Focus on ‘objective appointment’, gender – University of Malawi don advises Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has been advised by a University of Malawi don, to focus on “objective appointments” when hiring people into public positions but also ensure gender equality.

Kayuni: Advises Mutharika

Kayuni: Advises Mutharika

Happy Kayuni, Associate Professor and head of Political and Administrative studies department at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College observed that political appeasement has been the major driving factor in most appointments.

Kayuni in a published interview in the local press noted that President Mutharika has “to a larger extent” tried to focus on capability or performance in his recent appointments he has made including a cabinet reshuffle.

“But we still have a long way to go before we finally achieve a realistic objective approach which is divorced from political appeasement,” said Kayuni.

“I strongly encourage our president to focus on objective appointments because Malawi has a number of well-qualified people who have never been given an opportunity to fully realise their potential,” he added.

The University academic also urged Mutharika to consider women in his appointment, saying gender equality has now increasingly become one key indicator of good governance.

Mutharika has three female ministers in his 20-member lean cabinet.

The President was also recently criticised by gender and human rights activists when he appointed seven commissioners for the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), one female in a team of seven.

“Politically speaking, making gender-balanced appointments not only enhances the government’s image, but also demonstrates that the government is inclusive and responsive,” said Kayuni.

He pointed out that Mutharika’s appointment of six men and one woman at MHRC is “a reflection of the wider socio-political culture in the country which has over the years systematically undermined the contribution of women to development of this country.”

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23 thoughts on “Focus on ‘objective appointment’, gender – University of Malawi don advises Mutharika”

  1. Du wa Anyi says:

    The Prof is giving basic advice because APM, the acclaimed Prof failed to see basic political appeasement. Can’t see that that 3 women out of 20 is 15%. Can’t use his basic knowledge that Central region is bigger than chiradzulu, 3 cabinet ministers in central and 3 in Chiradzulu is a total nepotism. Your Prof. can’t even think that Malawi is practising quota system in educatiom sector and this has influence on every decision made by politicians. education s

  2. kamowa John says:

    Akuphutsitsani pano muli fwefwefwe. Munali andani chipanda iwo mukuwanenawo. Chimene mumadziwa ndiko kuberekana. Mbuzi za anthu. Shame chule iwe.

  3. myao says:

    If we focus on Gender achievement believe me we are going to compromise on performance. This prof is actually contradicting himself. Always wonder when some idiots cry foul when gender balawi hasnt been achieved during elections when that is realistic naturally.

  4. jk says:

    Kkkk, I have realized the discussion has lost direction. Yalowa mbwenumbwenu!Ur sins are forgiven for the nature of comments here in. It appears ur opinion z that once a minister is not from ur region, then that z not merit? Hey, wake up. Z mzuni, not a tumbuka clan and village? Hey! Mwatumbuka imwe, note that all u cry of, is a systematic and societal response to all u hav practiced for years- nepotism atumbuka inu.

  5. Proverbs says:

    No wonder this country won’t develop. Is this guy a professor? What he is telling us is just basic. No need to go to school for this. By the way what’s the purpose of this so called political science course? Please do meaningful research befitting a professor, write books etc rather than commenting on silly political issues.

  6. Gopaninji says:

    Tima profesor tapamalawi. Talking what everybody else knows. Shame to Unima!

    1. sammy says:

      Bravo prof. ,malawi ndinu anthu angoziwa but you lack actions. Kungofela kuuna muli phee. A prof. Have done an action. This is what we need osat aaaa! akuyakhula zinthu zoti tikuziwa kale. Zachamba basi..what a kind of person are you? Oziwa koma kuma no action buzi.

  7. Dzimphonje says:

    Ziri chaka chino. Pfumbi kuti kobooooh!

