Former Malawi FA president John Zingale dies

John Zingale the former Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president died on Tuesday at Mlambe Hospital in Blantyre.

 John Zingale: No more

John Zingale: No more

Zingale’s death came after his son made an appeal to the soccer fraternity to help the once vibrant business tycoon.

FAM has confirmed the death of Zingale, who also served as Member of Parliament for Chikwawa West from 2009 t0 2014.

In a statement FAM president Walter Nyamilandu said the association was saddened with the death of Zingale.

“The Football Association of Malawi has learnt with great sadness the passing on of its former president Mr. John Zingale.

“Our deepest condolences to his family and friends for their loss, hope they find strength in these difficult times. As the Association, the passing on of Mr. Zingale saddens us,” Nyamilandu said.

He will greatly be remembered for being at the helm of the Association when the Malawi National Football team showed great improvements.

“It was under his leadership that the Flames reached the Cosafa Cup final for the first time ever. It was also during his tenure that Malawi won the Cosafa Under- 17 Youth Championship.

“The country has lost a true friend of football who was so passionate about the game as shown by his commitment in sponsoring football teams and competitions in the country using personal funds. He contributed a lot to the development of football nationally. This is a major blow for Malawian football.”

The late Zingale was the President of FAM between 1998- 2002.

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42 thoughts on “Former Malawi FA president John Zingale dies”

  1. Pulankhonyo says:

    Once worked for his Gola civil engineering company RIP

  2. wakumupotol says:


  3. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    Lesson to us, RIP.

  4. Bwande says:

    Anthu enanu mukukamba ngati kuti munthuyu watisiya chifukwa chosowa chithandizo bwanji? Wakuuzani kuti thandizidwe ndani? Muziyamba kaye mwafufuza. Pomwepa mwawerenga kuti anali ku Mlambe Hospital. Mukudziwanso kuti mkuluyu anali MP chaka chatha chomwechi just after kukhala president wa FAM kwa zaka zingapo. analinso ndi ma business ena ndi ena. Mwachidule anali mmodzi mwa a mponda matiki mtown mu. Ndiye mukuwona ngati wina angangolota kuti munthuyu akufunika chithandizo cha makobidi bearing this background in mind? And after the son asked for financial assistance to square medical bills, are you sure he didn’t receive anything from some well wishers? Osamangothamangira kuyankhula kuti muwoneke ngati abwino apa. By the way do you mean that institutions, government and the general public should be responsible for all public figures welfare in their retirement? How could that be yet these guys had all the time and resources to plan for their futures unlike many poor people around? MHSRIP

  5. Ambuye muwapatse anthu akufa chiusiro chosatha ndipo kuyera kosatha kuwalitse maso awo, amen

  6. Feremu Ephraim says:

    May his soul rest in peace will miss his friendship here in Changoima.A GRATE LOSS TO OUR AREA

  7. Jimuni says:

    Rest in Peace John

  8. Acient says:


  9. petrop says:

    @ndangodutsamo- z James Zoingani dead? He also played 4 Mangochi Sec. Sch.

  10. piyo says:

    Gwanda chakuwamba, Elwin maluwa, Moses Dosi, John zingale, Josephy Tembo…… . the list goes on… pipo from the lower states. Who died struggling with poverty and some are struggling while alive bt they we swimming in cash before….. sorry guyz may zingale,s soul RIP

  11. Colleague says:

    I am really saddened by your death. You were humble and a friend to everyone . May your soul rest in peace, Leader.

  12. DIXON says:

    Mzimu wa Bambo Zingale uwuse mu Mtendere Amen

  13. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    Malawians should have the spirit of investing when things are still OK. Problem is that we enjoy too much forgetting that life is too short. Going to the extent of begging is not proper for people like the deceased.

  14. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    I remember him calling professional players ( maduka , mabedi) mbuzi za maprofessional . the two never played for the frames again.

  15. Majid. says:

    Unayesetsa john. Mbali yako unapanga. Timacheza bwino, kukhala bwino ndi a nzako ndiye linali khalidwe lako. Unaseka ndi ana, ndi akulu. Sindinaonepo kapena kumva wina akunena kuti john ali apo wakwiya, ai. Komadi dziko lapansi ndi njira, mongodutsamo. Kafikeni a Zingale. pepani kwa bambo ndi mai Zingale, pepani a mai a kwao ndi ana a Zingale. Mzimu wa John uwuse mu ntendere. Ndine Majid. Zoom car Hire, Liliongwe.

  16. shaft ya mbava says:

    Hhhhh amathandiza munthu akafa chani…inu simumathandiza ngati muli abwino bwanji????The guy was an mp just a yr ago and got properties around malawi. Kuli anthu akuvutika kunja kuno….ndiye bomalo lithandiza anthu angati???

