Further scandal on State House cash handout:  NAC funded journo ‘allowances’

More scandalous revelations are coming out on the K50,000 that Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika dished out to media representative during their recent visit to State House with the latest being that the money came from the country’s National Aids Commission (NAC).

President Mutharika dished K50,000 cash handouts to journalists

President Mutharika dished K50,000 cash handouts to journalists

NAC is a government institution that is mandated to fight HIV and Aids and is funded by the Global Fund on the Fight Against HIV and Aids and Tuberculosis.

According to information that Nyasa Times has, NAC released funds amounting to K12 million directly to State House following a proposal that the organisation should help the President with money for the media interface.

NAC sources disclosed that the proposal indicated that among several issues to be discussed during the meeting were measures that would help to rope in the media on the national HIV and Aids fighting campaign and also fight the scourge amongst the journalists through the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter and the Media Council of Malawi.

“This proposal came from Ministry of Information. Although the money was released it was clear that the proposal did not make much sense but management decided to release the funding,” said a source.

NAC which was recently forced to refund some money to Global Fund was again recently caught in a scandal when it released huge sums of money to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi Trust and the Mulhakho wa Lhomwe to fund activities which are not HIV and Aids related.

Just this week there have also been revelation that the President actually authorized K150,000 to be given to each journalist on the night and not the K50,000 that were given out.

The revelation has since sent heads rolling at State House as the President is keen to know what happened to the almost K8 milion which was left after only a total of K4 million was dished out.

Initially, the K50,000 handouts were tucked under the sleeves even to the journalists who got the money until Times TV Head of News and Current Affairs Gracian Tukula wrote about it in his weekly column thereby attracting an outcry from both the media fraternity and members of the public.

Most commentators have argued on the impact of the money on whether journalists will remain objective when handling issues to do with government, State House and the President.

Some have even described the money as bribery to journalists with the President wanting to corrupt the minds of journalists in the country.

In response to the outbursts Times Group editors on Tuesday this week used the money to buy assorted items which they donated to Christian Organisation of Orphans in Malawi.

The Times Group team comprised of Times Group Managing Editor Brian Ligomeka, Malawi News Editor Innocent Chitosi, Sunday Times Editor McDonald Bamusi and Tukula. The items included sugar, salt, soap, notebooks and other writing materials to the orphanage that has close to 300 orphans.

“After getting the money we felt that the needy children and the orphans deserve such support more than journalists. For those who travelled from Lilongwe and Mzuzu, it is obvious they used the money for accommodation and transport, but some of us we did not need that support.

“It is against this background that we [based in Blantyre] decided to give to charity the allowances. As editors of Times Group we thought it wise to support orphans belonging to a care centre in Chiradzulu which is run by a religious grouping,” said Ligomeka.

However, it has also been revealed that journalists from outside Blantyre got the K50,000s on top of their normal allowances for accommodation, transport and food as promised by State House when the journalists were being invited.

Ligomeka could not be drawn to comment on whether using the money for donation was because their conscious was affected with the money and the way it was given to them saying they just felt they had to extend Mutharika’s gesture to others, who deserve such support.

According to Tukula in his column Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa had told the journalists that the envelopes contained some booklets on Mutharika’s commitment to press freedom but most of the journalists were surprised that when they opened the package there was no booklet but wards of K500s amounting to K50,000.

Nation Publications Limited Editor George Kasakula who was among those who received the money is reported to have returned the money to one of the presidential aides right at the State House as soon as he got the package.

Ligomeka said the meeting with the President was fruitful as the media and the President discussed pertinent issues affecting democracy, governance, the economy and the media industry.

“We wholeheartedly commend the State President for recognising and appreciating the role which the media play in society, including informing, educating and entertaining our audiences and views, besides playing the crucial watchdog role of being the monitor of those in authority in both public and even private sector,” said Ligomeka.

According to the journalists, nobody explained what the money was for.

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103 thoughts on “Further scandal on State House cash handout:  NAC funded journo ‘allowances’”

  1. josh says:

    ..malawi wa lero..guys let’s wake up and remove these people from office

  2. Paulos Banda says:

    zitsiru ndife a malawi po votero vumbwee.

