Give to Caesar…: Tenthani’s Muckracking on Nkhoma Synod ‘corruption’ to Malawi President

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God” -Matthew 22:21 

Jesus here is teaching the Pharisees that, while God is the Supreme Being – the de facto ruler of the world, man still has an obligation to respect earthly lawful authority. After all, coins carried Caesar’s effigy and they were accepted as legal tender.

Nkhoma Synod CCAP members with President Mutharika

Nkhoma Synod CCAP members with President Mutharika

President Prof.Peter Mutharika in a group photo with the leaders of Nkhoma synod at Kamuzu Palace - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Prof.Peter Mutharika in a group photo with the leaders of Nkhoma synod at Kamuzu Palace – Pic by Stanley Makuti

So, by consenting to accept the coins with Caesar’s effigy as their money, the Pharisees were acknowledging their subjection to the government of the day. And, therefore, they had an obligation to respect all lawful dictates of the State over which Caesar presided, including paying taxes.

The Pharisees had wanted to push Jesus to a corner. They wanted, for instance, to crucify him for high treason if he dared say people should not pay taxes. But, conversely, if Jesus said people should pay taxes, he would also lose credibility as a prophet and son of God.

But, as we have seen, Jesus cleverly circumvented the ‘trap’.

I am being preachy today because, it seems, the delegation from the Nkhoma Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian that went to see President Peter Mutharika this other day lost their Bibles. You see, the good ‘Men of God’ – there were no women! – begged the President to ‘intervene’ in the case of the synod’s defaulted city rates. In fact, if truth be told, the clerics were begging the President to help them break the law, as it were.

If you think I am being overly irreverent to these venerable ‘Men of God’, just how did they want Peter to ‘intervene’ in their scheme of things – pay the defaulted arrears on their behalf or threaten the Lilongwe City Council to write off their bill as a ‘bad debt’?

If these reverends wanted the professor to pick the tab for them, where did they think he would get the money? He only gets around K1.4 million a month and has only been in office for eight months, for crying out loud! The last time I checked, the synod’s defaulted bill was way above K30 million!

Now you wonder why presidents play ‘hanky-panky’, to borrow from my senior colleague Zebedee’s parlance, with the famed ‘Account Number 1’? It is such kind of unreasonable demands on our leaders that give birth to the ‘cashgates’ of this world.

Or, maybe, the synod wanted Peter to order – read threaten – the Lilongwe City Council into ‘forgiving’ it of its defaulted bill?

I urge President Mutharika not only to ignore the synod’s obnoxious plea but also to urge town hall in Lilongwe to follow up on the defaulted bill and compel the synod to pay up or suffer the necessary sanctions, including losing property.

Just imagine, if the President allows himself to be ill-advised into bending to the synod’s obscene plea, what can stop other churches – or synagogues or mosques – from making similar pleas?

Indeed how many widows are failing to pay city rates because their bread-winners died? Indeed several businesses are failing to make ends meet because the economy is not ticking. If the council positively ‘listens’ to these ill-advised pleas for ‘clemency’, where will town hall get money to function?

Of course, councils are also guilty ‘by association’. How can, for instance, they let a rate payer run a bill of up to a quarter of a billion kwacha as is the case with a certain political party in a certain city?

But, of course, that is a discussion for another day.

Today in the dock is the Nkhoma Synod for failing to lead by example. The church management should have been the first to follow Jesus’ ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ edict. If the synod leads in not respecting Jesus’ word, what do you expect from its flock?

The synod must be the conscience of the nation to guide the rest of us – including government – to do what is right spiritually, legally, socially or morally.

I repeat, the church should be the last to default on its lawful earthly obligations if we have to keep our sanity as a nation. The church ought to be the bulwark of how the nation ought to operate as an upright society. It should be the last to show lack of faith.

Peter – in our present scenario – is the ‘Caesar’ in Jesus’ teachings. It is absurd, therefore – for want of a more pious adjective – for the church to go to the same ‘Caesar’ to ask him to fore-go millions in taxes that would have helped him serve the citizenry better.

