First open letter to Malawi Telecoms Ltd. CEO: Your internet services leave a lot to be desired

Dear Mr MTL CEO,

MTL CEO, Harry Gombachika

MTL CEO, Harry Gombachika

How do you introduce a facility that you fail to manage? Do you know the kind of shame your ineptitude in managing MTL is subjecting us, your innocent customers?

Look, you, without consultations to us your customers, suspended the easy way of recharging internet airtime and told us to be recharging by logging to your website, , using the [email protected].

For a week now, this service has not been available and when we ask the customer service, they are telling us to be dictating to them our airtime PIN numbers to be entering for us at your command centre as it was doubtful that this service would come back any time soon.

If we want to buy an internet bundle; they are telling us to be doing that on our behalf. What nonsense is this that someone should be meddling on a transaction a customer would be in charge of? This is greatly inconveniencing us your customers and truth be told, this is a true definition of taking customers for granted. Why not just reverting to the old easy method of recharging airtime if you are failing to manage your own innovation? Don’t start something you can’t manage to finish!

Mr CEO, note that your services leave a lot to be desired with continuous interruptions and you even don’t care to tell us your customers that we will not have internet services within a specified time because you are working on something.

And by the way, what kind of problems do you face week in week out? Truth be told, your company is a nuisance just like ESCOM and if this is as a result of  your incompetency, then just honorably resign; we will not miss you, boss.

To government, open the doors for more ICT companies with a national outreach to come and start giving us internet services because so far, the other internet service providers in the country are useless to the core as they simply provide their services in the three cities of country and more importantly within the CBD.  This situation gives MTL, the only company with a wider outreach, a license to provide mediocre services, after all, they know that as their customers, we will go nowhere but cling to them.

As for companies like TNM and Airtel; they are so expensive in their internet tariffs and their dongle internet services are meant for the super rich in the country and not the majority of us poor Malawians in the country.  Their internet services as well leave a lot to be desired.

Back to you Mr MTL CEO; please do something to resolve the situation I have brought to your attention.

Concerned Citizen


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15 thoughts on “First open letter to Malawi Telecoms Ltd. CEO: Your internet services leave a lot to be desired”

  1. lord have mercy says:

    malawian companies are good @ revenue collection and not service deliveray, malawi dzuka!!!!!!

  2. Mikeli says:

    MTL has a lot of problems. I have got friends who work there. When they visit me or we meet they are always complaining. Their salaries are peanuts. I am told a qualified engineer gets a meagre MK327,000 Gross salary. There is no motivation. The company is directionless with an MK18 billion loan on its head. It can’t pay its suppliers. Technical section is confused. It is lead by a guy with no telecom background who is no able to guide the CEO. I am told he was brought in by Amayi and Chikaonda as he comes from the same village as Amayi. He has managed to put all capable staff afar from him as he considers them as threats. MTL is technically insolvent as put by govt!

  3. Bossy says:

    The issue of recharge is now resolved, thanks to the complainer in this story it has awakened MTL

  4. Tilipo says:

    My Dear Mr. Concerned,
    As much as I would want to give you a node on the issues raised but I have fallen short because of your direct attack on the CEO.
    As Malawians we must learn to present our cases positively without putting off other stakeholders in the process.
    We don’t need to attack the CEO but rather challenge him with our situation and give him room to sort out the problems.
    How much I wish we all learn to be positive in this country.
    In the same manner at times I become shocked how other people attack their bosses in the offices, demonize their paster or prophets in their churches, the list goes on!
    We need sober minds to get meaningful results.
    I love success.

  5. Makiyolobasi says:

    Everything in Malawi sucks. All services we get from every provider are just mediocre! Name it. You buy expensive monthly internet bundles that don’t last the whole month anyway and three quarters of the time they don’t work. No wonder we pride in calling ourselves the poorest country in the world! Politicians, who are meant to be protecting us from such masqueraders, fuck us daily and we just accept it. What do we expect?

  6. Olda Pesoni says:

    Is MTl not chaired by one Mathews Chikaonda aka Mitt Romney? If so, this man is for himself, not the company, the nation. Secondly, such high tech organizations should be managed by fresh brains who atr well prepared for modern technologies including coms/PR. You don’t a person of typewriter age to run a high tech system.