  3. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    There is more to come. Malawians will regret their choices of leadership. This is the tip of a huge iceberg! These people have already perfected the art of embezzlement. (Results of rigging votes are yet to come). Dziko lathu linalowa matekenya ndi mphepo ya Napolo!!!

  4. Kayumba says:

    President Mutharika YOU ARE A THIEF, CORRUPT AND CORRUPTER you do not deserve to be our President. May God save us from you and your family. We Malawians deserve to be free free of YOU.

  5. jimbo says:

    Those who are calling for APM to resign the Presidency are wasting their breath. He didn’t cheat his way into office just to resign when asked to do so. Be realistic! APM intends being the President of Malawi until 2024 after securing a second term of office. If you want to get rid of him, you will have to force him out of office by impeaching him or by staging a popular revolution.

  6. nosisye says:

    Until when are you the so called Malawians going to just talk talk on your irresponsive leadership.No stop all that nonsense of talk talk which yield nothing.If this was the calibre of Malawians which were there in the 50s & 60s there could be no Malawi as a country by this time.The Malawi of tiday is a very timid nationals that even if someone comes and defecate in your houses you will just watch and talk talk.I think Malawians need to be investigated if they have the same hormones as other people in other countries.Malawians are too docile why? Why can you let the leadership which you the citizens put in power take you for granted like this? You want donors to fight for you!! It is you the Malawians who put these thieves into leadership and it is you who have the power to take them off right away.Do you think that if you can really mobilise yourself against your monsterous leadership they will stand? No they will fall quickly but you expect someone from a far like donars to fight for you while you the citizens are the arctecture of everything thruogh your myopic,nepotic,tribalistic stand on everything.No you will reap what saw. Donor countries like Germany,UK etc have done their part but you Malawians have proved that you are nonstarters.Why dont you put the interest of the country first? Why is that you put your tribalistic stance first not the nation first? The Malawian mind set picture from all the pattern of voting in the multi party era shows you do not understand nationwood as a very fundalmental issue in nationational development and this made worse by high illeteracy rate in some regions of your country(which has given some politicians advantage as they capitalise on it through lies).With this you Malawians will always be crying and talk talk for a long time to come.Look at your neighbours Zambians,Tanzanians and Mozambicans they think as Zambians,Tanzanians and Mozambicans respectively and that is how a nation develops.Why do you Malawians hate some tribes within your own country.It is GOD who put each and every tribe in Malawi to be found in Malawi.Ironically it is very sad that even the religious groupings like Blantyre & Nkhoma synodes etc etc bury their heads in sand pretending not to notice evil spirit of tribalism,nepotism being practiced even at the highest levels in Malawi.Where are Blantyre & Nkhoma synods but they daily preach LOVE in their daily sermons in churches.HYPOCRISY! HYPOCRISY! No even on spiritual point of view GOD will not let this country to progress!!!! Malawians are nationals without a human heart towards itself.Do not cry Malawi it is your own fault full stop.

  7. mona says:

    Ndiye ngati ku nac kukutengedwa ndalama chonchi nanga ku escom ndi water board kuli nyasi zotani

    I like a zungu they don’t cling to positions ngati zinthu sizikuenda Koma ife a Malawi eeeee even it means half of the population kufa ndi njala due to poor governance the president cannot resign. Why amakhala kuti Ali ndi milandu yambiri resigning might result in kufufuzidwa

    But apm please bwana resign you don’t deserve to rule this country, please humbly resign and green card yako ukayitenge uzipita ku America kwanuko, ukapitilize unamathanyula uja

  8. mona says:

    Kodi a first lady ndalama anatengayo anakagulira Ma arv

  9. mona says:

    Iwe number 3 called malindima you are a big fool how can you defend this foolish and stupid act by the dpp it shows you are very empty mmutu mwakomo ndi chitsilu chokha chinganene kuti what happened with nac funding these useless meetings by the dull president called apm is okey.
    Now I know why Malawi as a country after 50 years of independence we are still poor it is because of that line of thinking, there are some people in Malawi they think a state president can not make mistakes anything he done is okey even it means killing chasowa.
    Malawians please let’s love our country criticise where it is due even if it is your father ruling this country don’t just be handcluppers

