Gay activist hail Malawi govt for homosexuality acceptance: Calls for commitment

Centre for Development of the People (Cedep) which campaigns for rights for the Lesbians, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Inter-sex persons (LGBTI) community in Malawi has commended government for “embracing” homosexuality by requesting resources from The Global Fund for HIV and Aids interventions targeting the LGBTI community.

Trapence: There need for committment but pleasing to note that Malawo government has embraced homosexuality

Trapence: There need for committment but pleasing to note that Malawo government has embraced homosexuality

According to published report, Malawi has asked for $388 888 (about K180 million) from The Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV and Aids to support activities such as testing, counselling and treatment, condoms and prevention of risky behaviour programmes for the 38 734-strong Malawian homosexual population.

“We are commending the Government action to include [gays] in the Global fund proposal for funding. I think It is now a high time to stop being hypocrisy by being double faced. Some Government Ministers have been very homophobic by trying to demonise and ostricise sexual minorities (LGBTI) while on the other hand the same Government is endorsing HIV policies and Proposals to the Global seeking funding that also include sexual minorities programmes,” Cedep executive director Gift Trapence told Nyasa Times in an email.

Concept notes on HIV and TB programming, which the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) submitted to The Global Fund, state that Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) make up 1.84 percent of the male population in Malawi, according to newspaper report.

requesting funding for HIV programmes for 2015 to 2017, Malawi government state thar seven-site MSM HIV prevalence, socio-behavioural and population size estimation study released at the end of 2014 estimates MSM make up about 1.84 percent of the overall male population aged 20 to 39 years in Malawi or about 38 734 individuals.

Cedep boss told Nyasa Times that Malawi Government should show “real commitment” by translating its commitment into action.

“One worrying thing is that Malawi has progressive policies and on the other hand there are laws that acts as barriers in accessing services for sexual minoritities,” Trapence pointed out.

“It is government responsibility in making sure that all Malawians are able to enjoy the right to health [including gays]. That can only be achieved if all Malawians are able to receive non discriminatory services regardless of race, religious background, region, age ,gender, sexual orientation and other status. Hence the need to have laws that protect all people equally regardless of sexual orientation,” Cedep boss added.

Trapence argued that there is no problem with consenting adults of the same sex having sex in private.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malawi based on remnants of sodomy laws introduced during the British colonial to the Penal Code whose offences include “unnatural acts” and “buggery”.. The laws are perpetuated by cultural and religious beliefs.

In 2009 a gay couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were arrested and convicted 14 years for publicly wedding.

But former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika pardoned them following an outcry from the international community.

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76 thoughts on “Gay activist hail Malawi govt for homosexuality acceptance: Calls for commitment”

  1. grace Tembo says:

    Akuona yehova ndithu. Anthu akufa ndi njala inu mukuti chani?

  2. Kondwani says:

    Not every gay person is going to benefit from this fund. Here is a list of GAY men that will benefit from the fund: Trapence, Rodney Chalera (Area 25) Timothy mtambo, chifundo Kadya (falls), danka kamba (Blantyre ) Wilson Mphande (Mangochi ), Kennethh chimombo(Mangochi ) Wanangwa Munthali (Mangochi )

  3. Kondwani says:

    Trapence can u pliz warn your gay friend like Rodney Chalera from Area 25 to stop abusing young boys every night. He’s seen driving around with broke young boys everyday, and is busy fucking these boys in exchange for beer and money. You need to grow up and get a life. We are exposing u now becoz waonjeza. You are busy spreading HIV to these boys..

  4. Kondwani says:

    Every Malawian shud enjoy their government plans. But using gay people in order to get funding is really not a welcome idea. Besides, Trapence is just a greedy gay boy who’s making a living at the expense of desperate gay people in Malawi.

  5. Martin says:

    No wonder floods,disaster of any kind within the country God sees all whether Good or bad

  6. Malipeya says:


  7. Stanley says:

    Just kill these dogs.

  8. mangochi kabwafu says:

    To hell with mathanyula. I know the government just wants the money for other things and will just use mathanyula to get hands on such cash. Soon to be known as MATHANYULAGATE.

