Free advice to Chaponda, please don’t end like Lutepo

Of course we are not new in Jerusalem; we know the events that have transpired over the last two weeks.  From the extension of the commission of enquiry submission of report to the actual material day the report was physically presented to the powers that be. Obviously, the report came as a surprise to many Malawians.


At least for once, it was revealed that not all Malawians are rotten and indeed selfish. We have one true Malawian daughter in the name of Anastazia Msosa, this one for sure can be trusted. From there the rest is history and news. I don’t intend to delve much into the intricacies of the events that have unfolded over the last days.

I just want to advise my good old former  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development who has just added another prefix to his tittle of Dr. I have noticed every statement about him starts with the word “embattled” .

Anyway, this is a free advice to my former Minister. Let me indicate at the outset that I am not in any way related to the embattled one. But as a Christian faithful of one Eklezia Katolika (Catholic) just like Anastazia Msosa I would like to be a true friend in times of need.

Here is my simple advice bwana; the fact of the matter or the reality is that you have been stripped naked. Your status has vanished into thin air, save for your MP status but you are done bwana. This is a reality. Harsh reality for your sake, sorry indeed.

Of course I don’t need to remind you of your current predicament, I may just cause more harm than good. But perhaps this is the most important introduction to the advice for a purpose. The realisation of your real situation may assist you to plan for the future, yes your future. What you should know boss is that DPP has sacrificed you to save its face and the face of the President. This is a political game well staged but dangerous for you as a person. At the moment you can be handled with kid’s gloves in this case considering your connection to the presidency.

But please don’t get carried away with this temporary cosmetic environment for you. If it were me found in possession of those gargantuan quantities of monies I would be in cooler by now pending further investigations. But because it’s you the untouchable, you are moving freely.

Let me just remind you that Lutepo the main cashgate actor was exactly in the same situation that you have just found yourself in.  Indeed we heard of his VIP welcome at the airport upon his arrival from wherever he was hiding. We know what happened during JB administration. Lutepo was handled just like a baby. He was made to make statements that were not true. He pretended that he was working on his own that he was rich enough to accommodate those party donations.

But surely we all knew something was fishy. The big fish or fishes were well covered. It reached a point when everybody thought Lutepo will have the last laugh and would be paid handsomely by government. But things went the other direction. It was too late for poor Lutepo to change statements. When he wanted to say the truth, nobody wanted to buy his truths. He had been rendered imbecile. Hahahah the beauty of politics.

Now my former boss, don’t be foolish like Lutepo. Right away from the start just be honest and spill everything that you can spill and spit. If you try to protect your cronies make sure your gods have shown you that DPP is here to stay forever and you will always be protected. Otherwise, bwana, expect to spend the rest of your remaining years on earth in Malawi prison cells.

Yes may be DPP can still stay in power for the next two or three terms, but then the courts can also surprise you. I hope this is another reality that has just happened to you before you were stripped of your untouchable status, your cronies could not save you from the injunction from the north. You suffered the humiliation while your friend was and is at the helm. You know you have the contempt of court case over your head on the same when you went to Germany. All these are indications that anything can happen to you now and that those you think can protect you have limitations too.

This is just a free advice from somebody you don’t know and has no ties with you. Please just spill what you can spill and spit what you want to spit. The time is now bwana. Why should you go down the drain alone when we all know others benefitted too from your generosity. I am not saying you are guilty of anything but justifying those sums in foreign currency will be a big task. Even if you show us your assets now, you will be attracting so many questions like your conformity to tax requirements. Can you produce documentation of your tax payments for your assets.

At this point bwana you are just like a goal boy whose defenders have been torn apart. You are left with wide goal posts to guard by yourself. I am afraid you can’t save yourself. But you can save Malawi by doing the needful in exposing the underhand dealings of your cronies. The time is now. At least for Lutepo there can be life after prison, after all he is younger than you.

Just imagine yourself at this age alone in Prison without Goodall, Henry Mussa and Kaliati??? No! I feel like crying for you.

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Adriano Mwanache

Ife tili ndi chilonda ndife timvera kuwawa,let some politicians learn a lesson from chaponda

Manuel Makhuwira

if i were Chaponda,i could have taken this advice seriously.Whoever posted this advice has brains


Indeed the world has cheated you Papa and the only solution to your problem is repentance.


Wayamba kale kupeleka ma clues. Goodall Gondwe ankabela limodzi. Koma chifukwa choti ma Judge onse, ACB ndi zina zotero ndi za atumbuka sangamugwire Goodall. Anatero Embattled Dr Chaponda!!!!!!!!!!


A good free advise for the Senior Lawyer/former Minister

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