Four men killed in Neno mob justice attack

A dark cloud has befallen Chimbalanga village in traditional authority Dambe in Neno where four family members have been brutally murdered by other people following sudden death of a a 17 year old woman.

It was a lynching ceremony in Neno

It was a lynching ceremony in Neno

One of the residents in the village has said that it all started with the death of a 17 year old Flora Kanjete who was hit by a lighting on the mid night of January 25 2016, then some people descended on the four, all aged, thinking they are behind the death of the young woman.

“The incident happened today at around 1200hrs on 25 January 2016 and after the tragedy the angry mob killed four people instantly thinking that they are responsible for the death of the young lady,” said a woman from the village.

Police have since confirmed of the two incidents and identified the four as; Byson Kanjete aged 73, Eliza Enosi aged 86, Elenefa Kanjete aged 76 and Idesi Julius aged 69.

“They were severely beaten and killed. After receiving this sad news we rushed to the scene where we found all dead bodies lying in a pool of blood,” said a police officer.

The Police Officer explained that the one who reported the mater at the police was 48 year old Hamiton Kanjete.

No arrests have been made so far but according to the police source investigations are underway to establish whet actually happened and the relationship of the people.

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77 thoughts on “Four men killed in Neno mob justice attack”

  1. Cash Gate says:

    kodi abale tisamakalambe? kodi sitidziwa kuti mphenzi imapha? ” shame on you”

  2. Cash Gate says:

    so sad, why Malawians doing such bad.

  3. Ida says:

    This is the reason am an advocate of death penalty. Malawians no longer fear killing one another nowadays knowing pretty well hat they will not be killed themselves. What proof is there that the four had bewitched the young lady? May be a Nyasa simunafufuze bwino?

    1. John says:

      The death of the young woman was caused by a natural process whereby static electricity sought the ground from the storm clouds above her. Unfortunately, she was struck by lightning in the process, causing her death by electrical discharge.
      The four elderly people died as a result of a murderous attack by a mob of idiots.
      Presumably, they – and the people who led them – spent more time studying religion at school than they did studying science.
      If they had studied science more carefully, the 4 elderly people would still be alive.
      What this unfortunate incident should also teach everyone concerned is that it is dangerous to go out in the open when ever storm clouds are passing overhead.
      I do not agree with state-sanctioned murder of anyone.
      The murderers killed the elderly persons because of their natural stupidity and ignorance.
      If everyone who is ignorant and stupid were to be put to death, there would be very few people left living anywhere on Earth.
      What is really needed is better education for all, especially better science education.

  4. Yes it pains when ur relative is killed without any reason if the death of this girl these copes r responsible hv no mercy on them

  5. The Partriot says:

    This is a deplorable and heinous act perpetrated by uneducated savages who took upon themselves the roles of the persecutor, police and judges at the same time. Just imagine these helpless elderly group of people facing such a violent mob of blood -thirsty savages . This kind of death is brutal and barbaric and should never be allowed to happen again. Those responsible for tbese deaths should face the long arm of the Law, no mercy. For those in support of this barbaric act just know that next time azakhala agogo anu kapena inu, kuphedwa momvetsa chisoni choncho!!!!

  6. Re says:

    Ndekuti agogo amathanyula amenewa. Ma gay akuyenda mosaopa..

  7. TITUS says:

    this sums up the government and the people’s perception, even here some comments shows how ignorant people are in Malawi.sooooooooooooooo sad ppple, UMBATAMA WOOPSA.

  8. muyaya says:

    U , people think b4 u comment , how possible lightening kill a 17year old girl leaving old once. U police again do some reasoning b4 any arrest otherwise u gona miss a target.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Some of us always hanker after wisdom and some of it, we get from people’s comments here. As such, zimawawa kwambiri to sense wisdom in somebody’s comment koma kuona kuti comment yo siikumveka iai. Am trying hard to make sense of your comment but am failing.

  9. lloyd says:

    look @ the age perception and reality

  10. Funzo says:

    If I had to choose (and I hope that I don’t have to), I would prefer sodomy to murder. How would the hateful ones of Malawi who rail against homosexuals feel about that?

  11. Alungwana says:

    These people have killed 4 people because of the dealth of a girl and the police rushes to the scene and people comented against the dealth. Some people killed two elderly men because of trees and police says nothing and people clap hands. You dull people, you dull government, you dull police, think carefully.