  17. Abale inu there was a man called James Zingani, he prayed in University Football club, Hardware stars as a defender – he died on 23 July 2015 at Mwaiwathu hospital. It seems the soccer fraternity did not notice his death.

    1. Honest says:

      Ukanapitiliza mchichewa momwemo ndikanapulika.

  18. John mzimba says:


  19. clement says:

    Walter Nyamilandu, step down. You r stil young. Come back after two or three terms. Malawians want to hold u in high esteem when ur time comes. Now u r behaving exactly the way politicians do. Life presidency. Wake up Walter. See light. Uphold ur integrity. U hv been good. Give chance to others. You are there coz others gave u chance. Don’t behave like politicians. They always claim that its people who want them. But deep inside we know what drives their ego. U hav been to xool, Walter.

  20. drogba says:

    my condolences to the family please. Komabe ine guys, understand me, I’m not trying to be controversial nor I’m I insulting anybody. I personally find it difficult when famous people start begging from the general public when they are sick, old or poor again. Does it mean that if one worked for government or a famous organization, his former employer or the general public shall support him when he gets sick, old or poor even if he legitimately retired from these??? Take for example Mr Zingale. He was a rich man at one point in time, he was an honorable MP at one time, he was also FAM president for a good period of time. Are we saying that him and his family did not plan for his retirement or such unexpected occurrences as sickness with all the money that he had?? Are we saying Government or the general public were to pay for his hospital bills?? Is this different from what Gwanda Chakuamba wants?? Guys let us be serious sometimes. Do we know that every penny the government spends is our hard earned tax?? Honestly, let us all learn something from these type of experiences; lets plan for our future. That is why we have MASM, Insurance Policies or some business investments. These help at such times. To me, though we all loved him but let us not blame government or the general public for “not helping” Mr Zingale. Let us blame on him and his family for not planning for the future, of course like many of us.

  21. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    Condolences. However, this is a lesson to us the living. Popular or not, we need to plan for lean periods…tikakhala pachinyezi.. I have heard too many popular people moving from popularity/riches to begging/poverty. Zomaganiza kuti dziko lidzatithandiza tikadzabalirika is basically like pissing in the wind. Kangachepe (am sure Zingale and Gwandas had some kangachepe…businessmen cum politicians)…let us do something.

  22. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Zingale was once a vibrant business tycoon. But he must have lost it all thru football and politics. A good example to many today.

  23. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    Amalawi tiyeni tisinthe zochita zathu. munthu osamamuthandiza atamwalira, tiyeni tidziyesetsa muthu alimoyo. Zimatheka munthu kumasowa/ kupempha chakudya koma anthu ena osamupatsa koma akamwalira ndiye matumba matumba a ufa ndi mapwevu pwevu) kuti akathandize pa zovuta (akathandize pa siwa) Munthu wakufayo amadya nawo? Apa John Zingale watisiya koma amafuna thandizo akudwala sitinampatse, ndiye ndimve wina ali pokopoko kuti coffin tigula ndife, Baso. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  24. jack Phalombe says:

    What happens to his businesses?

  25. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  26. Alufeyo says:

    Asena Asena bwanji kodi?

  27. wakunyanja says:

    FAM iyambe kutolera chipepeso shame on FAM

  28. Keen follower says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  29. Nasfam party acting president says:

    Koma guys i met him when he was MP the guy was humble….
    Matenda abomawa atitha bwanji,
    Komabe tikhulupilira tsiku lina namfenso tipita njira yaku imfa yomweyo. Tingokonzeka bola tikalowe, Kwanu kwatha kwasala kwathu kapumeni…….

  30. Ndaninso says:

    I thought this man (MHSRP) was very rich to the point that he bought reporters to help become Fam President and he was even sponsaring a league ndiye mukuti anasauka mpaka kupempha chithandizo? Chumadi ndi nchilawakhoswe eti

  31. Mlauzi says:


  32. Myao says:

    just in 4 yrs Malawi reached Cosafa Castle cup Finals, u-17 won Cosafa youth championship, and yet there’s nothing to show for some who want to build their villages at FAM, nkumati i got unfinished business, zoona??

  33. Achimidzimidzi says:

    MHSRIP. My condolences to the family

  34. walawala ku town says:

    panopa mukuti anali munthu wabwino mupelekanso chithandizo cha ku maliloko pomwe amadwala simuma fuka kuthandiza iiiii munthu ndiwoyipa panopa ndi Gwanda Chakuwamba akupempha chithandizo and you are talking a lot akafa muzamutame isaaaa iwe munthu khalika

  35. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    The son made an appeal to help the deceased. Now that he is dead, assistance will not flow like anything else. This is bad and retrogressive. Let us give support when a person is alive. This is the time when FAM will buy an expensive coffin. Rubbish and Foolish

  36. nkhomawa amlauzi says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  37. Anyoni says:

    May his Soul Rest in Peace.

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