Flames lose to Bafana in Cosafa warm-up: Gerald Phiri Jnr scores for Malawi

Malawi national football team, the Flames on Friday went down 1-2 to Bafana Bafana of South Africa at the Mogwase Stadium in friendly preparations for the Cosafa Cup tournament.

Gerald Phiri Jnr scored the Malawi goal

Gerald Phiri Jnr scored the Malawi goal

Gerald Phiri Jnr offered a few flickers of encouragement to the Flames as he was one of the few players to emerge with any real distinction and he scored the Malawi goal.

Bafana had gone ahead after Tlou Segolela scored 15 minutes into the game, capitalising from a mistake by goalkeeper Charles Swini, who failed to deal with Marc van Heerden’s free-kick.

Then Phumelele Bhengu doubled Bafana’s lead with a powerful shot in the 25th minute, as the home side took control of the game.

Bafana held on to their lead going into the second half, with Malawi hardly threatening them in the first 45 minutes.

South Africa could not maintain their first half performance, and they allowed Malawi to pull one back just before the hour-mark.

Gerald Phiri beat Jackson Mabokgwane with a fine finish to give the Flames hope going into the final 30 minutes of the game.

However, Bafana managed to keep their opponents at bay for a much deserved 2-1 win heading into their opening game of the Cosafa Cup tournament against Botswana on Sunday.

Malawi coach Young Chimodzi has plenty to consider for his squad in the Cosafa tournament.

It still looks positive for the Flames.

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35 thoughts on “Flames lose to Bafana in Cosafa warm-up: Gerald Phiri Jnr scores for Malawi”

  1. thamby says:

    1. Positive side Gerald Phiri Junior has matured and he can be drafted into the main team and sulumba being his second game he has done well .
    2.Negative side Harawa is not a good goal keeper, try Owen Chaima instead. Lucky Malata as 2nd last man on the line on defence should be composed ,don`t punick

  2. MERVIN says:

    kumalawi kulibe mpira…

  3. mr phade says:

    kodi #mapuleya ena mwawasiya kuti ife ndiye tili ku #RSA kuno #tikusekedwa

  4. opportunist says:

    Kinnah was a better coach one that the current.

  5. Uncle xibwente says:

    If l wear a coach ndithu team yomwe amalawi ingawachitire ubwino ndi iyi owen chaima pa goal,mzonda ku 2, mlimbika ku 3, harry nyirenda last man, mzava pa 4, baggio, blackberry, kamwendo pakati, ku left gellard phiri; ku right fisher, kusongolo mamba kanyenda ndi atusaye

  6. Jungubawa says:

    Frames Cant Develop Becoz We Remov Good Coach Like Kin Ndi Kupanga Employ Fake

  7. another problem we have is age cheating! most of those players in the squad r old and worn out. average age kulamkhula mwa call a spade a spade ndi 32. komano mumva kuti essau kanyenda is 30 years! total rubbish! i was 14 when i started following essau n now iam 32 n he says he is 30-32. juju nayoso imationongera ma player athu. CJ, Frank banda onaewo ndi ma agemate anga.

  8. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Very poor results for flames

  9. Jose andrew says:

    Bring kim spliesbol back we are fade up with malawian coaches

  10. James says:

    Bring Kim back…simple.

  11. obwande says:

    No money no good team.

  12. Tchinga Chisoni says:

    Mbola ndi makochi osewela nonse mbole zanu

  13. kingly says:

    poor flames…we are now tired of the songs…mind you the team’s performance is vry poor on the pitch…no more interesting football we used to play in the past….poor flames when are u going to stop embarrassing us…always we played well song up to when..afta all the games u say u played well are nt interesting at all!! poor flames when to improve, uhv started diverting most ov our attention to European football nw coz we ar tired ov the daily basis miseries!!?..poor flames

  14. DANIEL says:

    Do not forget that this is just a practice friendly match before COSAFA but not AFCON. Coaches try all they can to try these so called local based players. The combination, attack, and the goal keeping can not be the same. Let us not blame the coaches too much. When did we last beat Bafana? We can beat all those big teams like Egypt, Zambia, Algeria, Mali but not Bafana. We respect Bafana too much.