  10. ndadabwa says:

    APM mutu wako wonyasawo ulibe nzeru. kuyamba kuyalukatu kumeneko. dont fire the Accountant. ma accountant mu ma parastatal are just pupets. amaopysedwa. sanalakwe ameneyo. ma directives amachokera ku treasury

  11. ged says:

    this is very serious warranting the Head of state to resign if he really knew wher the monies came from or get impeached.aMalawi lets go on the streets this government is plundering resources ife tikuona

  12. Chigoba says:

    You have to be daft to even believe this link ya NAC to the journalist fiasco. Even for the nonexistance NAC official who is being quote how can you link the NAC- Min of Info grant which legitimate to the money used for the journalists. Its irresponsible reporting. Its one thing to be whistle blower in order to reform and improve things and another just to destroy. Roping in NAC in every stupid thing is not fair.

  13. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Mabungwe oyang’anira za matenda aHIV/ AIDS mulikuti? Zifukwa za mademo zakwana apa…Nde pa 1st Dec world AIDS day tione bwampini wanuyo akuyankhula za AIDS…Ngati demo ikukanika tiyeni tipemphere mapemphero a chilendo ndibwino munthu m’modzi apite kusiyana kuti anthu ambiri afe nthawi yawo isanakwane…

  14. Old APM says:

    Munthu uyu analephera kuyendetsa UNIMA when he was a minister of education in Bingu’s govt. So it is difficult for him to run the entire country. Mbuzi yopanda manu mkamwa.

  15. ndee says:

    Cash gated

  16. tsamba says:

    I have noted that anthu onse amene zipani zao zinaluza aangoti pamene ati apeze potukwanila President ali basi mwayi wapezekatinyoze President. Chimene ndinganene ndichoti dikilani 2019 kuli chisakho china. Padakali pano zikhonzekani kuti mudzawine. chifukwa zambiri mukukamba apazi ndi hate chabe. Nanga ndatukwana?

  17. Wawaman says:

    Stupid Politicians! U Know That U Shall Go To South Africa Once HIV starts wreathing your fat asses, thats why you are abusing NAC funds at the expense of poor Malawian.Mbendera should know that he is the one to blame, for giving us this American ‘Niga’ Plunderer.

  18. Nachipanti says:

    Something is wrong there at NAC. Heads should roll…

  19. ninja says:

    Thanks Nyasatimes! Let the genocide begin! All politicians and journalists MUST DIE!!! Death death death!! Amalawi anzanga- let us begin the orgy of death so that our beloved Amayi JB can come and act as peacemaker! She is the only one who can save Malawi! Let us begin killing from tomorrow morning 11.00! Death death death!!

  20. Peter Muthalika, an American involved in scandals instead of solving the strike by the judiciary.

  21. mose kez says:

    akanakhala amayi bwenzi akapito apanga kale mademo izi ndizifukwa zokwani kumuzuzula chifukwa wadya ndalama za anthu odwala

  22. David says:

    APM, watch out. Malopa is revealing your secrets and you will be embarrassed more

  23. Billy Wayatsa says:

    Dissolve NAC Board now and fire the Accountant. This organization has no rules and guidelines.

  24. Koma ndiye says:

    Number 55, I wish I could vote a million times, I CLD have voted for your comment, well said, well articulated. No, in malawi we have no opposition, it’s one party, the rulling party. Dr Kamuzu Banda was correct we can’t do multiparty, otherwise where is Team Chakwera? Team Joy Banda? They are all at it together, otherwise why tolerate such insanities

    Once NAC is audited and Peter, Getu and Dausi are found guilty, they should follow Theresa Namathanga’s precedence. Gove back money then go for sentencing

    Eeeh eeeiiish

  25. matako says:

    Global fund should not only with hold funding for NAC asap but should also demand a transparent audit. These people must have been doing this for a long time using NAC funds as their own bank accounts. Yes donors should hold their support corruption is rampant with this government and we Malawians should demand resignation of this inept corrupt president. me must take to the streets and show our disgust.

