Forum denounce ‘selective justice’: Demands progress on K92bn cashgate

Forum for National Development (FND) has slammed the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and government for what it termed as selective justice in prosecuting people who are allegedly involved in pilfering of public funds christened as cashgate.

Kampaundi and Chonzi : FND demand no selected justice in 'K20bn '  and 'K92bn' cashgate

Kampaundi and Chonzi : FND demand no selected justice in ‘K20bn ‘ and ‘K92bn’ cashgate

In a statement signed by  FND chairperson Bright Kampaundi and National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi, the organization said it has noted that it is easier to prosecute people from other political parties than those aligned to the ruling  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“We want to see a situation where ACB and the law enforcement agents act efficiently on the K92 billion and also conclude other high profile cases of corruption which they started,” reads the statement.

FND said it has noted that other high profile cases like the K1.7 billion corruption cases involving former president Bakili Muluzi has been halted since he now has a cordial ties  with the current government and has his son Atupele serving as minister .

On the K92 billion forensic audit, FND noted that weeks are passing since the German government provided funding for a forensic audit starting from 2005-2012 and yet there is no outlined progress and the roadmap to ensuring that the audit is done.

“We want to know when the audit is expected to start and complete, what are the terms of reference for a new audit and what commitment government has put in place to follow through the K92 billion audit.

” Just as government is eager and quick to make arrests of those aligned to the Baker Tilly Forensic Audit report, they should also show the same seal and enthusiasm to conduct an audit from 2005 to
2012 without impeding on the work of the auditors so that the culprits must also face the law,” reads the statement.

It continued: “We do not want to assume that the current silence and failure to communicate on the matter as an indicator that the government is not interested to pursue this course as it was done under the current ruling party when late president Bingu wa Mutharika was CEO of

FND said the current administration should no longer trivialize the K92b as a mere audit query because resources have been now provided by the German Government to institute forensic audit emphasizing the magnitude of the 2011 National Audit Office revelation of the plunder and the theft of national recourse.

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38 thoughts on “Forum denounce ‘selective justice’: Demands progress on K92bn cashgate”

  1. mona says:

    Alomwe Alomwe 92 billion audit yayamba mufatu muone

  2. ngati umanena zoona,liuze dziko zokhuza 92bn ija.nde tikukhulupilira zimene ukunemazo.

  3. JAYJAY says:


  4. ZONYONANA says:

    This group is really roughable.You’re true hippocrites.Don’t you see that you’re selective too?Why want to create enemity now between Muluzi and Muthalika?In the first place where were you when JB stopped persecuting Muluzi-why now all these loud mouths?Have you got evidence that cashgate really started in 2005?Then go to ACB or you can engange a private lawyer to assist you.Come on guys are you trying to shield the she devil by pushing the blame on someone?We all know that you use these tactics inorder to get public sympathy.When you were beaten at Goliati you said it was Peter who started it all,when Lutepo mentions one of you’re shields you say it is Peter who is behind this.I am afraid you must be part of this madness so you’re trying to put delaying tactics measures.

  5. getrude says:


  6. Master says:

    I thought you fools are rich? I nevr knw all the incremnt in taxes was just a mere way of making u more rich? May all the almighty punish you sinrs!

  7. dschi says:

    Chair akalowe,Masangwi, Gondwe,Peter, 9200000000 yachuluka. Lutepo abwere poyera ndi umboni wake.

  8. Abwana alowapowa akungowonongerewonongera ndi dzungu lampima lenileni.kungodziwa kunyera basi.

  9. Goose Neck says:

    Kkkkkk Wina Athawa Ndithu

  10. Nyaphaphi says:

    Koma Imran Sadick is not a patriotic Malawian. How can you say a chair defended himself in court, which court concluded that this chair is innocent? And you say the ACB should not deal with K92000000000 just because the K20000000000 case is the one that started?. I now know this country will never develop because some people would better be governed by thieves. But what come may K92000000000 case will not rot and justice will take its course one day. Mark my words pangatalike pangafupike chilungamo chidzaoneka.

