Germany denies issuing ‘press release’ of Malawi cashgate list of shame

The German embassy in Lilongwe has rejected a ‘Press Release’ widely circulating on social media platforms which claims it was purportedly written by German Embassy, saying it did not issue such a statement naming and shaming Cashgaters including implicating President Peter Mutharika and late president Bingu wa Mutharika.

German Ambassador,Dr Peter Woeste with Finance Economic Planning and Development Minister, Dr. Goodal Gondwe, address the press on Second High Level Forum Meeting at BICC in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

German Ambassador,Dr Peter Woeste with Finance Economic Planning and Development Minister,  Goodal Gondwe: His embassy did not issue  the Cashgate list ofshame

The disputed ‘press release’ also mentioned companies – mostly owned by Malawians of Asian origins-  allegedly involved in cashgate, cliaiming they “facilitated externalisation of the fraudulent funds” on behalf of the President Mutharika and late Bingu wa Mutharika.

It also claimed “kickbacks” were paid “in billions of Malawi Kwachas” to cabinet ministers including Finance and Economic Development Minister Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda.

Also implicated is Minister of Civic Education and Community Development Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Labour Henry Mussa and Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale.

But when Nyasa Times verified with the German Embassy on the authenticity of the statement, it denied issuing it.

“The quoted press release has not been issued by the German Embassy,” Thomas Staiger, Deputy Head of Mission told Nyasa Times, responding to a questionnaire.

Staiger , who is also  Head of Development Cooperation German Embassy in Malawi, said the forensic audit to Malawi grand corruption was led and management by the National Audit Office (NAO), supported jointly by a consortium of Development Partners (EU Delegation, Germany, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom) assisting the Government of Malawi in its public financial and economic management reform efforts.

“NAO has submitted findings from the audit to the respective authorities in line with the Public Audit Act,” Staiger.

“Since we are not involved in the investigation we are not in a position to comment on ongoing procedures. However we remain concerned by the breadth and depth of corruption revealed by the current audit work,” he said.

The German diplomat added: “We welcome President Mutharika’s commitment to zero-tolerance on corruption, and we trust the Malawian authorities will step-up their efforts to bring those responsible for defrauding the Malawian people to justice.”

The revelations indicated that 13 companies, registered local in Malawi and abroad, have been named as key suspects in the latest audit report.

The companies allegedly swindled the government of K14 billion as established in the findings of an audit undertaken by UK-based RSM Risk Assurance Service LLP, formerly known as Baker Tilly.

The statement mentioned Zune Salter of Top Prima and Rummage Pace who was cleared by the office of the Attorney-General.

Also named is Abdul Karim Batatawala, three of whose companies are on the list.

Batatawala’s companies listed for further investigations are Africa Commercial Agencies, Gratolite General Dealers and Kasco Enterprises.

Other companies under investigation are:

  •    Clarkson Resources Ltd, owned by Jenhonatan Ben Zeev and registered in the British Jersey Islands (this company is also listed in the Panama Papers – a cache of documents of companies evading tax by registering offshore);
  •    Fargo Limited – locally registered in 1975 – and owned by Abdul Rashid Jakhura, Arif Rashid Jakhura, Aamir Rashid Jakhura, Danish Rashid Jakhura and Pappa Srinivasa Rao;
  •     Einstein Construction – registered in Malawi in September 1998 and owned by Kenneth Knight Khonje;
  •   Tradewings Worldwide Limited – registered in the United Kingdom and owned by Samir Haresh Parikh, Nitinkumar Ramanlal Patel and three others; and
  • Genex Export CC – registered in South Africa in April 1981 and owned by Graham Hodges.

And  also writing on the same Wise One from the East under Garvey Karvei Publications said Treasury is powerless on the matter.

He writes that, responding to a question emailed him, Secretary to the Treasury Dr Ronald Mangani said: “Treasury is currently in consultations with other government officials to determine the best way forward on the contents of the forensic audit report.”

Mangani did not give specific timelines for recovering the money or ensuring that the suppliers in question have been taken to task, raising fears that the K577 billion audit will again be buried under the carpet.

The Auditor-General handed over the 13 case files to the Anti-Corruption Bureau which, said it needs time to “investigate.”


