Global Fund cracks whip on Malawi: Exit NAC enters Action Aid and World Vision

It never rains but pours for the National Aids Commission (NAC). After being bombarded left, right and center by the civil society in the country for its insensitiveness and carelessness in giving out grants, the Commission has also lost the trust of the Global Fund administrators.

Kwataine:  Role of NAC will be redefined

Kwataine: Role of NAC will be redefined

NAC has been stripped off of the principal recipient status of Global Fund grants, which for a long time has enjoyed that, and although Health Minister Dr. Jean Kalilani plays down the development saying it has come about due to the new funding model by the Global Fund the country’s Fund Coordinating Mechanism says NAC failed to meet the criteria.

“Since time in memorial, NAC has been Global Fund principal recipient but this time around it competed with other organizations and was not successful,” said Victor Chiyambi from the coordinating office.

Ironically the new financial requirement is that there are two principal recipients but NAC has failed to have a chance to retain the status raising fears for its existence.

Action Aid and World Vision are the ones that along with the Ministry of Health have been given the mantle to administer the three year US 574.3m grant that the Global Fund has given to Malawi.

Commenting on the change in principal recipients, Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) Executive Director Martha Kwataine notes that it is not the first time the Global Fund has taken a bold stand in such matters in the continent.

She observed that the development sends a strong message that it is paramount that those entrusted in managing such funding should refrain from abusing it through political interference or otherwise.

Sadly, Kwataine laments, the development comes with a cost as in trying to reposition itself, NAC will most likely scale down work and in the process some jobs will be lost.

“Recipients have to refrain from abusing donor resources because it impacts on many,” warned the MHEN boss.

The new Global Fund dual funding requirement is now calling for principal recipients from both the government side and the civil society. In the current setting the Ministry of Health has been selected to be government principal recipient for both malaria and the joint TB/Hiv grants to be awarded to implement malaria, TB and Hiv/Aids non bio-medical interventions.

Action Aid and World Vision, which UNaids Country Director Amakode Sande said went through acompetitive bidding selection process for the Principal Recipients (PR), will implement joint TB/Hiv and Malaria non-biomedical interventions.

The UNaids Country Director has explained that the Global Fund does not come up with names of Organizations to take up such a role, but it is rather the individual country’s Coordinating Mechanism of the Global Fund.

“Such a procedure resulted in the Ministry of Health being selected from the Government side while ActionAid and World Vision from the Non-Government side,” Sande said.

While Chiyambi refused to comment on the possible role of NAC in such a predicament, Sande observed that the fact that the Commission is no longer a PR in the country does not mean that NAC is no longer useless.

“The fact that NAC is not a PR this time around should not throw in questions of what its role will now become because the primary responsibility of NAC is to coordinate and ensure effective multi-sectoral coordination of the Hiv/Aids activities in Malawi,” she argued.

In March last year the Global Fund Secretariat revealed that NAC overall performance was downgraded to ‘inadequate’ mainly due to weakness in its management of finances, expenditure and delays in eternal audit.

And a recent investigative report by the country’s National Audit Office reveal that there is a great political abuse at NAC citing the resources given to State House and Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBF) when Joyce Banda was State President. JBF belongs to the former Head of State.

Recently, some sections in the civil society were up in arms against NAC and the Democratic Progressive Party Government for the assistance that the Beautify Malawi (BEAM) and Mlakho wa Alomwe (MWA) received from the Commission.

BEAM is an NGO for President Mutharika’s ’s wife while the ethnic MWA has great connections with the ruling party. Its first patron was late Bingu wa Mutharika.

There is no immediate reaction from NAC and the civil society.

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82 thoughts on “Global Fund cracks whip on Malawi: Exit NAC enters Action Aid and World Vision”

  1. dee kay says:

    Chilungamo, it’s BEAM which should employ people who will be laid off for their greed. Amakadya kumphika kwa eni.

  2. hohoba says:

    Mulungu wa mayankho, nothing 4 us without us

  3. sabiti says:

    Lets be serious within 5mnths of its incception BEAM has murdered NAC watchout who is next ,

  4. Chilungamo says:

    The CSO should employ the people who will be laid off! That’s what you Mtambo and you fools wanted!

  5. Nachisale says:

    Let’s be sober. Who is suffering more. This eating NGO Propaganda money or the workers. @ the end all of us as Malawians will suffer. A few individuals kusangalala. A Malawi kondani dziko land chondeeeee

  6. Wadabwa says:

    Very bad to stop aid Kwataine will employ all people sacked

  7. Weni weni says:

    When people advise, listen.

  8. Meja says:

    Nankungwi, what is so complicated that you fail to fully comprehend? can’t you see the Minister is just trying to downplay the matter?

