Fraud at Bwaila Hospital: Youth health NGO wants heads to roll

A youth health civil society has asked the ministry of Health to transfer five top management at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe on fraud and corruption allegations.

Bwaila hospital, Lilongwe

Bwaila hospital, Lilongwe

In a letter to the ministry of Health principal secretary, board chair of Youth Health Network, Charles Kapichi alleges the district health officer Dr M. Mwale of gross mismanagement.

“Payment made to garages for maintenance of vehicles which were in actual fact not repaired, theft of drugs and nutrious food (chiponde) by senior officers,” says the letter in part.

Kapichi, in the letter asks for forced transfer of Dr Mwale, district medical officer Dr A Chauma, principal administrator Mrs Chiona, deputy district environmental officer Mrs V Jeremiah and nurse/youth friendly health coordinator Mrs A Kachigamba.

“We are also very optimistic and grateful that your good office will call us as soon as possible. Failing to do so within the period stated, the Youth Health Network will mobilise all youth, health workers and other stakeholders in Lilongwe district to stage the peaceful mass demonstrations to force the ministry of Health to address the problems raised.”

Dr Mwale refused to comment on the allegations.

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13 thoughts on “Fraud at Bwaila Hospital: Youth health NGO wants heads to roll”

  1. Professor Wakumpoto says:

    The problem of judging by words spoken by the accuser only is we run a high risk of one sided opinion. Penanso anthu olemba makalata otero ku MoH ndi amene ali anthu akuba kwambiri. Charles Kapichi nayenso asamuke ndipo angopanga resign. Anthu ngati Kapichi ndi amene sagwira ntchito at all, just finding complaints and blame. Shame to you.

  2. Phwado says:

    Jeremiah wa mankhwala a AIDS a fake!Shame!

  3. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Everything has its time.The allegations may be true.Thanks to the NGO for giving light to those in darkness.Govt resources are plundered that way.

    For the vehicle the DHO maynot be at fault.In recent times I have discovered vehicles being sold at K30000 by officers from MoF and PVHO even without knowledge of castodians(DHO and Mgnt) because these officers clain that vehicles belong to MoF.The sell running vehicles and write hood on receipts and plant/vehicle release forms

    secondly these people are very crafty ;use names of politicians to intimidate custodians.So if vehicles diappear at DHOs office such things happen.

  4. Zanga Pheee says:

    MoH has grossly failed masses on LL DHO management,
    1. Millions being siphoned through hiring of services; catering, printing, maitenance, security yet there are full sections on these
    2. Fuel being abused through a hospital attendant who was strategically positioned as transport officer
    3.There are 4 doctors in total who sits in offices Monday to Friday leaving everything to MAs.
    4 Dr Mwale and his team are NOT complicated enough to manage Lilongwe, you can even verify this from ALL partners.
    5. Non-runer vehicles have disappeared one Sunday following a donation of new fleet by Unicef
    6. MoH gurus cannot remove Mwale coz they directly benefit from his mo ves & he boasts/challenges

    Lets wait and see azayalukira limodzi

  5. DOBO says:

    Oh! These people have overstayed.

  6. Chikusa Mzoma says:

    Apa yakula ndi jealous m’mene ndawerengera. Mwawi anapita Ku xool. Nanu pitani Ku xool . Uwu ndi umbuli at its best chondeee tisinthe A Malawi musiyeni mwana wa anzanu. Mwawi kuchoka inu ndiye mukhale? Inu ndi ambeu? Nanuso muchokepo.

    Apa pakuwonesa kuti Mwawi ndi anzakewo simupuma nawo bwino please, please musamuwonongere mbiri mwana wa eni ndi anzake.

  7. Anti mwawi mwale says:

    Vuto lake mwawi ndi anne chauma ndi chibwezi nde amapanga run office ngati family kuyiwala za anthu ogwira ntchito komanso kodi dokotala wa nzeru oti apange run lilongwe ndi iye yekha wakhalitsapo ayende tufuna nzeru zina ife. Lilongwe dho imalandira funding yochuluka and yet zipatala zazikulu ndi mitundu, kabudula ndi bwaila koma ma resources mulibemo zungothera mmatumba a unduna wazaumoyo tithangateni ife

  8. KB says:

    RT, for ‘Ur information, the DHO’s are involved, if not taking a lead in management of vehicles despite having adminstrators in place.

  9. kaluga says:

    In fact this call has delayed, he uses a hospital attendant to manage fuel and cars. She has no knowledge of government regulations,she can be used the way the DHO wants no wonder all these allegations

  10. Citizen weniweni says:

    No wonder even the maids are demanding money from patients. Some have even become vendors within the premises.

  11. Citizen weniweni says:

    Can they also the named people explain where the NAC funds meant for Carer of Carers? Can they also explain how they disposed off the vehicles that were not usable and have disappeared at the DHO? This team has plundered alot of government resources and its high time the ministry should act.

  12. rt says:

    Koma abaleee. Are you telling me the dho is responsible for taking cars to garages and supervising the mechanics maintaining the cars….blah blah blah. If you want people to go, it should be those who the job is delegated to. Anyway mwina ndizoona but the arguments made don’t make sense

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