Global Fund pledges $574m to Malawi for Aids fight –Minister

Global Fund has pledged a total USD574 million to Malawi in order to help the country ably fight against Malaria, Tuberculosis and Hiv and Aids, the country’s health minister has disclosed.

Minister of Health Kalilani: Global Fund will make the money available to Malawi

Minister of Health Kalilani: Global Fund will make the money available to Malawi

Minister of Health Jean Kalirani disclosed at a news conference on Monday on return from Switzerland where the Malawi delegation had a meeting with Global Fund Director Dr Mark Dybul.

“The meeting was held in a very friendly and cordial environment. Let me thank His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika for allowing the delegation to travel and also Dr Dybul and his entire executive staff at the Global Fund for welcoming us very warmly in Geneva,” said Kalirani.

Observers say government sent a delegation on a fire-fighting  mission  over pressure exerted on National Aids Commission to get back the money that the institution gave to Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) and Mulhako wa Alhomwe which were given controversially.

But Davie Kalomba NAC acting executive Director said the trip had nothing to do with NAC grants.

He said the trip to Geneva was arranged “in order to provide the senior management with an update on the performance improvement plans submitted to the Global Gund by Malawi’s two principal recipients these are NAC and Ministry of Health.”

Kalomba added: “On top of that the delegation was to inform Global Fund about additional safe guards and risk mitigation measures that will be undertaken to restore confidence in Malawi financial management and oversight.”

During the news conference,  Kalirani said Malawi Government has committed USD30 million towards national response to fight the three diseases HIV and Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Kalirani said she had a chance to meet United Nations Aids boss Michael Sidibe who is said to have commended Malawi for the concrete actions taken in restoration of credibility in the sustainable and accountable management of HIV and Aids resources.

But in an interview, executive director of Malawi Network of Religious Leaders living with Aids,  Reverend Mac Donald Sembereka said there is nothing new which the delegation has brought, saying the money in question was pledged under the previous PP administration.

“The issues that we need  to have been telling Malawians is whether Malawi as a country has put enough safeguards to avert further misdirection of resources to ineligible entities though there is no solace that NAC is the principle recipient of Global Fund money,” said Sembereka.

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42 thoughts on “Global Fund pledges $574m to Malawi for Aids fight –Minister”

  1. Good says:

    Good I will now finish building my mansion in area 43. Thank you Global Fund!!!!

  2. Kenkkk says:

    The fact is Global fund has received assurance that their money will not be missused again. That is the reason they have gone back to honour what they pledged in 2014.

    Now the ball is on govt’s court to ensure that nac money is used properly otherwise we will Lose future funding. Nothing to rejoice here because tapulumukila Mkamwa Mwa mbuzi. It is a warning to the govt and that the demos did their job of pressurising the govt to do something to save the funding from GF. This is a win win situation for all for the time-being!!!

    Nac money should now be used to build state of the art aids specialist hospitals in all the three regions of the country rather than wasting on stupid tribal cultural groupings which are just divisive to our country.

    In any case we are guinea pigs, they test all their drugs on us, so to some extent we are indispensable and they will continue to fund us as long as we are Also being careful on how we spend their money !!!!

    So DPP thieves, stop jeopardizing our nac money!!!

  3. Mbanangwa says:

    Thanks Global Fund!



  5. hoitty says:

    Kodi a judiciary ndi a ACB boma linaonjezera zingati kuti asiye sitalaka? kapena ali zyolizyoli

  6. chifundo says:

    As far as HIV is concerned, funding will always be made to Malawi because failing which it jeopardise the Azungu health aswell. These people dont really fund coz of internal politics. Always have hidden agenda. We can talk about oil wars

  7. J.Banda says:

    Ziliko kuno,Bola ziwafikired aini ake ndalamzo.Kupanda apo enanu mutengerapo nsambi.

  8. Kaka says:

    Sembereka is stupid. He lost the elections and he should remain quiet. I know he has lost his plot

    1. Shupie says:

      Kodi mbuzi za ma demo pano zili kuti

  9. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Now that government and stupid NAC has seen how people can react over insensitive and politically engineered disbursement of funds , mukhale pansi ndikusiya utsiru umenewo. Sweep clean your houses. Zomapereka dollar Ku Mulhakho siyani. Mmapwala anu. You would have put many lives of people at risky. Dzikoli sila Mulhakho okha

  10. thangata says:

    Let us be honest. It is President Peter Mutharika who sourced the US$574 million when he met Mark Dybul in New York. This mission to Geneva has brought nothing back they have only blown MK10 million basi that is what they have achieved. This job was already done by Prof Peter Mutharika in the presence of Ben Phiri and Chimwemwe Chipungu in New York in September 2014 and even Nyasatimes has the records.

