God will use opposition to bring you to destiny

Many times situations that do not look good with the physical eye have happened in the lives of God’s children. God does not promise us a trouble free existence, but he does promise to deliver us (Psalms 34:19). Verse 20 says that “He keeps all his bones: not one of them is broken” which is a big encouragement that though the enemy may plan evil or damage, it will not have any effect to those who have accepted Him as their personal Savior but will instead bring them to the destiny that God has planned for them.jesus bible

I want to say that there is no opposition if there is nothing in you that is a threat to others. This can be the spiritual gifts that God has put in you, or a good plan for your life that God has prepared for you. I have met many people who have told me that from the day they got saved, things were a little easier than they are now though they have grown spiritually now.

Yes this should be true because now you are disturbing the enemy and it is always the plan of the enemy to stop you before you can cause more damage to his kingdom.

They will oppose, persecute, tell things that are not true about you, and even try to convince other people that you are not a good employee, friend, relative and When such accusations comes, they always say; “yet you say that you pray”. This is just a way to discourage and make you think that may be God has nothing to do with you. Don’t be moved with all the false accusations, God knows your heart and will prove your innocence in a way that they will all know that it is God who has done it. It is not you who will fight but God will fight for you (11 Chronicles 20:15).

If you look at the life of Jesus, for the entire time that he spent in this world he faced great opposition and they even planned to kill him many times. When you look at the events that transpired when Herod heard about the birth of the Jesus, you can see that it was actually the devil that wanted to use Herod to stop God’s plan, which led to the death of many male children that were born during that time yet the one that they wanted to kill still survived. This is just a confirmation that no matter how much time they will spend planning your downfall, it will not work (Nehemiah 4:15).

Joseph who is a type of Christ was hated by the brothers without any reason and planned to kill him but later changed their minds to just sell him as a slave. Joseph’s problems did not end there as he was again falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife but yet this was a route that God used to bring Joseph to a place where He had planned for him.

Look at the problems and opposition you may be facing today as a route to your God’s planned destiny for your life. Continue in prayer, praise, and worship and God will show Himself faithful and you will know that it is God who has done it and you will realize that a God given plan for His children will never be taken away by anyone. This is why Balaam confessed that; “How can I curse, whom God has not cursed? Or how should I defy whom God has not defied” (Numbers 23:8).

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17 thoughts on “God will use opposition to bring you to destiny”

  1. M'busa says:

    Labasakataya mando. yikatuza mando. yandelele baba, masakata in Jesus Name Amen.

  2. narbe says:

    this article is some kind of an insult to intelligence. This is not the way to solve issues. Good and evil are inside all of us so it is our choice, our will. Quit finding excuses or taking people for fools

  3. Mzungumbuli says:

    A, impressed too, the writer of this article might have had enough Bible study series. The Bible and ONLY the Bible is the weapon of evil destruction.

  4. Edward says:

    The Spirit of a Leader overflows to the followers. In 1994 there was an outcry that Somebody who was aspiring to Lead Malawi is a certified thief and the response was WAKUMBA YEMWEYO . Are you surprised with what’s going on in Malawi. Until you repent and get rid of that spirit that overflowed to the people you will suffer the pain of choosing the spirit of kuba. That’s is how God restores Nations.

  5. Nabanda says:

    It is true and am one of them. Even when I read Genesis I dont fear mfiti, because the bible says there is NO man’s weapon that shall prosper to me. NDIZOONADI MAVUTO ENA AMABWERA CHOLINGA ANTHU ADZIWE KUTI THERE’S GOD IN HEAVEN.

  6. tmas says:


  7. Isaac Banda says:

    Not every opposition is bad, God can correct us by raising people to oppose us. It is wrong to think that we are always right and those opposing us are wrong/enemies.

  8. mbuyuni says:

    I have have been impressed with this strong article. We are tired of reading illnesses of cashgaters in custody. Things like 121 people going for mapwevupwebu with personal and none personal secretaries. Amen

  9. clement says:

    Useless article and reporter. Lets wait till 2019, which unformidable opposition can overcome DPP???

  10. Gift says:

    Amen. Very powerful

  11. Chonena sowe says:

    This is the true message from Heavenly Father to His children. Glory to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. waty says:

    So powerful!! And very true!

  13. Swedish says:

    Dear sister Cindy, you title is very catchy but in the hides the true meaning, what do you mean opposition? If god is good then opposition means evil! So what you mean is god can you something evil (evil in our eyes, which is the opposite of good in our eyes) to bring us to our deny. Not so? Now in all honesty, given that this is an all powerful god capable of doing anything, it is immoral! For example : how is it to allow many innocent babies die (in the case of herod) and only save himself? Didn’t he (god) have the power to prevent such from happening in the first place? If a homosexual man missed a plane coz he was fornicating with a male prostitute and later that plane went missing or crashed, should this gay man thank the Lord, coz it was gods plan of using opposition to bring him to his destiny? Your article brings in a lot of dilemmas when you think about these issues with a critical and sober mind, Cindy. if god can use opposition to bring us to our destiny how can you tell which oppositions we encounter are his plan or not? And if god has a plan for every human, isnt this a fixed variable that even he (god) can’t change? If he can change his plan, doesnt that conflict with his ability of being all knowing?

  14. mercy says:

    Amen to this powerful message
    May the Holy Spirit be with us alwaus to remind us that God is with us through out our think and thin. Amen

  15. Kenkkk says:


  16. Nyasi musi says:


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