Four more ministries sign performance agreements

Four more ministries on Tuesday signed the performance contracts with President Prof. Peter Mutharika accepting to implement public reforms that the government is current advocating.

Chiumia signing

Chiumia signing

President Mutharik and Minister of Land Atupele Muluzi

President Mutharik and Minister of Land Atupele Muluzi

Diplomats at the event

Diplomats at the event

 Ministers: Samuel Tembenu, Joseph Mwanamveka, Atupele Muluzi, and Grace Obama Chiumia geared to sign for the Perfomance Contracts at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Ministers: Samuel Tembenu, Joseph Mwanamveka, Atupele Muluzi, and Grace Obama Chiumia geared to sign for the Perfomance Contracts at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

The four ministries are; the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Sports and Culture.

Among other things, the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs intends to embark on reforms that will help promote rule of law through the provision of professional legal services in a transparent and accountable manner.

It also intends to establish online registration system of companies and businesses and expedite drafting of bills for various government ministries and departments.

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development focuses on increasing access of land and providing decent and affordable houses to low-income Malawians by undertaking policy, legal, administrative as well as institutional reforms.

Ministry of Trade and Industry seeks to create an enabling and competitive environment for private sector development, link Malawian businessmen to international markets and empower Malawians participate in economic activities among others.

On its part, the Ministry of Sports and Culture plans to establish an incentive and welfare programme for sports persons, improve planning, implementation and coordination of sports programmes in the country and manage sports structures.

Speaking after signing the contracts, Mutharika said reforms are processes that take huge amount of time and resources.

He then said it was unfair to start criticising government that it is failing to implement any of the said reforms when in actual sense, a lot was being done.

“The fact that Malawians are talking and discussing reforms on daily basis is a clear indication that there is a national consensus that we need to change the way we have conducted business in this country.

“The public has entrusted this administration to govern and produce results and they are waiting for us to deliver. We have no excuse but to deliver. But let me urge fellow  Malawians to  exercise patience because change is not a one day thing, but a process that takes place gradually,” the president said.

He said by signing the contracts, he saw people having access to land and security of land tenure for socio-economic development, improved business environment through online registration of businesses and companies as well as an  improved sports management and political oversight by the justice ministry.

The President then commended the four ministries that signed the contracts and described the event as a sign of willingness and commitment to change.

“It is more befitting and proper that more ministries should join in the reforms agenda,” Mutharika explained.

He then warned that he expected no excuse but tangible results.

“By signing these contracts you have assured me and Malawians at large that you will deliver and produce the expected results, and as such, I expect nothing but good work,” the President said.


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Vinny castrol

Good atupele ….big up…….tawadyele as your father did.

This is absolutely stupid. There is no need to give choices to ministries as to whether or not to sign or join the reforms. All of them have to be forced to accept the public service reforms or performance benchmarks. So what happens to those ministries that don’t want reforms or to sign? Will they be allowed to continue to underperform? You apm must show your power and leadership, all ministries whether they like it or not should tow the line and embrace reforms and performance measurements. If we are going to allow a two tier system in the civil… Read more »

We went to see the terms of the contract.plsssss

jack gomeka

What are the terms

Crocodile eater

Pay off those people who were Principle Secretaries, who are being paid without working. And also get rid of all those who are over 65 years, send them for pension, their IQ is gone low


koma ndalama abale grace chiumia ziphuphu zija zinatha eti

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