Friend indeed, US pledges K39bn food aid to Malawi

United States of America has become the first country to pledge relief food to Malawi a day after President Peter Mutharika declared a state of national disaster.

Mutharika with US ambassador Palmer: Friend in need is a friend indeed

Mutharika with US ambassador Palmer: Friend in need is a friend indeed

US ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer said on Wednesday her country will make available K38.5 billion for the relief food.

However she demanded transparency and accountability from the government officials handling the relief food saying the US wants the food to reach the targeted  vulnerable.

“It is a hard decision that the President has made. The President has showed leadership in declaring Malawi a disaster nation. This makes it easier for me to ask for help from Washington,” she said..

She said there is also need to plan for the future, suggesting the persistent food shortages will continue for a longer period.

Donors no longer trust Malawians as they have the history of plundering donor money or diverting for an initial agreed upon project to another.

Police are yet to arrest over 70 workers of ministry of Health who a few months ago swindled billions of money for the US funded Centre for Disease Control through dubious allowances.

The government is also yet to act on over 100 civil servants involved in a multi-billion ministry of agriculture scam.

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16 thoughts on “Friend indeed, US pledges K39bn food aid to Malawi”

  1. jim says:

    Mphoska zikuwa uko kulije wakambwe. Womwa tea, azamwanso.

  2. kalikokha mulweli says:

    I hope people who really need help will get the food, bcoz we all know what happens.

  3. Chambe says:

    The food aid is for those displaced by the floods in Mzuzu and other parts of the country.
    People are harvesting now but due the cruel weather, the harvest will not take them through the next 4 months.
    It’s time to be serious on irrigation now!

  4. Namasina says:

    Malawi malawi pano mwavomera kuti kuli njala mukufunathandizo? Nanga bushiri uja munamuletseranji kuti atigayiree ife chimanga? Ku ntcheunso kubwanje thandizolo lifiketu .

  5. j maona says:

    bushiri did not give 39 billion. he does not have that kind of money. 39 million yes.
    please stop magically praising bushiri.
    where does he get the money from? church offerings which he turns into business allegedly
    Malawi must develop not depend on aid.

  6. chembwiye says:

    MERCEDES. do you know the difference between million and billion? Go back to school to learn about the difference.

  7. was says:

    Dausi, do you see this. Do these people look like they want to topple the government of APM. Shame on you Dausi.

  8. Ken Mwambo says:

    Same old story. State of National Disaster declared, money will come in trillions but this government will chew it, embezzle eat, there will be no food for the hungry not evening some planning for the coming food shortages in the coming years. That’s Malawi for you on Autopilot. This government is a joke.

  9. Kennedy says:

    Thanks to the usa but please help us to distribute the food because the ddp people are useless. Noone in dpp thinks the right way.

  10. Mphwiyo Malo achepa. says:

    Get the corn and do not get the dollar counterfeit. Thats my advice.

  11. Chimuntu says:

    Where are the Chinese so much beloved of the government? The Chinese rarely, if ever, give anything for free; there is always a comeback for them. They only give when they have something to gain, and there is no gain in helping to feed the hungry. Malawi shuns Europe and the USA at its peril. The DPP government should know by now who are Malawi’s true friends; certainly NOT the Chinese.

  12. sam says:

    May the target group indeed benefit from this aid pliz Malawi.

  13. MERCEDES says:


  14. therere says:

    thanks American government for coming to our rescue god bless

  15. Phirilanga says:

    Now those of you who say US are satanists we should not see you or your relatives partaking of this US food mupite kutima’Church tanu ta anthu odziyesa oyerato akakupatseni food aid MXIII!!!

  16. KARU UNITED says:

    This looks carefully choreographed, “Declare a food disaster, then, we will give you something!” Of remote controlled leaders.

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