  12. elis odala says:

    a mtambo nd,amzanu a trapenz ndiye muti chani????

  13. withheld says:


  14. sammy says:

    zachisoni ndithu imfa yowawa ngati imeyo?

  15. Ophiri says:

    We r in last dayz indeed

  16. willybetha says:

    May they reSt In peace.

  17. John says:

    This kind of behaviour besmirches the name of Malawi, as well as the reputation of the government of Malawi and the people of Malawi.
    By allowing such elderly abuse, the Malawian authorities are complicit in such crimes.
    For a start, they should start to really educate children in schools as to the scientific explanations for such phenomena.
    Allowing religion and superstition to provide pseudo-explanations can only ever end up with similar consequences to those being reported.
    This incident is shameful and the Malawi authorities – from the local community leaders to the Head of State – should be hanging their collective heads in shame over it.


    aboma mumati ufiti kulibe,sopano uwu siufiti? may God 4give……..

  19. Sapitwa says:

    These are the fruits of DEMOCRACY. People have become monsters: murder,white collar crime( cashgate included), blue collar crime, women and children abuse including rape and torture. Here we are seeing 4 people whose ages were so encouraging thus 69,73,76 and 86 brutally murdered by fearless idiots.
    These people MUST be apprehended and be punished severely to give others a lesson.

  20. Misheck kaitano says:


  21. John says:

    usi sufuka ponda moto, kunja kuno kuli masenga amene simunakumanenazo one day muzasova

  22. Chris says:

    Wow..when will Malawians every learn.was thinking about moving back to Malawi but now thanks but no thanks.what kind of backwards thinking you can blame someone else for me understand that.

  23. Jimbo says:

    Instead of progressing Malawi is going backward. Did the killers suspect witchcraft had caused the girl’s death? If so, then they are truly ignorant people. They must be rounded up and punished as murderers with the full force of the law. I hope those same people do not consider themselves to be Christians. They are savages and such behaviour should have no place in the 21st century.

  24. Mmalawi says:

    Apangazimezi aphedwe,ma gay aphedwenso……..kugwa kwa apresident,bambo ako sanagwepo?

  25. Tomtom says:

    Too bad. Old age does not mean ufiti. Malawians please let’s respect the elderly and the right to life. Having elderly people in our area should be considered a blessing and not a curse. My condolence to the bereaved families

  26. Illala says:

    SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!! Time for government to act!

  27. ernest says:

    Ya boma ndilimene likupangisa nyanga zatha liti kuti boma lizikana nyanga sizitha mupaka kalekale kuphela ufulu osauka wachuma sangaphedwe

  28. mwene says:

    Title “Four Men ………..” misleading. There are three women and one man. Title should have been ” Four People…….”. All the same , never before has such a barbaric act been committed in Malawi. All those involved in this act should be apprehended and face the law before hanging them ASAP!!!!!!!

  29. Jabulosi says:


  30. Bima Matheza says:

    God fearing nation ?

  31. pido says:

    Trapeze issue ndi iyi osati ya mathanyula

  32. Hara, chilumba, karonga says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God forgive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. zako says:

    Headline says “Four men killed by an angry mob” yet when yopu read the story it seems the victims are 3 women and one man , so editor why haven’t you noticed this error before coming out with the story.

  34. Ine abudul ahamadu i blemed the goverment also coz people who are involved about that samapasa chilango chokhwima kut athu ena atengelepo phuzilo ok

  35. zako says:

    Izi ndi nkhanza esh!

  36. John kwalira says:

    Kale kunalimbe ifa zotelezi izi ndizoopysa kwaife wobandwa kale, munthu sakupha ngati Galu wa chiwewe (Very Sad)

  37. Mp Wanzeru says:

    So people are still primitive to a point of believing that witchcraft exist ! That’s pure 19th Century mindset for Mwanza Neno people , apa zikuonekeratu kuti chakula ndi umbuli munthu asakalambe zoona yet achicheperenu mukungotengapa matenda mukamafa msanga nkumanamizira kulodzdwa basi.

  38. Mkasa says:

    Boma livomeleze kuti ufiti ulipo, then judge them in courts. People will stop killing others like chickens.

