Goodall refuses to go: Says Malawi needs ‘concerted efforts’ to improve economy

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has vowed to stay on as Malawi’s purse keeper, despite sustained calls for his resignation.

Gondwe: Bad-all economy but am not quitting

Gondwe: Bad-all economy but am not quitting

Gondwe has faced a wave of resignations over poor economy.

The calls grew louder on Wednesday at major conference organised by quasi-religious grouping the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is in Blantyre where a cross-section of Malawians is discussing the future of the country with is facing economic crisis.

Opposition Peoples Party (PP) secretary general Ibrahim Matola attacked Gondwe for the economic turmoil and asked him to resign.

Matola argued that “recycled politicians” like Gondwe, are “hurting the economy.”

He said Malawi economic collapse is rapidly accelerating.

But Gondwe rejected the calls to resign, clinging to his job, saying Malawi needs “concerted efforts” to improve the economy and that “donor support is not reliable.”

He said the Peter Mutharika administration is doing very in the economic realm of governance.

Said Gondwe:  “We are doing a tremendous job and we have been commended by IMF. Why are you people not seeing this?”

He also disclosed that government will set up a commission of young and vibrant economic experts to be planning s well as researching on economic issues.

Gondwe also clarified on why the government is failing to win back donor confidence.

“It is not true that government is not receiving donor aid because it is not doing what donors want, noooo!”

UNDP envoy to Malawi, Mia Seppo urged the country to create an enabling environment for economic growth.

“Getting out of aid dependency is a global issue and Malawi has to make reforms in line with that,” she said.

Making a presentation titled Economic Situation in Malawi, Economists Association of Malawi president; Henry Kachaje said overpopulation is a growing burden on government as.

Kachaje said population was growing at a rate faster than that of the economy.

“We need to redefine and reposition our country, balance the budget by reducing expenditure and increasing the revenue base. We also need to invest on production, and not on consumption,” he urged.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Samuel Tembenu said the country needs “to stop politicising everything to move forward.”

The PAC meeting continues on Thursday.

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The first person to resign should be Mr Ibu of Malawi. He has failed to run the country. He is clueless.


The people arguing for Gondwe to resign should tell us exactly what the new younger replacement will do differently to revive the country. The problem with Malawians is that we are all about emotion and too lazy to look at hard facts and analysis. That is why we waste a lot of energy blaming each other instead of looking ahead with real well researched and intelligent solutions.

It is the same thinking that leads to killing a person in the village because you think they sent lightning that killed someone elsewhere. Dullness, Umbuli, Kupepela.

Gondwe is DPP to the hilt and he implements DPP policies – why single him out? DPP government led by APM is the problem. 577 billion that is being ignored, the lies and propaganda the clueless APM, the misplaced policies – mostly based on tribal leanings the whole issue of banditry and thievery practiced by DPP is responsible for the mess. Kaliati shifted the blame on Ngwazi, APM shifted the problem of food shortages on Vendors – Chiembekeza has been lying – all these are contributing to the economic downturn. The interesting part is that we do not want to… Read more »

We are used to be donated, we stupid malawians, we have all the resources but we are failing to use. Shameful to malawians. Most of the resources europeans use comes from our continent. Let’s stand firm not releasing our raw materials, these europeans will bow down to our lovely africa. Shameful africa, shameful malawians!


Nothing can separate us from our God.let’s stop pointing fingers church leaders let’s go into mountains and fast and pray maybe miracle money will come easily.

2016 welcome

The main culprit is not Gondwe but Mutharika. Besides, In the article Goodall says government is doing tremendous job….. My word! Has the meaning of tremendous perhaps changed? How can you say that when the socioeconomic indicators are worse? You have lost touch Mr minister.

Andrex Ngala

Malawians Avoid A Pull Down Syndrone. Let Goodall Alone




I know DPhiPHi from time immemorial,what they will do is


Pitala:Mussa Mussa Henere iwe iwe….
Pitala:Kodi amati chani kukamsokhano kawo kaja?
Mussa:Anthu ma political propaganda akudana nafe.
Pitala:Ndiye titani?
Mussa:Ine ndikuona ngati tingowapasa chibanzi?
Pitala:kunali anthu ake ati?
Mussa:Ma NGO,ndi a ma Church ena ndaiwala ndimuyimbira Bishop wathu wa phankeyu.
Pitala:Okay ndiye tamuuze Ben andibwerestere kangondolosi kaja..
Mussa:Zikomo koma zinthu mene zavutilamo i think ndipita kumuzi akandikhapire mphini 5000 thupi langali ana asamadelerele.
Pitala:Ahhhh ineso akanditemera ndkapita kwa kape ngongoliwa uja.

Alex Flatts

The same thing is happening in Kenya. When bloodlines inherit power through dubious means, then you expect the worst for a country

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