Fomboni just a wee club – Bullets coach

Bullets FC coach Nsanzarwimo Ramadhan is confident that the Malawi champions will qualify for the first round of the CAF Champions League after recording an important away 1-0 victory to Fomboni FC in Comoros courtesy of a late goal from Tizgowere Kumwenda on Sunday.

Ramadhan: Fomboni not a good side

Ramadhan: Fomboni not a good side

Ramadhan said after struggling to find their feet in the first half the team managed to raise the tempo of the match but failed to score.

He said Bullets would appeal to all the fans to come and rally behind the team.

“I don’t undermine any opponent but they were not up to standard. When we are at home I will ask our player number 12  [red army fans] to come in and play that game,” said the Burundian tactician.

He said although the Bullets dominated the game laxity denied them to score more goals.

“The possession of the ball, the transition was good. Only one  thing that we were having possession in a negative way. I think that’s an element we need to work on,” he said.

Bullets Technical Director also said then Comoros champions were not a good side.

“We will face them. They are not a good side and some of the players have never player an international match,” he said.

“But we will make some changes here and there in our next game but pattern of play wasn’t bad,” said the coach

Going into the Champions League, the Bullets were hit by funding problems and the ruling out of four players, including new signings Owen Chaima and Chiukepo Msowoya.

The overall winner of the preliminary round will face either Al Hilal of Sudan or KMKM of Tanzania .

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30 thoughts on “Fomboni just a wee club – Bullets coach”

  1. Aloga says:

    God Bless Bullets.

  2. Bwande says:

    Ma timu oyipa okhaokha ndekti anakumanatu apa!

  3. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Ine wa manoma ndikuti congratulations koma lindani madzi apite ndipo mudziti ndadala.

  4. poor? says:


  5. Dada K says:

    All the best Big Bullets, I don’t see Fomboni hurt us at our own yard…

  6. Sautso lungu says:

    pelekani maganizo anzeru mukufuna kuti adatsalilawo atamava zimenezi atani?anthu osafunira zabwino bb akagwere uko.

  7. kamfana says:

    Please,write the right/ correct spelling of Rhamadhan’s first name. I can see many spellings appearing in various papers but of the same person.Which is the correct one? Ask the owner{BB Coach}.

  8. levie mwachande says:

    congras Maule

  9. Jack Ruby says:

    Bullets and Wanderers are failing to move forward as Proffessional teams because of Kutola Khobwe,the officials are part of the syndicate and players remain poor while supporters like Jomo and Yona are enjoying,Sulom is also to blame for not being strict,we need ACB to be involved

  10. Jack Ruby says:

    Kondi and company,do you think you can sign good players when you abandon players in Dar es Salaam?they have bought fuel with money from their pockets and they ate lunch on Monday and no supper or breakfast,what will happen when you play Al Hilal of Sudan?

  11. Malawiano says:

    Mwanena zoona coach fomboni si team yoti wina angavine kuti tachinya team. Fomboni ili ngati mbc radio men kapena nyasa united ndiye palibe chosangalalira apa

  12. J.Banda says:

    Dont lose hop as BB member I would incurage all sapoters to watch that game .

  13. Bullets remains a good team. I wish Malawi national team perfoms like BB.

  14. Hardson says:

    Oh yes, we number 12 will rally behind our team and hopefully to score some goals

  15. Iwe Ramadhan iweyo ndiye ma player ako onse anasewerako international game? Dikira zikhomo zili kutsogoloku tikuonera mukuyaluka pa Kamuzu stadium.

  16. Chigoli chimodzi mukuti siitha osachinya zambiri kuti titsimikize bwanji improve your team mr coach.. Scoring 1 goal to a team like that one shows that both teams’ performance were not at par.. Zikapitirira izi simupita patali ndithu

  17. dayfri says:


  18. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Iwe Ramadan matama chani? ukufuna ukumane ndi TP Mazembe ikukazinge ndiye udzayankhule kuti imatha mpira. Fomboni yosathayo bwanji umaikanika kuisambitsa ndi zigoli zochuluka. Iwetu akukupatsa ndalama zambiri that’s why ufuna uonetse ngati shasha. Ine ngati wa BULLETS mayankhulidwe awa amapangisa team kuti iziderela ma team ena mapeto ake kuluza….don’t you know kuti tikuvutikira kumatumiza ma SMS talk like a professional coach there is still more to come.

  19. che bint says:

    anachinya last minute pa 90 osati nthawi yowonjezera.check ur comments well b4 posting.i lov maule…chitimu changa

  20. Member says:

    If you were not able to see the goal post until last minute it means that team was strong. They can come well prepared and embarrass us. Just work hard on finishing. We do have strikers good enough to see the net in Malawi. Player number 12 will not assist you to see the net. It is skill combined with effort and teamwork. The player number 12 you are talking about will only worsen things through hooliganism should things go wrong. And BB will be disqualified. That will be a shame!!

  21. austin says:

    we ll never let u down u guys u did a good job .go maule go go go go

  22. SAPITWA says:

    musanyade kwambiri kuli matimu oopsa otI inu BB MWACHEPA ,KA bbNSO NKACHANI?

  23. losco says:

    Dont talk much,its too early.Say all u can after 28 February.

  24. Boswell says:

    Its just a start, Ramadhan, don’t talk much.Cross the bridge after reaching it.

  25. chims says:

    what the coach is saying is that fomboni is a walk over and this is not good to pull the crowds to the stadium. there will be no motivation as the impression here is that bullets have already won the why not spending my hard earned penny elsewhere. mind your language to the press,you need money more than me so don’t discourage me. create the hype for the game. good luck.

  26. Khama Matola says:

    Kulimbikira ndiye dhilu tipita chitsogolo basi

  27. Nkhombokombo says:

    Plan to win not trust that player no.12 will do the job for you. A bad team can not hold you from scoring until into extra time. Action and performance is required here not the usual rhetoric here!! We are already having enough of that stuff from zipani!

  28. wa Bullets says:

    Thus my team. Proud to be a Bullet fan

  29. clement says:

    Just work hard to bring results and dont respect any team you are playing against whether TP Mazembe nor Esperance just fight fight hard.You are struggling to raise funds so make history by winning so that companies can feel something to rescue.

  30. Pady Mpale Banda says:

    Proud of my team

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