FMB ‘compesates’ deceased cop’s family

First Merchant Bank (FMB) has offered to support family of late Sergeant Patrick Mvula, a Malawi Police Officer who was killed during a robbery at the bank last year on December 23 last year.

FMB Managing Director, Dheeraj Dikshit: Offers support

FMB Managing Director, Dheeraj Dikshit: Offers support

Commissioner of Police for Southern Region George Kainja confirmed that the bank has already given K800,000 to the family.

The Bank has also committed to educate all of his three children until they finish secondary education.

“After being touched by the death of our Police FMB has consoled the bereaved family particularly to the deceased wife where they have made a contribution of K800,000 to assist the family as they grieve over the loss of their bread winner ,” Kainja said.

The Commissioner said Malawi Police Service was grateful to FMB’s move to support the Mvula’s family without being asked to do.

“We are pleased because this just shows that they value humanity,” he said.

During the robbery in which Mvula was shot dead robbers bolted with cash in excess of K90 million.

The Police are yet to recover the money but some people including a husband to senior Police Officer were arrested in connection with the robbery.

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38 thoughts on “FMB ‘compesates’ deceased cop’s family”

  1. nachisale says:

    Koma k800,000 yachepa.

  2. LazyT says:

    Really a nyc move.. Koma ngati anawo angapute ku college mupitilenso kuwathandiza.. God bless u

  3. mbuyuni says:

    That’s good news

  4. musisipala says:

    Thanks so much to FMB for assisting the widow. But our non performing gvt will take ages to pay the widow the husband s benefits

  5. TrueFactor says:

    FMB, what a good gesture. Other employers should emulate this example. Consider to support the kids beyond sec school,because they deserve to go higher with their education and be independent

  6. Bobo says:

    10 million to the brave family and there children should be graduated IF NOT…ndiye the family should sue FMB!!!!!

  7. dick says:

    dick shit = mr dikshi

  8. The police will do their part and therefore what FMB has done is commendable

  9. golo says:

    good gesture.keep it up

  10. chibwatiko says:

    thats good development

  11. pika says:

    good gesture. but should have said even if they get selected or chose to go for higher education; they be supported all the way. That is what the dad would do

  12. nyenyezi says:

    koma yah is this English or Bengolish (after being touched by the death of our police officer)

  13. God's Love says:

    Dont trust FMB isnt this the same bank who fired many of their staff ‘BREAD WINNERS’ also and were sued by them and lost the multi million kwacha lawsuit at supreme court .

  14. MBC News & Programmes Employees turned Mungomo / GloriaSlaves says:

    Also think of MBC News & programs employees who are suffering under Albert & Gloria

  15. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Good move,

    Ndi pempho langa kuti Akuchimuna munvesetse momwe anenera anthuwa

    Kunvesetsa kwanu it’s part of support as well

  16. Mfulatuvi says:

    Amwwenye muziganiza. K800,000 and school fees is not enough. Would it be appreciated if it was given to the bank executive’s wife if he died under similar circumstances?

  17. sello Mvuyane says:

    mmmmmm thats the spirit of ubunthu, i love it

  18. King Zude says:

    Amwenye inu uku ndiye kukhala.Mulungu akudalitseni..

  19. DA says:

    Good work FMB- Malawi’s best bank

  20. long serving constable says:

    Good idea

  21. swale says:

    Abale surname mpakana dikshit

  22. Thyolo Thava says:

    Good guesture indeed

  23. Patriot says:

    Thank you FMB.
    Ena ku bomako atengerepo phunziro.

  24. wanangwa says:

    That is good.

  25. Kanyimbi says:

    Good move but the assistance should continue until they finish university and not only secondary level.

  26. Catherine Temani says:

    Thats the humanity

  27. Khwirimtoto says:

    Ndikamamva Zakuphedwa Kwa Munthu Ndi Mbava Mtima Umandiwawa APHUNGU KU NYUMBA YA MALAMULO TAKHAZIKITSANI LAMULO LA SHOOT TO KILL.Mmaiko anzathu kulibe umbava chifukwa amangopheratu.Mbava ipatsidwa bwanji ufulu?

  28. chebakali says:

    well done fmb thats humanity keep it up!

  29. Bonzo says:

    Yachepa imeneyi. I thot its 8 million. Koma half a loaf is better

  30. [email protected] says:

    Thax very much fmb managing director Dheeraj Kirshit and staff for yo support so wonderful u’ve shown real love to the police and the deceased family ,may the almighty GOD be grolified and be the over sear of the bank

  31. chims says:

    that’s good news to come from fmb, in particular to assist the children with their education until they finish secondary education. you have relieved their burden.

  32. Bertha says:

    Just say without being asked or without being asked to do so.Nyasatimes mwatani English .Tthanks FMB

  33. jedi says:

    Good show but reconsider to support the kids till tertiary level not just secondary please.

  34. freespch says:

    Mulungu akudslitseni however the best could have BN to help her build a house with about 2million. Reconsider he died in trying to protect yr money definitely the bank is insured do not take advantage of her ignorance. Thank you

  35. welesoke says:

    Amen, God should bless you Dickshit

  36. Neutral says:

    Just 4get about this money, wena. Thanks for helping the family

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