Go you on my Donnier aircraft, Mutharika to Chilima

Contrary to rumour mongers that all is not well between President Arthur Peter Mutharika and Vice President Saulos Chilima, the two seem to be enjoying a cordial relationship if recent smiling pictures of the duo in conversation is anything to go by.

Chilima greest Bishop Martin Mtumbuka

Chilima greest Bishop Martin Mtumbuka

Chilima greets Bishop Thomas Msusa

Chilima greets Bishop Thomas Msusa

Chilima greets Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe on arrival

Chilima greets Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe on arrival

Vice Presidetn Chilima greets the Catholic Bishops on arrival in Karonga from a Donnier

Vice Presidetn Chilima greets the Catholic Bishops on arrival in Karonga from a Donnier

And on Sartuday the Vice President used a Donnier aircraft to fly from Blantyre to Karonga, a privilege that usually is accorded to the Head of State.

The VP was in Karonga to attend the consecration of ‘St Joseph the Worker’ Cathedral by His Emminence Fernando Cardinal Filoni.

Chilima encouraged the Catholic Church to continue working towards satisfying the spiritual needs of the citizenry.

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17 thoughts on “Go you on my Donnier aircraft, Mutharika to Chilima”

  1. Achitaboo says:

    Vuto lakula atolankhani athu ndi uphawi. Akakhala achizimai iwo ndiye alibe pulobulemu popeza amadziwa umo mmene angazipepesere. Azitolankhani ovala makabudula umphawi too much. Amalankhula ngati kuti tonse ndife akapopa ngolo. Zoti anzawo azindikira kuti ndale sizingawapatse chakudya saadziwa. Zoti anzawo akumanga zinyumba mmizindamu from their own hard work saadziwa. Zoti DPP ikutukula mmizinda saadziwa. Bakhalani ndi umphawi wanuyo anzanu akuchita chitukuko.

  2. Reformers says:

    Superficial relationships far from authenticity! Either way VP has entitlement to do his duties with efficiency & on the other had the current leadership is a mirage of decorated lies!!!!!

  3. Chalo says:

    The writer simply does not know politics. APM is being smart here and wants to keep the threat smiling to self destruction

  4. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Our reporters are too ethnic. I am not siding with the ruling, I am a long standing son of MCP to be precise Dedza proper

  5. BabesWodumo says:

    @mapwiya that’s what we call critical analysis….he should be careful to fly in this old aircraft…kapena nayo yagudwa kumene

  6. Maunits says:

    This is nothing other than caring for Malawians. Donnier or not Donnier

  7. Mtumbuka says:

    As vice president on a military plane to Karonga and maybe you had stopover at Mzuzu for refuelling..were you happy with the condition of both airports? Shame on DPP! The military needs morden frigate or destroyer and morden hardware to defend lake Malawi.Kamuzu tried but you guys you have failed miserably. Busy buying expensive cars yet the roads are full of potholes.The DPP is a toilet roll that needs to be flashed down

    1. chigonapamuhanya says:

      mtumbuka sazatheka. umafuna president azikwela njinga ngati ku Mzuzu. We know tumbukas are still in stone age. Miseu akumanga ku north ija you can not appreciate? mtumbukadi simuthu koma manyi

    2. Mlomwe says:

      Join the discussion
      Mtumbuka, that hate will not take you anywhere. journalists are the ones who are bringing hatred in this country. I have stopped listening to Pentecostal Life radio because of a phone in program that was aired on their radio last week. They were criticizing President Peter Mutharika for going to Mulakho wa Alhomwe function. The program was full of hate towards Lhomwe people and myself being a Lhomwe, I got incensed by what the radio personality was doing and I further urge my fellow Lhomwes to stop listening to this
      anti-Lomwe radio station with immediate effect.

      1. chigonapamuhanya says:

        kukhala mulomwe sichifukwa. amene mulakho umamuwawa ayike sabola kumatako

  8. Mapwiya says:

    By the way, the donnier is not “air force one”, the president’s travelling toy. That donnier is owned and used by the army as a transport plane for their big-wigs. It was already in use in the days of Kamuzu. That donnier has a history of developing faults in mid air. Itafa mmalere kodi mungapite inu kukayikankha kuti ilire? Kuzolowera zigalimoto za kwa manje.

    Chilima should be wary of such “overtures” at this time when rumours of jilting him as per Nyasa are all over.

  9. be humane says:

    It is you Nyasa who told that your reliable internal sources told you that Chilima and Peter are not in good terms, then you said Chilima will be removed from the party, and later you said they are planning to kill him. Lero mukuti they are in good terms mpaka Peter allowed him to use the Donnier to Karonga.

    1. mwana mulopwana says:

      @Be human , you are right indeed , it just shows that these journalists do use their personal views in order to bring hatred and Malawi is in dip shit because jelousy is now the order of the day, we need to move out of this kind of altitude,
      Malawi will only be in a confort zone if all Malawians start to concentrate on issues that affect their personal lives and not by bringing hatred messages.

      1. Eduardo says:

        In fact journalism is Malawi is a very poor profession and most of these journalists (reporters in fact) thrive on palm oiling. I can not send my son to study journalism aaah. Just look at what this Times Editor writes every Saturday about DPP and Peter Mutharika. He does not see anything good that the DPP Government is doing in this country. He just picks on negatives. For a break, I would like him to write about appreciation of the Kwacha; city roads; Mulanje piped water scheme to Blantyre; Jenda-Edingeni Road; Nkhatabay-Mzuzu Road etc.

        1. Zomba Malindi says:

          They will talk about the Kwacha when it starts to depreciate. They were complaining the Kwacha is making it difficult to do business because it is weak, now it is picking up kuli zii!!

          Muthu alibe pabwino, pabwino anasiyila Galu.

          1. Eduardo says:

            You are right Zomba Malindi. These poor journalists think all of us are sick in our heads and don’t realize that we are even more educated than them. We are able to tell which is true and not. Akakondeka ka Diploma ka pa MIJ and become an Editor with long service think they can write anything and we believe them. It is high time we exposed their crooked and evil thinking. I am appealing to Vales Machira, a well respected and educated Journalist not to join the bandwagon of these other poor journalists. Kodi Vales, did you train this George Kasakula guy when you were at Times as Editor? He is one of the poor Journalists I have come across in this country, terrible Editor as well.

        2. ulumba boy says:

          You should send your son to study journalism just so he can show us what journalism is all about,show us what a better reporter should write about……then maybe even encourage him to concetrate on the political side so we see what hia POV will be like

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