  26. Muchizi John says:

    Inu munthuyu called Peter Muthalika ngati anabera mavoti how do you expect him not to steal money. It’s tragic to have people in the likes of APM in leadership of a country. Peter as a person has no idea about managing the affairs of state. He doesn’t know what to do. How can a sensible leader accept his cronies to siphon NAC resources understanding how cashgate has reversed Malawi’s development progress. Government should quickly pay back money to NAC that was given to mulakho, Beam and journalists before donors withdraw. I am on treatment and donors continued support is my lifeline

  27. chindi says:

    mavoti watibela wabaso ndalaama za anthu wovutika ndimatenda a ezi mulungu akulanga shame on you!!!! apm??????

  28. Che Spindulo says:

    In civilized countries , these revelations would be enough to bring down a government . But this is the Republic of Malawi in South-Eastern Africa, and people will still call Peter Mutharika His Excellency the State President and stop their cars to let his motorcade to pass on the roads .

  29. chindi says:

    mavoti watibela wabaso ndalaama za anthu wovuti ndimatenda a ezi mulungu akulanga shame on you!!!! apm??????

  30. mphepozinai says:

    This oaf has sat long enough and should be impeached immediately before more damage is done to the already sick Malawi

  31. Emmanuel Mbewe says:

    A APMwa angosiya kumanga anzawo chifukwa iyinso ndi cashgate. I now understand tha politics are investments.

  32. Emmanuel Mbewe says:

    Angosiya APM wa kuwamanga anzawowo chifukwa iyinso ndi cashgate. Kodi Malawi Wanga Akupita Kuti? I Understand Now That Politics Are Investments.

  33. Mafikizolo says:

    Gertrude Mutharika should be very, very reluctant to steal from the NAC coffers . As someone living “positively” herself, she should take pity on all other sufferers who will be badly hit if those who contribute funding to NAC were to decide to stop such funding because of NACgate . Ukakwera pa msana pa njobvu ( i.e. becoming a “First Lady”), usamati kunjaku kulibe mame”. Muzawafuna ma ARV aulele mukazachokako ku State House ko .

  34. Nganga! says:

    Osangowapatsa ma Civil Servants bwanji. Ndikumva kuti sanalandire za October.

  35. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Peter Mutharika aka Senior Cashgater kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Please global fund don’t fund NAC anymore. Just give money direct to hospitals to procure ARVs or else use MANASO, NAPHAM etc to take care of HIV/AIDS situation in Malawi and not this useless NAC. Pliz Global Fund please conduct immediate audit into NAC funds! We want money back!

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      That’s what I keep saying aise koma these donors like having their funds abused. Let’s get rid of this NAC. It’s only good for stealing money, funding political activities and infighting.

  36. Mamba says:

    It is very sad, We are working with People Living with HIV in the villages through support groups. These people are really suffering due to the strong new ARVs and most of these people have no food and basic necessities. If you request for funding from NAC they tell us that they have no funds, yet huge sums are given to activities that are not related to HIV. Even some government departments are funded by NAC but they don’t do anything connected to HIV. Please NAC officials spare the lives of innocent Malawians. May you provide funding to CBOs and FBOs in the districts so that more Malawians are assisted. Mhhhhhh!!!!!!! Donor funds used like that while people are dying everyday due to AIDS

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Like I keep saying aise – NAC is useless!!!

  37. Citizen says:

    Mwaonaso,anzungu akasiya kuthandiza a Nac muzizati azungu ngoipa? What is wrong with u malawian? Mukudikira madzi afika mkhosi ndipamene mukapange ma demo,kunena zoona zomwe peter akupanga sizabwino and very soon they will be no Arvs in the hospital hence killing poor and inoncent malawian shame…

