I have fulfilled most of my campaign promises – Mutharika

Malawian President Peter Mutharika has said he has fulfilled most of his 2014 campaign promises he made to the electorate.

President Peter Mutharika is welcomed by members of the Democratic Progressive Party on arrival at Ntcheu (C)Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika is welcomed by members of the Democratic Progressive Party on arrival at Ntcheu (C)Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika speaks to people gathered at Ntcheu Boma near the new Bus depot (C) Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika speaks to people gathered at Ntcheu Boma near the new Bus depot (C) Stanley Makuti

Government officials ,Chiefs and members of DPP waiting for the arrival of President Mutharika(C) Stanley Makuti

Government officials ,Chiefs and members of DPP waiting for the arrival of President Mutharika(C) Stanley Makuti

Mutharika said at Phalula in Balaka during a whistle-stop political tour that his administration was committed to service delivery, particularly in areas of infrastructure and agriculture.

He highlighted a number development programmes which his government has put in place such as the fertilizer and cement-malata subsidy programmes, saying these will help empower Malawians social economically.

Mutharika said  by the end of this year, all 28 community colleges will be completed across the country to help furnish the youth with entrepreneurial skills.

“My government also continues to construct free houses for the elderly and the vulnerable so that they live comfortable lives apart from there also being the Cement and Malata Subsidy Program,” said Mutharika.

Moreover, Mutharika said he will soon conduct a ground breaking ceremony for the launch of an electricity generating plant at Kammwamba in Balaka which will help reduce blackouts in the country.

The President also said his government is constructing police stations in all designated points of the country to minimize crimes in communities.

He re-assured Malawians that nobody is going to die of hunger in the country despite the low maize production brought about by adverse weather conditions precipitated by El Nino in Southern Africa.

President Muthariksa said his  government has procured enough maize from within and outside Malawi.

“My government has bought 1.2 million metric tonnes of maize within and outside the country and nobody is going to die of hunger in this country.

“Moreover, Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) is still buying the staple grain locally thereby Malawians should not be worried,” explained Mutharika.

Furthermore,  heurged all Malawians to focus on the three pillars of; integrity, patriotism and hard work whilst supporting government’s development agenda saying some development activities are short term while others are long term.

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19 thoughts on “I have fulfilled most of my campaign promises – Mutharika”

  1. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Tazingodya zitchetche kumeneko galu iwe

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Yes Mathanyula,you have fulfilled your promises you made during the last election campaigns and if I remember correctelly,these are: corruption,nepotism,tribalism,ineptitude,crime rise,falling economy,the list goes on and on.God forbids,you had absolutely no vision and that’s why our nation is swept into the dustbin of poverty never seen in the history of our country in 52 years and you have totally lost moral compass.Another problem you have that has led you 360 degrees astray,is that you accommodated quislings around you who give you wrong and flattering advice which are in turn,beneficiary to their own interests.You have dangerously divided our country ethnically,the self serving policy inherited from your late brother rogue Bingu.Finally,I urge fellow Malawians to unite and remove Muthalika and his divisive DPP in 2019,otherwise we shall be blown into the sea of inferno.My only worry is the future of our unfortunate children,their children and the future generations.GOD BE WITH US YOUR SUFFERNG PEOPLE!!!

  3. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    If he has fulfilled most of his campaign promises then we got a raw deal. A very raw deal. Coz nigga you ain’t done s#it!

  4. Mmalawi says:


  5. Zitete ndi Mbewa says:

    Does this man live in same Malawi we are living? We might have put into power a dreamer (literally)

  6. Nsanje Hyena says:

    I always like what Peter’s brother, Bingu, used to say during the first term before he embarked on theft of public money ”let the work of my hands be testimony to fulfilment of promises”. So for Peter there is no point to make wayward noise along the M1. The public is a better judge on your performance. It doesn’t matter how much noise is made. What is important is whether what you are doing is impacting people’s lives positively or negatively. The shielding of cashgate suspects, the lack of decision on collection of toxic loans, the inaction on the dealing with murder cases eg NJaunju issues, the inconsistences in implementation of major policy issues promised during election campaign eg the powers to appoint ACB boss who is now a complete puppet of govt machinery and many other issues Sir. These have and will continue to dent what could have been a fairly good performance. You have a little bit of time to come back to your senses and sort these things out. It better late than never Sir.

  7. ernesto says:

    bring elections tomorrow,you will have the shock of your life.people are no longer interested in you.delusions,delusions,delusions

  8. Nganga says:

    Who should tell who?

  9. President Chidakhwa says:

    Yeh sir you have fulfilled all promises. But is it what Malawi need? We need economic recovery not cheap Malata with empty stomachs and unfufilled lives.