  9. Major son says:

    We keep dogs in our society but the right of human Dog I think that’s foolishness God is watching you gays. You are encouraging gay practice yet you are hooked with you wife at your home. real men for real women

  10. Gimbogo says:

    Let gays live their life. Leave them alone

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The government is just facing reality, and being progressive here. Gays are part of our community; and dare I say that some of the people exhibiting the best humanitarian tendencies are gay. As a people, Malawians are against discrimination of any form. Gays are citizens, and pay taxes, like everyone else.
    Those opposed to fair treatment of gays should think about how they feel when they get discriminated because of their color, gender, culture (read tribe) or what have you. Gays are NOT de facto criminals!

  12. I knew from start thís män is demonically pössessed, trust me munthalika u are göing döwn with ur gays

  13. As a genuine question, how many gays, transgender etc are there in Malawi? I sometimes get the feeling that there are many interest groups who want to either profit out of the bogus NGOs with all the gay money floating about, as well as other stronger economies taking us the Malawi Nation as their test case to experiment with.

    Please can an independent agency give us valid statistic so that we can measure if this is an issue worth the attention it gets.

  14. fuck u too says:

    Muzafadi imfa yowawa muzaona inu apitala! Mmalo mwa drip ya magazi adzakuikani drip ya acid

  15. Denga says:

    eish Malawi wayipa ndithu



  17. Penyengu says:

    Tinanena, ameneyu ndi Petulo Mathanyula ndi mkazi wake Beni kusaka ndalama zochokela kwa ma satanist

  18. Ronto says:

    I can see this is just the beginning.

  19. Charie says:

    Muzafa imva yowawa by robert chiwamba

  20. Peter Nkosi says:

    Re the last line: It is true that the two men were pardoned and that there was an international outcry. However, I suggest that they were pardoned not just because of the outcry.

    With foreign, LGBT activists taking an interest in the case, there would have been the funding and the will to lodge appeals against the blunder made in the Magistrates Court. Those would have gone to the High Court first, and if not successful there then they would have gone on to the Supreme Court. The judges in those courts are more learned than the village magistrate who convicted them on flawed evidence. There is an excellent chance that the convictions would have been overturned. Mutharika the First pardoned them to close the can of worms which our foolish leaders had opened.

  21. Manzy j says:

    Now malawi has transformed from a God fearing country to sodom. Mmmmmmm how many countries in Africa have accepted this devil activity? Sure God can punish us. Will start with u who accepted to u who r dpoing it. Load have mercy.

  22. wosamba says:

    Muzafa imfa yowawa

  23. kambale says:

    A gift umphawi ndi umene wakuvutani….mukufuna kuwabela azunngu ..through donations. Munthuyu anali needy pa chanco… tinali naye limodzi.. anali mphawi pano akufuna kuba through zachigololo chosavomelezeka.

    zoganiza zake mzonyasa ngati nkhope yake..
    mutu ngati mbolo

  24. Mauya VCH says:

    Surely the beautiful mother Malawi of Africa has traitors within her household.What a pity!In the name of freedom of choice, these anti-human life activists want Malawi Westernised/americanised.Watch out Malawi!The world today is turning everything upside down:good for evil and vice versa through newspeak eg sodomy is now gay,beastiality…interspecies love,child molestation…intergenerational love etc.Open eyes people and be ready for more nasty human rights!

  25. Mbanyasulu says:

    God is watching and soon you will regret.
    Mark my words.

  26. Malawi wanga ine ndimu ombola chotele* Mulungu wamphamvu zonse..lemekezekani landilani matamando. Ambuye ife tidziwa mzelu zathu ndizochepa. Kotelo timadziona tokha ngati tikuchita zinthu molondola,koma tikuphonyeza koma chifukwa chifundo chanu mchochuluka mumatikhulukila. Musalole kuti satana apitilile kusokoneza malawi. Tichitileni chifundo AMEN!!

  27. mwene says:

    We do accept disabled people in our society including mad people so too gay people should also be accepted and protected. Period!!!! Nothing peculiar here!!!

