God not giving Malawi sufficient rains because of sexual immorality –Clergy

Malawi has deemed to have lost its consensus on sex morality and godly ideals, the clergy observed during an inter denominational prayers for the rains which were organised at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) yesterday.

Mutharika greeting bishop Bvumbwe and other clergy

Mutharika greeting bishop Bvumbwe and other clergy

The men of the collar called for the nation to know the appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in the eyes of God.

Reverend Clifford Baloyi of Livingstonia Synod who gave an intercessory prayer in Chitumbuka said because of immoral behaviour which is manifested in people’s dressing and sexual behaviour such as homosexuality, God is not giving Malawi sufficient rains.

It is noted that adulterous behaviour,  the levels of premarital sexual activity, same-sex relations are said to be out of control in the country.

Baloyi said societies that cast aside their moral underpinnings will ultimately end up on the scrap heap of history.

The speakers during the prayers attended by delegates, including President Peter Mutharika, representatives of the donor community and opposition party leaders— also condemned homosexuality as sinful lifestyle.

Reverend Alex Maulana of Malawi Council of Churches said God could punish Malawi for propagating same-sex liaisons.

He said in Malawi people have reached a point where they love money more than God such as where people are “forming organisations whose intention is to propagate sinful.”

But human rights activist have said the government is using LGBTI issue as a tool to distract the public from worsening economic situation.

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82 thoughts on “God not giving Malawi sufficient rains because of sexual immorality –Clergy”

  1. Tt says:

    Mulungu SIWANKHULU (IS NOT SOMEONE WE RESPECT), they are many things we ignore! We DONT accept slavery, racism, genocide etc !

    ALL these things, the biblical god (with a small “g”) LOVED SO MUCH! In fact, him being all knowing, he should have known that his behaviour in the old testaments MAKES HIM A DICK, an idiot par excellence. Somebody NOT WEALTHY OF ANY RESPECT!!!!

  2. kalikokha says:

    as much as I hate gays its got nothing to do with the rains, there are more of them in Europe, America but they are more blessed with the rains than we are in Malawi. if you talk about sins gosh its all over starting from high office.

  3. Tt says:

    Comment 25, excellent comment! I love it

  4. Tozer Tsono says:

    The clergy are out of line. They ought to practice loving their families, enemies and outcasts. Loving means, you let others be, so that the Lord of all can assert his will in th eir lives. Ask the parents of Homesexuality to learn what it is the parents and immediate family go through. Just a note, marriage is destroyed by married people through unfaithfulness. That is where the church needs to invest its energies.

  5. Nyamakumutu says:

    You Jose don’t just want to face the fact and the truth. The rains are not coming not because homosexuality but the weather has changed. The weather has changed because of the destruction in the Eco system that God put in place. As I said this area called Malawi has always been like this. It would be low rainfal or heavy rainfall depending on the weather. This has nothing to do with homosexuality or any sin. Plan trees nd stop cutting them. That’s all you need.

  6. Johannes Brager says:

    Well, as european, where gays, lesbians and transgender have equal rights, i doubt this theses. Last year when i went to malawi there was a rain problem too, than the president demanded prayers, and a couple days later there was a flood, where dozens died. Probably it is better to keep god out of the game, and work on a good water supply. I have still one question, where is all the money from the EU, the US and Norway, that was given by this countries to construct in water-rich malawi a working sythem? could it be that corrupt politicians and bishops are the problem, and nobody else?

  7. bigdick says:

    #25 you r an idiot you do not know what you r saying may God 4give u

  8. brenda gondwe says:

    Mmmmm you people please try to be Godly kno your God kno what he likes and what he doesn’t like he is God of wonders people who are not in spirit they think its normal God is really angry on malawi a God fearing country has turned to sodomms and gommorahs you God is happy with us no not all we will suffer and suffer for we have not obeyed Gods commandments

  9. Unheard of says:

    We are just hearing about God and gays? God is also against stealing (cashgate), adultery (many Malawian men have girlfriends whilst married?). We are chopping down trees nilly willy, making fires, littering plastic bags everywhere, just generally destroying the environment. Climate change dear friends is the reason for our lack of rain, and it’s mostly self inflicted by humans.