  9. nyayewe says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndaseka tsono inu mmene mwasiyamu BEAM ikhalapo

  10. DOBO says:

    AKuluakulu adati chouluka chimatera.

  11. Nankungwi says:

    Malawians so negative and they dont even stop to understgand what has happened! The minister sits on thesew meetings and she is telling you there has just been a chnage in how the fund is organised. You chose to shoot everythnig down! I have never seen a group of people with no posistveness in their heart. Iwe Kwataine what really motivates you? do you just like running everything down?

    Anyway what would one expect with such a stupid name like yours!

    I have to say the Malawian mentality is extremely exhausting and self destructive!

  12. ndadabwa says:

    kani anthu sakunama akamati dpp yadzadza ndi nkhumba. inu tabwezani ndalamazo manyazi mulibe. umunthu wakuchokerani

  13. Tengupenya says:

    The whip is on NAC. Thank God, there are other channels for sending the grant to Malawi. Dissolve this NAC for it has evolved to something different, and has lost sight of vital focus in the fight against AIDS. The “I” in AIDS has taken a different meaning at NAC. AIDS has a different meaning at the present NAC. Shut it down.


  15. Mlakho ndi Beam can you see what has happened to NAC kusava

  16. nyengo says:

    No harm done here. Money still comes to Malawi but under better administrators. no big deal.

  17. charlie hebdo says:

    So what…? Action Aid? World Vision? We Malawians are very clever when it comes to madhilu. We will make plan and penetrate those 2 organisations. We will still stack cash in car boots after making plan with them. Nothing will stop us..

  18. choyamba says:

    Kwatsala ku Central Medical Stores Trust amalawi simunati mulira chokuwa. These are man made problems because of selfish individuals

  19. kwenda says:

    osandaula abweranso.

  20. Mwama Du says:

    The only achievement of BEAM so far as of now! We boast to have such rude and useless first lady. I wish Ethel Munthalika was alive to live examples to Malawian first ladies. SHAME ON DPP, SHAME ON BEAM, SHAME ON GETU, SHAME ON MLAKO!

  21. moto mwikho says:

    Wait a minute, it is NAC as an autonomous institution which is being assessed here and not govenment. Do not just comment for the sake of commenting when you do not understand things. The Government of Malawi still qualifies for funding.

  22. wilson says:

    not a good development

  23. chibwatiko says:

    These stupid misguided fools are now happy coz in their shallow minds thinks that they have performed. What kind of achievement is this? Which tertially college did they went thru. Always zero percent. Pliz step down.

  24. Ine ndikungoupezaaaa. Ndipo ndikumva bo ndi nkhaniyi. Odi ndimwe cocoa ndi biscuit. Finally the sick in Malawi will be catered to and their money not used for appeasing politicians in the name of maintaining job security. DPP woyeeeeeeee Hehehehehe. No money left to steal. Mpaka ena ayamba kumazilipilira okha ndege yopitira kukayamba ntchito ku embassy.

    Mudzafa imfa yowawa
    Mutagwirizana ndi nasibeko
    Mwati dale za NAC kalaweko
    Zina numpatsira namaseko
    Mthako mwa alomwe nawe eko
    Mudzafa imfa yowawa.

  25. chibwatiko says:

    These stupid misguided fools are now happy coz in their shallow minds thinks that they have performed. What kind of achivement is this? Which tertially college did they went thru. Always zero percent. Pliz step down.

  26. Chinfine says:

    Its sad. Let’s love Malawi all of us what is it with Malawians. Let’s fight for AID all of us.

  27. Paul Chisuse says:

    Infact most of the workers at NAC Are TUMBUKAS do your research. Who is the biggest looser here? Lomwes or Mbwenumbwenus. Don’t destroy Malawi out of bad intentions.

  28. This is only bad news for anthu osolola a ku NAC and the politicians who feed from them. This is good news for Malawians. Finally their HIV funding can serve a useful purpose.

  29. Malindima says:

    World Vision has so many responsibilities and Aids has just been added so is Action Aid. This is bad because NAC spoke, dreamed , sang about HIV/AIDs and nothing else!
    We are finished!

  30. Me says:

    I don’t see anything to complain about here; ndarama zibwerabe only that the channel is the one to change; therefore palibe chadandaulitsa because there will not be any negative effect here.

  31. Shasmin says:

    People, this plan has been there for the past 2 or so years – palibe chachilendo apa. Nothing to do with DPP.