What Nkhoma Synod is asking Peter to do is actually tantamount to corruption which must be condemned. The spirit of begging from politicians for everything is killing this nation. One would have thought it is only politicians who are killing self-reliance; to think that the church, the supposed conscience of the nation, should be at the fore-front of perpetuating this despicable behaviour is shameful to say the least.

Imagine Peter settles the synod’s bill or orders the council to write it off and down the line he loses his marbles and becomes a dictator; how will the synod begin criticising him? It will have no moral authority to correct the wayward president.

No, the synod – like every defaulter, by the way – should meet its obligations and pay the city rates in full because that is what is expected of it, according to its mentor Jesus’ own teachings.

In any case the synod cannot acquire property without planning. It should have a competent finance department, guided by a competent committee of church elders, that should know its monthly and annual financial obligations and be able to plan how to off-set them.

I repeat; the church should lead by example and not default on any of its earthly obligations. The word ‘default’ should not appear anywhere in the church’s lexicon. How will the church sermonise to us on the importance of being update and sincere on tithe when it is leading in defaulting on taxes?

The synod ought to follow the example of Christ who before he sent his disciples to go and look for food elsewhere to feed the multitude that came to hear him speak, asked what they had among themselves. They had five fish and three loaves of bread. And a miracle followed!

Nkhoma Synod collects offerings every Sunday or whenever it has gatherings in all its churches besides the tithe most Christians religiously pay. These monies must be used to run daily activities of the synod and daily activities must not only be feeding pastors; they must include meeting earthly obligations like paying ‘Caesar what belongs to him’, as the Lord Jesus taught us.

I urge Peter Mutharika not to be scared by the pastors’ collars into condoning the breaking of legally-constituted laws. After all, the President has the Lord Jesus on his side on this one!

Nkhoma Synod – and indeed any other religious grouping – must not scare Peter into unwittingly aiding and abetting the breakage of laws he swore to defend. After all Jesus taught us to do the needful during our journey on earth before joining him and his Father in the kingdom beyond the skies.

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83 thoughts on “Give to Caesar…: Tenthani’s Muckracking on Nkhoma Synod ‘corruption’ to Malawi President”

  1. me says:

    hhhm 30 mills ha? these are the pple who use religion as the means of financial dependence. They need to pay; every malawian is equal and has the same obligations regardless of religion, tribe whatsoever and everyone has to act accordingly.

  2. Jehovah’s Witness have best accounts dept which makes sure that money is handled with care search me ……………… you will nerver here any case of money misappropriation even bad debt with government yet they dont force their christians to contribute. Any church member contributes according to his feeling but things always run smoothly. Amboni muli bwino simudya za nkachisi mutiphuzitseko nafeso.

  3. nabetha says:

    this is pathetic I think its time gulu limene likutsogolera nkhoma synod likapume eish tatopa nawo ife nsangaambe, kachipapa, kamwendo akakhale pansi tione zina. dzina la Ambuye mukulinyozetsa mwachibwana

  4. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Nkhoma Synod, you have heard. Tenthani is a well proffetional journalist who want issues be articulated in a faithful manner. Find ways of soliciting k30m and pay to the city council’s rates for the maintainance of your churches’ credibility.

  5. apao says:

    Figure yavuta

  6. yuona says:

    My fellow Christians please read Romans 13. Komanso ndibwino ma church, ma NGOs, and all political parties and servants irrespective of their office azipereka msonkho mwamtundu wina ulionse. Amene simupereka misonkhonu ndi amene mumatokota kwambiri zinthu zikamapanda kuenda. Please respect the administrative authority.

  7. Ineyo says:

    Ife kuno ku Kafita ndiye tinakanilatu kubweza nawo za USAID because those who ate the money are the ones who are supposed to pay back the money. They have bought expensive cars and some even houses, let them sell those things and refund the USAID money. The Synod has also sold many of its properties in Area 3, they are left with only about two properties, where did that money go, sharing again. Akumipando asova basi.

  8. Dr Mwaliwa says:

    Where did they want government to pay on their behalf

  9. James Binthu says:

    Does it mean their Christians can not afford to raise that amount by conducting a series of paper sundays or a christu anapeleka koma zinadyedwa?