  10. Agness says:

    Please send these clergies with chicken minds back to theological colleges. Eish, they dont understand the effects of climate change seriously?

    1. Dgm says:

      Simukudziwa ukulu wa Mulungu ndi kuopsa kwake brother. Yehova pochita chinthu sizidalira kuti environment ili bwanji? Does it mean 5 years ago when we had good rains and harvest this calamity could not hit Malawi?

  11. marika says:

    Kodi amuna okha okha kapena akazi okha okha angamapangane bwanji? I strongly support the clergy. Gay ndi uchitsiru. Tiyeni tikhale ndi kusauka kwathu azunguwo akhale nazo ndalama zawo. Ndiye bola kuchita legalize chamba kusiyana ndi kutwatana same sex, ndiye munthu uzimvapo chani, kagwereni uko amphawi inu mxiiiiiiiii.

  12. Tt says:

    clergy, stay on the pulpit and preach about your imaginary friends! you gods are useless! EVERYONE in a civilized world knows this much! so, stop this nonsense and preach to your congregation who are HIV positive that they need to pray god will cure them , WHILE they are on ARVs!!kkk

  13. onachi says:

    I totally agree with comment no 65, we need to construct dams and keep/harvest water as much as possible God already blessed this land with everything we need and he gave us heads to think… what is lacking is to think and take appropriate action. Ku PVHO kuli ma pump etc zikungoola yet tikudikira mvula, why did we acquire them in the first place? God help Malawi!

  14. Aningo says:

    One of our biggest “sins” is our economy’s dependence on tobacco that causes cancer and all sorts of health problems. It also clears up all trees for curing of this poison, and interferes with the natural rain-formation processes, as a result. It fuels child labour, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and modern-day slavery. It is responsible for lots of deaths and suffering. I find this is worse than marriage between consenting adults of the same sex, yet no apostle or bishop or prophet is talking about it. Why? Because of the money that tobacco brings. You are no different than Trapence!!

  15. Aningo says:

    My view is that we are giving too much power to the clergy on political issues. These guys should be confined to the pulpit. They had their go on political leadership in a period that was called “dark ages”. It was hell. Most countries that bring religion too close to political power are riddled with too many problems. Think about the Middle East, CAR. The “Holy city of Jerusalem” is probably the most dangerous place to live in. All civilized countries that have legalized homosexuality are successful and rich. This is why the only example that religion can give against homosexuality is the ancient and overused story of Sodom and Gomora. Nobody can give a modern-day example.

  16. 2016 welcome says:

    Pa Chichewa pali mawu oti; ” Chauta sapatsa pa manja” komanso “Kanthu sikadza kokha kamaopa kulaula” Mawu onsewa akutanthauza kuti Mulungu adapereka kale madalitso chongofunika nkugwiritsa ntchito nzeru kuti mwayi ubwere poyera. Choncho ndizomvetsa chisoni kwa mnanu momwe Mulungu adadalitsira dziko la Malawi ndi nyanja komanso mitsenje ndikumaunjikana ati kupempherera mvula. Mukufuna Chauta atani kwenikweni? A country of baboons!

  17. babazula says:

    Alangeni anthu Mulungu wanga..za yakumbuyo zawozo Mugabe adaletsa

  18. abit nyonyonyo says:

    Mulungu analangatu sodom ndi gomola nkhani yake umve wa uchimo. amalawi tisamale, ndlama zitipweteketsa

  19. george says:

    hahaha o my god.what is our country cming to ru telng me the whole world ir sufrng be2z of sexual isues.fuck man there is a weathr prblm evrywhere.damn i thnk we nd to get dstv in their houses lol

  20. The Analyst says:

    People are strange . . .
    If you had asked an economist about the causes of erratic rains, he/she would conjure the demand and supply theory to explain the air imbalance hence clouds using graphs and charts. You would clap hands.
    If you asked the physicist he would conjure the quantum theory and mechanics, and we would all praise them . . .
    If you asked an econometrician or financial or risk analyst, he would produce models and explain why we don’t have rains yet in Malawi.

