Goodall now ‘minister of poverty’: Resign, MP Chitete  tells Finance Minister over Malawi economic meltdown

Mchinji North East Member of Parliament, Alex Chitete added his voice to growing calls for Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to resign, arguing he has failed the country in recent times.

MP Chitete: Goodall is minister of poverty

MP Chitete: Goodall is minister of poverty

Chitete made the remarks on Tuesday in his contribution to the mid-year budget  budget review presented in the house by Gondwe last Friday.

He said it’s high time the minister honourably resign as he is failing to run the economy affairs of the country .

Chitete said the Gondwe has failed to elevate people’s lives as minister of finance and instead he is busy making Malawians and local investors’ poor than before.

“Mr Speaker sir, this honourable minister has to resign , he is failing the nation big time, instead of ensuring that lives of Malawians and that of local business  investors , and he is reaping them off leading to a lot of local companies shut down and make them poor than before.

“In fact, Mr speaker sir, he [Gondwe] is no longer Minister of Finance and Economic Planning,  he is now Minister of Poverty, financial mismanagement and empty promises planner”, Chitete said amid hand clapping from opposition benches.

This did not go well with government benches with deputy chief whip, Grace Chiumia standing on a point of order , saying the Malawi culture entails people to respect elders like Gondwe.

He said youthful MP Chitete  was supposed to address the minister of finance with respect.

Speaker Richard Msowoya sustained the point of order .

But in his response , Chitete agreed  saying  “indeed Mr speaker sir,  you are right in fact he is a stranger in this house, he is not a member of parliament but imposed here by the President as the minister of Finance.”

Gondwe  has so far refused to resign, saying age could not be used to determine one’s ability to lead.

He remains upbeat that the economy would improve soon pegging growth to be at four percent.

Gondwe also said the weakening Kwacha currency will  start stabilising “ soon”

He  blamed the current economic situation to cashgate, the infamous looting of public resources at Capital Hill, the freeze on aid by traditional donors and floods and drought among others.

He said the Malawi economy was doing much better than other economies in the region soon after they floated their currencies.

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29 thoughts on “Goodall now ‘minister of poverty’: Resign, MP Chitete  tells Finance Minister over Malawi economic meltdown”

  1. ngongoliwa says:

    Izi zili ndi nthawi. Goodal, Apm are old buddies, good for nothing period

  2. Kadakwiza says:

    Hon.Goodall Gondwe can’t resign because it’s not his fault as our economy and our country is going down. The problem here is not Hon. Gondwe but the problem here is because our country have no money. The money which was there since 1964, was stolen by selfish, cruel leaders as from 1964. I doubt if Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda was clean. Dr. Bakili Muluzi was clean, is doubtful. Even Professor Bingu wa Muthalika was clean is doubtful. Was Dr. Joyce Banda is clean is doubtful. And this present government under DPP and Professor of all professors Peter Muthalika if they are clean is doubtful. If all our leaders and government officials were honest, Malawi could be very rich by now. Hon.Gondwe can’t do anything right now because our government have no money. You can’t have a teacher if there are no pupils or students. The person who should resign is our president. Because he is the one who is calling the shorts. He is clueless.

  3. KaTSo says:

    Muwafunse a Gondwe kuti ndindani akuwasokoneza. Enawo asamachedwe kusayinira, akutiwawa!

  4. Tikondane says:

    Goodall alone cannot change this country. It is unfortunate that we think that Goodall has the audacity to put in the national budget what he thinks. He is just a tool or a pen in the hands of someone or some people. Olo muli inu; you are just good koma mutati mwaukhalira mpando umene uja mudzikapanganso zofoyira!!!

  5. Dwambazi says:

    We were better off with the cashgaters, Kwacha was stable, we had food, drugs were available in the hospital, life was bearable then. What we are going through now is criminal. LET ‘S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  6. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Amaona ngati kuyendetsa boma its a simple thing. tiyinenazoni. Wina agwa ndi cardiac arrest kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. nkwati says:

    Malawi kwacha will stabelise soon after selling chamba.

  8. nkwati says:

    Dpp woyeeee!!!! Malawi kuphikika woyeeeee!!!!

  9. Billy Chilewani says:

    The first step to getting out of poverty is to accept that we are poor. Secondly as Honourable Members of Parliament duly elected by Malawians you should discuss ways and means of getting out of this perpetual song of poverty. No meaningful investor comes to invest money in a country known for hunger-Why?? Simple the people are hungry and will use their money to buy maize and not other luxurious products. Instead of discussing how to end hunger/maize shortages in the lean periods which has been a routine for the past 50 decades you are busy fighting “Maize politics”. For once give us solutions that is why we elected you so called Honourables.Honourable B Chilewani-MP without a constituency.

  10. m'bona says:

    Asiyeni a lomee akunya ndi njala lano ngati akusowa ndi gaga yemwe, koma kakaka pambuyo pa Mr IBU.ndikunena pano sakolola ndipang’ono pomwe. Indeed fools die for lack of wisdom,the most iliterate ppo r these fools duped lomwe,kaya tikuonerani go yo nkando gosh no crops dpp woyee!

