Fresh appeal for funds to help ex-Malawi News editor undergo kidney transplant

Friends of Limbani, a task force that took trouble to raise funds for former Malawi News Editor Limbani Moyo, who was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2012, has made a fresh appeal to well-wishers for K1.25 million to finance an anti-injection injection bill for the journalist.

Moya: Help

Moya: Help

Moya flew to India on October 23 for kidney transplant,  which was due last Friday, but had to undergo anti-injection injection process first, according to Anthony Kasunda, Chairperson of the Task Force.

But it has transpired that the hospital cannot do the procedure unless there is a commitment to pay $2500 (about K1.25 million) for the anti-injection injection which was not initially covered in the quotation the task forced worked on.

“Mr Moya was expected to undergo kidney transplant on Friday, November 21 2014, after satisfying all medical and legal requirements.

“Unfortunately, the procedure did not take place due to unavailability of the said money for the injection,” said Kasunda.

He described the development as sad and pathetic, urging Malawians to come together and assist the former Malawi News Editor.

“It will be very sad and painful if Mr Moya comes back from India without undergoing kidney transplant because we have failed to assist him with K1.25 million to cover for the injection bill,” appealed Kasunda.

The hospital, according to him, has given a grace period to Moya to raise the funds with which to meet the injection bill.

Those wishing to assist him can deposit their contributions to the following bank details at First Merchant Bank (FMB) Blantyre Branch; Account Number 5200740001; Account Name: Friends of Limbani or can always meet or contact Kasunda on 0999952457/0888852457 or[email protected].

The Task Force raised about K10 million from individuals and corporations for the ailing journalist, his spouse and sister travel to India for specialist treatment.

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19 thoughts on “Fresh appeal for funds to help ex-Malawi News editor undergo kidney transplant”

  1. mago phirmai says:

    Achibale, ana kapena akazi a Moya angamve bwanji atawerenga ma comment otere

  2. nyalongwe says:

    so did it make sense to donate the 50pins to another charity so u could get famous and then come begging the public to assist Limbani? poti ife sititchuka nawo. isaaa! let Raphael Tenthani lead the way and donate first. A Moya wo anatchuka ndithu by scandalising people thru that defunct friday tabloid, now he needs those very same people to bail him out?! Do unto others as you might want them to do unto you. that’s the way to go.

  3. mmthakati says:

    What is an anti-injection injection? Perhaps you meant to say anti-rejection injection? Now to my point. I have read 15 comments here and most seem to imply Mr Moyo. is not deserving of their help because he is arrogant. As Jesus would have said, let the one who is without fault cast the first stone. My grandfather would have said chaona mzako chapita maws Chiri pa iwe!

  4. Matchado says:

    Even if I had money, I would not donate to this Limbani Moya Fund . This guy was so arrogant and cruel . He destroyed so many people’s lives by publishing lies in his Friday scandal newspaper . Some of the stories were true but the majority were fabrications published without any regard to the reputations of the people he was defaming . As a Christian I’m supposed to take pity on this man in his present situation, but he failed to do the same to other people when he was in charge of his stupid defunct newspaper . And here I’m referring to the people who were innocent but were still defamed by this heartless man .

  5. Mbanangwa says:

    I can see from most these comments that Malawians are becoming angrier and angrier each because what is happening with tax payers money. It is a just cause to b angry for.

  6. kanunkha says:

    Unfortunate, you see, you Kasunda your babies had received mk50 000 at sanjika. If you sum up those moneys you would thouroughly be reaching almost the same amount or even more. This plea you are making is for, if i ma say cerebrity….. known!!!!! How about impoverished citizens languishing in poor hospitals? do they not deserve life? if all patients were to be flown out for such treatment, then i would be happy as a malawian. To the contrary, am a sad malawian. For God’s sake and the poor, why cant you Kasunda call for government so that come 2016, such ailments should be handled right at QECH/KCH? This is not fair.

    we are not wishing our fellow malawian bad luck, We wish him a successful transplant. Back home, we have many with such problems yet no body cares!!!!!!! yyyyyyyy!!!. Imagine how many matresses for patients would be bought with MK1 Million? which some guy, some leader can pocket in a day!!!!!

  7. wodabwa says:

    Guys honestly you so called friends of limbani leave me with abit of unanswered questions. To what positive contribution has this man brought to Malawi ? For your own information this man is full of arrongantism and self centered . Ngati mwasowa owathandiza thru this limbani fund raising u better find other meaningful targets not this idiot even if he dies today there will be no public mourning and public holiday .

  8. Tingo says:



  9. Tania says:


  10. Plebian says:

    All journalists that attended APM feast must give Moyo the K50 pin they got. Journalistgate should be ploughed into saving life. Foolish journalists that kept quiet over the scone. Do you need allowances from the President or your organisation? Shame on you thief collaborators. Tenthani where is the money? You also of all?

  11. MMALAWI says:

    atola nkhani opusa inu mwafumbatitsidwa chi sikono cha dpp welenganani mudalipo angati ma k80,000 ma pere mwalandirawo mpatsanani.munthalika mudakaba ku NAC mpatseni ife tilibe

  12. Mbanangwa says:

    Journalist should have the audacity to knock at NAC offices. Gertrude Mutharika got so much in millions and Peter Mhlako got that much, more than enough to send 4 patients to undergo the same treatment.
    However, the rest of us who can afford to help,let us do so without hesitation. I was also looking at the journalists who received mk50,000 out of pocket, if each one of you made a mk20,000 contribution, Moya would have been helped. Let us begin with Raphael Tenthani for charity begins at home.

  13. mphatso says:

    just get some cash from Lutepos account.As one of the tax payers i have suggested so

  14. Lipukwe says:

    Thandizo mumapemphela kwa okhao oziwika bwino, pomwe ambili akufa posasowa thandizo lochepa kwambili koma palibe amabwela poyela kuliza lipenga kwa osaukayo kuti athandizidwe, ine sindingapelekepo kanthu apa kamba zikupita kwa ochita bwino okhaokha. Bwanji osapempha a MISA malawi kapena ma DJ ndi atolankhani anzache iya! palibe zimenezo pano.

  15. MOG says:

    I pray to God that the money should be found so that we should help our brother.Let me say that alot of things can be said but,the only option needed here is to find financial support to bail out our friend.I pray that Limbani should come here in malawi a happy man.Oh how sweet it is to put a smile on the face of someone who was feeling pain.Help Limbani in the name of Jesus.

  16. ninja ninja says:

    ma k5o,ooo mapatsa ena anja sibwezi mutangowasokhanitsa.molons

  17. Probably, you Hypocrites ! have heard that government is failing to refer so many people to outside hospitals for medical care, so if you are real journalist who advocates for issues of national interest why are you just advocating for people of your field. Why not others who are failing to get government support. Please advocate for emergency medical care support for every one to benefit , not only a few known people.

  18. Patriot says:

    The man realy needs help.
    Knock at APM door, money will be made available quickly the same way as they did for Princess Chitsulo and Che Nkope of MIJ.
    I know our president to be a very generous man.
    And pochita chotero Mulungu amatha kukhululukira zofooka zanu zina.

  19. Nyaliki says:

    Moyo really needs help not BEAM or Mlakho.

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