    I short, different people have different perspectives of the same thing.

    Now what wrong have these innocent clergymen committed for some of us to call them stupid and other untypable, unsavable and unprintable names?; just for airing out their views just as would, every other professional?

    Did we expect them to explain global warming or movement of clouds as if they are meteorologists? A a, as clergymen they are to speak the Word and connect our surrounding to It. Nde ntchito yawotu. We should even have applauded them for being up-to-date with the most relevant and trending nowadays sins.

    Nobody may know with precision the exact cause of the erratic rains not even Yobu Kachiwanda (of welcome to weeeattheeer) can explain it. We can all just theorise. And those that try to be smarter and theorise from their professional’s perspective are stupid? No!

  21. Mwawanthu ghanaghanani na nkhumba ivo yikulya kweni yikuluwala yayi kweni imwe mungalya ivo nkhumba yikulya chingachitika ntchivichi.?

  22. Former Malawian says:

    Then why can’t that god punish countries such as South Africa and many states in the USA? Why is he only punishing countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda? The matter is that you are ruled by idiots as Trump says and you cut down all your trees, kuotcha makala, kuotcha njerwa, overpopulation, and your inability to use your God-given water bodies for irrigation.

  23. Nosi says:

    The gays issues should not make and drive people GOD. Dont continue to insult GOD as mr so called tj. When GOD is angry you will remember your words. Just come to the LORD for mercy.He is a loving and forgiving GOD. May the Lord touch you.

  24. gmak says:

    Its a combination of a number of factors. Immorality, homosexuality, climate change ( which is bad human activities) and other factors you can name.

  25. who wat says:

    ambiri akulimbikisa zimenezi ndi Atumbukawa,,u can see the so called Trapence and Mtambo both 4m the hell hold northen region,,,shame on you

  26. nasimati says:

    Same sex its not an issue here! Malawians fuck each other left and right ,marrieed or not married! All this pretending to be church goers and believers its a farce! That country is doomed and there is no way out! Shupit!

  27. whatever says:

    But I thought his excellency himself is a ga… Never mind. Anyway when is this generation of retarded leaders gonna die so we can irrigate our abundant resource of water in the lake instead of praying for rain. Kumuyesa Mulungu mukmunamizirako uku. Abusa verse ya saved by grace inakuphonyani? Nde bola bushiri ndi Angelo aketu. At least akumauluka. Musatinyase. Kupusa.

  28. Ant gay says:

    Well done the clegy. To hell with those who condem u. Agalu akuposeni nzeru zitsiru inu omwe mukulimbitsa za u gay koma mumati ndinu akhristu. Mxii

  29. Same sex says:

    Gays no gays …global warming doesn’t give a shit about what u think….climate change is real….

  30. Harris Phonera says:

    Why GOD Not Punishing Countries Amene Anavomeleza Same Sex Marriages Like Some States In U.S.A , And Other Countries In Europe, Musamanametu Apa, Ubusa Wanu Wachinyengowo Ingoyambani Kugulitsa Kachasu Za Ubusa Zakukanikani, Azibusa Ena Ombwambwana Amaona Ngati MULUNGU Ndi Mmalawi Anangolenga Dziko La Malawi Lokha, Zamathanyula Zinayamba Kalekale Ku Maiko Ena, Let GOD Punish Those Countries First, Kumangonama Basi.

  31. EL CHAPO says:

    You forgot to say about the rigged election.We are bbeing ruled by an illegitimate , clueless leaders who never won the election. God is angry with this stupid country.

  32. Sheriff Igabel says:

    it is true,it is God’s anger that is making situations tough in malawi.Repent of your sins and turn to God.It is not too late

  33. Tengupenya says:

    El Nino effect is affecting the season. But then, may be spiritual powers have a hand in these things.

  34. Namulauzi says:

    To call for prayers for rains was excellent and congratulation to the organizers for a job wonderfully done. However, to select certain behaviors as a cause for the lack of rains is unacceptable. Homosexuality is not the only sin, how about fornication and the generally promiscuous behavior rampart in the country? Meanness, jealousy corruption-oh the list goes on– Let’s teach people how to prevent environmental degradation instead of focusing on one issue. That comes out as judging and only God can judge!