  38. Kodi a Nyasa times,why don’t you have a ‘dislike’ tag on the comment section ,do you expect people always to ‘like’ something?What is someone does not like my comment is not good to give him/her freedom to ‘dislike’?Besides, some of the comments like number 3 deserve a million ‘dislikes’ that’s my take whether u like it or not,its my opinion. How can a sensible person see nothing wrong with NAC paying these bribes. Do we know the implications this may have should Global Fund,etc prove this to be true? I used to think that Malawi has a bad spell on leadership but the problem is us Malawians for putting in power bad leaders and accepting such silly things to go unnoticed and worse unpunishable,by all fairness if proved to be true the President and NAC officials responsible should be forced to resign. it’s only five months and we have all these issues what more giving such people 5 years. It’s very sad that by soci-economic standards we are far much less than in the 70s,where are we heading to as a nation?which other country after being peaceful for half a century still expects its 40-50% budget to be supported by donors?Should we be proud to be a peaceful nation,do we eat peace?peace is an illusion and it’s useless if it does not make people’s lives better.Do we know the real objective of aid?has any country achieved sustainable development through aid NO in fact studies have shown the opposite.We need leadership who love Malawi,we need to be proud of our country and our leadership osati tizichita manyazi to say words like ‘i come from Malawi’. Our opposition seems to be very weak they need to function as a watchdog to these childish acts of our ruling party.Move forward as a strong opposition forget about zoti wina anabera mavoti that will take u no where chifukwa munavomera zolakwika nokha now its time Chakwera and your team work as a strong and constructive opposition za ubusa zisiyeni apo mwalowa ‘game’ ina Malawi needs your support not your indicisiveness. Again, corruption breeds a rent-seeking behaviour,has its own trickle down effects,akayambitsa bwana pa kampani aliyese amaonetsetsa zisamuphonye.Imagine this news kuti our poor journals were to be given k150,000 and another stupid wise person had to stash away the 100,000. CSOs and opposition where are u,are u all cheaply bought.Cant u pin down DPP leadership to 1) stick to its campaign promise 2) address Malawians on how they intend to address the economic woes facing the nation both in a long and short run 3) Seek the president’s honest address on these allegations if not we will think you are cooking up stories to decampaign DPP (4) Probe the journal bribing allegations and the source of those funds if NAC is involved call for resignation of the officers involved.
    A Malawi tiyeni tisiye kusekelela zopusa ana athu kutsogolo azitidandaula for being irresponsible,short-sighted, and unpatriotic citizens .It’s today or never and its u and me who can bring change. I love Malawi BUT don’t like the choices we make

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      I like this comment

  39. Jabulosi says:


  40. Maxwel says:

    Shaaaa, kodi zopatsana ma allowance zilipobe eti? Junior Civil Servant ndiye full board, shaaaaa, dziko

  41. Martin Luther King Malawi says:

    N.A.C. is now reduced to National Arthur Cash… He can cash in at his will… Only in Malawi, only in Nyasaland. Shame.

  42. fkr says:

    The donor community must withdraw finding of NAC. These guys are clowns. If this is what they are going todo with donor money. This needs to be reported in papers in uk, Norway, Sweden and Germany so that their tax payers can be aware of where their money is going. I am ashamed of our government. They want to be called honerables but there is not 1 gram of honesty in them they are just clowns in suits

  43. Munnyabu says:

    Who this idiot at NAC without conscious wants to betry malawi? He donated 3 vehicles to BEAM now series of stupid funding, why is he so desparete?

  44. chitedze says:

    luck of patriotic habits is continuing rendering innocent village malawians in undescribable,dagerous,infinite and hopeless cornered ground !

  45. bache says:

    i cant believe the whole president being robbed his money right in his home by thieves that he has crowded himself.this is a big joke.

  46. mona says:

    It hurts me some people backing the president even pankhani ngati imenei a Malawi we are very stupid being a dpp supporter does not mean supporting the president even where he is doing nonsense otherwise sitidzatukuka

  47. mona says:

    A president just resign you are nonsense and unabera mavoti resign please tatopa nawe

  48. Leo says:

    NAC officials and their president are stupid. NAC has exteremely reduced the funding for bursary scheme (educational support to the needy students) and councils have hands akimbo not knowing what to do with the nemerous needy students. Others even cry in Social Welfare Offices when told there is no money to support them. Very painful to note that the reduction is due to the presidential order to bribe journalists. Very painful.

  49. Unalonga says:

    APM …thats total madness…kupanda nzeru…God is watching you….tread carefully….otherwise, u will go earlier than u came…

  50. pierra says:

    You would expect that before signing the cheques, there is a letter to the president explaining the amounts and total funds disbursed to enable him account for this; surely he knew how many journalists were invited with a two plus two equals four should’ve known how much money was involve in the scheme.