  11. Alfred Minjo says:

    A abusa a Sembereka, mudziyamikira zinthu zikachitika bwino nthawi zina. Do not lie the Malawians kuti the money in question was pledged under the previous PP administration, mukufuna kuti mutiuze chiani?……nsanje basi. Chnde kapitilizeni ubusa wanu kuti nkhosa za chauta zikapeze mtendere kumwamba kwa atate, siyani ndale baba…..

  12. zonse uklami says:

    Bwana Alfred Chauwa the correct spelling is “GENEVA” in English, Gene’ve in French and Genf in Germany, I don’t know which language spells the city as Geniva?

  13. ndiye wina chimbatata mu mtimamo changotimo phwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  14. ujeni says:

    let me first thank first President for allowing us? Shaa! pure slavery mentality, one party dictatorship mentality. Malawians still have a slavery mentality hangover

  15. Shonayi says:

    Aja mumati odziwa kukomenter kodi muli kuti apa .?

  16. Sembereka has a mental problem I think.

  17. KEEPINGO says:

    It’s very stupid for the reverend himself to claim that there is noting new.
    There is something new yes mr reverend especially when considering that its you who wrote GLOBAL FUND to suspend the funding. How does it feel to goof? The funding is still on yet you wrote to stop it. Grow mr reverend you are 50+ and so too Malawi is 50+

  18. And I Sembereka the Reverend wanted the money that GLOBAL FUND pledged under JB the Abiti administration be suspended so that these DPP guys fight their own battles though i know that their (DPP) victory will also benefit me. This is why i was in a forefront demostrating.
    Malawi at 50+ pulling each other down.
    I’m stupid sure.

  19. Nacgate says:

    Please do not Fund NAC again and do not give the Malawi govt money. Give it to the reputable charitable Organisations. Their fingers are just itchy and too long.

  20. Kafadala says:

    I salute you Global Fund team and the Executive Management for the commendable approval of the monies …….

  21. dadaboma says:

    In Jan 2014, Global Fund had made pledges of USD 574 million for Malawi’s fight against the three diseases. These pledges were to be fulfilled in the new fiscal year beginning July 2014 pending a report of how previous funds had been used. Unfortunately, govt changed hands, and NAC’s reputation had been damaged under DPP for giving money to activities not related to the three diseases. Now, in the meeting the Minister is referring to, Global Fund was reminding them that the pledge made previously is still standing, but that NAC and Min of Health had to put necessary financial safeguards to restore institutional integrity so that Global Fund can consider making good of the pledge. It was not that the pledge was made at the Geneva meeting alluded to by the minister, but the Malawi delegation was assured at the meeting that the pledge made previously had not been cancelled but making good of it depended on putting NAC’s house in order. DPP is a bunch of crooks and they’ll not tell the truth, always putting a spin to issues.

  22. makito says:

    Malawians, these DPP people continue to squander our money and lie to us through their teeth. Instead of just returning the money to NAC and cost the taxpayer nothing, they decided to fly to Switzerland, get fat allowances and shop in Dubai, and ask Global Fund to disregard what happened.

    The truth is, and is probably good news for most right thinking Malawians, the Global Fund will continue funding the activities but no longer through NAC. NAC is likely to become just another implementing agency. Shame how we lose control of things due to sheer arrogance of the Mutharikas.

  23. chilombo says:

    Zikubwerabe eti,anthu adyerenso mitembo kkkkkkk!!

  24. Mugonapamhanya says:

    What was paramount here was to know whether the Global Fund will continue supporting us or not Rev Sembereka, and now it is very commendable and pleasing to note that they are still committed to help Malawi in its fight against such deadliest disease.

  25. Issa Kabudula says:

    Just few months ago – opposition parties and the so called NGOs were crying foul for the K5 million given to BEAM – with many calls and the demos in news papers and on the roads, today the government has been given million (dollars not Kwachas). I would like to hear from all those writers and the demostrators to comment on this money. We take democracy the easy way and we fail to understand the implications of human right and the government work procedures of work.

