First Lady, Mulhako gets money from Malawi Aids Commission – Report

Published report on Saturday November 22 indicated that First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe in September this year asked for money amounting to about K15 million (about $30 000) from National Aids Commission (NAC) to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic.

Madam Mutharika: Beautify Malawi asks money from National Aids Commission

Madam Mutharika: Beautify Malawi asks money from National Aids Commission

According to the Weekend Nation article, the First Lady personally wrote the executive director of NAC asking for financial support to launch her initiative on September 13.

The paper quoted her letter seeking “financial assistance” from NAC “to help us successfully launch this initiative on September 13 and support the ensuing operations of the Trust.”

The letter was followed by a K5 million ($10 000) invoice to NAC dated September 9 “as being charges for advertising at Beam launch,” the paper reported.

Deputy Chairperson of the Trust, Collins Magalasi claimed: “NAC invited us to come up with the proposal.”

According to the newspaper report, tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe, whose patron is President Peter Mutharika, also asked for K9.4 million (about $18 800) from NAC to cover expenses for its 2014 annual gathering.

Mulhako wrote to NAC through its Trustee Jean Mathanga, requesting for financial support purportedly to be used for HIV mainstreaming at its commemorative event held at Chonde in Mulanje.

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) also asked for funding from NAC in September 2014 to the tune of K43 million.

A letter dated 12 September to NAC executive director signed by NIB director Nicholas Dausi asks for the money to be used in preventing new infections by providing accurate HIV and Aids information to members of staff and their spouses

But the letter, as reported by Weekend Nation, does not give detailed activities of how the money would be spent

NAC acting executive director Dave Kalomba confirmed to the paper that Mutharika’s and Mulhako wa Alhomwe were funded while NIB is yet to be given the money.

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107 thoughts on “First Lady, Mulhako gets money from Malawi Aids Commission – Report”

  1. Honorable Mp says:

    Well, I would call it a good story with potential to encourage transoarency in the country. However, I have problems where the reporter does not take any initiative to verify or cross-check their facts with the people involved. S/he talked to Kalomba, yes, but what good does it do if all you do is ask if indeed money was given out? If the reporter had and independent mind, they could have learnt from Mr. Kalomba that NAC bought a corporate table for 10 who indeed attened the function and that they also displayed their banners at the event, a thing that attracted a separate charge. Sopano invoice ya advertising mwaiona koma simufuna kukhulupilira, nde mumafuna muone chani? You can probably ask Dr. Thomas Bisika, he should know better.

  2. Mau Apaseli says:

    Getrude Maseko is a slut and a common thief

  3. chigawenga says:

    Army please coup !coup! this govt doesn’t know what it is doing. jerry Rawlings did it in Ghana please rescue our country from thieves and corrupt minds

  4. Mtumbuka Wabweya says:

    a First Lady amenewa ayenela kukhala nkhwangwa ya nkhwangwa ya ma first lady padziko lonse lapansi

  5. Ambuje apali says:

    Fisi ndi Fisi, munavotera nokha!

  6. Abit says:

    You people you are not in position to alleviate hardship for the rural people but rather enriching yourselves and satisfying your need. Alot of people are suffering lacking ARVs and not drugs and poor service in hospitals yet you have the audacity to spend NAC money like that. Mukamapanga zunthu mudzidziwa kuti kunjamuno kuli mulungu. God will really punish you in one way or another.

  7. Ambuje Kukaya says:

    Whatever the good intentions; the request was honoured due to pressure. We do not just get funding from NAC without a project proposal!!! Ask for an Expression of Interest (EOI) if at all BEAM prepared one.

  8. dadaboma says:

    May I ask all DONORS to stop funding NAC! DPP will steal all monies donated to NAC or any other organization. All donors are asked to suspend all donations to all organizations in Malawi which support DPP because the money will be stolen by DPP in the name of bogus activities. DPP is a party of thieves.

