Gani duty free Merc stinks of corruption

Shabir Gani, director of Victoria Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited has been reported to Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate possible leads of corruption for his evasion of customs duty evasion totaling millions.

This type of Mercedes- Benz was cleared duty free

This type of Mercedes- Benz was cleared duty free

Gani had applied to government during the Peoples Party administration for duty free status of importation of two commercial vehicles- a pick-up and a saloon. The application was refused on the grounds that it was economic transgressions.

But Gani re-applied when Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) came to power in 2014 and it was approved.

Instead of importing two commercial vehicles, Gani cleared for duty free a Mercedes Benz chasis number WDD2173772A00718 and a 4X4 vehicle.

According to Malawi Revenue Commission (MRA) correspondence to Gani – a letter which Nyasa Times has – signed by MRA deputy commissioner, technical-customs and excise, Edwin Starch, the tax body did not receive the chasis number of the 4X4 vehicle whose approval for duty free status was extended to March 31, 2016.

The Benz which was cleared duty free – model 2015 S63 AMG Auto – was bought in UK with a total value of K105, 205, 671.00. It came to Malawi with only 100 miles mileage.

According to the commercial invoice by Lilypeck General Trading of Dubai, the vehicle was shipped from London port of loading through Beira, Mozambique.

Gani only paid sundries amounting to K41, 285.92 avoiding paying duty which could be in millions.

Nyasa Times understands MRA were against clearing such a luxurious car duty free by there was “political” pressure to have the car cleared free.

According to customs and excise experts at MRA, to have a car like that duty free it requires involvement of top government officials including Minister of Finance has to approve.

MRA reported the matter to ACB on suspicion of corruption in the matter.

ACB could not confirm nor deny if they have launched investigations into the matter.

When Nyasa Times contacted Gani, he could not grant an interview.

President Peter Mutharika recently told national broadcaster MBC that that tax evasion is an evil that is fast-killing Malawi financially.

He said some people are “selfish enough to think for themselves only by evading tax.”

The President said Malawians should learn to pay taxes voluntarily and warned his government will do everything to root out tax evasion.


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Nthumbo yauka
Who let the cat out of the bag to begin with? I supposed MR employees who are very corrupt. What it means is that the person who handled and processed the docs for this vehicle expected to pocket the kick backs. But because the Duty Free status a non negotiable Mr Gan just paid vat. What Mr Gan did is not different from waht one Mzomera Ngwira did on clearing his Range Rover to of the art car. Rhe very same MR employees cheated on declations after pocketing some bribes. Where in Malawi can A Range Rover Vogue import taxes… Read more »
Triple S

What difference does it make either way the money was going to make its way into someone’s pocket. MRA collects money to fuel the extravagant governments spending and if he didn’t pay he fueled his own. It doesn’t matter either way. For those who don’t understand see how rotten the country has become and all u see is one person because he has a nice car. what about the cashgate issue????? Already forgotten.


What acb
Muona zitheremo
No action
Instead bwana wa acb adyelapo apa and life goes on

Eve masiyano

Sapanga choncho ndalamazo zachuluka.apereke apo bii anasainayo akalowe ku maula.


a level headed, ndinu a errand boy amwenye/boma inu, keeping quite would’ve earned a little respect than proceeding to vomit rubbish transformed in an assumption state.
Let ‘Gun’ clear himself, si mufti kuti inuyo muyipupute!

Malawians! Malawians! How many times have I called you? Can’t you smell a rat in this article. Can’t you make an accurate guess? Who bewitched you that you can no longer use your heads for reasoning? From the writing one can come to terms that Gani did not run from duty of his porsh car. Regarding the year model of the car, the duty cannot even reach 3 million but I think he must have won a government contract in which the government was supposed to provide his transport but due to some internal problems, say government did not meet… Read more »
Chimuzanga Majoti

No wonder Malawi satukuka. We have humans and super-humans in the form of these Asians who feel they are more human than indigenous |Malawians and so should not be subjected to the punitive taxations the rest of us Malawians are going through. The economy is on its knees and somebody abets tax evasion where is the logic here? Yet the indigenous Malawian is being taxed right to the bone those with the resources avoid paying taxes just because they are well connected politically.


I would like to see what lucas kondowe is going to do about this since his appointment was by saulos who hates gani.
Mwanaveka is the culprit but i powerfull in dpp
What reason was the duty waiver approved upon and who signed this approval at the ministry of finance.
Heads must roll period.
Corect treatment;
Mwanaveka,gani and official from ministry of finace to be arrested for corruption.
If above does not happen cso to demand the same untill demonstrations will force the same result


These Asians call themselves superior and bost that every politician is in their pocket this includes the president. There must be some ground fir them to bost about.


Kodi bwanji a Malawi timazunzana tokhatokha but the foreigners are enjoying duty free? We are being chased and forced to pay for a Vits koma look at this…. Can we find freedom in their countries? Where are we going to enjoy and when? Its unfair!!!

ALIPILE BASI, who is he to deserve this VIP treatment?

So painful

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