towards the elderly who are starving, useless!!


donate money to buy maize


This animal called well wishers is that perpetrates corruption in Malawi…You mean BEAM now can afford to donate K3.5m to church? Where did you get the money from…well wishers indeed.

Ndalama zakuchulukirana but Mulungu akanakudalitsana mukana gula chimanga ndi kukapatsa anthu wosowa. Kodi mukudziwa kuti m’Malawi muno muli njala? The unfortunate thing with Malawi presidency is that they loose touch with the grassroots and reality on the ground. Indeed absolute power corrupts.

JB Nabanda Domasi

a first lady ino ndi nthawi yothesa njala mu dziko muno, inuyo monga mai munayenela kupeleka ndalama imeneyo kwa anthu amene akufa ndi njala, tatengerani chitsanzo a Prophet Bushiri zomwe akuchitazi chonde. Kodi athu azikachita za beam ali ndi njala? Amai mwaganiza bwanji pamenepo. Za beam bwanji tipanga koma onani kaye za njalazi komanso nzipatala mulibiletu mankhwala. Anthu akufa kusowa thandizo la medicine mama chonde, takambilanani ndi abambowo ndakuwuzanizi…

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