  9. Kawambactzen says:

    Ahlomwe anthu ozikundikila zisilu,paja Geturude ma ARV amakuzunguza mutu!mayi mfiti

  10. Sidix says:

    Mudziyamika a Malawi! Pachisangalaro cha ife alomwe timakambapo za AIDS/HIV nchifukwa chake President wadzeru Professor anatenga ndalama ku NAC.Tikudziwa kuti chisangalaro cha atumbuka, cha Gonapamhanya, munasonkha ndalama atumbuka chifukwa mulibe njira yotengera ndalama. Galimoto ya mfumu yanu Chikulamayembe, anasonkha ndalama mafumu kuti igulidwe mmalo mopempha ndalama ku NAC chifukwa nzeru zotengera ndalama ku mabungwe mulibe.

  11. chingwe chambuzi says:


  12. Nyaliki says:

    Can political parties organise members and society at large to pressurise the first lady and Mulakho to return the money. Apo biii, Mutharika has to be impeached.

  13. What a shame on the first lady.

  14. Bwampini says:

    Greedy Pigs, God is watching You!!

  15. Neymar says:

    Malawi sazatheka

  16. kukhala says:


  17. ABzione says:

    These people make me sick! What initiative? Beautify Malawi? How can you beautify a country that is full of sick people (not literally) or a population that is dying (again, not literally) because you are sucking the resources they disperately need to survive. A smart person would get off her bums and do fund raising to start an initiative. I am sure she has kahuna’s that can show up at a dinner or so. Apparently ‘we’ are not very smart. I rest my case.

  18. namwali says:

    NAC ndalamazo mulibe nazo nntchito???? bwanji osapasa ovutika kamba ka AIDS kaya kumangila nyumba ana amasiye olo kualipilira school??? if funders hear this, will they ever give us money for NAC???? shaful deeds if this is true.

  19. Lawatonda bo says:

    This cash moved to NAC. As far as I know, no funds can be released from any organization to do activities not relatated to their planned activities. This audit querry. A malawi, kugwitsa ntchito udo ndalama za madonors that is why they freeze aid.

  20. Cheyo says:

    Kodi mai inu tel us ur HIV status.

  21. Cheyo says:

    Zasiyana bwanji ndi cashgate.nthawi yanu izakwana

  22. Dr. says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeooh!!!!!! Economic vampires sucking from already poor malawians, cant u change pliz for once!!!!!!!!!

  23. Vyapasi says:

    Kamba ndi mwala oyi
    Tortoise like a stone
    Kamba ndi mwala oyi
    Tortoise like a stone

  24. The Patriot says:

    Fundgate! Mulhako why now? Bwanji chaka chata simunapemphe kwa NAC? Abuse of office by Madame Mutharika and Mulhako, there will be pay back time no matter how long this may take! Mwayambako kusolora manyazi mulibe eti? Ndalama za anthu ovutika izi! Mulungu akulangeni ndithu!!!

  25. patriot says:

    Sad. MK15,000,000 siphoned in the name of BEAM but spent on “gazing at virgin bare breasts” and Limbe’s roads are nothing but zigamba, while our mayor pretends he is going to transform Blantrye, when we fail to maintain just five traffic lights, when the heart of the “City” goes pitch black the minute the sun goes down.

    I urge the donor community to stop funding even those sectors we call essential coz they are not essentials in the eyes of our politicians. Malawians will still die like flies regardless. But may be, just may be that’s what it will take to goad the Malawian enough to take some real steps/action to address/kill this cancer once and for all. And the only way is the Burkina Faso way. Prof Chirwa has said it in no uncertain terms that unless the politicians in Malawi are taken to book, we will be taking cashgates for a long time to come.

    And now we know why the first thing our politicians do when they assume power is kill the previous and form new NGO’s. These are conduits for siphoning MoG/donor funds.

  26. fkr says:

    The NAC cannot be trusted to look after donor money and ensure it goes where it needs to be spent. I urge the donor community to STOP funding NAC and rather stay your own programs in Malawi. Forget NAC they are living the high life on hard working men and women of the world paying their tax money to be spent on corrupt people at NAC.

