First Lady says Beautify Malawi trust to support women economic empowerment

Malawi First Lady Madame Gertrude Mutharika has said her organisation Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust will begin turning women and girls into economically independent citizens for them to effectively contribute to the social and economic development of Malawi.

Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika (right): Beam to support women empowerment Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika: Beam to support women empowerment

Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika (right): Beam to support women empowerment
Malawi First Lady Getrude Mutharika: Beam to support women empowerment

Madam Mutharika said this in her high level keynote address delivered at the launch of the World Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA on Wednesday.

She cited waste for wealth component in the Beam lined up projects where women shall embark in recycling of waste for sale, an initiative aimed at economically transforming lives of women and girls.

“Beautify Malawi has put in place a number of initiatives that will move a long way in turning around the economic fortunes for Malawian women and girls, while striving to make Malawi a clean and healthier nation.

The trust will be empowering women to recycle waste thereby assisting them to embark on an economic activity that can transform their wellbeing,” Mutharika told the delegates.

She further informed delegates at the seminar that lack of collateral to access loans and disease burden such as HIV and Aids and Malaria are some of the major challenges facing women entrepreneurs in African countries including Malawi.

Mutharika appealed to Women Entrepreneurs institutions to work out modalities on how they can partner Women enterprises such as Beam in order to assist more women to access loans for business capital.

“I would like to report to this gathering that Women in Malawi are hard working. However, their major challenge is access to loans for start-up capital for business since they do not have collateral. I therefore would be failing in my duty if I don’t ask this forum and other women institutions to work out on modalities to address such challenges,” said the First Lady.

She further pointed out that Beam’s vision of creating a healthier and safer Malawi is critical to the attainment of economic independence of women in a developing country like Malawi.

The First Lady also reaffirmed her commitment in making Malawi a healthier and safer place for Women and girls to operate their business.

“It is a known fact that Women business cannot succeed when they are operating in an unclean environment, as they would be forced to spend a lot of time on a sick bed, being sick themselves or looking after a sick child or a family member. It is against this background that I established the Trust after noting that waste management in Malawi was a challenge,” she said.

Mutharika shared the podium with her Namibian counterpart Penehupifo Pohamba while Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the UN Foundation Cathy Calvin was the moderator.

The event held under the theme banner ‘women entrepreneurship new engines for inclusive and sustainable industrial growth and rising stars of the economy in developing countries’ drew together hundreds of successful women business persons, Non-governmental organizations and motivation speakers. — (Reporting by Sylvester Namiwa in New York, USA)

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23 thoughts on “First Lady says Beautify Malawi trust to support women economic empowerment”

  1. Modesta says:

    State House, please engage some trainers for this woman before she causes irreparable damage to the country’s image . Callista anali bwino ndithu .

  2. 2ndlady says:

    Pagulu pali ndi makhalidwe ake …. Maka ukakhala high level meeting. Getu!!!!!!!!1

  3. Mafikizolo says:

    Apa nde kuononga ndalama za ma air ticket tu . Azingokhala konkuno awa, azigubuduza ma bin m’tawunimu with Mrs Saulosi .

  4. 2ndlady says:


  5. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Apart from the broken English, the way this lady is espousing her ideas also leaves a lot to be desired . She has the intellect of a Std 8 pupil . What a shame for Malawi .

  6. Tea says:

    Why do you always hate this lady malawians? What wrong did she do to us? Its her time pliz so leave her alone. After all, who is JB? I thought we are all Gods images, so why hating her so much when she is doing what she wants? Sitingapange zofanana no matter what ndipo munyozeni mmene mungathere but one day you will get the true answer from God. Mukatchula za imfa, wa mbewu ndi ndani pa dziko lapansi? Where is Kamuzu Banda amene tinkati life president? Think before you talk, even JB adzafanso sooner or later only God knows. She can die young today as you wish, and yet a friend of God and satisfied with living. Other may die old and not satisfied with life and not even a friend of God.

  7. So women will recycle condoms found,at bwandiro?
    In all your activities madam you have never incorporated women neither explaining the women empowerment.
    This is to suck the. Dosh from poor malawians .

  8. America says:

    ma comments achuluka apa ndi a jalous munya atumbuka inu mukafuna akhale bakha wanu uja ndye mukhaulatu simunati

  9. Precioous Ndau says:

    this woman is a shame she does not know what say and i think her head is empty . Mavuto Bamusi and Maxwell Matewere advise this woman before she messes us up. may she needs capacity buidibg training

  10. Kashitigu says:

    Uyu azibwelako uyu . Akutichititsa manyazi ndi broken English yake . Can you imagine kumanena pakati pa azungu ku America that ” I want to provide an INDUCIVE environment for the girl child”! I actually saw azungu akuyang’anana pa TV .

    1. chioolo says:

      You are the one who is ignorant.What is wrong with that statement? Koma umbuli mkufa komwe eti!So, you did not understand the meaning of that sentence. Ndiye wapusa ndiwe mwina ukadafunsa kaye usanaonetse umbuli wako pagulu.

  11. nsanje says:

    Is this an after thought.???.

  12. Olga kapasule says:

    I think this whole concept is now going off track. What was the aim and objectives of BEAM in the first place? Where is the co-relation with ‘girl empowerment’? This is proving to me that the whole idea was not thought of thoroughly and after realising that it was not gaining the momentum internationally you have decided to change direction. How I wish I was there to fire you with some questions on how the two relate to each other.

  13. Ifeyo says:

    Madame just stay at State House while you feed yourself on our taxes because it is now apparent thst you have no idea whatsoever in what you aim to achieve.

  14. Mr.Bambo says:

    Silly lady.

  15. MMALAWI says:

    bt madam d u knw the meaning of empowerment?mwasowa zokamba mama

  16. warm heart of africa says:

    After all turning waste into economic value for women and and their miniskirt fellows. Which wastes are being referred to here, is she going to change shit into economic values. Does she mean add value to shit.

  17. njenjede says:

    koma zinazi kkkkkkk

  18. ujeni says:

    The woman is as useless as the husband. What is Beautify objective, girls empowerment or cleaning Malawi?

    1. nkhedu says:

      Sakugona ndi JB man

  19. Nkhani says:

    Find your own theme, women empowerment muyambe lero

    1. Vladimir Putin says:

      This is just another one of those useless self enrichment first lady organisations that die with the owner leaving state house.

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