Fischer appeals to Bullets against massive buying next season

Big Bullets captain Fischer Kondowe has appealed to Bullets FC against massive buying of players for next season.

Fischer Kondowe: Maintain squad...Photo Jeromy kadewere

Fischer Kondowe: Maintain squad…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Kondowe said the uncrowned Malawi’s flagship TNM Super League champions would do with the crop of players who have inspired the team to defend the title.

The veteran midfielder said Bullets would be tempted to buy players with after securing landmark sponsorship from Nyasa Tobacco Manufacturers.

He said it was not necessary for the officials to buy en-masse as it could disturb the cohension of the team.

“I would like to advise Bullets executive committee officials not to buy more players next season because that could affect the team,” Kondowe said.

“Currently there’s cordination among the players having played together for long time.”

He also said there was a good combination of the team blended with up-and-coming and experienced ones.

“There’s a general feeling that we have got a well balanced team made up of youngsters and experienced players which has helped a lot,” he said.

But he admitted that if Bullets executive committee want to strengthen the team they should just recruit more players.

Bullets Technical Director Billy Tewesa said the decision to recruit players depends on the tactics of a coach.

“We cannot cross the bridge before we reach there. It’s too early to take Fischer’s suggestion because we dont know what kind of players we will have next season. Some might move for greener pastures. So we cannot categorically state that we will not buy new players in the next season,” Tewesa said.

Bullets were declared champions with four games to spare to defend the title they won last season ending their nine years wait.

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21 thoughts on “Fischer appeals to Bullets against massive buying next season”

  1. big fan says:

    God bless Malawi soccer…

  2. Yes Mr Khondowe, although am Wanderers fan I agree with u brooh not only there in other teams also they have dat Mandate of buy more players every sesoan luk in south Africans teams in ABSA preamire they buying inform plasyers bt ended up with no silevre wear in there camp while they spend millions of Rands for buyin playerz

  3. connex Jonas says:

    those who are commenting against kondowe are the foolishy people. You do not know what the captain means and you have to just evaporate and condanse somewhere. Fuck you all and your breaking waters. Makape nonse a noma mwalakuwina? Ife league tatenga kale.

  4. Hardson says:

    I do agree with Fischer and Tewesa is also right as may be plauers will go for green pastures we never know! But Anong’a is right. Chimene ma team ambiri amazuzikira ngakhale Flames ndi chosintha sintha ma player. Nthawi zina technical imafika ponena kuti ma player akalewa angamazimve sugar which wrong! Team imafunika kuichita maintain for not less than 2-3 consecutive seasons unless it sells.

  5. Segstocles says:

    Rodriguas-I think you’re the one who is myopic because you’re failing to see things from anook. Fischer has long n sharp sight. What he is saying is evident with Wanderers. If you’re not blunt enough you will agree with me that currently Wanderers is the team that has best players. But because most of them are new signings,the team has lost it’s grip n zest. They lack coordination as most of them play individual football. I can agree with you only if other players will leave the team. But if they all remain at NMC Bullets then there’s no need for new signings. Let the current squad continue from where it’ll stop.

  6. Segstocles says:

    Ukunama aise the guy is at 40 but ataima ndi iwe ungamaoneke nkhalamba ndi iweyo!

  7. Mulla Omaar says:

    Munthu uyu chamba chimamukalambitsa

  8. Rodriguas says:

    Of players crossing the line. Has he become the technical director or teams trustee? This is total indescipline on the part of the player to induldge in the management issues.
    We can’t develop with such myopic thinking. I sense greed here: the tamenyera championship ndiife, wina adzangodyelera mentality.
    Your job is to play, the rest has competent people handling them not you. Wapurika mnganya!

  9. Afanaze says:

    Its too early to call and listen to wisdom of Mr Thewesa. Zisiyeni zizawoneka zokha panthawiyo

  10. Kondowe is our own legend. You don’t have to insult him with comments after all he has done for the team. He has been royal to the team by even paying allowances to some players. He has been coaching mac falen ngwira personally ngati munamuonapo. U should go ku training muzikaona what he is talking about….

  11. so what says:

    That’s typical style of a Malawian. Akakhala mwamuna akazipeza ndalama he marries additional wives.

  12. A good advice. Anthu angazawone za neba

  13. 091212 says:

    What’s needed there is to offload some players and replace them because we can not keep a player who’s not giving us fruits.Even Mr Kondowe himself he needs to be reallocate into management.

  14. Mambo says:

    What are you saying here? Did the guy say ‘they should not buy a lot of new players, if they want they can just buy more players?’
    Could you pliz ask him again and bring something more sensible than this?

  15. Luton says:

    Water step down please you have done your part

  16. yoweri frackson says:

    maganizo abwino a jah man,ma player obwera amafuna dolla nt soca check kwa neba

  17. Man of God says:

    Yes, don’t just buy in order to lessen competion. Rather keep the game entertaining. Don’t just cripple other teams, thereby reducing the steam of the game.

  18. Khawaz says:

    Yes afisher but just add 4 or 5,3 deffenders 2 strikers. Mauleee please u must win all games atsalawa Alemu wanu.

  19. Nelson phiri says:

    Fischer u r toooo old know so pave way for
    Young blood u had enough time to make money

  20. chakwela says:

    zoona izi please maintain the same players.

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