  27. patriot says:

    Next the donors will stop funding the essentials too. These guys are professional thieves. You wont beat them.

    And what does the Malawian do!! Clap hands in support of this. Sad.

  28. Chiletso says:

    Nyo nyo Mulhakho this mulhakho that when you have no money you are counting on donor funded money for Aids . Shameless disgusting people thieves the whole lot of you kuyambila Peter and his stupid wife mxiiiiiiii

  29. Vyachalo says:

    This is one type of silent cashgate government practice. How can donors come back? German government says they cann’t pure water in a water cane which has holes. Usually women disturb our presidents. How can she start an organisation without money. How will donors think of us. Are we serious malawians?

  30. Mafikizolo says:

    Jean Mathanga, Nicholas Dausi and Gertrude Hendrina Maseko, always remember that lachi 40 limafika .

  31. Sothini chikafa says:

    Ali ndi njira zawo

  32. ngangaube says:

    sitikusiya iwebwampini ufa imfa yowawa ngati mchimwene wako anafa manyi okhaokha uja. Iweyo ukuganiza kuti ndalama za AIDS zomwe JB anadzivutikira mukapereke ku Beam ndi Mulakho thats very dustatesful indeed and must be dealt with forthwith. Refund the money you Getruide and your Beam

  33. ngangaube says:

    koma mubwenzatu ndalama imeneyo so many NGOs are suffering and people living with the HI virus are not accessing the money and now you are giving the money to cinfused political organisations like BEAM. Stupid people you qre going to pay immensely

  34. Myself says:



  35. Kikikiki says:

    A few words to associate these people. ( dpp & mlalhko watever name)
    .Undesirables megalomania
    .Unpleasant people in generic terms
    who are a stinker and bad lot
    .full of barracuda and chavs
    .wolf and no difference with Nazi

    As for Dausi NIB bass watever
    ~a fart and useless fleabag
    ~a fiend and sycophantic tartar
    ~fink and wretch tosser
    ~wastrel and clueless freeloader
    ~mentally heel and proper leech
    ~ yahoo whippersnapper

    First lady
    ¥ you such a sponger and plug-ugly
    ¥ a scrounge and shark in the name of charity work
    € you such a wretch and tin god useless mother. Shame on you All.

    Listen and listern me good. You people have got no love at heart whatsoever, you do not deserve to be leading poor malawians. You’ve milked Malawi to its knees before and that’s no enough. Wake up fellow malawians. It’s time to rise up to the challenges. Else, no one will do it for us. Bring our money back and you toothless authorities need to act Now. The world is watching!!

  36. Chelume says:

    Alomwe amzanga ngati izizo zili zoona mukuchitao ndi uchitsiru waukulu and mitu yanu simakoka

  37. chatonda says:

    This is another Cash gate, What is so special with NAC funds that all thieves are flocking to NAC? DPP please stop the madness because this can lead to donors withdraw their support to NAC and where will you get the money for ARVs if that happens? You are risking the lives of the poor for your own advantage. stop the madness now than later otherwise people will rise against you very soon.

  38. Bongololo says:

    They have no shame!

  39. Hiya says:

    Why not sell ndege munapatsidwa from so called well wishers AKA (Wedding gift from hubby) The country is struggling and I wonder how and who will be maintaining that ndege, Pilot etc. Mkumati we want donors to help. To help what?maintaining the flamboyant life. Kaya ku Safemotherhood ndiye kulibwino kaya? Thats another cashcow. We need the cure for deadly illness indeed. Donors are watching.

  40. Patriot says:

    “Ndizapitiliza pamene mchimwene wanga analekezera”
    kkkkkkk It is just a continuation of K92 billion.

  41. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Kodi a First Lady wa amaoneka chonchi? Si malemu kale amenewa? Her Excellency the Late First Lady .

