Girl, 15 rescued from prostitution in Mzimba: CRECOM’s campaign pays dividends

A 15-year-old girl in Malawi’s northern district of Mzimba is counting blessings after a Luvwele mother group from senior village headman Chidima Mhango in traditional authority Ntwalo’s area rescued her from the pangs of prostitution and sent her back to school.

The rescued girl from commercial sex woker Neva Kalawo

The rescued girl from commercial sex woker Neva Kalawo

Neve Kalawo at the middle in class.

Neve Kalawo at the middle in class.

Luvwere mother group with rescued girl Neva.

Luvwere mother group with rescued girl Neva.

Chairperson of the mother group Margret Salanda told Nyasa Times that they acted upon reports that one of the girls Neva Judith Kalawo from their work of jurisdiction had dropped out from school for no reason.

“As the mother group we carried our investigation and found that the girl dropped out from school due to ill-treated from her parents. The girl decided to run from her home village and was staying in Mzuzu where she started patronizing the night clubs,”says Salanda.

She said the mother group followed the girl to Mzuzu only to find that she had moved to Jenda where she was working as a sex commercial worker.

“After undergoing proper counselling Neva Judith Kalawo decided to go back to school at Madimba primary school where she is learning in standard 7,” said Salanda.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Judith thanked the mother group for encouraging her and advising her about the importance of girl child education in Malawi.

Judith said after finishing her education she want to become a teacher and be a role model in her village.

The mother group attribute their success to  Centre  for community mobilization (CRECOM ) who conducted mother group trainings workshop that were conducted in Mzimba north Education district in respect to the agreement between Plan Malawi and CRECOM.

The mother groups were trained to take part in school management and address social barriers to girls’ education.

CRECOM is implementing the project called Enhancing Girls Participation and Completion of Primary Education with funding from Swedish Plan through Plan Malawi.

The project is being implemented in 6 zones of Lusangazi,Ekwendeni, Ezondweni, Njuyu, Kafukule and Enyezini in the north. Other regions include Kasungu, Lilongwe and Mulanje in the southern region.

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19 thoughts on “Girl, 15 rescued from prostitution in Mzimba: CRECOM’s campaign pays dividends”

  1. Child welfare says:

    Nyasatimes, where do you get your journalists? Placing the picture of the minor and revealing her ID is very irresponsible reporting. What was the essence of this article? Did the reporter get paid to publish and show case what CRECOM is doing was was it meant to be informative and educational on some of the social ills driving children to prostitution? By the way it is written, I want to believe the former. Please take off her picture and ID otherwise once she gets the news that you are spreading her story she will be traumatized and potentially go back to prostitution- maybe that’s what you want to achieve?

  2. Nkhakamila says:

    The Identity/picture of the girl should have been concealed, this girl will drop out of school very soon due to trauma.

  3. kodi uyu ndi mulhomwe si mbwenumbwenu uyu atumbuka mumasokotsa sopanda ntchito

    1. dadaboma says:

      The girl is certainly not a Lhomwe, but Namondwe, a rapist under police custody in UK, is a Lhomwe. The tribe of Lhomwe is full of people that rape women, rape the constitution, rape NAC, rape the consolidated account no.1, rape IFMIS and the whole country is now under defilement because of Lhomwe tribe. This tribe is actually not Malawian but Mozambican by descent.

  4. Namphungo says:

    Please people why publishing her name?isn’t 15yrs a minor?

  5. cash gate says:

    awa mahule a chitumbuka ali phwiii kunowa kkkk ndipo amachipitsa heavy!!!!

  6. virus says:

    Akuunama kut ndi ntumbuka koma ku achewa

  7. No. 3 uli Chikonyofu. Pamu indi uli mwalangani

  8. Talibo ZOA says:

    Poti atumbuka amakana kuti kwao kulibe Hule, nanga uyu?

    1. vindere says:

      Inu anu simuma asiya komweko ku uhule osa achosako kuti akapitirize school.Thats the difference.

      1. mushroom says:

        Muzawachotsa ena ndi awa akunyengetsa pa Joburg, Atumbuka mwaonjeza uhule

  9. wobeba wanga says:

    Alangizeni aphunzitsi kuti asamamunyenge ameneyo

  10. yes says:

    koma musamangomuwonetsawonetsa, she will be traumatised.

  11. thoko says:

    Ameneyunso ndi mlomwe?

    1. vindere says:

      Are you telling me that lomwes are the ones on the forefront of prostitution?

  12. wakumudzi says:

    Zoti uhule wasiilatu ndakaika.walawa za mchere ameneyu

  13. America says:

    koma atheka amene popeza ku malawi tikati tili ndi tundu wama hule kwambiri ndiye tumbuka tundu opanda manyazi ndi uhule even ku joni ndye angoti yambala yambala palipose ndipo amandichitisa manyazi, ku uk atumbuka uhuleeee Iiiiiiiiiiiiii kodi mumaphuzilira uhule basi?? anyamata awo ndye yaaa mimida chilezeleleni kkkkkkkkkk opanda vision.

  14. Malindima says:

    It’s all poverty which is in every District in Malawi that drives these kids to prostitution!

  15. Pepani our girl who decided to use her body as a source of income. What has been sent into your ears should stick there and remember to close your legs all the time.

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