  11. Bob Chiswe says:

    I agree with Chitete 100 per cent because Gondwe has outdated skills..He is not creative and it is unfortunate people always tend to believe old guys like him are miracles. Let this primitive guy go

  12. chibweya joe says:

    In other countries people like Goodal Gondwe would be enjoying their pension life and not being busy with active politics. Should we say he cannot afford to live a descent life outside politics. What happened to his savings? I wonder

  13. Musazanenenso says:

    Ngati mukulephela kuuendetsa dziko chifukwa cha CASHGATE tanena kambili-mbili kuti abwezeleni eni ake limayenda bwino ndi cahsh gate yomweyo timagula sopo, sugar,mchele,mafuta ophikila,odzola cashgate ikuyenda inu cashgate kulibe palibe chomwe chikuchitika. Tatopanazo zopusazo abwezeleni eni ake amadziwa ndipo akudziwabe chochita

  14. Chambe says:

    This MP is deadwood. MCP has made uncountable calls for Gondwe to resign. He has told you that he is going nowhere. Now here is an MP who spent sleepless nights to find what to write in his speech which after failing to find any, he decided to repeat the same old story.
    He doesn’t even suggest what he would expect the next Finance Minister to do to resolve the financial melt down. He can’t because he is clueless about financial matters. Anzanu amalakatula mwatchutchutchu zomwe zikulakwika ndikubweretsa zomwe mukanachita mukanakhala inu. Apo tikanadziwa kuti ndinu m’banga. Koma ai wolewole…. Deadwood.

  15. mjomba welewo says:

    Pali wina amene anganyoze MCP? There was someone who used kunyoza MCP, but do you know what happened to him? i will tell u…

  16. Malawian says:

    Zongopasana wu president chifukwa choti wina muchimwene wake anali president ndi izi pano wina akungodya Ndalama za misonkho yanthu ku State house, economy yikumulephera. Pitala amabwebweta kwambiri ali ku opposition ali Joyce Banda akungovela za azungu pano alindwi ndwi….ndwi….. pamene a Malawi akulephera kupeza ndi bonya yemwe.

    Both Peter and Goodal are too old to turn around the economy and must resign otherwise some of us will stop paying taxes so that Peter should use his personal money at State house.

  17. Chiluwa says:

    Wiz: Nose mukulephela palibe chamzeru chimene mungakambilane? Aaaaaa malawian pariament thas stuped

  18. KWACHA! says:

    Onyoza MCP amasuzumira Amake akusamba ku Bafa, Mitumbo yanu nonse onyoza MCP.

  19. Kumbocha says:

    No…………. Malawi wake up and do something for your country. Stop relying onto government and find a solution to what you think you can give to your country. giving the poor maize has failed us for 50 years give them solutions on what they should do to have maize on there on, other wise this is making them go lazy make them work hard and propose better procedures to the government. Not making jokes in our royal house

  20. Michere says:

    know what to speak please you are making we Malawians to look fools just as you are……
    How can you clap hands on such a stupid comment from bakha ngati ameyu. wake up Malawians you mean we should wait for the government to build a small bridge which could need only 5 bags of cement, how many reach people do you have here in Malawi and what are they doing. IT’S US MALAWIANS WHO ARE FAILURES NOT THE GOVERNMENT

  21. ben says:

    Goodall the kwacha has overdepreciated, it can recover and regain lost value if you can ask reserve bank to remove the policy of maximum limit appreciation of 0.25% per day to either 1% per day or unlimited, let the depreciation limit remian at 0.25% . Then kwacha will soon be back at 600 to a dollar, and economy will stabilise

  22. BOKHO says:

    Go Mr Gondwe you have failed Malawians.

  23. Dikisan says:

    Yes, Minister of Poverty and mismanagement in the Office of the president! KKKKK Go on Chitete.

  24. chindere chakufikapo cha badall gondwe, just resign you old mannerless fool. do you enjoy seeing malawians suffer the way they are doing now???? and when you are going dont forget to take with you your toothless old, ugly and clueless creature in the name of the state president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Mbweno says:

    Do you know how Government Economy and its plan work or its just hatred omong our MP.

  26. Vitumbiko says:

    Kodi mwakaphunzira kuti word yoti ”RESIGN” inu a MCP? Tikudabwa nanutu chifukwa aliyense wa chipani chanuchi akungonena aliyense amuwone or akuyenda pansewu kuti ”resign”. Koma mukudziwa kutanthawuza kwa liwu limeneli?

  27. Guarantor says:

    How many people are going to resign bwana……

  28. mchinji1 says:

    konzani pa Mchinji bomanso mwagawa ma plot amashop molakwikwa, mpaka kuseka pa hall ndinso kugawa malo aboma pa khoti. tauni yanyasa. kodi dc alipo kumeneku. nayenso wazipasa shop pa Hall DC ameneyo. tigumulatu ife

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