  42. Mandevu says:

    Koma ku Malawi kukhala ma “gate” angati? Iyi si NacGate iyi? Cry, My Beloved Country .

  43. Kikikiki says:

    All they’re doing is to divert attention to silly tactics on cashgate cases when in full force they’re busy stealing money from different companies and non government organisations. What a shame!
    These are the same people with rhetoric “proud to be mlakhwoism”. No mtumbuka to be a leader in this country and what’s that crap. Chonsecho you want to finish off the already staggering and impoverished country. Mulibe ndi manyazi, after all even your toothbrush, kitchen foods, nickers, neck ties not to mention immunity and luxury cushion that you enjoy and with all that you can’t even appreciate. You’re busy shifting personel in different positions to benefit your selfish and cunningly wicked agendas. Shame on you!
    Dausi, I don’t even know what to say. Donors tighten all loose holes. Let them enjoy this country to the fullest. One day it will catch up. Bring back our Mk 92 billion, house in Lilongwe that belongs to city council, ,, have run out of words. God lead your people in bondage. Glory!

  44. Plebian says:

    Foolish DPP. DPP is a very stupid party. Mwaona a Chewa kukana Federalism uku akufuna Mulhako uzidya ndalama za fodya wanu. A Chewa ena kugona kwambiri Mtumbuka amaonera patali uchitsiru wa munthu ndi izi pano ndalama za Edzi akudya ndi Alomwe ku phwando lawo la uchitsiru kumene akupatsana matenda. Mulhako Woyee. Dziko la Malawi limene liri pamavuto woyee!

  45. chiduma says:

    Tsono ntchito zanu zimenezi a DPP ndiye muzilimbana ndi JB kuti anaba ndalama through Lutepo, nanga izi muchita inuzi zikusiyana zikusiyana bwanji ndi za JByo? Mukuyesesa kukakamula za JB kuti ife tikhulupilire inu ngat anjelo ndipo JB ngati djabulosi mapeto, ndiye mukusiyana pati? Athakati inu poti tikuziwanso kuti Lutepo mukumuchunanso ndinu.

  46. Mbanangwa says:

    If this story is true as true can be, then our governments will not learn and know the way forward for this poor nation. Those who find NAC will one day request for reports and liquidation . Will it be doctored or what? Free for all indeed, clueless direction the country is taking.

  47. masoapatali says:

    NACGATE. This is another way funds are misappropriated. We never know what happens behind the scenes when such amounts of money are released. Someone stands to pocket something along the way. Someone from NAC gets his share the rest for the tribal/charity groupings to share. Terrible things happening and we will not move an inch.

  48. chakwanuleka says:

    Kodu a NAC ndiye kuti ma project onse mwamaliza. You guys use donor funds which are given after drawing out a proposal. Should we imagine that you included this in the proposal for the funds you are now dishing out. Bwinotu bwino. What are you buying from DPP. They already have enough money these people from the 92 billion loot.

  49. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    We from DPP would like to refute the story that NAC funded the. Muhlakho and First seemingly- lady but a man. Actually as you may want to know Peter Mutharika is gay and cannot have a female partner. We asked for NAC funding to buy dressing for those nude girls to protect them from lusty men during the ceremony especially during the time we dance in pairs. Just imagine what would happen if Hon. Atupele Muluzi danced with a bare breast girl?

  50. Central says:

    Birds of the same feathers flock together, mukuoneka mayi kuti ndinu owononga!! Nkhope mchifukwa mukufanana ndi amuna anu!!

    A Dausi nanunso, mumvekere edzi ku NIB!! Mwatenga ndinu kapenatu!!

    Mr Magalasi, mwatikhumudwitsa, inunso mwaoneka kuti inunso ndi agaluuuuuuuu!! Sananame mnyamata wa ndakaltulo uja during make BT clean launch kuti Boma lili mmanja mwa agaluuuuuuuu eti!! Now I understand what he meant, wina ndiwe galu wake, why not tell your mother that cleaning cities is not AIDS activity!!

