Get Malawi sx workers registered, legalise prostitution

In July this year sex workers defiled a 13-year old boy in Mzuzu and infected him with sexually transmitted infections. Many such cases abound amid an alarming proliferation of prostitution in Malawi. Prostitution shows no signs of relenting. It seems the oldest profession has come to say in the country.

It is only proper that the case of the abused teenage boy and other factors have spurred Malawi Women in Tourism (MWIT) into some plausible controversial action to register them. Although registering the sex workers may not be the best of the solutions to pursue, it is a very good starting point. Legalising it would be the best.

We are confident MWIT has ample conviction of the arguments why Malawi should let people sell sex in a well regulated capacity, as they do in Netherlands, Switzerland and parts of Mexico, among other countries. The success stories from these countries are worth emulation.

Arguably, prostitution is a victimless crime. While some advocates argue that prostitutes are victims of Johns and pimps, sex work can be a victimless crime if women sell their bodies out of their own volition. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to arrest sex workers if they are their own victims. It has been argued elsewhere especially in academia that prostitution should not be a crime. Prostitutes are not committing an intrinsically harmful act. While the spread of infections and other detriments are possible in the practice of prostitution, criminalisation is a sure way of worsening rather than addressing such effects.

Legalising prostitution would reduce violence against women. Prostitutes who experience violence may be reluctant to call the cops since what they’re doing is illegal. Sex workers in licensed brothels, on the other hand, can have somebody to back them up. Health debate agrees brothels offer the safest environment available for women to sell consensual sex acts for money.

Most night queens we interview are passionate about expressing their support for these registrations. For example, they insist that they always use condoms, whether the client prefers to or not. The sad reality is that making sex work a crime can drive prostitutes underground and make them less likely to practice safe sex and get tested for sexually transmitted disease.

Legalising prostitution can be a source of tax revenue. This is self-explanatory. And so would it to save meagre police resources.

As a matter of fact, prostitution isn’t going away anytime soon–certainly not even in the next millennium. There will always be lonely or adulterous men in Malawi who will pay for sex, and there will always be depraved women willing to rent out their bodies. It is indisputable fact that prostitution has become a part of our culture. It’s high time to legalise and regulate this part of Malawi life, even if a lot of people have ethical problems with it. We legalise and regulate a ton of commerce that’s morally controversial — like gambling, alcohol, tobacco, erotic dancing and “even pornography in the confines of our privacy”. Yes, women can be coerced into prostituting themselves. But we’re not helping them by making consenting sex work a crime.

editorial opHow long will the head of Mother Malawi be buried in the sand? We have all too often taken too long to understand issues sometimes. A case in point is how we allowed many of our beloved ones into their early graves all in the name of avoiding conflict with culture at the outset of the face of HIV and AIDS in 1985 when we started rather late with the “condomise campaigns” after the first cases of the pandemic were recorded in Malawi way back a year earlier.

Fascinatingly, the wind of change is blowing over the world including Malawi. It can do us more good and harm if we become proactive now taking the first steps to register our daughter, sisters and aunts mired in the illegal business.  Human rights activists in Malawi and elsewhere are stuck to their guns warning the government against legalising prostitution. However, the pros to legalise it outweigh by far the cons. Let reason prevail over myth. So let us have them registered at all costs.

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33 thoughts on “Get Malawi sx workers registered, legalise prostitution”

  1. Wggondwe says:

    Does the proposal also target the men folk?i takes two to tangle

  2. jemba jemba kapachika says:

    kaliati weni weni uyu ali apayu

  3. Bambo Atadala says:

    Jesus is coming the End is near.

  4. Israel Masilikali says:

    A malawi Tembenukani Mitima.Dnt Promote Empty Activities.Pray And Ask God The Right Will.

  5. kamfana sikusinja says:

    those of the opinion are you prostitutes.if yes come into the open and will start with you.set your prices and pics and we will start from there.
    am hungrily waiting for your offers.

  6. yusuf says:

    Legalise prostitution, legalise abortion, legalise homosexuallity, legalise robbery, legalise marijuana, legalise rape, legalise murder, just legalise legalise legalise-this is the only way govt will make activists sit down, stupid idiots

  7. mphatso says:

    let malawi be malawi we cant copy everything.

  8. Face reality says:

    in the same way, legalize suicide because the victim is self

  9. KUCHITEKETE says:


  10. KUCHITEKETE says:


  11. Partner of SCOAN says:

    what a shame!!!!!!!!!!

  12. sayin it like it is says:

    legalise the planting and exporting of chamba..that will make more money for this country than this ..tsono amatenda nde achotsedwa pa nsika kapena tizidya pa reduced price?

  13. yusuf says:

    legalising helps the infected whores to be banned from busness therefore reuding the spread of hiv.