  10. Tiyanjane says:

    H. Phiri, you are insuating that TEnthani’s opinion is being expressed on behalf of ‘Synod ina ija’. Such extremely shalllow thinking does not help your Nkhoma Synod. Why not instead invest your energies on finding clean ways to raise the needed K30 million.

    Interestingly, the Kasamba congregation of ‘Synod ija’ last month requested Mr. Loti Dzonzi, (an Elder of Nkhoma) to help them preach on ‘giving’. Kasamba wanted to raise K20 million on that day for finalization of their Preacher’s house. To cut the long story short, Mr. Dzonzi ended his preaching with simple arithmetic. He said he had been told the congregation had 2000+ members. He suggested that pldedges of K40,000 each in three installments of K13,400 by 300 members would make it possible for the congregation to exceed the expected amount on that single day.

    Really, Nkhoma Synod, you cannot raise K30 million on a single day? Why are you afraid or reluctant to mobilize your churches? WHY???? Ask your own Mr. Loti Dzonzi to help. He did wonders ku ‘Synod ina ija’

    1. Dr Mwaliwa says:

      Vindere vya kufikapo. You are failing to build nice churches kwanu uko, busy Ku Central Region kukongoletsa Ku central kenako muzikalira kuti northern region is failing to develop? Zoona? Shut up your rotten mouths

      1. mbwaxe says:

        Your are just jealousy my freind!!!! Synod ina ija has financial discipline!!!!! Go and learn from them on how to use money correctly!!!! They will teach you the dos and donts!!!!!!!

      2. Tiyanjane says:

        It surely feels very good and very blessed to congregate and praise Him, the most high in most beautiful synagogues; since God Almight is where one is. In the name of Jesus, we thank God for enabling us to build humble prayer homes for Him. Be Blessed Dr. Maliwa.

    2. Mrs G. Mankhwala says:

      Liti Dzonzi is another chindere chakufikapo

  11. Abdul Imran says:

    Nice piece Raphael Tenthani, nice one indeed. Nkhoma Synod not fool us here. For city rates to accumulate to over MK30M, it means these guys have not paid the rates for years. Now tell me, have they been failing to pay all these years because of USAID? Fine, how did they spend USAID money? In short, as the writer has rightfully wrote, Nkhoma should pay the defaulted rates and should never default again thereafter.

  12. preckad says:

    This bill is for how long my dear men of god……!!!??… this what you call leading by example..?.. Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar….!

  13. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Mbava zofunika kubweza ndalama za USAID zikukapempha mbava zofunika kubweza ndalama za GLOBAL FUND. Birds of the same feather kkkkkkk! Akanganya a Nkhoma Synod anachedwa naye Tembo amayesa wopusa. Am’mamatire Pitara yemweyo adyanaye. Odya naye sasowa, amawoneka nkhope kkkk!

  14. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Mbava zawonana zithandizane kkkkkk!

  15. H. Phiri says:

    Malawians lets us not be very emotional in the way we react to other peoples point of view. While am not agreeing fully with cconduct of men in collars , but i am also of the opinion that it is debts that has forced the Synod to seek bail out. Remember the synod needs to reimburse money to USAID, failing which the government had to close it by withdrawing its licence. Basing on history and contribution CCAP Nkhoma Synod had done to this nation would people writing shit here without facts be happy to see the church being closed? When they were busy sorting out issue ya USAID, came city rates in the range of MK 300 000 000, people tell me how can the church just source that amount to day? What the Synod was asking was patience on the part of city council which is government and kwa akufuna kwabwino including the president to assist. REMEMBER PETER MUTHARIKA IS CCAP
    Enanu ndinu ma mouth piece aSynod ijayi bent to confuse people more. Manyazi agwire mtengo.