  39. observer says:

    arrest the whole village- including the chief- they will point the culprits- there will be no peace in that village for the blood they have spilled- lighting can struck anyone depending on where one is at the time of lightening

  40. onachi says:

    This is very sad

  41. mtochi says:

    Instead of killing cashgaters you kill innocents. Shame on you

  42. Namulangeni says:

    too bad munthu kukalamba ndekuti ndi mfiti ai amalawi tizachangamuka liti??? zoona kuwapha anthu ngati agalu choncho may there souls rest in eternal peace

  43. wopauyo wandasange says:

    Chisoni chachikulu why Malawi Mulungu tithandizeni

  44. busiso says:

    M’mesa anthu ena akuti kulibe Mulungu. Nanga zimenezi ndi chani izi? Munthu akuoopsya kuposa nyama zaku tchire

  45. Nangozo says:

    Calamity in our land!! God help us to see where we have gone wrong. The president will not even say anything on such issues.

  46. Kingsley Jika says:

    When I read this article, I asked whether we people do learn from history to improve upon ourselves as a people. It quickly reminded me of some event that happened there (in Mwanza) in the 1960s when Nyuzi (a witchdoctor) was invited by villagers to administer ‘mwavi’ (a deadly concoction) to sniff out witches. Ironically, Neno was part of Mwanza then. Sixteen people were given Nyuzi’s concoction (administered by his assistant Kudemera), four of them died, and twelve fell very sick. Nyuzi said the dead 4 were witches. Well, for the rest, read ‘African Law Report’, Malawi Series, 1966-68, 249). Now my concern is that over 50 years later, from the same area we have another catastrophe on the same issue of witchcraft. Do we learn from our past really? How can we descend upon four human lives all because GOD has blessed them with age? I think we can do better as a nation. GOD have mercy.

  47. busiso says:

    anthu akumalawi mwatani please how can you kill innocent people chonde wopani mulungu

  48. Gift Asima Mbalule says:

    eee zoopsatu!!!!
    God help us
    may their souls rest in peace

  49. Brien Bwankakata says:

    Koma Abale
    Lucky Dube Said, “The Enemy (devil) Wil Stand Aside And Watch While We Slash And Kill Our Own Brothers.” We Are The Victims Of The Situations.

  50. mthawa neno says:

    Ameneyo nde Neno, nkani enafe tinathawako kaye
    ziphaliwali za ma 10 kwacha akionongana nazozo. zangolakwika kuti enawo achita kuwapha. zikanakhala bwino an eye for an eye. mphezi ku mphezi

  51. chamwavi magwiji says:

    zaka zake ndi zino kuli kuphana anga akupha njoka. Malawi wa lero, don’t trust anybody period.

  52. Rose S Akeyo says:

    People should not age and enjoy their old age in this land of Malawi. Koma. Shame on such backward thinking. Umbuli kills stagnates development and progress. Can the killers be found and prosecuted please. If the village singanga is involved can he rot in jail too.

  53. Ellias says:

    Ku Mlambe hospital kuli bambo wina wake wakuda akumayenda mmatsenga akuti akufuna aphe wa ku procurement chifukwa amakhala ndi ndalama akagula zakudya za ma patient. Umbuli wake ndi umenewu. Watchuka ndi ufiti moti poyamba ankagula ndi iyeyo nde anamusuntha nkumpatsa udindo wina nde anakwanitsa kumanga nyumba ya mkazache ku nsanje kwawonso ku matindi anamanga nde pano wayamba ufiti. shame

  54. yakumbuyo says:

    This is the result when you live in a lawless country.It is pity that some business men have lost their business because of such thing.If the knew why lightining caused be people why not sell to the warriors.Government has to make laws to compensete such affected people.

  55. Telvin Phiri says:

    Foolish. There is no such thing as witchcraft. How can that be proven anyways ? One day when we become old and one decides to take advantage of us we shall pay like these defenseless people.

  56. Jijo says:

    Problem is the government Bcause they believe that there is no witchcraft but the Bible asures us that there is witchcraft so this behaviour wont stop until the government accepts

  57. Redeemed says:

    Oh no,! this sight can’t be of my beautiful and peaceful Malawi. It just can’t be!, it should be some where in Burundi or Zaire or somewhere else in Islamic states but definitely not in Malawi, no!, no,no!. Please Mr Phiri, the reporter, conduct an adequate proper research prior to reporting and fix your error, I am more than ready to accept your apology.