  8. Chenkumbi says:

    How about the votes , were they not regionalisitic? You can not be near some one who can bring you down. It is better to give positions to people who will support you instead of giving positions to people who will bring you down. See MCP reshuffle and their nec, so is the AFORD party. That is normal in African society, see Jacb Zuma, Robert Mugabe, Uhuru Kenyatta etc. If you had voted on merit that would make sense, otherwise that is nonsense.

  9. chijinu says:

    Out of touch mai mai mwakwiya kodi? Yankhanitu kuti Chiradzulu three ministers and whole central region three ministers z it not what the article z saying? Kupusa basi,mxmmm!!

  10. mr fair comment says:

    MaiMai l agree with you entirely we have talked too much on women empowerment but seem they don’t want to be assisted now lets talk about merit and boy child empowerment as they have been neglected and the gap between boys and girls is now yoo much in favour of girls

  11. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Atumbuka kulira mudzasiya liti? Go to total Malawi, fam, itech etc.its all full of mbwenumbwenus. Then there are district commissioners most are mbwenumbwenus. Titchule mzuzu university? Selfish idiots!!!

  12. Wozinyanyala says:

    Ma Proffesor a pa Malawi hehehehehe mbuzi za anthu zokha zokha. Here is another blind Proffesor writing no sense

  13. Dobadoba says:

    Koma aliyense akhonza kukhala professor ndithu zobeba zako zimenezo.Guy be serious mu ma Universitymu abale
    abale.No substance zalembedwazi.My daughter can write better article than this.Ma lecturer a university of Malawi kumva chisoni

  14. munthu wabwino says:

    Penatu ife timadabwa on what these other academic disciplines are all about. Ndiye moti iyeyo akuti akupereka professional opinion? Zopusa zenizeni.

  15. drogba says:

    the guy on this picture doesn’t look an associate professor to me; his looks, his “pose”, look at the shirt he’s putting on. most importantly, what he has “advised” is just one basic thing that even a standard one boy could say. its much easier to “advise” others but to do the actual job isn’t. I thought as an esteemed professor you could have done a practical research, get the findings and make practical recommendations to the president and all of us collectively as Malawians e.g on how our economy could be improved, or on how to fight joblessness. koma tima professor tapamalawi, kumangopanga tima useless, political noise basi just to be seen. especially tikakhala tima professor takumtundaku uku

  16. Mwapheranjiru says:

    A Malawi, monga m’mene akuonekeramu madala a Kayuni angakhale mphunzitsi wa ku Chanco! Chanco basi yatha, si masiku aja a Prof B B Chimphamba, Prof N Mwanza, Prof C C Mjojo, Prof J Mapanje, Prof E Mandala, Prof L K Mughogho, Prof Pachai, Prof S Chimombo, Prof Kasomekera, ndi wena. Kale ku Chanco amalemba anthu amene adakhoza ndi distinction, credit, first class honours kapena upper second class honours okha-okha, koma lero angotolera ndi a ma pass omwe. Izi ndi zemene Kamuzu ankadana nazo. Madala a Kayuni, mukusiya kuphunzitsa kumalimbana ndi ndale chifukwa wina wakulembani nganyu kuti mudzilemba nkhani zoipitsa boma-koma mukanfutsidwa kumathawira ku academic freedom, zausiru.

    Iwe #2, ndiye zakhanundu zimene ukanama apazi, ukusonyeza umbuli maningi. Boma liri lonse, nkana kwa anzungu ndi kwa amwenye konse, amatsankha anthu okhulupirika a chipani m’maudindo. Musadane ndi APM kapena wandu wa chilomwe ai. Nanga a MCP, UDF, ndi PP amachita bwanji. Yalani pfundo zanu ndi umboni wokwanira. Ngati mukufuna mpando, kaloweni ndale, musabisale ndi kutaya ndalama zathu za misonkho ku Chirungako ai.

  17. chisomo says:

    what has been written here is not a lie because he is very right about the apointment

  18. Bwantasa says:

    I stopped right where you said capability and performance.