  14. M'Malawi Wokwiya' says says:

    Since time immemorial prostitution has always been done in secret. legalizing this act simply tells me that our thinking is getting rotten. One wonders what kind of message are we communicating to our daughters. Are we saying that this sinful act is now white, no longer shameful and anybody can decide to join at will? Stop this crazy thinking and let reason prevail. God is always the same.

  15. Heavy Weight says:

    very interesting subject… who gona benefit from this blood legallisation?

  16. Nzana wa Mfumu says:

    Soon we gon legalise marijuana, why not prostitution…we can’t create enough jobs in our country, even in USA there’s prostitution,….am not saying its good, but its high time titaziya kuwapanga abuse anthuwa coz they can’t call the cops on us, we shud let them do their thing!!!……..

  17. mtumbuka says:


  18. JEREMIA 9 says:

    Sodomu, nthawi ya Lottie kunali kudyelera, kumwelera , kukwatiwa,ndikukwatira.
    Anthu anayiwala Mulungu .Mmasiku otsikiza zidzakhala chimodzimodzi.KOMA TSOKA kwa iye okwanitsa Malemba.

  19. aleke says:

    you dont solve a problem by creating another. The big problem here is our sick mentality. We have discarded our moral values at the expense of wealth and pleasure. Prostitution has been there since ages but has always been considered immoral. Get up and ask urself, from which angle u r looking at it.

  20. Harry says:

    When you read some of these things you will be able to separate sick minds from great ones

  21. Akungolonje says:

    Kodi akulu Inu, mukufuna kulamulira Mulungu kapena Mulungu alamulire Inuyo? Ngati mwatopa nalo dziko la Malawili pitani ku Netherlands kwanuko muzikachindana pamsewu odutsa namakuonerelani. Vuto lathu dziko lapansi ndiloti tifuna tisinthe zomwe Mulungu adalankhula/akulankhula OSATI zolankhulidwa ndi kulamulidwazo sizinthe ifeyo. Ngati ndinu a Satanic ndipo mukufuna kuti muzikawayamwa magazi mahulewo muisova, chifukwa yomwe mwakerayo siitheka ayi. Ngato Bingu mzimu wake uwuse mu mtendere adakana mathanyula ndiye mwayesa Pitala angavomeleze zachisembwere zanuzo?.
    Kuno ku Malawi ndi kwa anthu akuda, osunga mwambo ndi kuopa Mulungu, azungu anu a ku Netherland wo ndi ochepa omwe amatha kuwerenga Quran ndi Baibulo, kwawo nkuonerera kanema wokwatana uja Inuyo amwene kaya asisi mumati Blue Movie. Kadulitseni machende anuwo kuti mute kuona bwino kutsogolo kwa nkhani yanuyi.
    Zikomo pitani mukapukuse, tadziwa muli ndi vuto.

  22. Hope Banda says:

    Kodi mesa mu Constitution muli mawu oti “Malawi is a God-fearing Nation?” And then we start to act contrary to the God we serve? What madness is this?

    And a human being is part of society, no part of him is disjointed from God. We are a God fearing society, and we should act as such


  23. wobeba wanga says:

    Ends of the times

  24. Brian Bande,BBA(Accounting) UEAB says:

    She is beutiful.

  25. AKUMUDZI says:

    ukalimbana ndi yahweh amakantha

  26. carriot says:

    we have indian hemp in malawi why can’t you legalise that ? Its something that is useful in so many ways apart from smoking and its economic contribution to the malawi country are visible to every one apart from madness.

  27. Lumbani says:

    Legalising prostitution? Warm heart v Africa am so sorrowful 4it. God hv mercy pakuti nthawi yakusadziwa mumalekelera!!!

  28. Pimp 505 says:

    Legal or not, I and many Malawians enjoy the comfort of prostitutes at Bwandilo, Lunzu, Kajisu, Kachele, Bvumbwe, ma randrover, machinjiri, Ndirande and many more places. Thumbs up to this organization.

  29. andy molika says:

    Any kind of dis obdience in the eyes of the Lord is sinful. There is no unity between the Lord and the sinner. So to legalise prostitution is provoking the wrath of God on that particular state. Prostitution as well as homosexuality, the two are evil.

  30. HENZY NKHOMA says:

    Mulungu atithandize

  31. BBC says:

    Then armed robbery should also be legalised. What economic value does prostitution add to the society?

  32. My Malawi, My Views says:

    You must be mad. Your proposition is childish and it sounds like its coming from a heartless and brainless guy.

  33. Madalitso says:

    Masiku Otsiliza! Anthu kuchita mosiyana ndi m’mene AMulungu anati lengela.
    Moyo wako wachiwerewere ndi zosatila zake pa iwe, zisagailidwe kwa ena.

    Your HIV Postiveness, luck of peace and happiness in you should not be shared with others.
    So bad! You want to be known and make money in that way? Even thought you are HIV Postive. Can you want your daughter or sister to be in that?
    God punish you for this and any part you have played.
    You are casing, yourself, person!!!

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