Ginnery Corner factory: Electrical fault caused blaze

The Fire that which gutted and completely destroyed Skin Care factory, Enshani Products at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre was caused by an electrical fault, Blantyre City Fire Brigade has said.

Ginnery Corner fire

Ginnery Corner fire

Fire Brigade said it was believed the fire started due to an “electric fault in the factory”.

However, the fire Brigade said it will still make thorough investigations on the matter.

The fire brigade rushed to the scene an hour late, when the fire had already caused a lot of damage, completely destroying the building.

They said the fire was not started deliberately as claimed by some.

Officials are yet to state  how much property has been lost in the accident.

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18 thoughts on “Ginnery Corner factory: Electrical fault caused blaze”

  1. Phodos says:

    0This is a great loss to Malawi. Utsiru wa amwenye ndalama amasunganso ku ofesi osati ku bank. Kwapsa mamitala amaluvera kumeneko basi.


    Kapani yozimisa moto yoziwika ndi fireburning kuno ku BT ya nenetsa pa radio ZBS kuti alibe ndalama iliyose kukachiti zinthu ngati izi amaka pepha ndala zama futa kumisika or kuma office amu BT siku zachitikalo kuti akhulupilile and zimagalimoto zao ndizo ola amakhalila ku pusha the whole day nde boma lichite kanthu.

  3. mwene says:

    Our fire brigade is a big joke!!!! How can old men in their Fifties and Sixties fight Fire???? This is a job for the young energetic people!!! PLEASE RETIRE ALL THESE OLD PEOPLE!!!! There are a lot of youths that are Unemployed, recruit these young men and they will perform!!!!!

  4. Albert says:

    Fires caused by electrical faults or cemmicals require carbon foam materials to put them off not just water. 14 tins of carbon foam materials were used at this fire but the tins were not adequate. Carbon foam is very expensive and it is proper for chemical companies to stock it as a precautionary measure but also as a bylaw . Coupled with poor electrical wiring , lack of carbon iis always a recipe for disaster in such situations.

  5. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    the company is just a ghost company iam 40yrs now,but idont remember when and where did they rescued something from fire,they are daylight robers.

  6. LAWRENCE says:

    Ndizodabwisa kuti nthawi yonseyi ozimisa motowo amatani kapena amagona?

  7. Tatyata says:

    Anthuwa amathamangira koti akotoleko katundu kaye asanathire madzi

  8. citizen says:

    thise pple called them self fire brigades they r nt enfective. zats y amagendedwa kundirande. failin put out fire near by company? fortunatly company siyamunthu okuda.

  9. gerald says:

    the Chief executive officer of BT fire brigade must resign.this is a shameful act.

  10. chris says:

    Amasewela bawo, panali betchi ndiye they had to wait till the game was over..u have to understand

  11. Brigadefire says:

    Fire Brigade just wasting resources and needs to be closed forthwith and let those Nkhalamba retire and go home please. They have fast conclusion regarding fire why? Are those who did writing of the building.

  12. Charombanthu says:

    Civil Service Reform tu basi… Fire Brigade offices are there in Ginery Corner and it took them one hour to get there!!! My foot!! Amasewera bawo amenewatu kapena anapita kukatunga madzi kaye ku BT Water Board…

  13. Piche Yakiti says:

    They could have even managed to stretch the pipes from the tankers to the scene without even driving there……………

  14. Mtonga wa pa phata says:

    Fire brigate tilibe ku malawi. Ngati ma office awo ayandikana ndi komwe kwapsyako koma anafika after an hour, what more ndi kwina far away like mapanga?

    Nkhalamba zonse zikutani kumeneko? employ young and energetic people and send them to training . Buy more water bowsers too. Kumangodya ndalama basi, akupanga chani after all moto umabwera once in a while so why are they being paid?

    mxii mxii mxii

  15. lawrent malongo says:

    Anthuwa ndiodabwitsa chifukwa mmene alili sanayenera kutchedwa choncho,malowo ndiwoyandikana kwambiri.Akanangochotsa nkhalamba zonse alembe anyamata ochangamuka.

  16. Juddaist says:

    To say the least, the fire brigades in Malawi is not effective. Something must be done. I can’t remember a time when these guys were called to a fire scene and came to the rescue of anything. This is deplorable.

  17. toy says:

    So sad.

  18. demolisher says:

    the distance between BT fire brigade operational center and EShani is less than five hundred meters away. could somebody please school me why they had to come one hour later with such heavy smoke next to them .oh my Malawi?

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