  19. Vyaya says:

    Mr Kayuni, I dint expect such shallow advice which is misplaced from people like you which people think are informed and assoc. professor for that matter.
    You say Peter to a larger extent to appoint people/cabinet based on capabilities? Seriously? These people were not re-appointed but same failures rotated! Hellow? Can you say just as an example Kaliati, Kalirani, Chaponda, Godall, Mussa etc are picked/rotated on merit? Eiiiish inu a professor?

    Its not even political appeasement, Peter has gone overboard into nepostic/tribalistic appointment,,,open your eyes man don’t just offer blind advice. You seem coward. You are the same likes once you get closer to government you will offer nothing,,, mukamba inu za mkilasi basi not real world, out here we talk as it is, no theory!!!


  20. mr fair comment says:

    We ve talked too much on gender and affirmative action on our women but most of them are not doing well look at the former ombudsman it was a low deal and the law cpmmidsion is dying most of the female judges are just sleeping now let us look at merit our women are letting us down ulesi too much

  21. Professor Bakili Muluzi says:

    He has NOT tried since he fraudently became a President of Malawi Republic. Its not political appeasement but rather a tribalistic, nepotistic and regionalistic propelled appointments. Taking Ndata Farm/Goliati, his home village as center point, most his ministers and other
    appointments come from a radius of 100/150km from this center point (Ndata).
    Names like George Chaponda, Kaliati, Nankhumwa (Mulanje); Dr Fabiano, Henry Mussa and Mwanavekha (Chiaradzulo); Pitara and Dr Allan Chiyembekeza (Thyolo). These are just cabinet appointments around Ndata wea the President comes from. This is rampant and naked nepotism and tribalism at work. Now you add people like Kasaila, Atupere, Kampalume (wa Health), Msaka now we have regionalism at work. Central Region has considerable number of DPP MPs and die hards, why not appointed its not becoz of politics but coz of marginalization of other people because of rampant regionalism, nepotism and tribalism practices by Peter Mutharika and his DPP. Can Chiradzuru district have three ministers and whole central region have same number of ministers? Is that fair in real sense, pitara? Tamayankha iwe Pitara! Useless people are like Jean Kalilani and Tembenu (mulomwe relocated to Salima ) who cant fight for their fellow people aku Central. Plain talking what is happening is a recipe for disunity in the country. The problem is that its being repeated in many government institutions where Peter has apointed his tribesmen (alhomwe). So there is lhomwelization of public institutions and its bad because as Malawians we didnt choose to be of this or that tribe to be subjected to that marginalization. Its barbaric behaviour pliz confine that to archives of history. We have institutions like civil service, MRA, MUST, MACRA and many more are practising naked nepotism, tribalism and regionalism because its a copy and paste from the President. TIDAKULAKWILANI CHANI IFE MA NON LHOMWES. WE DIDNT CHOOSE TO BE BORNE NON LHOMWES OR MALAWIANS.

    So bwana Kayuni its not politics but rather a systematic way of marginalizng other sections of the society and to create a circus where they can loot public resources enriching themselves coz ndi amodzi doing same things. APAWO NDI MIZU YA KACHERE AMAKUMANA PANSI. SANGAWULURANE.

    Infact they want to make lhomwe tribe very rich so that other tribes should worship and kneel to them.

  22. MaiMai says:

    So this is a professor also giving such so basic advice? What do you mean ” to a larger extent mutharika tried” to appoint people on capabilities? Really? The current cabinet is merited on capabilities? ?? Shame on you so called professor. You have no idea of what you are talking about, I call your advice as ” classroom and academic advice” originating from fear”.

    Tell it as it is. From the president to ministers all are a flop and their performance is below average, period.

    On gender, its not just to fill numbers man but capabilities. How many women in Obama govt? Germany where chancellor is a woman? Man don’t be naive and just repeating what everybody is saying. I would expect a better article from someone calling themselves professor than this mediocre, sorry but you have written nothing here….SERIOUSLY!

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