  35. velkes rasheed says:

    ndizowona limenelo ndivutonso lomwe mulungu angatilangile lamathanyulalo ,nanga bwanji kuzimbabwe mvula ilipo ?izi zikusonyeza kuti mugabe ndi owopa mulungu.

  36. Abusa onyenga mwagundika nalo bodza lankunkhuniza, South africa is one of the richest countries in africa but they regalised same Sex marriage, Therefore the statement of these false Pastors its baseless and unfounded, Don’t mislead the people of God.

  37. freeman says:


  38. Jose says:

    Nyamakumutu you are entitled to your opinion, by and large sinful behavior has reached un precedent rate which is one of the reasons among others which angered God during Sodomu and Gomola if you read the Holy Bible. Man has completely lost his/her dignity. Look at how people are dressing these days, early marriages, fornications, rape, defilement, murder cases, the issue to do with the albinos let alone the gay and lesbian lifestyles. Quite inhuman. Do you believe God can be happy with that? Is there anymore love your neighbor as you would like them love you? NO. Therefore it can’t be far from truth that God is angry and that that’s why we are receiving little rains.

  39. Willie Chirwa says:

    Oh my foot! Our clergy seem to be bent on one thing and out of tune with reality. First we hear of climate change which even the holy father has accepted as a reality. Why climate change? Because of the way we are treating the enviroment. Now here is the clergy telling some uninformed sector of the society that the erratic rains are due to imorality blah blah. On the other hand the science people are saying take good of the enviroment no CO2 emmissions remember 2 degrees. Which of the two do you want people to follow? El nino is here with us, the weather guys have been telling us of the same even before it started. There are not gods but God gave the the technical ability to farecast the same and that’s a fact, so please tell the clergy not to mislead people the way there are doing. Tell the truth and shame the devil otherwise you will be perceived as the devil incarnation. If you do watch EPL you have noticed that although here we need more rains those people in UK and other areas have more than enough and the morality in your sense is even worse than us from your point of view. So is the Almighty rewarding them for being poineers of immorality? Be truthfull and God will bless you that’s why you people are always fighting one another for self esttem.

  40. mbuli67 says:

    Sure it could be that the rains are not delayed by the fucking homosexuals. But the truth is that they are worse than dogs in their behavior. Zitsilu zosowa poziyika,pple who can not qualify any description

  41. Comrade in arms to Chakufwa Chihana says:

    God is in fact punishing Malawians for tolerating corrupt, tribalist and nepotist leaders like Peter Mutharika. Not for enjoying sex as God intended men and women to enjoy.

  42. Lottie says:

    The Lord, our God is the one who gives us rains. If we act against his will he withholds this blessing and many others and drought plays out. See Psalms 107: 33 -34; Job 5:10; Deuteronomy 11:17. As a Nation, we need to get back to our Living God and do his will. Its not only sexual immorality – but all kinds of sins that we must denounce.

  43. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Many church leaders of today have no spiritual knowledge, no wonder they rush to ask God for rains without any remorse of what has gone wrong. Anzathu akalewo mnyengo ngati imeneyi amadzola mapulusa, kuvala ziguduli ndikulila kwa Mulungu pa zoipa zomwe achita. Koma inu masuti phopho mumvekere tikufuna mvula, Mukuona ngati mulunguyu ndi mkamwini wanu eti! Lapani, salani kudya, lilani atiyankha. Bola ndakuuzani!

  44. Muntharika he thinks like Monkey some times he was not even to allow the Donnors all the way from their countrys to take part in our country I as malawian citizen I surppose to take part on this am veryvery dissapointed of what Muntharika has done to his nations Malawi had so many prezidents by the time before including his late brother may his soul rest in peace but they had never accepts this rubbish idea why you? Tell us now we’re here to hear your oppinions

  45. Kenman says:

    Abusa mwanama pamenepo. Machimo anayamba kalekale ku Malawi kuno and in other countries its worse than this.