    When people contribute money in form of tithes and Sunday collections, don’t think that the money just stays in the bank and accumulate interests or is manna for reverends. That’s where Tenthani, Chief Wine Drinker at Mt Soche, are getting it wrong. The money is used in so may ways include developments za pa church, salaries for azibusa and administration people at church, running of the Synod and its training schools like School ya Abusa Ku Chongoni, Zomba, palinso subsidy the church gives to its mission hospital and health centers, subsidy to its schools. NOW CAN TENTHANI TELL US HOW MUCH MONEY CAN THE SYNOD REQUIRE IN A YEAR. Tiwone if there will be surpluses to mislead people that the church has always excess money which is being swindled. A Tenthani, ndinu omvetsa chisoni. Do you even know khomo la church? Why not seeking more information from the synod before writing your nyasiiii

    1. Finito says:

      Amwene Nkhoma synod has goofed. They should be able to proitise things thats all.

  16. daud says:

    Matthew 14:17…

    1. Dr Mwaliwa says:

      What did Nkhoma Synod ask from Pitara

  17. daud says:

    Five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish

  18. Hoitty says:

    Mpingo wapezwa uwu. USAID gate ili mbwalo mukufuna peter akstengenso ku NAC anthu apange ma demo. zamanyazi

  19. Hoitty says:

    Pepani a Nkhoma synod NAC inasiya kulandira thandizo. A president alibe kwina kotenga makobiro. Koma mpingo uwu, kuli vuto la cashgate. USAID nayo ikuti mubweze zomwe munadya mpaka mukuganiza zogulisa church assets. Bwanji pa ndalama za USAID simunaganizenso zopempha kwa president kuti akubwenzereni. ZAMANYAZI. Mtsogolomu mukazamva kuti ndalama yomwe Peter anakulioirirani ku citt council anatenga ku NAC ndipo mubweze mudzachita manyazitu azibusa. Ganizani bho

  20. msukwa says:

    Zitsiru za anthu ndi Dr Phiri ndi a kapuma. You think what you are preaching is what Jesus wanted us to do? Jesus paid tax. Whi are you now not to pay taxes? Question msangaambe and others ndalama zimapita kuti? These are a bunch of thiefs. Nkhoma was running well during chienda mgawi kawale and other honest rev time. Let nkhoma sort out by themselves period

    1. H. Phiri says:

      Fuck you

  21. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Ambuye muwakhululukire a Tenthani ndi anzawo onyozawa pakuti sadziwa chimene achita.

  22. mphwanye says:

    peter is a wise man. idont thik he can condone this rubish from the so called holy men. After all sanamuvo, we know they campaigned for ujeni. By the way, someone is failing his job somewhere. where were the authorities whe the bill ead balooning to the said proportions?!

  23. make says:

    Thanks for this one. Let the men of the collar pay their bills, palibe opatulika ikafika nthawi yolipila nsonkho

  24. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    ngani zina ukatomva mutu umatowawa.

    mwana wamamuna akakwatira asamadalire kut azikapempha ndalama zogula panti or bra or skirt kwa bambo ake ayi. Apazipanga a nkhoma ndiza chamba kapena nditi zasatana.

    Muthalikayo akatenga kwani ndlamazo? Naye amalandila kamozi pa mwezi.

    lnu ma reverand u missuse church funds mtauni muno timakuonani. Ndlama mukatoba inuzo mkanalipira ma bill-wo.

    Sapono nduona kuti a Nkhoma synod mzuru mulibe nkani mumakangana ndi a livingstonia synod pa za malire.

    kulibwino mkanauza akristu anu kuti akamalowa pakhomo kuchalich pa sunday mundu aliyense azilipila k1000 kut mpeze doshmaki yolipira mabilu anuwo.

    lwe wa comenta pomtukwana Tenthani ndiwe chibekete. Watolakwanji RaphaeL?

    Baba APM ngati munavinidwa kwathu ku Mhakho wa Alomwe yMusawapase ndalamawo a Ngoma sinodi. Sikomo kwambiri

  25. Patriot says:

    No.1 poorest country in the World.
    Meanwhile awa akuti a pulezidentiwa akuthawamo mu ofesi mwao, akungoyendayenda muja amapangira mzimayi wa chapa phewa. Iye amadya za ma donors, uyu akudya misonkho yathu ndipo apa ndi pamene akuzitafuna osati masewera.