    It time we learn to work hand in hand towards uplifting the lives of the poor Malawians who we have been rated the number 184 per 187, living under $1 a day, and some hardly ever seen the cash in their hands – and for our learned individuals instead of preaching peace we sit and preaching war and misunderstanding among our selves. There will be no better leader in Malawi if we don’t learn to accept our leaders and respect them for their time, we call this patriotism, and love our country better which is called nationalism.

    1. MMALAWI says:

      GF hasn’t said it’s disbursing the money yet. After receiving a report from its team that was in Malawi from 13th January they’ll decide on who the principal recipients will be but my guess is that NAC won’t be one of them. There’s no question of GF withholding the funding because of the catastrophic consequences that action would have on innocent HIV victims


  27. tchaka says:

    Sembereka? U mean thats the only word u can say? Udzafa imfa yowawa

  28. yonayona says:

    asembereka! Munthu osakonda dziko lake ngati iwe sindinamuwone! How do you feel putting the lives of many malawian on red line @ the expence of pocketing’ 4urself! Shame on you.

  29. MBACHI says:

    NAC do not steal this and give to alomwe and madam to buy favours.

  30. Maliseche says:

    Stupid NGOs go on the streets so that these mone doez not come-mukuona bwanji pamenepa achina Mtambo.

  31. Tata says:

    Mwapindulanjiii mwapatsidwa chani kuvutikaaa mukanangotii muli ndi ulendo wandawalaaaaa basi

  32. Jack Rubby says:

    So Sembereka,Kabwila and Traspence marched in vain,,,,,,,,hi ho

  33. Wamandasi says:

    The right way to fight malaria is clean dry environment at homes to eradicate areas conducive for the breeding of mosquitoes.

    The purchase of chemicals, medication and mosquito nets will sustain malaria and the money just returns into the hands of white people.

    For HIV/AIDS the cure is in life style, moral conduct, faithfulness, fidelity. Don’t support prostitution, abortion and homosexuality. These are fertile grounds for HIV. For instance young girls will risk being infected with hiv simplly because they will abort if pregnant.

    So these problems require a holistic approach than medical suppy. ARV is a big business for the west that keeps people alive. Take note no one faithful to ARV dies of AIDS now. And whites are angry when poor goverments don’t buy arvs from the west and supply them freely. This is a money game.

    So all three areas of concern can be reduced through health life style. companies must give health living workshops on hiv, tb and malaria to their employees as part of social contribution. Health surveyors must monitor homes

  34. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Shame to the politicized demo organizers whose main mission was to see and make sure that the Global fund do hold their funding for someone’s political mileage scores. I wonder where is the element of their patriotism which these failed political morons trading under the banner ‘Human rights activists’ were claiming.

    I do ask myself millions of questions what was/is the main motives behind these evil individuals and parties (Sembereka, Mtambo, Trapence, Kabwira, Kwataine and the one behind the demo funding)?

    Shame to the Opposition parties (MCP and PP) who were both secretly and openly supported the demos materially and financially.

    All we need is unity not divisions especially in hard and tubulous time like this we are passing through. Let’s learn to leave politics aside and live as one family regardless of our political affiliations.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!

  35. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Muwamvere chisoni anthu aku health ndi HIV program ndi opanda nzelu ine ndikuwadziwa bwinobwino mudzandifunse. Ndi anthu otanganidwa ndi chisembwere mwina kungochotsako may Kaliraniwo koma the rest ndi nyasi zokhazokha

  36. A pledge is a pledge

  37. mbwaxe says:

    Akunama amenewa!!!!!! Nonse pa thako panu ndi mabodza anu

  38. Chikopa says:

    Simwamumva sembereka gtimanena kuti anthuwa akupanga zandale wawululatu lero this people must stape down they have let down malawians mtambo and your team when you hands over petition they was no mention of jb foundation retain 74million they took from nac

  39. Abk says:

    So Sembeleka has come openly that he was sent by Joyce Banda to carry out those January 13th demonstrations! Let’s wait and see how ken nsonda and jessy kabwira will gonna comment, otherwise there’s bigger work for slaves in trying to serve their masters who have already faded into obscurity.

Comments are closed.

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