  46. wooltangclan says:

    commment #4 mr Tt. sometimes munthu ukakhala chitsilu sumaziziwa kuti ndiwe chitsilu amakuona ndi anthu ndimafuna ndikulangizeko kuti utha kumakamba zopanda mutiu nkhani zina koma zikafika pa MULUNGU zipatse ulemu analiko amzako ankapanganso udolo ukupangawo koma anaziona akulu anati ukakwera pamsana wanjobvu usamati kunja kulibe mamee! Timangokuonani mukamakamba ngati madolo chonchi koma tsiku ndi limozi muzamufuna mulungu .Zambiri sindingakambe koma uzikumbuka ichi Umukumbuka mpompano zikayamba kuwila nthupimo si ukutumbwa mmwene ukuyendamo?ok ife kwathu mkupenya komanso tizafika kuzakuona mchipatala ukuchitila umboni kuti mulungu alipo

  47. Russell says:

    Come on clergy get real rain fall has nothing to do with how you perceive morality issues currently being debated in Malawi. Speak on real issues that can be backed up by facts.

  48. Imtiyaz Tambala says:

    Here in Malawi at least we do fear God, take a traver to other countries you will agree with me that Malawi is a holy country and we are all going to be in paradise. Here is my question are you tell me that those countries that are sinful like SA there is rains?

  49. gh says:

    This is funny, no wonder the world laughs at us Africans

  50. James Phiri says:

    I thought the Lord sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. God is not punishing Malawi for immorality but we are reaping the harvest of poor planning. We know Malawi has erratic rainfall from year to year and yet the land area under irrigation remains pitifully low also we now we need to store grain from good years for bad years but I suspect the grain reserves are not well managed, finally we need to diversify our agriculture rather than this fixation on maize which isn’t even very nutritious. We’ve also left too many people wholly reliant on subsistence farming with very few people well educated and a very under developed economy with a limited job market. These are the reasons why people will suffer this year not because of God’s judgment but because as a country we have not planned and implemented development plans effectively.

  51. Jimbo says:

    This logic is total rubbish! APM is attempting to hide his inability to govern the country properly by hiding behind this stupid reasoning of the clergy. In the past people appealed to the pagan rainmakers for rain and offered sacrifices. That was just as much an affront to religion as any so-called sexual immorality. Science has more to tell us about the climate than religion. Looking for religious explanations for the problems besetting Malawi is futile. Most of the problems are man-made and their solutions rest in the hands of men. God has nothing to do with it.

  52. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Inde a Malawi, mwanyanya chiwerewere!!!

  53. wakukaya says:

    God punish those people who practice gay marriage

  54. KELTON SOMANJE says:

    Please preach the true Gospel.Has God told you that?You the clegy ,you are still misleading people.SHOULD PEOPLE CUT DOWN TREES BECAUSE THERE IS THE ISSUE OF SAME SEX THAT IS CONTRIBUTING TO POOR RAINS?ULALIKI OSOCHELETSA ANTHU.

  55. HB says:

    we knows our countrly ever since we had never suffer for rain like this…it is a punishiment from God…peter muthalika must know that God is not a human being or a toy to play with…if we can read in the scripture according to 1kings…there was a famine in the countrls because people they worshid baal as there God,which phisicaly means that this issue of homesexual it does not belong to God and God himself hates is since from the bible…it is a famine from God because of unGodly deed.

  56. Wim says:

    That is strange. In my country(the Netherlands) we are very open to gay people and it rains ver often here!! So maybe it is BECAUSE your gouvernment and church hate gays HE does not give you enough rain. So I think it is your own fault!!

  57. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    These learned men of God shud know better that even trees, sheeps, doves, fishes..etc need rain so are they suggesting they hav sinned too thus deserve to be punished? Are people in Sahara desert much worse sinners than us and hence the rainless Sahara desert?

  58. Chintemwende says:

    I don’t agree to that. Mulungu ndani angamulowe mmaganizo. We don’t need to pray for rains but we need to have thanks giving prayers basi.

  59. Ngalamayi says:

    IF this is a god punishing sinners, why is he also punishing the majority who are not sinners? The lack of rains does not punish only sinners! Surely a god is not so unjust? Look for the reasons elsewhere, as so many sensible comments here do.