  26. Dr Phiri, i thought as a doctor u were suppose to be educated enough & know the importance of paying tax? The developments that the synod has done should make them not pay tax for the opperations of the govt? U mean it’s only synod of nkhoma that has developed this country? At the end u should be saying the government has failed us. Is Tenthani wrong in speaking the truth? If Tenthani needs miracle prayer, why not praying for miracle many first to square the bill? Phiri u are stupid & ignorant. Church goers who can’t even help the chuch to be balanced thinkers. Peter, pay that money all of us we will stop paying taxes. Please, mr president fire all city council authorities. They are making this country to be poorest world wide. They are the ones that advised synod leaders to come & beg from u, i was there when they were sending them. Send me airtime for me to call u & give u more details. Tenthani, u are a wise & patiotic druckered. Keep drinking it helps u to have no fear in exposing the truth.

  27. rebel says:

    The government should also pay for school, hospitals etc. You don’t know what you are writing Tenthani.

  28. Overseer says:

    Big up tenthani. Mipingo masiku ano yasanduka ma business a abusa. Akaononga ndalamazo asavutise president. After all anasiyanso kulalika zachipulumuso pano akumangolalika za chopereka kuti akhutise mimba zawo ndikugula zinthu zapamwamba

  29. If Jesus himself sent simon peter to go and get money from the stomach of fish in order for him to pay tax. so who are we today to refuse the way of truth. if the church is doing bribe, coruption and the like contray to the will of God. wht kind of mssge will they preach to us. I wanted to join nkhoma synod with the action which the leaders are taking am much concerned citizen, its better for me to remain in AG church. hw will the nation develop if we are not paying tax, regardless of the developments that Nkhoma has established.there are also other churches which have contributed to the development of this nation much better than Nkhoma CCAP eg Roman catholic so should we say that these churches should quite paying taxes jst bcause they are contributed to the development of this nation?

  30. aMUMA says:



    3. hehede wilo! NKHOMA SYNOD ISOVENGE….

  31. mathews says:

    Dr Phiri..why writing fallacies? Talk facts and stop attacking the man, that’s wat we call red herring

  32. Israel2013 says:

    Paja pa Malawi religious leaders dont pay taxes on their personal incomes. Koma amatimphunzitsa kuti ‘za kesare perekani kwa kesare za Mulungu kwa Mulungu’. Why cant these men/women of the collar also pay tax?? May someone school me please.

  33. Charter says:

    In agreement!

  34. Ndikutelo says:

    Anthu ngati abusa a nkhoma ndi omwe apangitsa kuti atsogoleli aziba ndikuyamba kumadziona ngati Ali pamwamba pa malamulo. Pulezident pofuna kuwasangalatsa adzapezeka akuphwanya malamulo. Zokhumudwitsa kwambili.

  35. Marioshona man says:

    E e ë ësh!Musova a Nkhoma Synod. Musanyengeke kupempha kwa a pulezident chithandizo.

  36. Faithful says:

    You want the govt to pay your k30 million. Where will govt get money since you have defaulted in city rate payment? Apa mkunyadzitsa mpingo. Do you think the synod faithfuls can not payoff this money which is paid yearly? Abusa osanda ndalama kwambiri it is a source of all evil.

  37. the poorest country on earth says:

    shame! there’s no way i’m going to give up part of my roman catholic taxable income to pay for ccap debts.

    you’ve totally embarrased yourselves and your church. did you really think this through? chonchi anthu sangatilemekeze ife amalawi. we continuously look as if none of us know what we’re doing.

  38. aphiri says:

    These city rates are for many years.almost every institution in Malawi owes city councils some money. No need for president to pay for them. Am a member of ccap but don’t agree with the decision anyway.we will contribute even on one Sunday service at kaning’a we can make that.osatinyozetsa

  39. Dr Phiri says:

    Tenthani , first u shud have appreciated the role Nkhoma Synod has played in the development of this country. You talk schools , hospitals , and other social services like provision of safe water etc etc. HOW MANY TAX HOLIDAYS HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO COMPANIES WHO OUGHT HAVE PAID TAX TO CONTRIBUTE TO DEVELOPMENT OF THIS COUNTRY? Now what beef do you have with this synod? When writing condemning articles like these take time to dig into history of this nation. In fact You are just a drunkard shit who womanizes left and right and you don’t have moral grounds to condemn the church. May be you are doing this fully knowing that what you do is contrary to the teachings of the church. I wish I had time to explain church operations and pray for you coz what you are doing is bent to misinform people. The church can not just wake up and ask for bail out

    1. Chief says:

      And zovala zabwinoso ulibe.ndalama koma kumwera mowa basi.pachipanda xool bwezi ukuoneka bwanji kaya.