    The whole excercise appears shady. There is need to produce the transcript of his message to the journalist to see whether the NAC agenda was fulfilled; where not, then they are entitled to refund of their money!

  51. NYAKWAWA says:

    Point of correction,
    it is bribes and NOT allowances.

    Three heftly financed scandals in a row by the No.1 citizen of Malawi-APM.

    K15million + K12million= K27million spent on illegal trivial events instead of atleast subsidising the sky rocketing prices of MALATA AND CEMENT that are now sold
    @ K3960 from K2640 last month.

  52. chatonda says:

    You DPP guys, do you want the donors to withdraw ARV funds because of your childishness again? Do you want Malawians who are surviving on ARVs to die because of your selfishness? Please, Malawians, let us start to reason for the first time. Shame

  53. chatonda says:

    What is wrong with the President now/ why should he buy the media? The media is never bought in the world if they are real professionala not like Ligomeka. He is a staunch support of DPP and I do not understand why? May be looking for the Rain god. Pepani Umphawi muyaluka nawo.

  54. malawi wathu says:


  55. Mjomba says:

    Maxon Mbendera and Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda must die, let us not just look at them like this, Malawians are suffering today because of these two idiots, fools. Am very angry. I will do it even alone. Mark my words.

  56. alomwe alomwe says:

    mlomwe ndi mlomwe,paja anabela chisankho,chomwe iwo aziwa ndi kuba,koma dziko likuwalephera kuyendesa.

  57. zachisoni says:

    As it is now, is education a tool for development or a tool for individuals to enrich themselves?. Anthu omwe ati ndi omphunzira kwambiriwo ali mphee, osadzudzula boma. Mwinanso mkuluyuakuyaluka poti ali m’boma. Mmabungwemu mukubedwanso ndalama zambiri ndi the so called directors but akagwirana amabisana.

  58. Take cover !!!!!!!!!!!The captain seem to lose control of the ship.

  59. ndikupusa kwambiri kumeneku angat nameze amalawife ndalama zimene amawapatsazo nzachani? munthu wopanda mano asatipusitse.

  60. The Patriot says:

    APM should take a careful look at himself in the mirror and tell us what he sees! If what he sees pleases him then verily verily I say unto you the end is near!! In Malawi old people are supposed to be wise and caring BUT agogo awa ayi ndithu akutionengera dziko, tsogolo lathu ndi mtendere wathu! Very soon peace will be a scarce commodity in Malawi!
    Kodi NAC yakulakwilani chani???

  61. vindere says:

    Shaaaa!!! scandal after scandal and problems after a problem. The big man should be very careful for he will be just another one to bite the dust.

  62. foot-soldier says:

    Mutharika’s leadership lacks a ‘morality gene’ hence the prevalence of moral goofs!

  63. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    ACB why wait right now go to NAC and find out what is going on. That is a first class abuse of power and resources. Is this administration really serious with fiscal discipline andmeasures? Malawians expect harder times if pitala continues to lead u in the next 6 months. The ball is in your court you 64% malawians. Kaya zanu izo!!!,

  64. King Stone says:

    Please leave the president alone. If the HE did it he can not just take money from any government organisation withot proper consultations/assessment inorder to avoid future confussion/attacks. Long live our president,we love and pray for you and the first lady.

    1. Magetsi says:

      Simungathe kufunikira kwambiri

  65. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    Ndeza Ku Bwetete Tu izi

  66. Sidix says:

    Malawians,this is now more serious. Enough is enough! Dissolve the NAC board. Impeach APM. Peter Munthali is a serious,more dangerous criminal thief. Kabwerebwere,wabawabaso,has stolen,stolen again.His wife harvested from NAC, he himself harvested from NAC money for Mlankho wa alomwe feasting festival and now has siphoned again for journalists from the same NAC. Please CSOs do something. Am afraid donors will abandon NAC. Peter is a proffessor in cashgating.

    1. asolo says:

      It is time for CIVIL WAR! Death to all poliiticians! DEATH to everyone!!!”” blood must flow in the streets of the cities!!! DEATH TO ALL! THIS IS WHAT WE TUMBUKAS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! SECESSION AND GENOCIDE NOW!!!!” NYASATIMES woyee!! Death death death!!”

