Galaxy FM reporters not paid for six months

Galaxy FM Radio reporters have not been paid their meagre per-story wages in the last six months without any convincing explanations, accusing their employer of being “insensitive.”

Galaxy radio

Galaxy radio

Nyasa Times understands that the reporters, most of them stringers in almost all the districts in the country, were only rigorously used prior to the May 2014 tripartite polls to mouthpiece for the now ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Nyasa Times further understands that the broadcasting house is wholly owned by the DPP hierarchy to “score” political points. The party also owns online news site Malawi Voice.

“We were used for the elections and then dumped,” one of the reporters who spoke on condition of anonymity told Nyasa Times. “Even then, the allowances were far from inspiring.”

The reporter, in one of the cities in the country, said it was “difficult to survive.”

He said the last time they had been paid was last December and then too it was a “hustle” to get what they were owed to.

“The K500 they pay per story is already too little, and yet they will take months to pay,” he said.

According to Nyasa Times sources, management claims to be facing “dire economic constraints.”

But the reporter parried away the claim arguing management “wouldn’t be recruiting new staff” if it was economically struggling.

“They recruiting new journalists instead of managing the few of us available,” he said.

To survive the reporter said he manages allowances from “function coverage” and workshops or trainings by non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

But Galaxy FM station manager Alfred Banda at the headquarters in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe said it “was not true” that the reporters hadn’t been paid in half a year.

“I’m told that used to happen, but we settled all the arrears,” said Banda. “We don’t owe anyone.”

Banda said he assumed his post in 2012.

“It is not true,” he insisted.

Journalists in Malawi are some of the underpaid with most getting forced to delve into soliciting bribes from sources to publish or not publish certain stories. The trend, in most cases, has resulted in lack of an independent media in body in the country otherwise supposed to be championing the “watchdog” role for the government.

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) – Malawi President Thom Khanje had promised to fight for “better pay” for journalists in his manifesto prior to the elections.

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18 thoughts on “Galaxy FM reporters not paid for six months”

  1. COMMENT says:

    Thats why i refused to work with Galax FM,i new by the working conditions very bad and without mitivation,,sory my friend DCG.

  2. Nde kuzunzikatu uku!!

  3. Kaya ine says:

    Kaya Dziko fm ndiya chakwela kaya ndiya ndani zilibe ntchito, nkhani ndiyoti atchito ake akulandila mwezi ukatha ,pamene ku galaxy zikukanika sima reporters okha omwe sakulandila. mpakana titchule mayina? galaxy is a mess thats the fact

  4. Madzi amphale sokumwa says:

    How can you work half a year without pay? Koma ndikumapita ku ntchito daily hahahahaha osasiya bwanji?

  5. kanyimbi says:

    So you receive K15,000.00 per month (if you are able to write a story daily)? Didn’t you have career guide at secondary school? Why did you choose that miserable job? Ndiye bolanso kumaotcha kanyenya.

  6. It’s part of life

  7. Manyasa says:

    In Malawi we only have 4 Private Media Houses that are stable: Nation News Paper, Capital Radio, Times and Zodiak. all the remaining will soon close down. They have no foundation and Target Listenship.

    Bwana Peter, please bail out your Radio is collapsing.

  8. Chibanja tv says:

    Pius Nyondo kuchita kutumidwa pamene paja kuti aipitse mbiri ya Galaxy Radio. Nanga simunena bwanji kutinso anthu adziwe kuti Dziko FM ndi ya Lazurus Chakwera? Galaxy fm central region you can hear us at 90.8fm, Galaxy the voice of Malawi!

  9. [email protected] says:

    Juma started engaging media employers and managers and since this is their domain they are investigating the matter for action.

  10. osman usu justin says:

    The voice of DPP not the voice of Malawi

  11. sonjola says:

    Asaaa just shatapu go to your employer, you want sympathy from us ala

  12. manunkha says:

    Am I missing the point here. The concerned reporters are saying they were used for campaign. That sums it up for me. If u were used for campaign then u r not worthy of being a journalist. I cant symphathise with u. Real journalists dont get used.

  13. Kadushu says:

    You reporters are to blame. When they were using you didn’t you know mum atengeko kuti akalowa m’boma muzasangala mwazionatu. Palibe chifukwa chokumversni chisoni munali be chisoni inu ponyoza zopangitsira zina

  14. Galaxy Boss says:

    Too many radios and so we are not making money

  15. ntingwi says:


  16. Bigman says:


  17. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Media houses please pay well your employees and in time mumamva bwanji your eployees akamalira zimatimvetsa chisoni kuona a senior journalist in a reputable media house akuenda pansi alibe ka galimoto inu a daily times nation galaxy ndi anzanu owumira tamvani uthengawu

  18. opportunist says:


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