Give us solution on electricity black-outs, PP’s Matola tells Mutharika

Former Minister of Energy and Mining Ibrahim Matola has lashed at President Peter Mutharika to give Malawians solutions on electricity blackouts which the country is experiencing.

Matola: Challenges Mutharika on electicity

Matola: Challenges Mutharika on electicity

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times in Lilongwe, Matola who is also former ruling People’s Party (PP) Secretary General, said Malawians are not interested in waiting in perseverance with the blackouts.

Mutharika told the news conference that Malawians should persevere with blackouts.

Matola said he was “shocked and disappointed” to hear from the President asking Malawians to persevere with blackouts.

“In his speech, the President cited Kammwamba project as one of the measures that will deal with power outage. For your information the said project is a long term one, so should Malawians wait for the next ten years to have power throughout,” queried Matola.

Matola said that soon after former President Joyce Banda took over power in 2012, there were mo blackouts.

“We inherited government with blackouts so what I did was to add 64 Megawatts from the 287 megawatts that we found, making the total production of 351 Megawatts,” said Matola of what he did when he was minister of energy.

Matola said all the ways and means of combating blackouts are contained in Economic Recovery Plan which was launched by PP.

“The document is there at Capital Hill why can this government not check on the document for continuity,” said Matola.

“Even if this Government invites me to show the document, I can show them at Capital Hill,” said Matola.

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17 thoughts on “Give us solution on electricity black-outs, PP’s Matola tells Mutharika”

  1. Mlomwe says:

    Mukunama magesi akavuta nthawi ya Bingu atatenga JB magesi anasiya ndipo Matola usanamizire ulamuliro wa JB.Ndatha wanu supporter wamkulu wa MCP

  2. mapapaya says:

    Mufuna kutchuka mutatuluka mu ground. Sizitheka. Tazingochotsanani mipandoyo.

  3. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    Peter Muthalika is the 3rd most educated president in Africa. I do not know why he is failing to run this country effectively. There is a saying that learders are born not made. Despite all his brilliant academic achievements Muthalika is not a leader. The best for him is to go back to his teaching profession otherwise he is bringing this country back wards with his lacklustre leadership

  4. jp says:

    DPP, is a government of many challenges and requires persevirance in all things, no food in all the hospitals for petients, no forex, no power, now we stay 12hours witoit power, its not wise now sy

  5. lackison says:

    I agree with u matola , u really saying the truth, u tried ur best

  6. ptoknbc says:


  7. Jubeki says:

    Agalu a dpp with no sense of direction

  8. Hehehede says:

    Shame on you Matola simunasinthebe? Chonde dzimveleni chisoni Kapichira phase 2 was initiated and the project started in Bingu’Bingu’s time when Goodall Gondwe was Minster of natural resources. They also introduced the coming in of energy saver bulbs creating extra 50 mega watts. Ibrahim don’t cheat Malawians. ESCOM afotokoza kuti vuto ndi lower levels of water. Kodi a President angachulukitse madzi lero ndi lero. A Malawi tiphunzile kukomdana potero tidzakonda dziko lathe.

  9. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Just a man with the trick, you know how to play the cards, could you please advise the Minister responsible and government which button to press at Escom. Dude you did it well and I am sure your advice can go a long way solving this Electrical puzzle we are in…… Just a letter to the president tell him to stop buying blue lies from Escom and start living to his senses.

    Its a shame that we are told to bear with unbearable pain when people like you are still around……….. Just a tip and we will be okay…

  10. imra says:

    Matola you never learn at all. The same president told us that we should not worry because all the shafts for water in our town of Blantyre will have flowing of water.

  11. JOHN MADA says:


  12. Benjones says:

    Talk talk but no action. This is Malawi the republic of illiterate pepo.

  13. bwenengu says:

    I have never seen a useless exminister like gulugunya matola. You are foolish. You contributed a lot in stealing our taxes with your mother mtila. This is the reason why your mother jb has no peace and she will never have one in her lifetime.Anybody with malijuana do not come close to police, just like JB. She is running away on bases of her security in Malawi. When has Malawi become a dangerous place to live. This is not afghanistan or Somalia or Nigeria or DRC or Burundi or Pakistan or Ethiopia or two sudans. Malawi is paradise in terms of peace. We are very rich in peace, this is our gift from God and no body can take it away from us. Even Bokohara or ISIS or alshabab can not do anything here.Time is coming when the whole world will be on war except Malawi. So Matola dont talk nonsense. For 64 megawatt, this was almost completed by DPP by the time Joice Banda was inherenting presidency as if presidency has become kingship which is obtained by nothing but INHERENTANCE.Dont mention that name JB again. She was a failed president that is the reason why she failed the 2014 presidential elections. Electricity has become a problem across africa even in Tanzania the same Magufuli is facing electricity problem. Electricty is not purchasing of beds in taifaland. Ask the Taifas in Malawi. Garu wabechabe iwe. PP will never rule Malawi just like MCP, AFORD but DPP and UDF yes blue and yellow.

  14. Balamanthu says:

    Pulezidenti wathu is the CHIEF MEDIOCRIST.No wonder he enjoys excuses when he himself is not experiencing power balck outs.

  15. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    First remove the log in your eye before pointing on to others. Escom has been explaining why there is this problem. You can not understand this. You must be aware of the changes in water levels and also construction of a bridge at Liwonde. You thieves you stole our money please bring back our money for electricity projects.

  16. mwana mulopwana says:

    Useless man by the name of Ibrahim Matola , he thinks he is talking to kids, you cant say when you joined govt you add 64 Megawatts, why cant you tell the nation that you found the Kapichira maintance project completed and hence the addition of 64 Megawatts, useless pig

  17. Ine says:

    Go show them the document, we are tired of the blackouts.

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