  51. Israel Difense Force says:

    Apa nde the country is not moving forward at all. What the hell is this? I thought the money that NAC receives is meant for HIV related activities? Neither for bloody Mulhakho nor stupid BEAM!!!!!!!! UNLESS A HUGE MIRACLE HAPPENS OTHERWISE WE SHOULD EXPECT NO DONOR FUNDING NDITHU WITH THIS MADNESS

  52. Culturalist says:

    So if the Mlakho leaders knows that the annual gathering provides a fertile ground for promiscuity (at least as reported in the paper) why do they find it necessary to hold the function all together? Tinapumatu over the past 2 years with this Mulhakho nonsese and here we are again!

  53. ndiye a dpp amenewo tiye nazon

  54. mona says:

    Alomwe Alomwe. Mitu yanu nonse

  55. Kenkkk says:

    The president and the first lady should know better what NAC money is for. It is for aids your honours!!! Please return the money paid to your organisations immediately. This is another big scandal if it is true what we are being told here. It is definitely nac cashgate.

    Beautify Malawi and the lomwe mulakho gathering have nothing to do with the fight against aids. So nac is one of your so called well wishers, forcing nac To Misuse donor money earmarked for one of the deadliest disease in the world. Even if there is aids in lomwe belt, that should be dealt with direct by nac, and not by beautify Malawi or the lomwe mulakho.

    Now this confirms to all Malawians how DPP thieving has been going on for years!!

    If donors are to Have confidence in you our president then do the decent thing and return all the money to nac. You beg donors with one hand and then plunder their money with another hand.

    What next mr president? Scouting all other NGOs accounts to see where there is money and grab it in the name of well wishers again?

    You haven’t finished resolving one cashgate and you are already starting another one! God help us!!

  56. mona says:

    A first lady anakakhala chiwanda bwezi Ali spiritual wife.

  57. mona says:

    Cashgate pa Malawi siidzatha remember. It is the same people dpp that swindled the 92 billion

  58. pwt says:

    this ngo supports some activities and they do that after aproposal in relation to wat they do now if they met their requement why not funded? if u got urs do so and umay gvn or not according to what u write

  59. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Is this true?

  60. Dzoneni says:

    I am appaled by such kind of recklessness! You want donors to also withdraw aid for the deadly diseases!!!! Very angry!

  61. Zansete says:

    Koma the Muthalika’s amadziwa kudya ndalama,Mbendela kungolengeza kuti awina mwezi omwewo kukwatila atatha zaka 30 akumangopanga zijazi,k100 million ,kenako kugula Mercedes Benz yomwe ankaidwala kwa nthawi yaitali,k65milion, kenako kukalawa hotelo yodula kwambiri Ku America koma popita kutenga alangizi 68 kuphatikizapo mulangizi WA za gondolisi. Za mulakho ndie mwazinvela nokha,eeeh kuliona dziko lake akunjoya chonchilo lonvetsa chisoni Kaye kuzinva ati osapeleka moni kwa anzawo,nanga atakhala kuti azungu akutithandiza ndie anthu tingavutiketu.

  62. Dpp woyeeeeeeeee! The fruits of our own choice!

  63. Promise says:

    Chindere chakufikapo ni dpp na ka beam kabwekabweka,nadi ndalama zose izo kuti wakawoneskenge mabele Yawasungwana pauwo.thank god am not a lomwe .shame.shame.shameeee3.abweze ndalama zimenezi,ndi a dausi womwe dovu chuchuuuuu ndika nib kake kowotcha mec very sory federalism yitheke basi.zanyanya izi.these lhomwe are taking me for granted

  64. mwama says:

    Beam and Mulhako, both are shame to Malawians!!!!! How I wish secession happens today!!!!! The parasites do not want to about secession, they are busy sucking our blood.

  65. mjiba says:

    All of a sudden Gertrude is a brand everyone wants to associate NAC, HTD tikuwona ACB izagwila ntchito mukazatuluka m’boma

  66. wawaruh says:

    anyasatimes ndinu ………!!!!