  32. malawiana says:

    At least we have not lost the support as a country but its the corrupt institution which had Been replaced. Well done Global Fund

  33. Big brain says:

    Makape nonse Palibe nkhani NAC does not receive funding from Global fund only the cash for global fund is for ARV and nobody touches this we only see documents since medicine is bought from DENMARK and arrive here for distribution. NAC continues with funding from DFID,WORLD BANK, NORWAY And others bwanji ballooning small issues makape inu musova ndiye Chiyani

  34. Malapwalapwa says:

    Kodi matenda akale kale ngati amenewa makolo athu amangogwiritsa zisamba zomwezi tikumazidusazi sizoti mpakana kuchita kukhazikisa organisation nkumabelapo ndalama,oloko bungweli litatha nanga likhaliranji popanda ndalama.

  35. Malipeya says:


  36. matako says:

    Well done APM! You are indeed a true patriot of this country. You have indeed managed to notonly make us the number one poorest country in the world but uou have also made sure that we are stripped of all potential assistance to the needy. You greedy bastard!

  37. chakwanuleka says:

    DPP musova. Munaziyamba nokha piano mwabweretsa mabvuto and yet ndi chipani cha slow thinkers

  38. yontho says:

    These politicians should understand their role in some of these organizations. This is a big blow to Malawi as a whole. It will be very difficult for this organization tot survive now. Politician be ware of what you do sometimes.

    1. special advisor says:

      Who needed a big NAC and Department of Nutrition and HIV? What’s Ministry of Health there for. With Public Service Reforms these duplications should be looked into. They are the holes through which our finances leak, and the cause lots of confusion in strategic decisions. HIV and AIDS as a public health issue, is a chronic problem that should be addressed through mainstream service sectors. NAC can as well be dissolved DNH in OPC should also go. MOH should be given the space to perform their full mandate. I hope the presidency has heard this free advice.


  40. Vote of thanks says:

    Thank you madam first lady, thank you very much.
    Congratulation madam. What an achievement madam

    1. Iwedi wanena bwino. Thank you Mr. First Lady (she looks like a man). Without your greed and resilience in keeping that NAC funding bwenzi NAC ikadalandirabe ndalama zoti iziba.

  41. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Palibe vuto apa.tikazibela kuministry komweko, mulakho ndiwosamva.

  42. weaklicks says:

    They can go away with their Money. Malawi should start serious research on traditional medicine from breve, roots, tree leaves etc.we have had enough of these stupid people. And we should ban all these useless organization.

    1. Lilongwe says:

      And u think photochemistry for therapeutic potential is a cheap 3.4.5 kwacha research.?? Get a life stop crapping hands to bad workmanship

    2. Hahahahahaha. Woooo. Mukumva pain? The money us still here. It’s just not with NAC anymore.

  43. On says:

    Role of NAC should not be redefined. NAC must be dissolved

  44. On says:

    Sad development indeed. Heads must roll at NAC

  45. Global Fund has heard our noise.We tend to exaggerate trivial matters.We should stop it and build Malawi

    1. You’re not serious. What’s trivial about using HIV money to fund greedy politicians?

  46. I have lost trust in the Health ministry bcz political abuse of public resources is too much.I would rather put front non governmental organisations like Action Aid & World Vision.This simply shows NAC has no work on the ground bcz of its weakness of giving out funds to non Aids related stupid organisation.Good development from Global Fund i salute you for taking that strong action.May God Bless you in supporting ppl of this world especially Africa.

  47. I have lost trust in the Health ministry bcz political abuse of public resources is too much.I would rather put front non governmental organisations like Action Aid & World Vision.This simply shows NAC has no work on the ground bcz of its weakness of giving out funds to non Aids related stupid organisation.Good development from Global Fund i salute you for taking that strong action.

  48. Hoitty says:

    Good thing is that the fund has not seized only that it has moved from hands if political thieves. I wonder how madame Mutharika is feeling now for jeorpadising her husbands access to NAC funds. Umbava uvuta apa. Pamene NAC ikutuluka ma welo wisha achimwenye alowe m’bwalo. Zikomo a Ngwazi.

  49. sure?? says:

    Not surprising when you just disburse funds willy nilly for the benefit of the NON-TARGETTED few!

  50. chims says:

    this is what happens when development partners lose trust in the govt.nobody wants to put their money where they know it will be stolen or misused. you mutharikas do you see the consequences of your actions?very insensitive people

  51. Kika Kanawe says:

    Worrisome development it will affect the fight against diseases such as TB,Malaria ,HIV/AIDS greatly.Government should be very sensitive to issues regarding health and lives of Malawians

    1. Smikler says:

      Kika, please read the article again – in full

    2. Read the story. It will not affect the fight against those diseases. Other fighters have joined in. It’s the fight to appease political leaders which will be affected.

