Four men arrested for graveyard trespassing: ‘Wanted bones of albino’

Four men have been arrested in Kasungu district for allegedly tresspassing in a graveyard and attempted to exhume bones of an albino.

Manjolo:   Confirmed txhe arrests

Manjolo: Confirmed txhe arrests

National police said the suspects, Peter Kamanga,26, Shenrick Kamanga 47 years old, Yohane Maliseni,18, and Yamikani Phiri,26, had conspired to exhume and sell the bones at K10million to undisclosed buyer.

The incident has happened at a time the country law-enforcers and human rights activists have intesfied efforts to put to end the horrible act.

National police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo said the suspects had conspired to exhume the bones from one of the graveyards in Chisamiza village, T/A Kaomba in the district.

”They claimed there was someone looking to buy albino bones K10,000,000.00. They identified a grave but were caught by members of the public while digging it,” said Manjolo.

”When our officers visited the scene, they found the grave half dug. The four suspects are currently in custody”.

The four are expected to be charged with Trespassing and Tampering in the Graveyard under Section 189 and 129 of the Penal Code.

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14 thoughts on “Four men arrested for graveyard trespassing: ‘Wanted bones of albino’”

  1. Steven Falison says:

    Its Chisazima again!

  2. Bono Male says:

    Zikuchitikazi nzachibwana. Dziko likutha ili

  3. Prodigalson says:

    Sorry anthuwa ndi osowa chochita konso ngakhale amasaka ndalama ndi afiti amangidwe basi.

  4. ORIGNO 1 says:

    Koma akuluakulu,,spare chakwera,this has nothing to do with him,,,kodi ndiye kuti anthu anenanu simumva bwino mukapanda kunyoza anzanu.. That’s not on guys lets tok something else,,,,komanso nokha mukudziwa chilungamo chalet

  5. wyson chipolonga. says:

    pppamene pafika zinthu pa malawi pano zavuta aliyese is lkng money ndichifkwa zili choncho kwasala ndikugulitsa chiwalo chako munthu basi kti upeze moneyzo.

  6. Munthu says:

    Kodi a polisi onse ndi a manjolo? Check the other article about stolen baby. They look alike too

  7. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,we have really reached to that extent? And if so,what do we expect to achieve? It is really heart breaking and shameful for the country that is known as the warm heart of Africa to indulge ourselves in such ungodly activities which could not happen the last 60 years ago.Does it mean that poverty has reached such an incredible level? Please how would someone expect to earn decent life by using the body parts of a deceased loved one instead of toiling hard whether on our fertile lands or otherwise.I know generally it is hard to get a well paid job to sustain our livelihood in an economy which serves just a handful of thieves and the powerfully positioned opportunists.Right now,we are just expecting to see such horrible things in our once decent societies,but we must unite ourselves to eradicate such anomalies within our societies otherwise we shall be leaving abominable memories to our children,grandchildren and the generations to come.

  8. peeping lizard says:

    zimenezo nde khani zakumalawi kukhwima basi

  9. Kangwingwi Wa Kwa Malili says:

    Anatumidwa Ndi Lazalo Chakwera Ati Akhwimire UPresident Wachipani Cha MCP
    Achewa Ndi Agalu Ndithu.

    Mukamvala Mthenga Za Nkhuku Mukupha Anthu Mukumati Gulewamkulu Atombolombo Inu Mulungu Akutethani Posachedwapa Ndi Jabulosi Wanuyo Lazalo.

  10. Kalulu says:

    Chakwera Uyu Ati Akhwimire Leader Of Opposition Munthu Ukagwa Manja Mwa Yehova Umakhala Ngati Galu Wachiwewe.

  11. matako a pusi says:

    They deserve ndende amenewa zoziyamba dala

  12. People with very little education are very dangerous to themselves and society at large.How can an Albino’s bones give them fortunes to mint millions of Malawian kwacha? Let the courts punish these merciless baboons severely.

  13. AB says:


  14. Chikwatu says:

    How many Rhoda Manjolo’s have we got at National Police Head Quarters? Some times we are having the lady and also a man

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