  67. wawaruh says:

    though mistakes tought as something but it seems this so called malawi is full with brainless leaders ,lets wait and see what these fools are going to tell us zikuoneka kuti misonzi yathu sikuwasintha maganizo awo awupandu anthu oyipa kuposa imfa analivivi!!!!

  68. Mavi pathako says:

    Ma first lady enawa ongotola pa nseu, eeeeee kaya. Kodi amayi inu ndinu akubanso eti how was NAC coming in to assist Your Cashgate conduit NGO.

  69. Mavi pathako says:

    A Malawi a pa paku funika tu a Burkina faso and apa si za atumbuka, achewa kapena alomwe ayi its a national concern. si za MCP, PP, kapena DDP chifuka nde timva ku wawa ndi ma donor chonchi akamva kaya. Alomwe woyeee boma mumayesa ndi masewera eti ?

  70. Mavi pathako says:

    Kodi ndi atumbuka apanga izi lankulani tikumveni , akokola anfiti inu, paja mumachuluka nzeru akakala a thumbuka izi ndi zanu, itingo pangapo ka Burkina faso approach to these political Mbava anthu wopanda chikondi.

  71. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Ndi zimenezo. Thanks God i am not in Malawi

  72. zowona says:

    akufuna anthu akumwa mankhwala afe ndiasatana awa

  73. gulukunyinda says:

    koma dyera abale. The first lady is being badly advised. paokha amayiwa sakanaganiza zotenga ndalama za NAC. someone is misleading this woman. Zina muzikana oyiya. Akuyalusani chonchotu.

    1. hst says:

      You mean she is bound to take any advice, even when it is clearly bad advice. If this is true,I am afraid this team will not finish their term. They have done nothing so far to assure Malawians that they are serious this time.

  74. ujeni says:

    Can the ACB and Police arrest the ridiculous woman and everybody involved for Corruption and cashgate right now.

  75. Alungwana says:

    The poor choice of Mbendera, MEC and the Blantyre courts. Here we are, turning NAC into a cashgate donor. Cry my beloved country!



  77. Mau Apaseli says:

    Kaligwanthi kakuba aka eti?

  78. yusuf Mbundi says:

    Alomwe ndi chonchotu,cry 4 my beloved country



  80. Corrupt Minds says:

    Not news. If you did your investigations properly you would see that half of the money from NAC goes to activities that have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

  81. Please says:

    This is pure evil and heartless. There are hiv infected pple who do not know that there is funding available inorder for them to live a normal life. Politians know that there is always funding for HIV/ AIDS and to them its another cash cow. Now that explains why Bisika was booted. They want to make it easier to milk the money. What about the mlakho fundraising. These ppke needs to be stopped b4 they mess up again. If the funding stops thats it. Pliz control ur fingers and dont dip in this.

  82. Jimmy says:

    Iyi cash gate inanso ina sinathe ayi ntchito ilipo apa,kungofunika onse achoke pamipando kadziko kakang’ono koma zochitika zake zopusa basi.Maiko akulu akulu kuli ziiii kwandalama bambo ifeyo Mmalawi mulibe ndalama koma achuluka ndi anthu adyera okaokha.

  83. Jimmy says:

    Eeeh ndalama zinanso tu izi kuonongeka pamene eniwako odwala AIDS akufa chifukwa choperewera chakudya chabwino,inu kumadya ndalamazo???Ayi ndipo dziko lino tingopangatu zija apanga anzathu ku BURKINAFASO otherwise sizthandidza izi.Kupusa tu uku tsopano kuthengera anthu pangong’o.

  84. Plebian says:

    MUKHAKO ukutenga makhobidi kuchitira phwando pamene tose tikuvutika komwe Alomwe akunjoya pa Malawi yomweyo. MULHAKO WOYEE! K9 million Woyee! Cashgate yatsopano Woyee! Wina kumanyoza ma judge pamene Alomwe akudya ndalama



  86. Think Tank says:

    This is how this same DPP started cashgate. Unfortunately, it took soo many years for the pandora’s box to be opened. Now, its another doom in the waiting!! A Malawi, making same mistakes each election. Trusting the same thieves, what a shame!