  60. The Analyst says:

    The clergymen, at the rate we are going; cant you see or think that we have been misled for so long? Nobody knows where this country is going or who is doing what, a a a!!
    And amid this chaos, you come and mislead people even more? Now if everybody comes up with inane theories about anything happening to us or in this country, what shall become of us as a people? Shall we not go too deep into the rabbit hole where there is no space to even wiggle our ears? A a!

    Tiyeni ku sukulu, inu munkathawa, lero si izi, failing to see that air imbalances have shifted the tides hence formation of rain. What has this to do with homosexuality? Ok, so how about the perennial Nsanje floods, the Karonga earthquake? Coz girls are always in miniskirt? Wise up, clergymen. Ofcourse . . .

    “To see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” – Benjamin Franklin

    But which is better before God: to blame Him for a non-issue or to be silent about it for lack of proof? Is this not false testimony which is spoken against in the scripture? Will you be surprised therefore to find yourselves in hell when you continue to lie about God and everything? I will not be surprised!

    It helps to go back to school and learn the basics hence understand the mechanics of environment around us. This is also good not only for your spiritual growth but also your own survival.

  61. Jak says:

    A Mr Tt, (Comment #4), I’m feeling sorry 4 U. Not becoz u called the Clergy stupid, but becoz u’re failing to understand that, ‘you are existing becoz there is Somebody who existed b4 time!!!’ You Better kneel down therefore and repent of this mischief. You can hv o the Worldly papers & Money, Without this God U’re saying does not exist, U’re a complite fool. U’re not too late God is waiting 4 U. All the best.

  62. BRIDE says:

    Not all men of God are men of God, some are wolves in sheep skins. Jesus Christ our Lord told us of the signs of endtime or His second coming etc; arising of false prophets and christs, Sodom and Gomorah conditions, calamities on nature, As it was in the days of Noah [ population boom,whosale beauty of women, divorce rate high and drunkness] , Israe becoming again a united nation, human rights instead of God rights.

    Clegy you don’t have the authority and power to stop the prophecies of the endtime from being fulfilled.
    This is a deceiving age, however I thank God for the elect would never be deceived Mathew 24 vs 24
    Let this things happen so that we should leave this sinful world.

  63. KenyanMalawi says:

    There is plenty of rain in the UK right now and hey have given gays full rights. Make your own conclusions

    1. Yes there could be plenty of rain in the azunguland but remember God punishes those that are not evil and spares the wrongdoers. Lots of is existing in UK but God cannot inflict UK instead people like Malawians are the ones facing the scorpion whip

  64. chikhadzula says:

    I totally a gree with greggy, Malawi shud See the behavior we are coopying from the west.mulungu wakwiyaaaaaa. Trapence n ur gay freind mutipwetekesatu agalu inee.

  65. Aningo says:

    In this age and era nations that have developed have deliberately chosen to seek scientific explanations to their predicaments. If we cling to illogical superstitious explications to our problems we are surely headed for doom. What Malawi needs are not rain makers, but innovators who will lead the nation to adapt to the changing weather patterns. I am afraid, if we cannot adapt, we will be “naturally de-selected” from the face of mother Earth. It is unwitting for Malawians to leave Malawi in the hands of hypocritical prophets, pastors, men of god, bishops etc. These problems call us to use our heads rather than hearts.

  66. Mswachi says:

    Misinterpretation of the facts on the ground of the highest order. The clergy must learn to live by the truth they preach. Can someone teach our clergy about Climate change and El nino. Let our “hatred” of gays not cloud our logical thinking. We can’t buy the support of the masses against gays through deliberate twisting of the truth. If the clergy cannot tell the truth whom do we trust?

  67. obanda says:

    Ine ndikuona kuti yakwaiya ndi mizimu. Utsogoleri namalenga wakwiya nawo

  68. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    I think Malawians are taking things too far. There is no curse connected to homosexuality neither to any sin. In Europe and other rich nations around the world are several conducts that in Malawi are easily sins but you look at their economy, very big economies and rich, good rains and everything. The question could be, does God select who to punish because of the so called sin?