    2. Daniel Phiri says:

      You Dr are being personal with Tenthani. If you don’t have facts just shut up. The church should not stoop so low as to ask the president to bail it out, period! Where is the money we contribute each week? And how will the church provide checks and balances to the boma if it’s at the forefront begging for scones?

  40. Hehehe says:

    RT is the best Advisor APM could ever wish for. They cab just rent one if the churches and pay up

  41. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Ralph, thank you very much for speaking on our behalf. I am a member of the CCAP, Nkhoma Synod. I am totally against what our Reverends are doing. Why did they the bill to accumulate in the first place?

  42. Federal says:

    Wasowa zolemba tsopano wayamba kuchita attack mipingo. For whose benefit is that plea, is it for the clerics or God’s sake. Rafaelo ukuwoneka kuti zamulungu ulinazo kutali. Even nkhope yakoyo inalengedwa mu chifaniziro cha satana.kkkkkkkkkkk

  43. Sothini. says:

    Blame again here goes into city council`s face, what happened to grip these white collar people now, else if was ie every two-three months, rather quizzing them with such huge amount.
    Big weakness at ur offices.

    1. Paradiso says:

      Remember we did not have councillors for many years to enforcement of some laws were difficult.

  44. powder says:

    Dziko limayendera ndalama za misonkho, inu atsogoleri ndioyenera kukhala oyamba kudziwa hence right action! shame on you, mukuthawa msonkho zopereka zimagwira job yanji? muja zichulukira mungodya? city rate the most cheapest of its kind but to accumulate to 30000000 mwathawa nthawi yaitali bwanji? are you responsible leaders? criticising gov for failure to run yet u r not paying tax? taking athing which does not belong to you is stealing should we say mpingo wakuba? defend yourself! mukamaloza chisoso mdiso la wina check yours first. mr president do not even contribute! akutolera zambiri kwa akristu angowabera mmalo mogwiritsa job zoyenera! let them pay or face the law!!!!!

  45. Wakiki says:

    akaya kafwire. tumalike nosi. Linga ubun’yongafu bwandile ukwingila mufibutila fyakyala, gimba tumalike twesa. Fiki watalipira indalama syosa sisi mupaka mk30,000,000.00. Balipire utolaninge. Ndagha bakundwe mwesa, akaya kafwire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ngindire nosi!

  46. kanchenga. says:

    A good christian is a good citizen

  47. peter says:

    What an interesting and enlightening sermon ‘brother’ Raphael Tenthani!

  48. Chilungamo says:

    Only God can judge . May He, and only He forgive us. You’re claiming to be holy then do not judge others.

  49. MBC says:

    In Zambia it is a crime for a politician to donate money to religious or any organisations. Just a few months ago some members of parliament seats were declared vacant. Giving to God is not an issue, infact our blessings comes from God but the problem is when religious leaders play double standard by asking for donations from individuals under microscope as being those misappropriating our resources. Please let us stop putting pressure on our politicians for handouts rather the church must preach against such behaviour.

  50. Major prophet 1 says:

    The myopia of these pastors is appalling. How many members has Nkhoma synold have? How much would each have to pay to offset this rental arrears? Each would just need to pay a minimum of mk100 and those able can pay well beyond this. Pastors should be graduates with MSCE to effectively minister in this mordern age, what a shame, learn from SDAs and Chatholics.

