Five-foot snake captured at Malawi Presidential palace

Presidential security detail in Lilongwe has captured a five-foot snake that was on the loose at Kamuzu Palace while President Peter Mutharika is away in Ethiopia.

The snake found at Kamuzu Palace

The snake found at Kamuzu Palace

Snake 'vistor' at State House shot

Snake ‘vistor’ at State House shot

Nyasa Times understand the snake was shot by the guards who feared it was venomous.

Police sources say there have been a number of snakes killed at Kamuzu Palace by the latest one was the largest.

President Muthatrika is away in Ethiopia and is expected to attend a ceremony at Millenium Hall, Addis Ababa University where he will be conferred Doctorate Degree of Letters, Honoris Causa.

He returns to the university at an occasion which coincides with a graduation ceremony at a school he taught in the 70s.

Mutharika who is Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM) Champion for Higher Education, co-convener of the International Commission on Financing Global Education and Charles Nagel Professor of International and Comparative Constitutional Law Emeritus of the Washington University is expected address the assembly of congregants Saturday.

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17 thoughts on “Five-foot snake captured at Malawi Presidential palace”

  1. ambusye says:

    Okawa ndalama wakumana nazo.

  2. Environmentalist says:

    I am not surprised with you my fellow Malawians. We cut trees in the name of poverty and trying to survive by selling charcoal “makala” and the habitants do not have anywhere to stay. Now they roam around looking for alternative habitats and we kill them. We need to to be educated Malawians. This is not news we should be proud of especially having taken place at our President’s residents who is supposed to be the top most champion of Environmental Affairs in our country. Go to Zimbabwe, it is a crime to kill a Python (clearly seen in the picture) because it is a harmless snake, even its bite is non-poisonous. We should be ashamed of this to say the least.


  3. Patriot says:

    Why shoot an innocent animal? These guards should be taken to book. Why not capture and take it to Nature Sanctuary? LSPCA would have done that.

  4. kalulu says:

    With a forest nearby its not a surprise to have snakes like that one.

  5. Khumutcha says:

    This does not look like 5 foot long to me. It must be close to 16 feet. What kind of reporting is this?

    1. Hamlet says:

      Yes indeed; 5 feet is 1.52 metres, but the snake really looks a lot longer. The guess of 16 feet (4.9m) is indeed more sensible. the reporter must do a better home work. No need for superstitions; if you choose to live in a forest those are the neighbours.

  6. Dr Mbilixi says:

    Inakamuluma pitarayo. Tiwone zina iya. Dunder head of all the president i have ever seen. Nyapapi chisiru chokumwa madzi ometera ndevu

  7. PAUL(ATATE) says:

    degree of letters. tatimasulileni on a lay mans point of view. kapena tiziti ndi kapilikoni wolemba makalata?

  8. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Njoka yokawa ndalama sent by Laza!

  9. Baba says:

    Killing snakes that haven’t harmed any one is a crime and unacceptable.kupha njoka kozolowera zimene timachita kumudzi kwathu. Kkkkk.

  10. Mr. Next President says:

    Nsato ndi njoka imene imakawa ndalama!! Watch out wina amfuna kuti akabe ndalama wakumana naye mwana wa Mlomwe

    1. mbelwa1 says:

      alomwe ozolowera mankhwala inu that njoka has nothing to do with kukawa since kamuzu time those snakes were there i was a guard and i know how frequent these snake move around

  11. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Stupid superstitious palace guards!

    Nsato inayamba liti kukhala venomous? They could have simply called LSPCA who could have taken it to the Nature Sanctuary!

  12. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Koma atolankhani enanu, can’t you tell the name of the snake that was killed? Now if you can’t tell us the name of the snake, then what is newsworthy there? The size of the snake? From the picture I can figure out that the reptile is a constrictor called python and is not venous. They shouldn’t have killed it. They should have captured and take it to the Lilongwe Sanctuary.

    1. Am also wondering why killing an animal that is not even indicating any evidences of being a threat to anyone.Who was attacked?…Njokayo inapilingiza ndani?!!!!
      Anzathu amayiwombela ndi mankhwala ongoyipanga paralyze osati zokuphazo.

      Musazayambilenso zokupha zilimbo kumeneko!!!……

    2. Peter Muthalirika can you please arrange for expertise to make sure those natural gifts for Malawi should not be being abused that way.

      Usawachotse ntchito ma guard wo just Civic educate them and give them the right equipment to be handling such nice natural gifts from God.

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