  69. Sapitwa says:

    No one can claim to understand God. God hates sin but does not hate sinners. To say Malawi is being punished because of sins like those mentioned is outside the intent of what this prayer gathering was all about. It was about praying for rain which is a problem to Malawi for the reasons known by God himself and not even a Scientist or Reverend can claim to know. So stop speaking for God. Let us just pray and plead with our God to give us rain.

  70. Nyamakumutu says:

    That’s not true you can not conclude that the shortage of rainfal because of one issue. Ever since history enfolded this area now called Malawi had been receiving low rainfall or high rainfal depending on weather patterns of that year. This why we hear about Mbona, Makewana, Velaule, Wasambo, Machapula etc who were a rain makers. With trees or without trees. With sin or without sin rains have been a challenge from time in memorial. People used to go to the shrines praying for rainfal. They used to offer nsembe ku Msolo asking for rains. It has always been like this. Don’t tell us that it’s because of homosexuality that we have no rains. It’s about weather patterns.

  71. Oddala says:

    I think to say that God is not giving us rains because uf gays is hasty generalisation. I dont support gays myself but I think the clergy men should have done better than they did.

  72. Tuth and only Truth says:

    every body who took part in these prayers is a total joke and the prayers were a mockery to God,

    First things firs,
    Q. How can you pray to God for rains when we have water from Chitipa to Nsanje? We have the lake and the shire river and yet someone prays for rains for farming. This is total stupidity.

    Q. Your president (Peter Mutharika) suspended the gay laws, of which in true sense, he is suporting gays and lesibians so how can such a president claim to organise prayers to to pray to God for rains? Uh? Which God was he praying to? Am sure there is a homosexual God to whom he was praying to but surely it wasn’t my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He who sent Jesus to die for me. Becoz this, my God, hates homosexuality and had it been that it was David the Psalmist at our state house he would not have repealed those gay laws.

  73. Green Grass says:

    Is the el Nino phenomenon only affecting Malawi? If not then please clergymen don’t mislead people with your personal opinions.

  74. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Malawi MUST live within its means. Simple. Our standard of living and govt services will drop, but we will be independent financially. Hard truth unfortunately.

  75. Eddy Gomez says:

    Wake Up And Rise Malawi!!! 51years Of Independence Is Not Ajoke.Sexual Immorality Is Not Good At All,even Bible Suicide About This,so Lets Pray To God And We Shall Receive Alot Of Blessings,Amen!!!

  76. KARU UNITED says:

    Since times immemorial Malawi has from time to time had times of little rain or drought, don’t scare people this is an el nino period, nothing to do with moral decay.

  77. Tt says:

    To the clergy, you are very stupid! Many countries in Europe, embrace homosexuality and most of their citizens not longer worship your stupid gods, because THEY ARE NOT REAL! Their social and demographic parameters are the best in the world, their babies don’t die like flies like malawians babies. It’s high time you accept that religion is for ignorant and stupid, your gods are die, they never existed and will never exist, they are part of thr human imagination, that’s where they belong…

  78. sikusinja says:

    Rain is a climate issue, if you keep cutting down trees and destroying the environment surely you dont expect the rains to be good.
    And God is not giving us rains because he already gave us a lot of water in Lakes and rivers. He is better off taking the rains to the folks in the Sahara desert.

  79. anadimba says:

    am not supporting gays.but tosay God is not giving us rains cos gays your totally wrong.all ofus are not righteous before God. Even the clegy are also sinners .they are churchgaters ,you drive expensive cars at the expense of poor church members. Who are sleepign on empty stomach.the cashgaters, thieves.etc. The anger of God is due to our collective sins .letus repent .we have all sinned before God.Mulungu ndi wanthawi komanso wachifundo.atimvera chisoni

  80. frank says:

    We have got a IMF curse, IMF missions is headed by Mr Williams a African, he also does not understand his fellow african problems and made us go off track, we have got independende from colonialist but still they are ruling malawi by not giving us the economic independence. IMF is ruling Malawi, and this organisation is a friend of poverty, and enemy of progress. Lets dump them we shall have rains

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