  7. zaya says:

    Largely true, MTL is without doubt the largest ISP in the country and should place much emphasis on quality control. However, I do not think it is fair to place much of the blame on the current CEO. The billing system may have happened on his watch, but the problems of MTL go a long way back to when it was a Government entity: The mentality of staff and management has not changed from those days. When you report a fault for example you will experience the same kind of delay that you used to experience in the pre-MTL days. There is no sense of urgency that should be associated with a for profit organisation.

    As the civil service is going through reforms, MTL should also undergo reforms. There should be measurable benchmarks in place for response to faults, billing queries, and most importantly internet speeds. Currently all MTL products seem to be on a go slow whether it is dongles or routers. Customers are being short changed.

    MTL can easily pry away many customers from expensive ISPs if only it can focus on internet quality control. MTL should not be “technically insolvent” (as per one Jappie Mhango) when it is sitting on a gold mine. It has the most extensive coverage, the most equipment, the most products, and the most staff. All it lacks is motivation, imagination and commitment…

  8. Alex Matinga says:

    I assume all these disrespectful and rude answers come from either MTL bosses or MTL Bosses’s friends or ratesemployees all their fami lies. Who so ever they are, they are rude and dis respectful to the Mtl customers. What a rude company MTL is. Is this how you can answer when customers complain? Customers react in different ways. Some are polite in their complaints, some are angry some just quietly walk away from your business, but this is all how a customer can react. It’s Your duty as a service providing company to friendly explain what has happened to slow down the service or for its unavailability and instill their convidence in you. If you say we must go to hell, what does that really mean? Failure to satisfy your customers, disrespect or incompetence? Guys you can do better than this. MTL and it’s employees are the ones than can understand the problem better hence the need to be understanding when a customer complains because not all your customers understand the technical language. A lot of them they like to use your service but they can’t understand what is involved in making that service a beauty. So please guys be professional. Not all Malawian are involved in fibre cable vandalism, as a matter of fact most of your customers are just victims of this mulpractice so I think you would do this very small group of your customers a big favour if you could respond with respect. Why generalise those that vandalise your cables? Do you really think it’s your customers that vandalise the cables? Or how sure are you that MTL employees are not involved in the mulpractice? I thinks this will get into the ears of honorable MTL employees. Like I have said customers will always react differently.

  9. KBanda says:

    Well done concerned citizen! You are man of the year.

  10. mad max says:

    Am not surprised this fellow has already got in trouble like this at MTL. this guy has never been a boss of anybody at all since his college days at university of Malawi, Polytechnic. not even a supervisor of a team at any time. He has lived all his 23years supervising experiments at the same college, experiments that do not materialise in anything at all but shelved after a student has been given his marks for a good paper. Yet somebody mad from Press Corpration decided to make this jokey the most senior guy at MTL over revered practical engineers at that company. No wonder he has started playing his experiments that he is fond of. trouble is, this is a business. U fuck the customers, they are difficult to come back!

  11. master says:

    open your own TELECOM COMPANY if you think its that easy, MTL is wholesale telecom company that means it carries the services of TNM, Airtel, Globe internet network, SKYBAND, MBC Malswitch,all bank ride on MTL core network, name any ISP in Malawi it rides on the back of MTL,it is the carrier network in Malawi and it concentrates its energies to core service of carrier service network for the whole country, so if u are tired of MTL go to hell!!! to some extent if u cut the fiber cables yourselves what do u expect MTL do? u cut the fiber cable but u want to go the bank to withdraw money only to find all ATMS are down, u cut fiber cable u expect to go to ROAD TRAFFIC to process licence, u cut fiber u try to go to IMMIGRATION to process passports only to find MTL fiber is cut and they cant process your passport,how do u get service that way? Malawians u suck go to hell man!!!

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      So, inu a “Master”: Every problem can be traced to cut or sabotaged fibre cables? Really?
      Is that not like ESCOM blaming all their ills due to water level problems in the Shire? That does not wash (pun intended) with consumers, or the public at large.

  12. More concerned citizen says:

    Mr Concerned Citizen thanks for your concern even if if we put you incharge of MTL for 6months you will yield nothing cz you dont what an ICT telecomms provider is composed of.

    Continue enjoying the high quality intergrated solutions Mr, Even in UK customers still complain of poor services, just keep on using the altenative means till problem is resolved.


    big up , we cant be paying for poor services , ngati atopa tiyikepo ena ,,,
    ESCOM, TNM, AIRTEL, ADMARC, MHC, BWB list goes on to hell

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