  11. M23 says:

    Did you say MK92 Billion? Where is it, when did this happen? All I see is a barrier. May be if you remove the barrier I might be able to see and act on it. Barriers are becoming too many these days. Just imagine I was unable to see Hon Dr Chakwera because of a barrier. Take it from me, it wasn’t intentional that I did not acknowledge Hon Dr Chakwera’s presence at the opening of Abdul Majid Motor City.

  12. Bright Kampaundi says:

    Penapake mai JB mukutionjeza. Munatilonjeza ife a FND 2 billion pa ntchito yomwe tinagwira b4 election, koma mpaka pano? Aah. Ngani tikuikokayi ndiyomaliza,sitipangaso nkhani yokuikirani kumbuyo. We want our dues or else we’ll spil da beans

  13. Jimmy says:

    Eeh koma ndiye ntchito ilipo apa,kaya nkuyambira pati.

  14. mona says:

    I don’t understand here guys Germany government has funded their 92 billion cashgate dpp audit but when is the audit starting honestly dpp the cashgate party know that they will not survive in power once the audit report is out even apm knows that ndalama amamwaza nthawi ya kampeni zija zinali za cashgate and remember people bingu died with 61 billion cashgate money.

  15. Mkhalangeya says:

    Onsewa ndimbava amangidwa liti kodi? Ife tadikira nthawi yayitali? Makamaka 92bn tikufuna chilungamo basi.Vuto ndikusankhana mitundu komanso kusankha Mbuzi izii.

  16. mona says:

    Ikatha audit ya 92 billion tipangaso audit kayelekera
    Mine paja bingu benefited millions of dollars from that mine ife a Malawi ndi kumadya Ma 10% commission ngati mgodi unali WA binguyo a Malawi let’s be patriotic andalewa asamatipezelela chonchi, how can one person benefit billions from mine ya dziko lathu
    Mr mtambo and FND please ikokeni nkhani ya kayelekera mine pliz ndalama zija zibwezedwe tigulire feteleza please muntharika family is a cursed family that is why amafa after state wedding what follows ndi state funeral. Atengetseni abweze ndalama zathu

  17. mona says:

    Trust me fellow malawians once the audit of dpp era cashgate will be completed we will discover that the amount stolen is over 120 billion. And that the same phwiyo will be the main culprit bingu, Mulli, Peter the dull president, kaliati, chaponda, mansangwi, henry mussa, kasaila, khumbo kachali and many more will also be mentioned.
    A Malawi timasankha molakwika bwanji?

  18. Kafukufukuyi anayambidwa ndi Joyce Banda after noticing that something isn’t right in her government
    -ndiye mukamati ayambe 92 billion mukutanthauza chani??? 20 billion ndiye chatsitsa dzaye kuti Phwiyo athyoke nyanga,mukayamba za 92 billion ndiye kusokoneza
    Joyce Banda is on record saying she knows who catapulted the former corrupted budget director Paul Phwiyo’s jaws, this case wouldn’t have come this far if she came forward and tell us what she knows
    We all know this group was created/ funded by her using Cashgate money,
    Leave Atcheya out of this—Atcheya went through the Court process and managed to defend himself successfully,and we’re expecting the same from all the Cashgate suspects especially big fish (Joyce Banda)

  19. Mbanangwa says:

    Price Waters Cooper ikuchedwanso kuti? The truth of the matter is that this is Germany Government money for audit. The government can not fool about it. Indeed, this government believes in KUSOLOLA but the Germans will not intertwine that foolishness. I would love to hear news from Nicholas Dausi, Goodall Gondwe, Hastings Khumbo Kachali etc on all these present stories. They have all gone mute!


  21. tsetsefly says:

    At the end of everything the fool remains the Malawian vote, you who voted for this clueless man. We had information on how they plundered the economy, how they amassed wealth at the expense of national development. We had information on how they brought businesses to the knees. We had information on how they brandished pangas on the road to scare monger Malawians. We had information how they killed innocent demostrator. Yet someone went ahead to vote for them.