  87. Mr Chizonono says:

    Stupid nation with stupid leaders..i knew it ine ndipo ofunika winawe ufeso pasavute..mbuzi za wanthu!!!

  88. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Eat that money. Eat it. These donors are so obsessed with HIV in Africa that they probably think almost everyone there has it. Meanwhile the corrupt African is busy sexing up HIV infection figures, jacking up HIV infection rates so he can justify his request for more money – damaging the image of all Africans in the process, making them look like prone to HIV infection. When all is said and done, 2 kinds of people shall receive the worst punishment : the idiots who developed and introduced this virus onto the people ; and the assholes who exaggerate HIV statistics in a bid to get more money.

  89. Twalero Mnyakatwa says:

    ndarama zibwezedwe mnsanga iyi ndi cashgate ina

  90. Plebian says:

    A Chewa opusa amakana Federalism kuti Mulhako uzidya makhobidi. New Cashgate at NAC. I thought we are asking donor to resume aid but we are also busy blowing out K15 million on useless things in two days only while AIDS patients are lacking nutritious food. Mulhako Woyee! K9 million Woyee! Foolish country with very foolish leaders. I hate to be a Malawian, why did my forefathers brought me to this Stupid nation?

  91. The DPP and its dirty thieving politics again? I pity my fellow Malawians for voting for this government.

  92. Thumbwefu says:

    Thats why Biswick was sacked! ndiye iyi si cash gate? only five months in office ndiye kuzafika 2019 bwa! mr president slow down

  93. Bwitoto says:

    Eh eh koma zilipo ndipo ntchito ndiye ilipo osanama.

  94. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    Fellow Malawians let us go for civil strike and boot out all greedy politicians. It is not about DPP, UDF, PP or MCP. We are tired with mbava.

  95. Rompwa says:


  96. aheli moto says:

    Abale abale why divert money in this way. abale iyi ndi cash gate inanso yachionekere. akulux2 mumalowa bwanji zoterezi. mayiwo tu iwo amapempha ndiyeno kulora kaya kukana kunali kwa inuyo. ndalama zimenezo azibwenze , anthu kunjaku asafe chifukwa wina watenga ndalalma nkupitsa kwina kofuna iye . angoni, achewa zikondwerero zawo amapanga bwanji , muwafunse. osama masana sana . zathu zibwerere basi

  97. Andy moses says:

    Madam awa ndimene amaonekera ?

  98. Andy moses says:

    So where is this malawi nation going? Apa tingopanga za ku burkina faso kikkk.

  99. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Those are the organisation meant to enrich First Ladies . You expect donors to give aid to Malawi , unless if they are dunderheads as well , which donors can donate money to Malawi ? All in all don’t expect anything from donors , you started with rigging and this time you are busy stealing . What a shame ? How can you convince donors when you are directly stealing their taxpayers money.

  100. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Shaaaa! NAC gate

  101. Dan says:

    This is a continuation of cash syphoning process, isn’t it?

    We better vote for God into the office off our country’s leader.

    1. Chelume says:

      You are right. Mwina Mai Sighn bola otherwise MCP Muli cashgate,UDF,DPP, PP zitsiru za anthu

  102. Timothy says:

    Izo za alomwe. They have no idea about the difference between things of national importance and those of some tribal values. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! And the revelations of this financial misappropriations come at such a good time, does it not?

  103. Eish says:

    NAC is funded by donors and wrre you people in your right senses to be making these requests at a time the country is tryinh its best to improve its image? For the sake of the greater good of the poor Mslawian please publish details on how this money was used and if not in line with NAC’s objectives arrange to refund immediately before Globsl Fund requests refund through tax payers money. Fotseki!

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