  15. CHEKUCHEKU says:


  16. sunderstar says:

    The problem we have in Malawi are not the players but Coaches, even if we bring Kinna Phiri
    things will not Improve because heir mentality is all the same. They have a problem in Identifying players for the National team, they dont know how to identify Talented Players, they bank too much on JUJU, they favour too much players from three super league teams because they were somehow connected to them. Young and Kinna tactically are very poor that is why Kinnas team struggled a lot in the South African league until the last three games they Managed to win and got saved from relagation, Malawians whether we like it or not we need a foreign Coach lets not beat about the bush, if we want a local coach then Ernest Mtawali qualifies but must first be attached to a foreign coach.

  17. Wa BB says:

    During kina’s time the song was “I am building the team” and now it’s “The boys played well”. When are you going to bring the good news?

  18. Jentle says:

    Zoona Kadakwiza, ‘tidasewera bwino’ pamene akutibatiza nazo zigoli. Swini z not international goalminder koma locally ndiye Ayugo ndi Africa kumukakamira. Haha!! Chisoni Flames.

  19. Tatyata says:

    We ganna burn the Zebras!

  20. ujeni says:

    Try Kaputa? kikikiki a joke aint it? The Problem is not the coach Malawians, even Mourinho would fail miserably with Malawi. Our league is too mediocre, our players too mediocre, stadiums none existant and you expect to beat Bafana Bafana, Chipolopolo and Mambas? dream on.

  21. Kennedy says:

    Guys play while they dont score rubbish chimodzi. When are you going to stop singing? Step down corz we need to win not singing.

  22. Chief Cadet says:

    Young and Jack are good coaches let us encourage them even in England teams struggle,but with support they do better,Amalawi timatha kunyoza koma support zero.Perekani solutions osati kuchotsa coach,ma player inuyo mumapangira chiyani ngati supporters kuwagulira mowa basi,tiyeni tiwapange encourage guys.

  23. Mayeso abilidala says:

    A useless coach. Kinna Phiri was better

  24. A COMMONER says:

    In 15mins its a goal, 25mins another goal. This is not gud enough and the goal keeper is very unprofessional. I was there at the stadium 2 watch the game. The Flames have a long way 2 go cos the standard of play isnt impressive. The coach has no more ideas.

  25. laston says:

    We all tired with dis local coaches , since Kim left we r out of parfomance,

  26. MKB says:

    Young Chimodzi’s album is failing to sell. Kkk

  27. lightkinky says:

    What can you get from these coaches with the background of defending, Young was a defender, Jack a defender whatelse from them. We can’t win!!!!!

  28. I just feel like Young Chimodzi is not a good coach, can we try John Kaputa plz!

  29. Mbwiye wofatsa says:

    Our coach should stop his usual song “boys play well”we are not after that we need a win and a cup back home.

  30. Penjaninge says:

    Indeed let just wait for the the beautiful songs from our singer young chimodzi from the ulbum’the boys played well bt they failed to score

  31. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Go on flames burn de mambas

  32. Francis P.Phiri says:

    Malawi’ problems are multisectal and deeprooted.

  33. Bibo says:

    The true fact is that Young Chimodzi is not a good Tactician.The same problem happened in Zambia,Chimodzi ‘s team was passive in the first half watching Zambians stroke the ball around until it conceded two goals;there was no aggressiveness from his players in Zambia and today little aggressiveness in RSA. His lack of tactical ability combined with mediocre team selection give no hope to Flames’ prospects in upcoming assignments.I don’t rate Chimodzi team’s chances against Mozambique’s Mambas highly.

  34. gideon matewere says:

    No excuses this time around we had enough ofit what we need is results.

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    The same song, the boys played well but they couldn’t score.

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