  22. john k black says:

    Mutharika has shown he wants the budget support from donors to come in He has no other way to stop the free fall of the kwacha. It is quite clear that donors are not coming back before this audit is done, and the holes in the public finance management are closed. What reason can he have to keep dilly-dallying?

  23. syamboza says:

    J.B just removed the fence that shielded the looters for all to see she was amazed to note that this has been a practice for so long and this was the reason DPP removed her as party forums. mind you J.B has been almost in all goverments together with her hub from colonial to PP she knows alot hence the removal of the hendge kuti tiwone akasambala,Lutepo nda mzawo ali pola pola ndi ndalama zathu

  24. Mmalawi womva kuwawa says:

    Dziko lili manja Mwa aGalu ili. Tipange za 92 billion pamenepa basi

  25. rif says:

    thanani kaye ndi ya baker tilly yo. Kenako ya german. Ngati pakuoneka vuto pa ya german let the german govt itself complain. Osathamangila kwambili

  26. Tito says:

    Ayambile 20 billion Cashgate. Yatiwonongera economy. The next govt will prosecute 92 billion theft chifukwa choti Joyce failed to prosecute the culprits. She was busy stealing tax payers money.

  27. Petros Mtchaeni says:

    Cry my beloved Malawi.It never fails pouring on Pitala.The usual substandard type of politics in Malawi.He claims to be digging alot on his predecessor yet Pitala has alot of skeletons in his cupboard.The FND is right.We should go as back as 92 billion saga that took back during his fallen brother tenure when he used to underperform in many ministries when he was a minister.Muluzi,Pitala and JB should all be thrown to Maula Prison and throw away the keys in Shire river.They have caused so much poverty in Malawi ndi umbava wawo wopanda nawo manyazi.

  28. mona says:

    They know kuti once 92 billion audit is complete the whole cabinet and even apm the dull president will be evicted

  29. dadaboma says:

    Guys why did you vote for this DPP?

  30. Nobel says:

    FND is right considering that days are running into weeks and weeks running into months without hearing about forensic audit during Bingu’s eight years tenure of office. This Bingugate and Petergate govt will take us no where. Mufanso pompano!

  31. 92 billion tikuyifuna chifukwa tinavutinso kwambiri nthawi dipp ija tinkagona ku filling station ,forex ili kundata.lero mukutenga 15million ku bungwe NAC kupita nayo ku mulakho,kodi imeneyi si cashgate inanso.vuto lovotela ma foreigner.

  32. naari phomulanyo says:

    Chodzi and Kampaundi. You are right. Chilungamo palibe. Alomwefe kuba, corruption. Koma musamale. M bale wathuyu amakonda kuika anthu masikono mkamwa. Asakupusitseni. Be professional and follow this shit to the very end. Nkhani ndi yoti, where is the k92bn issue. Nanga nkhani ya Tcheya ili poti?

  33. nkhedu says:

    ife a diphiphi takana kwa ntu wagalu kuti nthawi yathu kunali cashgate.Ife kunali corruption kapena kuti kusolola kwa mnanu.Ask gudulo gondwe akuwuzani zonse.Ndiye inu atimabungwenu musatisokose ndi K92 billion

  34. Ticoon says:

    The Truth Is On The Side Of The Opressed

  35. kassim says:

    Yes we want justice. People are suffering out water in medicine, but president still looting money of our tax payers.we are watching you . Remember time will come.

  36. Patriot says:

    Do you think that the money given by German is still intact?
    They have used it already probably for Beautify Malawi launching, Mulakho, K50,000 journo bribes etc.
    Germany should have selected an audit firm todo the job.

  37. Munyasiwa says:

    Inde ndinena ndi inu,kuti cashgate by definition is kupakula ndalama zaboma. Amapakula ndalamazi kuyambira 2005 nawo azatipepese. Azapepensenso a bwana kamba ko wapatsa chintchito chachikulu pa chuma.

  38. Chatty Man says:

    Kodi ndine! One by one DPP asking themselves. Munya agalu inu moti mutukule ziko ntchito kuba basi.Am here to speak my mind! Munya muona. The world is watching.

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