  28. kanunkha says:

    Mudzafa imfa yowawa!!! this is no sense.

  29. F kajera says:

    Mwayamkupatawula panthazi pa mwenecho chiuta ivyo mwachitanga. Kasi imwe mukulusyika na membe wuwo iyo yikumanya chanalume na chanakazi. Mwe! Chiuta tovwirani pa nkhondo iyi tabana binu. Charu chanangika na kuselusya. Satana wakuyezyesya kutimbanizga bana ba Chiuta kuti bawe mu buwu. Mwe Boma lithu, gowokani, banthu aba mbabendezgi aba batipwetekeshenge waka kwa mulengi. Mubazge Buku Lakupatulika Deuteronomy mupulike ivyo chiuta wakukana ndiposo na njombe yake. Balisha, sambizgani na kunyolosya ivi. Ndalama za ubendezgi tikuzikhumba yayi kuno ku Malawi.

  30. MCP GVT says:

    Trampenz! whatever u call yoself, go away with yo demonic NGO. If indeed the proposal included such animals (i doubt if they r ppn) then the one requesting that funding is devil’s nephew jst as U Trampenz & Mtambo r devil’s cousins. Go to hell with yo satanic organizations.

  31. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Kodi munthu wa gay or transgender amachita kufuna kapena amabadwa choncho.

  32. Kanonono says:

    A desperate government using desperate means to make donors happy at the expense of African morals, values and traditions. Unfortunately, the donors are not coming not because of the cashget thing but because they also have a lot of challenges back home. They will not tell you that whole truth but instead, they will keep piling conditions on your shoulders until you finally get tired of crying for aid and decide to spend what you garner from your own sources. You do not need a PhD to understand that donors do not have aid money nowadays. Just read newspapers from all aid-recipient countries and you will realise that there is no free money anymore. Every country is crying for aid and there seems to be no free money any more. Fortunately, it is only Malawi that has gone that far – the level of sacrificing African morals for the invisible aid. Very sorry and shameful indeed!


  34. del horno says:

    malawi is a democratic country and accepting the homosexuals is a must ….

  35. mulibwanji? says:

    No GAYS and Resbians in Malawi. GOD will punish you Trapece and others advocating this. Why are you martied to a woman and not your fellow DOGS?????? Shame on you Mbuzi.

  36. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    The end draweth nigh!

  37. bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    God will surely panish you sodomites

  38. makito says:

    I beg to differ with Trapence. As a matter of principle the LBT… whatever are human beings and have the same right to health as everybody else and it is no mistake that government is putting in place programmes to cater for them ( although government might have just found a window for resources). It does not mean that what they are doing is good or legal.

    I still condemn the practice, not the individuals – for it is God’s prerogative, and the majority of Malawians too do condemn it.

    If $400,000 is what it takes for government to change its policy on gaysm, then we do not need it.

  39. Chiphona Ichocho Jabu COM says:

    Mupita nazo kt anthu osaopa Mulungu inu??……U wil cry 4 ur life …….Dont blasphem God with ur poverty pliz

  40. izo ndiye zotsatira za umphawi! amalawi tikupita kuti? taiwala kuti buku loyera even the quoran zimaletsa izi? colonialism at its peak! sangatipatse donation without implementation of this programme. quite barbaric in a malawian setting!

  41. Onasiwelo says:

    Well I am not surprised at all, if the head is sick what do you expect the legs, we voted for someone who promotes this, we have been told before elections about him/her that he is mathanyula and yet we went ahead and gave him the power just like when people reject Jesus ans asked to be put on a cross and asked barnabas the thug, killer terrorist to be released instead. But just like Sodomo and Gomola not only people paid the price foe home sexualities but even goats, pigs rats you name it were burnt to ashes. So Malawi also pay the price for this stupid decision. Just see the floods, poverty level, robbers you name it. A goat the most stupid animal knows who is male and who female, insects and even trees what more with humans GOD please punish all who support home sexuality in this world may they be punished.