  58. anadimba says:

    azibale ake aDausi.kuganiza ngati Dausi.(mweneeee tingokonza)

  59. The Analyst says:

    Let it be known that if you embark on a journey called life, you may not avoid other things from happening to you like associating with or living among less-intelligent or unintelligent or foolish people or brutes or brutal superstitious savages, willingly or unwillingly, by fate or choice or otherwise.

    Now, let us so live among such people as not to boast about being something else; lest we be misunderstood and incite the devil in men and call trouble upon ourselves.

    It’s important to remember that . . . So many flowers in the garden; each wanting to grow the tallest, bloom the brightest, one by one, sooner or later, they all get plucked. Thus, safer it is sometimes, to not want to be the tallest or the brightest flower; just aim at remaining in the garden, until the sun or time withers you away.

    Otherwise, whether the four boasted about being tsetseflies, mosquitos or mosquito nets, subsidised fertiliser or malata or cement, snakes, wizards or witches, or the lightning that killed the girl; what happened is horrendously deplorable or deplorably horrendous.

  60. sibweni Mulowoka says:

    This is brutal murder and is uncalled for.

  61. Investor says:

    No arrests up to now !! Why?
    We trust our police please make the arrests

  62. AUSTIN (MWANZA) says:

    koma sizikuyenda olo pang’ono, why killing others like chicken? kodi munthu akakalamba ndi mfiti shame on you.

  63. God have mercy on our souls… Malawi…. mmh

  64. fanny says:

    very sad indeed

  65. Ijeku says:

    Bomanso ndilimene likukolezela anthu mkwiyo chifukwa chamalamulo awo otsutsa kuti ufiti kulibe ndichifukwa chake zinthu ngati izi zizichitika aka sikakhala komaliza.I put the whole blem on the government!! Ufiti uliko mosachotselakonso ayi.

  66. golo says:

    This is unfair on the murdered elderly people. In this day and age there are still people who are this backward in their thinking. All the people who took part in the murder of these innocent souls should be arrested and face the law.This is brutality of the highest order.I cannot imagine how some people can act like this. I am lost for words.

  67. Mlangeni says:

    Tisamaphane ai

  68. Dikisan says:

    No wonder. Kamuzu find these people naked. Umbuli ulipo wambiri. Inu mwachotsa moyo wa azanu. Zachisoni kwambiri. Tamatumizani kusukulu ana aphunzire. Kamuzu adapeza osavala. 51 years they are behaving like animals. (hyenas) Shame on you people of Neno who pose to be educated enough.

  69. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    More proof that our education system still fails to impart even the most basic understanding of the relationship between cause and effect

  70. Ellias says:

    Tikamati school ndi yofunika amayesa tikumana? Ndi mphamvu ya umbulitu iyi, dziphaliwali dzapha angati ever since?

    Kill them also

  71. ngoni weniweni says:

    very sad..

  72. kk says:

    Oh oh…………………………………………………!!
    Nanga zikakhala kuti sanamuphe ndi amenewa mwaphawa zitani pamenepa?
    Mudzi wa anthu okwiya ngati inu sindinaonepo,Oh oh…………………………………..!!
    Mpaka anthu onayi?Oh oh……………………………………………………………………………..!!

    Oh oh………… Ma gay nonse dziwani kuti zikatero its sign yoti mukangogwidwa, inuyo tikupangani zoopsa, Ndipo team yake tasankha kale, Fans yake tasankha ya mudzi umenewu.
    Oh oh……………..!! Apa palibepo za Rest In Peace tinamapo.

  73. umbuliwaasena says:

    Umbuli umbuli at its highest order. If there was heavy downpour at the time the lightning struck, its just normal. Lightning has been killing people ever since time immemorial. Arrest the whole village akudziwana. How can you brutally murder such aged people? Ubuntu ukusoweka.

  74. Oge says:

    Eeeeeh kma amalawi why nowdays anthu sakuopa kumphana ??? yehovah plz come for us

  75. Najere Chitekwe Gelevulo says:

    Where is Malawi heading? God redeem our land!

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