  67. Matokoso says:

    We have not heard the last of this story. So many twists and turns; so much so that it is beginning to lose credibility.

  68. Mbanangwa says:

    Theft is the order of the day in Malawi. Everywhere you go, theft is talking place. Look at the vendors, the way they are ripping poor farmers in villages. Vendors come with their own outsized containers, no bargaining with them. The people are being robbed in broad day light. This is a sick nation. The churches are just doing the same. It is a question of one’s conscience here. how sound is it?
    It is the whole generation from Bakili Muluzi period to the present that has capitalistic mentality, tread upon the poor hard, squeeze them out until they give out the last breath remaining in their lungs.

  69. MVUNGO says:

    Koma akuluakulu tsopano zinazi tikuonjeza pali nkhani apa, President apumira pati? Asabwereke ndalama kulikonse? Kulitu ma BP masiku ano mwaiwara kale tinaonekeredwa zija? Enanso tikumvaso kuti zachitika zina mwendo ati wazizira

  70. NACERIST says:

    Really? This is so irritating.. yet we just sit phwi watching when our money is misused like this? Some children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS cannot even access funds for their school fees as they were told NAC does not have enough money! check with some schools! and there is 12 million to be used as NACGATE scones for journos?

    Feeling very annoyed! angry! irritated by this revelation1

  71. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    I am lost of words with high levels of corruption Malawi has. If people in positions of power can have the audacity of tampering with money meant for those who deserve our love and mercy, what more about other corporate entities??

  72. Nobel says:

    Indeed Nac board must be dismissed though its not a solution in its self. The president is interfering too much with Nac operations. Let the president be impeached as well.

  73. Chiletso says:

    And as always we Malawians see nothing wrong with this? The president is taking Malawians for granted and if we dont take him to task now this will only continue and soon mark my words soon we will not have any Aids funding. These people have no shame and they will stop at nothing to enrich themselves. Abale wake up lets do something about this.

  74. peter says:

    If this is proved to be true then the president must be forced to resign or else be impeached by parliament. Why is this happening to Malawi? Is it because its people are known to be docile? Or this is just propaganda?

  75. Zgangani says:

    Mbuzi ya munthu iyi, ati President!

  76. This reminds me of a Billy Kaunda’s song Mankhwala a HIV/AIDS atangoti apezeka ambiri sangakondwe popeza mmenemo alemelelamo akudya mommo.i do wonder some times,who do fund this NAC? teach me plzz,do they follow wh@ these witchez r doing with the money.dikilani nthawi yanu ikubwela dziko lanu lomwe nanu mudzalithawa,ndipo mapeto ake mudzafa ifa yoning’ina heavy

    1. Mjomba says:

      NAC is fubded by Global Fund

  77. Sosolani Chingolopiyo says:

    Ndalama izi mukuononga ndi za anthu anzanu omwe akuvutika ndi matenda a HIV/AIDS, inu mwayesa choseretsa. Ikwana nthawi yanu mudwala matenda amenewa ndipo mudzatenga phunziro. Boma lakuba, 92 Billion. Munamubela Chakwera mavoti akenso!!!

  78. A COMMONER says:

    There is more to this. Almost six months in office APM is in a mess. Exactly NAC can u cum out in the open and tell us WHO R THE BENEFICIARIES to the funds and why is BEAM and other draining imposed lomwe things cum in 2 the table and get money ??

  79. WENIWENI says:


  80. dadaboma says:

    NAC must be shut down as a government entity. The Global Fund for AIDS must reclaim the money it donated to NAC and stop further disbursements. NAC is a DPP machinery. Malawi is thrown to the dogs by the actions of silly people who voted for DPP.