  42. Ndabweranso says:

    Whether it is the president, his cabinet, MPs or Trapence, hear this, God will punish you soon or later! Ask Undule, he will tell the result of what you are promoting.

    1. Bongololo says:

      You are an idiot, clear and simple!

  43. chrssy says:

    you are very stupid even the president itself.

  44. nthakolambuzi says:

    Akamufunse Undule mwakasungula ameneyo,nayenso adzaona polekera atakumana ndi mulungu wachoonadi

  45. jadabush says:

    Advocates of the devil!!!

  46. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    I need to understand. Which hospital in Malawi asks patients about their sexuality before offering medical services? I work in hospital, sexuality is not anywhere near the questions asked during consultations so how does the issue of discrimination based on sexuality come in. If we wish to fight for homosexuals, let us use facts to drum up support for them than using unfounded claims.

  47. Someone says:

    Someone somewhere call Malawi a christian country do you consult the church leaders or you ignore God’s commands?This is now beyond the boundaries of human nature May God Save Malawi

    1. Bongololo says:

      Christians are hypocrites! The worst humans on earth masquerade their vile and hate in the name God. They carry the Bible by day and by night time they are filled with the most wicked deeds known to mankind. Shame!

      1. Think Tank says:

        bongololo,you are indeed what your name says. These individuals who have sold their souls for money. The money they asking for their own cashgates. These are no different from those who behead,rape Christians,and enslaving girls as sex-slaves in the name of religion.

  48. Mike says:

    where is undule??

  49. Kupusa kumeneko akupatsa zingati galu iwe woe to you like akani

  50. Somebody is on record claiming the country was sold to the devil….is this devilish act or not??

  51. Wozinyanyala says:

    Dont tell me this idiot went to a university. ..please. Dogs and I mean a dog knows that they were made male and female. Sex was provided as means to multiply. Can this stupid Trapence thing make love to Tiwo and produce. Even ur parents are disgraced by ur acts you moron. Sukulu ndi sukulu kuti uzizapanga zopusa….no wonder Malawi is the poorest country anthu ake ngati inu.

  52. Everyone is a sinner’ am not a judge

  53. Thats what you voted for insnt it!

  54. Manzy says:

    Inu ndi Agaluuuuu

  55. Timu says:

    Ma ufulu onse amakhala ndi malire,uwu siufulu but leading people to Hell!Should we claim that we Truly Love each other?As a Normal and reasonable human being I can not support gay or so called lesbians.Whats wrong with people poverty or demonism?

  56. Neymar says:

    Boma la di phi phi limenelo, wat were u xpecting?

  57. isis says:

    Tipange referendum ya amene akufuna ma gays. Tione swine. Agalu inu

  58. ine says:

    The city where Lut resided is referred to as Sodom in the Old Testament. Being situated at the north of the Red Sea, this community is understood to have been destroyed just as it is written in the Qur’an. Archaeological studies reveal that the city is located in the area of the Dead Sea which stretches along the Israel-Jordan border. 

    Before examining the remains of this disaster, let’s see why the people of Lut were punished in this fashion. The Qur’an tells how Lut warned his people and what they said in reply; 

    The people of Lut rejected the messengers. Behold, their brother Lut said to them: “Will ye not fear (Allah)? I am to you a messenger worthy of all trust. So fear Allah and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it: my reward is only from the lord of the Worlds. Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!”  
    They said: “If thou desist not, O Lut! thou wilt assuredly be cast out!”  
    He said: “I do detest your doings.” (Surat ash-Shuara: 160-168)

    The people of Lut threatened him in response to his inviting them to the right way. His people detested him because of his showing them the right way, and wanted to banish both him and the other believers beside him. In other verses, the event is told as follows; 

    We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” 
    And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want

  59. isis says:

    Trapence is gay. All of us who were at Chanco know he was sodomised by Mitch Strumpf and Hon Nyadani. He is a disgrace and a dog as Bingu and Mugabe said

    1. Masoambeta says:

      Tell us more

  60. ine says:

    The People of Lut and The City which was Turned Upside Down

    The people of Lut rejected (his) warning. We sent against them a violent Tornado with showers of stones, (which destroyed them), except Lut’s household: them We delivered by early Dawn,-  As a Grace from Us: thus do We reward those who give thanks. And (Lut) did warn them of Our Punishment, but they disputed about the Warning. (Surat al-Qamar:, 33-36)

    Lut lived at the same time as Ibrahim. The Old Testament says that Lut was Ibrahim’s nephew and that they travelled some distance together in Ibrahim’s long journeys. 

