Fishermen hook woman’s dead body without breasts in Lake Malawi

Some fishermen of Mwanyeska village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwilang’ombe in Karonga the northern district of Malawi on Sunday pulled a dead body of unidentified woman with a fishing net at the middle of the Lake Malawi when they were in a process of catching fish.

An eye witness Vunga Mwachande, who is from within the area, told Nyasa Times that the incident happened in the early morning of Sunday when they went to pull up their fishing nets at the area they usually found fish.

According to Mwachande when they were in a process of pulling up the nets they saw a woman’s dead body in it. But the body had breasts cut out.

“It was around 2 AM in the morning of Sunday as we usually do we wanted to pull out of fishing nets and when we were in the process of doing that we noticed that the net was too heavy and when we checked we found that we had a dead body of a woman without breast,” said Mwachande.

Adding that “we then rushed to inform our Village Headman Mwanyeska of the incident who gave us a spare boat to bring the person out of the lake and inform the police so that they should do their work.”

He said Police ordered them to bury the body saying they cannot do anything on the matter as it was “stinking.”

Village Headman Mwanyeska confirmed the incident.

“Indeed the fishermen in my area found the dead body in the Lake when they were fishing and I personally informed the police officers at Nyungwe police station but they told us to bury the body the woman since her identity is not known.”

District Police Spokes Person Enock Rivasoni refused to comment.

This come at a time when traditional leaders in the district are in the process of seeking solutions of ending violence as well as cases of mysterious deaths which are reported to be rampant.

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16 thoughts on “Fishermen hook woman’s dead body without breasts in Lake Malawi”

  1. Ttu says:

    Pathetic, stupid government

  2. Funzo says:

    Unusual for Nyasa Times not to provide an inappropriate picture for this story.

  3. Tiyanjane says:

    Our police service is only good at comfisticating bags of chamba and rounding up night time girls.

  4. Forensic!!!!! Malawi don’t have forensic experts?????

  5. Eugene says:

    Failed state

  6. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Next budget please include a full Forensic Unit in the MPS. Minister of Home Affairs; osagona tulo. Ma rubbish basi.

  7. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business. Is that all the police can do, leaving villagers to bury evidence? Mr. Inspector General and Minister of Home Affairs, please?

  8. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    The police of our country don’t take things too serious but chances. They must not be worried when they get quarter coins

  9. Bwande says:

    That’s why I prefer to swim in a pool than in the lake.

  10. The Analyzer says:

    Malawi police yet again exposing their inefficiencies. Can’t do any forensic investigation! Not even advising the fishermen to bury the fish as it may also have been contaminated. Poor Malawi

  11. Redeemed says:

    In developed countries, even if the remains were just bones, forensic pathology was to take place in order to identify the cause of the death as well as the identity of the deceased. It’s quite alarmingly shocking the level at which Malawi’s standard has dropped. Critical patients are being turned away from the national hospitals (Queens) without even preforming some basic first aid in order to save lives, We have approached a worst stage than war torn countries.

  12. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Sad. So what happened to the fish that were caught together with the stinking womans body? Could it be that the fish was washed and sold to the buyers. Oooh God forbid.

  13. advisory committee says:

    Police acted silly. They would have taken the body to hospital to find the cause of death and carry investigations

  14. Ine says:

    Forensic investigation was needed here,

  15. reasonableman says:

    police mwataninso burrying the woman is the same as burying the evidence.closing th case and traces of all evidence. If u were th fishermen my guess z u wúd hv thrown th stinking body back in water. Why ths mediocrity?

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