  81. Hoitty says:

    This is getting more interesting everyday. Tionere series imeneyi. NACGATE season1.
    EPISODE 1- bribe journalists with k50,000. Hoodwink them that envelopes contain booklets from president
    EPISODE 2- Kasakula reveals bribe from state house meeting
    EPISODE 3 – Journalists who kept quiet are embarrassed hypocrites and begin donating the bribe to the sick and orphanages
    EPISODE 4 -Revelations indicate that state house thieves stole K100,000 from each journalist bribe
    EPISODE 5 – Peter Mutharika angry with state house thieves for stealing from his bribe money
    EPISODE 6 – Revelations indicate that NAC provided the bribe money
    EPISODE 7- NAC funded non HIV related issues connected to state house.

  82. Alungwana says:

    The mistake of 36.4%, Mbendera and the Blantyre high court backed by Friday Jumbe and Allan Ngumuya. How do you feel guys? Malawi has fallen

  83. Dreamliner says:

    Can Parliament demand a full enquiry into this. Word of advice. Please play with funds from government owned parastatals and not NAC

  84. Penyengu says:

    So atolakhani mwadya nawo NACGATE

  85. CNN says:

    President opanda nzeru ndi uyu. Pamene anthu amene ali ndi Edzi akuvutika iye akumwaza ndalama zawo. DPP ndi Mbava zedi. You are busy talking about JB cashgate while you also tirelessly cashgating. Mutharika’s name is a bad omen for our country. Bingu did it, Peter is doing it. CHRR CALL For Demos please we can’t wait for 2019, Peter will cashgated 1 trillion kwacha by then. Pitala ndi Mbava yoopsa iyi ngati Macholowe! A Malawi mavotavota munavotera Mfiti pampando!

  86. dodo says:

    Yo yo yo yo hoza hoza!!!!!!!!!! Iam happy with this information!!!! Dpp has been exposed. Boma la kumatako ndi nchoncho!!!!!!!boma lili mmanja mwa afinye!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pliz all donors iam begging u stay away from this gvt. Pliz stay away even if it means all malawians dying!!!!!/

  87. Patriot says:

    Austerity measures he the Professor calls it.
    1. Ku UN meetings anakagona ku Waldorf Astoria ndi delegation yake yonse. Hotel yodula ngati imeneyo anthu more than 70 just imagine. Forex cover inachoka pa 3 months kufika pa 2 weeks.
    2. The professor said ku Convention yawo atamusankha iye kuti azapitiliza pamene Bingu analekera. Tonse tidziwa kuti Bingu analekera pa K92 billion.
    Iyo NAC-gate tsapano a continuation of Bingu’s vision for malawians.
    Bolanso mukanasankha kaka wa pa KK.
    3. Press Freedom? Kutseka pakamwa ndi a meagre K50,000 olo inakakhala yonse K150,000 ndi Press Freedom?
    4. The Professor of Law ophwanya naye malamulo adziko amupanga naye Peter-gate kikikikiki. Anyamata ANAWATUMA KUKABA NDALAMA KU NAC (Lutepo wina wa DPP ameneyu), mmalo mopereka K150 thou yonse anawombapo 2/3? kikikikiki.
    5. Mmene amabera masankho anayiwala kuti kunjaku kuli Mulungu. God exposed his incompetence in just 5 months and a half. Samadziwa kuti kuyendetsa dziko samabera.
    6. Mulungu sanasankhe mkuluyu, nanga anakati anasankha iye mvula ili kuti?

  88. Gwe says:

    This is sick. What leadership illness is this?

  89. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    That’s it , the whole idea of rigging elections was to enrich themselves , it is now becoming a hot deal . The five years will not be an easy ride . Think twice before you loose your life APM . It’s better to stay away from politics than to die like your brother died.

  90. Malindima says:

    Nothing worthy writing here! This is not a scandal you are trying to make people believe at an expense of tarnishing the State House.
    You are telling us that NAC wanted to discuss HIV measures with the Journals so that they write more on this topic, what is wrong using the NAC fund for the alliwance for the same cause? There are so many millions of people who receive gifts but should they feel that such gifts would compromise their positions, they politely return those gifts without going to the media and try to score points on where they do not deserve. This is cheap cheap cheap publicity.

    1. Ngo Ngozo says:

      But did NAC really discuss HIV issues with the journals at the function?

    2. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Usatinyase iwe. Your brain is so blue that you can’t reason

  91. MAMAYE says:


  92. Abk says:

    Tenthanification reportings!

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