    Lut was sent as a messenger to one of Ibrahim’s neighbouring communities. These people, as the Qur’an tells us, practiced a perversion unknown to the world up to then, namely sodomy. When Lut told them to give up this perversion and brought them Allah’s warning, they denied him, refused his prophethood, and carried on with their perversion. In the end, these people were destroyed by a dreadful disaster.

  61. ine says:

    Mavuto awooo ku malawiko.

  62. tuvi says:

    Trapence iye anakwatira mkazi ndipo ali ndi ana, koma akulimbikisa u Gay kwa anthu ena.

  63. the plunge says:

    What was the sin of Sodom according to Genesis 19?

    The text of Genesis 19 implies that God approved of Lot’s behavior, even though he made an offer of his virgin daughters to be raped. This approval would have been extended to Lot’s family as well. But God apparently had a fierce anger directed at the other inhabitants of the town. He destroyed Sodom with fire and brimstone (sulfur) dumped from above. According to the story, he killed all of the men and women of Sodom, as well as all the innocent children, infants, newborns, etc. who lived in the city. This is one more example of a theme that runs throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation:transferring the punishment from guilty people to innocent people. This is commonly called “scapegoating” and is condemned in all major religions.

    It is unclear from this brief passage in Genesis why God demolished the city. The following theories  have been advanced.

    The people of Sodom:

     — a same-sex orgy in this case. This is the belief of most conservative Christians. This option seems unlikely because:Genesis 19:5 said that  of the men (perhaps all of the people) of Sodom formed the mob at Lot’s house and demanded to “know” the angels. The percentage of homosexuals in a typical group of male adults is generally around 5%, not 100%.

    Also, Lot had lived in the city for some years and would have know if all of the men were homosexuals; he would hardly have offered to sacrifice his daughters to the mob if the men were entirely homosexual. 

    Finally, as noted above, if the men of Sodom were all homosexuals, there would be few if any children and widows in the city as are mentioned elsewhere in the Bible.
     , the poor, sick, and disadvantaged. In that society, a person had a very strong obligation to protect any guests in their home. Many liberal Christians believe that this is the meaning behind the story of the destruction of Sodom. This belief has considerable support in the many other references to Sodom in the Bible and Jewish literature.
      an act of sexual degradation and male rape…These are acts of violence that are committed by parties seeking to show their hatred for those they are degrading. It is not an act of love or of caring”  Some theologians suggest that the sin of Sodom was the threat of mass rape.
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  64. ine says:

    Here is another calamity beheading in malawi.lets wait and you remember how the blacksea was created??do you historically remember how the so called red sea was created??did you noted what happened in Indonesia the so called tsunami.??soon malawi will experience this .let’s wait and see.

  65. Zochitisa manyazi komanso chisoni!

  66. Tethani's hater says:

    I dont get why some one wld want to take his penis and put it in a mans butthole. frankly speaking its unnatural. what led to the overpopulation of the earth? Sex with woman thats what happened. so please take ur gayness somewhere else

  67. kasungu banda says:

    Kodi number ya ma gay mwayitenga kuti? Kodi a NSO pochita census amafunsa za u gay. Inu a Trapence bungwe lanu liyambenso kumenyera ufulu wa anthu aja amagonana ndi ziweto chifukwa iwonso Ali ndi ufulu ndipo anabadwa ndi zilakolako za ziweto

  68. Dr Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    no wonder we are hearing this nyasi. Mukufa imfa yowawa

  69. Inkosi says:

    Uyu asatinyanse. Kodi if i may ask, akumudziwa ndani Trapence za marital status yake? Anakwatila mkazi kapena mwamuna?

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