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16 thoughts on “Germany denies issuing ‘press release’ of Malawi cashgate list of shame”

  1. CHENGUTO says:

    first off, I don’t care which party you do belong. all I know is that all these big parties have a bunch of rotten minded leaders who lack proper guiding principles that include selfless service to the Malawi nation based on the public interest; honesty in execution of public duties, accountability to the public for decisions and actions and discipline as well as commitment in service to the people of Malawi. in as far as I can remember, these thieves have a common political back ground that asserted them from MCP to UDF, UDF to DPP , DPP to PP, PP to DPP and so forth. corruption involving top political officials is a case in point. whether the list is wrong or right , but the fact remains that millions of Malawians are suffering and are in haemorrhagic economy because of these selfish people , who , some of you are unknowingly trying to back up. look at our economy, almost all our countries state owned entities are bankrupt and dysfunctional due to this corrupt kind of leadership and inability to the commercial enterprises profitably. the government is unfortunately unable to contrast failures and successes that is why these thieves are with the current leadership all the way from UDF era. indeed, our country is well on the way towards a junk status credit downgrade because of lack of visionary leaderships. only settled determination to improve governance will avoid the despair that seemingly awaits us. esteemed raw stuffers , stop the cultural trend in fashion of being too partysm than contributing positively to rebuild the rainbow nation which its colours are separating ways. don’t be toxic to your own nation. as a nation lets agree that we rocked with a spate of political failure. how about the pressing challenge of structural integrity of electricity generating network? how about fees hike? cant u see and feel that these thieves despaired our Malawi? the painful fact is that the leaderships in between 1994 and to date have restricted growth, accountability and entrenched impunity within the p[public sector. this continued form of abrasive political engagement shows that the country’s leadership has neither been dynamic or innovative enough to measure up to the political systems that will help the citzens of Malawi. people stole and misused government funds and no one should dispute the allegations as witch hunt. let justice prevail.and thje president should erode good governance. otherwise confidence crisis will grow with these leaders dedicated towards self – preservation instead of public service.

  2. Alex kaliba says:

    So you want Peter to come out and say something on a baseless rumor huh even you (the dpp haters) don’t even have a single proof that the story is true and from the way you hate Peter,you could have brought it out longtime ago ,its only jerouse which is paining you .HATERS

    1. Easy says:

      So you are telling us you LOVE Peter with the way Malawi is sailing in troubled waters now? You must be daft

      1. Flamingo says:

        You are daft yourself we cannot be towed to follow your line of reasoning. Makondamakonda inu pangani zanu nafe tipange zathu

      2. Franklin says:

        Easy iweyo nde the most dunderhead. Do you think Peter shouldnt be loved by somebody because of the grinding poverty in Malawi? Do you think Peter is the solution to a multitude of problems the country is facing? Kupanda Mzeru.

  3. VYOTO says:

    The DPP Government led by Peter Muthalika have sat on the findings of the audit for too long, of course, for very obvious reasons.however, as the days are passing the doors are opening up

  4. Wilson says:

    We all know that that is besides the point. Whether they released the Press Release or not is not the point. What people of Malawi care about is the truth. Can Government come and dispute this and explain so the country can move on. Someone has released this period. Let the independent bodies investigate without bias. The country is in turmoil over issues like these. The culprits must be brought to justice without further adieu. They are considered innocent until proven otherwise but why don’t they come forward and prove themselves innocent or let alone refame their names?

  5. Kokani says:

    The big fish is Peter Mathanyula he cant prosecute all his cronies. This guy will run away like Joice Banda but us will nab him in America straight.

  6. be humane says:

    Koma Nyasa munandisangatsa. After verifying that Germany Embassy has refuted the alleged release you still present the wrong information as truth. Look at this presentation again. Koma munadya za MCP Zambiri ndipo mudzafa nazo. what do other headless chickens from MCP kotaz say? Paja mumakonda kutukwana. Tiye nazoni

    1. International says:

      Where does MCP come from here you thief! Daying are slowly cornering you – you will pay back dearly. You thought using DPP you will forever milk Malawi making it the poorest nation on earth. The noose is tightening, you will soon chock

  7. thumbwe man says:

    Or akane ma Geremaniwo, mwaona commentyo? 7 rotten ones including AG, shaaaaa! Mwanya manyi. Tili pa day 35, 5 days to la 40.

  8. Njombwa Bwana says:

    This was expected. Next MBC will be used. The fact is Malaw corruption as its DNA

  9. Mmalawi says:

    Malawians… Being cowards as usual.. Why not just come up in the anonymous zi noone takes it seriously

  10. MOKOWA says:





    1. Mayonaise says:

      Very true, we dont want these indians here. Time will come, they will leave. Imagine a person whos not known in his country making deals in another country with big people…are we ok upstairs? Can we go to India and make deals with the high profile people?

      1. Baba wa Boyi says:

        They left the rural areas, what happened/ The same will happen if they leave the urban. Not all Asians are Indians.

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