Fomboni’s Malawi player praises Bullets ahead of Saturday clash

Fomboni FC striker  Winster Phiri  has heaped praise on  Big Bullets  ahead of the second  leg of the Champions League  at the Kamuzu Stadium  but expects his experience in the  Malawi TNM Super  League to give them an edge.





The former Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and  Blue Eagles  striker, who was a revelation under Deklek Nsakakuwona, has since taken up a role with the Comoros Islands  giants, scoring more than 10  goals in the league since his arrival.

“We know it is going to be a difficult game and we will be the underdogs but we came for a good result, have prepared well and hopefully we can achieve it,” Phiri said .

“Being back here at home is great for me, playing at Kamuzu Stadium after a long time will be fantastic. I have had some good moments here, scored a couple of goals, and also had some bad moments.

“Everyone knows Bullets are a good team – they play football the way football should be played and make beautiful things happen. They have a huge following and we are aware it will not be easy on Saturday.

“I have explained to my teammates that it will be difficult on Saturday because we will be playing with a team which has a huge following,” he explained.

“On Saturday l want to help my team-mates and my team, with my goals because we have to progress to another round no matter what. You win together and lose together as a team, if we can play as a team on Saturday, not like individuals, then we have a chance,” he added.

Phiri, however was dissapointed with the poor reception in Malawi.

For instance, he said they were given a poor bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre forcing some of the players to stand from the capital city to the commercial city.

He also said they had to wait for hours at their hotel before rooms were prepared.

Phiri also added that they were forced to sleep at Karonga boarder due to visa problems.

“It is unfair that Bullets was warmly welcome in Comoros  yet here we have been mistreated,” said Phiri.


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26 thoughts on “Fomboni’s Malawi player praises Bullets ahead of Saturday clash”


  2. Amai gulu says:

    Tiuzeni ngati uwoneke pa mbc tv

  3. sayin it like it is says:

    ntumbuka kupeza vuto paliponse……tangoti gulitsa game iwe fwitsek zako

  4. the poorest country on earth says:

    pajatu kuno sititha chilichonse. we couldn’t even give medals to the zone 6 cross-country winners. are we really 16 million in this country?

  5. Augh says:

    Kod a tvm aonetsa/zodiak

  6. bobo says:

    Fomboni players have a right to complain where they feel mistrestef

  7. Phwexy says:

    Washosha yolakwika………. Bb ndi mkaka mawa…..

  8. Anyway good luck though we r fighting for de same League.Mawule woyeeeeeeeee!

  9. samuel kwakwase says:

    osazionongera tsiku dala chifukwa chofuna ganyu kikikikikiki

  10. mike says:

    hosparity z one thing that z needed as our team mets,hotel ma room amakhala ready kale kma kuwachedwetsa athu,poor Malawi, poor bullets

  11. ineyo says:

    the issue of boarder visas should not be part of your complaint, coz u could arrange it before arriving at the boarder

  12. McSpiceKay says:

    Fombon fc 2- 0 Inayo!

  13. Mibanga ya soccer says:

    Thats a last kick of a dying horse. Winster musazitengere matama zinthuzi.Sivuto kuti iwe ndiwakuno ku malawi.

  14. osbon says:

    Kikiki baba we don’t play football in hotel u r talking no sense mpira Is on ground even we red army the bullets we spent how many days do we I think is stupid baba musayambe kulira mwawaputa dala maule

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Football is not played in a hotel room or in a bus. You are complaining of sleeping at the boarder? Bullets spent a week on the same journey but won the game. Mind you the standing in the bus was part of making you physically fit. All the best as you will be carrying three goals back to your Island. Football is for the mainland. Try Surfing next year.

  16. bbsupporter says:

    Iwe Winster Phiri,khala chete ngati simukufuna kusewera mpira bwelarani kwanu mwamva?

  17. Hamu says:

    Ndili ndi mantha bwanji!

  18. Hardson says:

    Call it lucky for we made train all the way by standing. About Hotel so you wanted to sleep in unprepared rooms? Winster, musakhale ngati mwasamukiratu ku Malawi eti. Ife choncho timati tamaliza masewera mmalandilidwe a alendo ndiye ngati mwaona za chilendo mwangokha osayamika..

  19. yotam mkwinja says:

    musa namizire zimenezo ingonenani kt tikuiopa Bullets

  20. opportunist says:

    Mukwapulidwa mawa ana inu

  21. dobadoba says:

    How many Fomboni players are here. I am sure even in a coaster the players can be accomodated. Are they 100 plus??

  22. Yankees says:

    1 to zero akuti apanga kale progress ku Next Round, they are already carried away with this gaol, but football is not Pool, mukavale Blue and White kuti tikukweleni bwino aphwanga ifeyo sizingatheke kukwela ma Traditional rivals athu.

  23. Sautso lungu says:

    Sorry abambo, afika dziko la eni, kwa eni sulemekezeka, kusapota team yachilendo kwathu kuno ndiminyozo kwa palestina.

  24. True patriot says:

    That is a psychlogical game.We have held of this before.Even national teams, do the same.The complaint testifies that the team is new on international stage.In kung fu we call it ‘intunjutu’,thats the ability to cause fear and paralysis in your enemy.

  25. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    Man are you in company of supporters? A bus carries atleast 50 people. How come that your players were standing in a bus? I think you are trying to find reasons for your failure in advance

  26. Wanzeru says:

    Take them to task and theyve to pay for their misconduct. We are solely behind you Fomboni just remain foccused and composed.

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