  51. clement says:

    I hav seen other churches as defaulter apart from Nkhoma. If APM pardons Nkhoma he must do likewise with all other denominations. Nkhoma synod are hypocrites. With their roman collar they went to APM smiling in order to be forgiven the debt and yet during campaign advised their flock not to vote for him. They think they are the default religion of central region

  52. YANKHO MAJIGA says:

    Raph, big up on this one. I had been a strong critic of your articals for a long time, but this one my brother, is more sensible and objective. Indeed, CCAP as a church has been known to be in the forefront of collecting money from their congregants in the name of tithes, offerings on every gathering, pepper sundays just to mention but a few, so they are asking the president to make a pledge of. offsetting their debts. This is unfair. They know their obligations to City Assemblies and they even promised that by signing the city documents. I can categorisecCCAP church as a FUND RAISING ORGNISATION, because all they know in their gatherings is about money, money, money, nothing spiritual but money. Chonde bwezani ngongole ya city through ndalamazimene mwakhala mukutolera either kuchokera mmasukulu anu odulawa, zipatala zanu but dont even attempt to burden the congregants by initiating fund raising activities now in the name of settling this bill. Pliz, you Hypocrites; GIVE CEASER WHAT BELONGS TO HIM. Big up Raph

  53. special advisor says:

    Thanks, Ralph. I pray that you remain passionate, forthright and as articulate. You are our de facto “civil society”. You have set your standards high. We will measure you by such. However, being the public administrator that I chose to be trained in, I really would rejoice to hear you address our local government authority at Town Hall, Lilongwe. Has someone been taking a nap at the driving seat? Has someone wrongfully benefitted from it?

  54. Atcheya says:

    Am not sure what sort of devil went into the honourable men of God to even beg the president to do that. Pay your debts just like any other entity in the country. U should actually be the ones leading by example as a church. Shame on you!!!

    1. special advisor says:

      “Nzeru ya satane…nzeru ya satane…nzeru ya satane imabwera ngati yokoooma. Thawa mbale…imabwera ngati yokoooma”.

  55. Prophet Justice says:

    Wonderful, excellent exegetical and application preaching

  56. Machende A mbuzi says:

    Jesus never sanctioned the creation of these satanic institutions. Early Christians were simple folk who looked at Christianity as a way of socialising – fellowship. You don’t need majestic money consuming buildings to socialise. You just need love for your brothers. Let them pay those rates!!!!

  57. wanda says:

    Talk is cheap men. You media guys talk tough and rough when you are far from govt, but once you taken aboard you become the waste defaulter and more corrupter than anyone you can think of. Think of T. Mwansambo, who was vocal in these issues but ended being one the cashgaters- shame on you. Nkhoma synod, you are a disgrace and must repent or destruction will caught up with you sooner than you know it. God have mercy on us all.

  58. Bwampini says:

    Ummmmmmmhhhhhh! BIG UP Tenthani! The Synod has lost the direction. Its the APM who needs help to run this wounded horse

  59. Bwampini says:

    Ummmmmmmhhhhhh! BIG UP Tenthani! The Synod has lost the direction.

  60. Machinjiri says:

    Excellent advice to the church and APM

  61. Mwanyali says:

    and include also the OPED which z supporting the move by the Clergy 4 people 2 c the other side of reasoning plse

  62. ntondo says:

    Achewa nzelu alibe

  63. msukwa says:

    Msangaambe is a thief. Has failed nkhoma big time

  64. Finito says:

    Peter is the father of this nation and how many are having outstanding city rates with Lilongwe City Assembly? If the president pay for them then he should also pay for all the others. Nkhoma synod should understand that this may lead to ‘cashgate and corruption.’

  65. munyapa orarhuwa says:

    Much as I agree with u that the Church should be examplerary b y paying the city rates, am of the view that u the author of this article have a negative attitude towards Nkhoma Synod.

  66. mbwaxe says:

    This is a fake synod!!! What do you do with the money that people pay tithe and offering!!!! Kumangodya basi ndi kunyengeranso azimayi a eni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. marvelick says:

    Well articulated….Nafenso atikhululukira ma debts we have if he does that!!! After all economy z in shambles bkoz of them…

  68. Steve says:

    Shall be known by the works

  69. a very big problem we’v here in nyasaland is th@ we’v given the head of state all the powers,they do [email protected] pleases them without being cationed.its high time we chop some of these powers

  70. mboba says:

    Where do our paper Sunday collections go?city assembly get yr rates from nkhoma synod.they are childish.ndalama za akhristu mukuyesa zogulira ma phone odula?

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