  52. MBACHI says:

    To us it is not a sad development. We appreciate this move. That is what we wanted.MWA is useless to us. If these NGOs also misuse we wouldnot mind the donors send the funds to other countries where they can use the money wisely.

  53. happy says:

    Where is Mr Mwale . The time when he was at helm of NAC readership everything was on course till the time he departed. the second person who could take over was my mum unfortunately she was not a politician. My friends will lose jobs because of poor leadership.

  54. Dr Mtumbo wa moo Tha leeka says:

    We should expect congestion in our hospitals, too many deaths especially alhomwe who by statistics ndi amene Ali ndi Edzi koopsa. Secondly this should spell doom for DPP. MUKUNYA MUWONA

  55. TUMBUKA says:


  56. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    After rigging , all is not well .

  57. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Its alright because that is exactly what the civil society wanted. Lets hope the patients who depend on NAC will not be affected. Let The Principal Recipients help the patients efficiently and effectively. Political interference should be stopped in government and non-government entities. Civil society, stop double standards, why bark this time when political interference in NAC has been there since its establishment. If civil society acted earlier than 2014 some problems in NAC could have been sorted out.

  58. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Well done. What goes around comes around,

    Now its a turn for MULakho and BEAM to give aid to NAC in return

    There is a saying “nzako akati konzu, nawenso konzu”

  59. moses says:

    NAC can still coordinate the HIV/AIDS activities as is stipulated in its Objectives. NAC was creating to manage money from Global Fund then am afraid NAC must be liquidated coz the situation has render NAC useless will activities to offer.

  60. Andy moses says:

    Soka kwaiye anatapako ndalamazo cheap politics in nyasaland God have mercy.

  61. True patriot says:

    This is the result of stubbornness.Very sad indeed.

  62. Gladson says:

    This is good development.

  63. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkk ndimeneyoyoooo

  64. ujeni says:

    NAC was misappropriating the funds it was given, how can one explain the giving of AIDS money to a tribal grouping

  65. jp says:

    Malawi No country in Africa, we are no1; among African countries, all others are following us, Malawi woye! Kusauka, dyela, kuba ndalama nambala1

  66. freespch says:

    Sad development indeed. What happens to our relatives on ARVs. Will the two organizations be able to sustain the program.

    1. Mirella K says:

      World Vision bungwe la ackhristu okha okha ili…Ilo silimalemba ntchito munthu wachipembezo china and chingawalepheretse mapologalamu awo kuwapanga tailor towards christian doctrines hence kumakondera ndi chyan? Damn devet!!!

  67. Mwana wapa Nthalire says:

    Very sad development……

  68. phsyatangu says:

    Mwaona,Ndizimenezi,ife tikamayankhula ndi kudzudzula kuti ndalama za NAC sizokavinila magule Ku mulakho enanu makani. Ndipo pakanakhala kuti tiri ndimphanvu zoti tisiye kupeleka misonkho yomwe ndalama zake mukuendetsela boma la tsankholi tikanatelo kusiya kupeleka misonkho Ku boma la alomweli.

  69. bongozozo says:

    This is the price we pay for being so insensitive to the voice of reason. NAC was reprimanded and constructive advice came from within and about. Did they listen? Unfortunately the arrogance of a few individuals will affect so many souls. I pray that World Vision and Action Aid should not take the same route. Malawi may be the poorest potato shaped country but it harbours a few billionaires in the names of Nacgate,cashgate and all the other gates….

  70. Akim says:

    MoH has been claiming to be backrupt that they have not been able to recruit new graduates.Now,we hope with this funding,MoH will recruit the nurses and Lab personnel.

  71. Chris Banda says:

    Now its high time for MWA and BEAM to be donors for NAC,chosamva adamva nkhwangwa ili m’mutu komanso adachiphikila m’masamba,Global Fund! A midnight 6 awonga unduna koma waiwala kuti APM waathothola kale mthenga imodzi

  72. mangochi kabwafu says:

    DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  73. Zosautsa says:

    It is sad to note these absurd developments. We can also easily see that the prudential commitment pronounced by the new administration is mere rhetoric as evidenced by this development. It is high time DPP administration start walking the talk otherwise I can foresee another five years being wasted with no tangible development. A Chilima please show us what you did at Airtel kapena is this the sign that your brain is so small that you cannot cope and administer the huge civil service. So easier said than done.

    I lament for my beloved country as for the past 20 years no tangible development has been noticed instead the country has slid from position 25 (1993) to position 1 (2015) on poverty rankings.

    Who will save us from this public maladministration. Kamuzu must be laughing from his grave indeed.

  74. nachos ale says:

    This is a sad development. The Health Minister is not sensitive to this matter, how can she downplay the development. Anyway the DPP should reconsider how it handles some issues

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