  10. hhhhhh says:

    ichi ndiye chitsilu chenicheni chomwa madzi wometela moti zimenezi ndizolakhula kwa anthu womwe pano akuvutika m’midzimu ineyo kwanthu ambulance yidasiya kucpita kuchipatala kukatenga wodwala anthu akuzuzika kwambili kuti akafike kuchipatala. ndiye apa kumalakhula zochitsilu. imeneyi mbuzi yeti.

  11. Honeycomb Chidyauzu. says:

    I think our president is myopic. What promises has he fullfilled when every one can see that this country is going down in every sphere of life. He is living in dreamland. May be his main manifesto was to bring the country on its knees. That definately he has managed to do. Malawi has become the poorest nation on planet earth yet he is saying that he has fullfilled most of his promises. I cry that we elected this man to be our leader. Mr President wake up and see the reality on the ground. Can those around him please tell him the truth. There is a saying ” Do not beat your own drum’. This is exactly what our president is doing. I can see that Malawi has got a very big problem because our leaders do not know the real situation on the ground. We are in big shit. The masses are suffering in the villages.

  12. Costly Gochisale says:

    He has implemented 5% of the manifesto. He has disowned some of it like trimming power of the executive, independence of the ACB etc etc. useless President

  13. Tozer Tsono says:

    Not true –
    The DPP youth have benn seen brandishing machetes, even seen sharpening the ominous knives on public streets, at DPP rallies and others. When are you going to outlaw such barbaric gestures publicly?
    When citizens are being hacked in the middle of the night probably using the same machetes, why haven’t you scolded the DPP youth?
    What is the cost of living for city people or village people? Compare that to what it was when dictator Banda or his successor Muluzi or your late brother or Joyce Banda was president?
    What is the crime rate during today, compared to previous administrations?
    How many Albinos were slaughtered under previous administrations?
    Why is the price of gas so chokingly high when there is an oil glut?
    And this is a big, one, why haven’t you brought back donor funds and confidence due to your glaring accomplishments.
    How much foreign exchange reserves does Malawi have?
    The reality on the ground is different; everyone from police at road blocks, to airport security, including immigration is begging for some change for bread while on duty. The problem of pan-handling is normalized by government employees.

    Please resign if you can not put checks and balances in place to stop and resolve corruption immediately. Malawians have suffered enough. Companies fire executives who steal or cannot monitor efficient use of company resources. Malawi needs leaders who can bring Donor confidence and donor much needed help. You are not the answer because you can even tackle the billions stolen under your late brother’s presidency.

    1. Pido says:

      Tozer Tsono, The talk is about campaign promises. Is resignation one of his campaign promises. Iweyo you are a very bitter person such that you cannot even think rationally

      1. Okwiya says:

        @ you are just being silly. All that the above contributor is saying is for this joker to resign. As simple as that. Can you truly say that our situation has changed for the better since this joker became president. Seriously if you can’t see that Malawi is worse off now than it was in 2014 then you have a serious problem or simply put you are simply stupid.

      2. PIDO says:

        check out Okwiya’s contribution! I like it, what about you?

  14. Thinktankmalawi says:

    koma Pres mutu ukugwira??…What kind of nonsense is this? Campain promises are being fulfilled??..oh yea..may be promises made to himself and his elite members.Bravo…you are rich…But the common man on whose shoulders you stand and talk garbage, is poorer now than when you took office.Nothing to spin here…sizikuyendapo apa!!

  15. Mwananyanian says:

    It’s like the President is declaring victory, already. Wrong, wrong and wrong.
    There is so much to do, in order for people to feel like even half good about the state of their affairs. And that is the barometer we have to go by; not by how APM feels.

    Not much is well in this country. The economy trumps everything, in life – and we say “economy” in this country we are talking about food, food, food; shelter, shelter shelter; and clothing and education. We are still struggling with that first need! Even though the droughts are not the governments making, it is insensitive for the President to be talking and boasting in this fashion. People are not amused at all. And many families can’t afford even a bicycle. Pathetic indeed.
    Maybe APM should leave these pronouncements to Ms Kaliati; one of the best retail politicians around.
    He seems to be destroying his credibility with Malawians. They still have some goodwill invested in him: lucky for him!

  16. Chambe says:

    You may think that you have fulfilled your promise as per your manifesto but the reality on the ground is different. The economic situation, corruption, service deliveries by ESCOM, Water Board,Security Lapse,lack of drugs ,suitable equipment and skills, lack of focus on Agriculture and Irrigation…………. (I can list to fill 10 A4 size pages) are what we measure that your government has failed. So don’t fool yourself Mr President thinking that all is going well.Your brother did not have to tell the people that he fulfilled his promises during his first term; people could see and feel that indeed he was performing. See how pathetic is your Judicial System that allows criminals free! Iam so disappointed with ” pure Democracy” as a system of government; we need our own type of system just like the Asian developing countries have hence why they are so advanced.

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