Goodall refuses to go: Says Malawi needs ‘concerted efforts’ to improve economy

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has vowed to stay on as Malawi’s purse keeper, despite sustained calls for his resignation.

Gondwe: Bad-all economy but am not quitting

Gondwe: Bad-all economy but am not quitting

Gondwe has faced a wave of resignations over poor economy.

The calls grew louder on Wednesday at major conference organised by quasi-religious grouping the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is in Blantyre where a cross-section of Malawians is discussing the future of the country with is facing economic crisis.

Opposition Peoples Party (PP) secretary general Ibrahim Matola attacked Gondwe for the economic turmoil and asked him to resign.

Matola argued that “recycled politicians” like Gondwe, are “hurting the economy.”

He said Malawi economic collapse is rapidly accelerating.

But Gondwe rejected the calls to resign, clinging to his job, saying Malawi needs “concerted efforts” to improve the economy and that “donor support is not reliable.”

He said the Peter Mutharika administration is doing very in the economic realm of governance.

Said Gondwe:  “We are doing a tremendous job and we have been commended by IMF. Why are you people not seeing this?”

He also disclosed that government will set up a commission of young and vibrant economic experts to be planning s well as researching on economic issues.

Gondwe also clarified on why the government is failing to win back donor confidence.

“It is not true that government is not receiving donor aid because it is not doing what donors want, noooo!”

UNDP envoy to Malawi, Mia Seppo urged the country to create an enabling environment for economic growth.

“Getting out of aid dependency is a global issue and Malawi has to make reforms in line with that,” she said.

Making a presentation titled Economic Situation in Malawi, Economists Association of Malawi president; Henry Kachaje said overpopulation is a growing burden on government as.

Kachaje said population was growing at a rate faster than that of the economy.

“We need to redefine and reposition our country, balance the budget by reducing expenditure and increasing the revenue base. We also need to invest on production, and not on consumption,” he urged.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Samuel Tembenu said the country needs “to stop politicising everything to move forward.”

The PAC meeting continues on Thursday.

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40 thoughts on “Goodall refuses to go: Says Malawi needs ‘concerted efforts’ to improve economy”

  1. Omex70 says:

    The first person to resign should be Mr Ibu of Malawi. He has failed to run the country. He is clueless.

  2. BigMan says:

    The people arguing for Gondwe to resign should tell us exactly what the new younger replacement will do differently to revive the country. The problem with Malawians is that we are all about emotion and too lazy to look at hard facts and analysis. That is why we waste a lot of energy blaming each other instead of looking ahead with real well researched and intelligent solutions.

    It is the same thinking that leads to killing a person in the village because you think they sent lightning that killed someone elsewhere. Dullness, Umbuli, Kupepela.

  3. saiziyakana says:

    Gondwe is DPP to the hilt and he implements DPP policies – why single him out? DPP government led by APM is the problem. 577 billion that is being ignored, the lies and propaganda the clueless APM, the misplaced policies – mostly based on tribal leanings the whole issue of banditry and thievery practiced by DPP is responsible for the mess. Kaliati shifted the blame on Ngwazi, APM shifted the problem of food shortages on Vendors – Chiembekeza has been lying – all these are contributing to the economic downturn.

    The interesting part is that we do not want to admit this – DPP is good at propaganda and diverting peoples attention to non truths. The question however is for how long?

    In 100 year the policies being followed by DPP will not at any point make a situation better for Malawi. Simple economic principles of demand and supply will be ignored and blame vendors. Simple principle of resource allocation for effective management and efficiency are ignored for the simpler – political hedging and protection and you expect the Govt to perform?

    What is advised is countered with lies from DPP and lies are protected and entrenched. Good meaning people are demonized by DPP for political expedience. What is the result. Systems thinking is not for the stupid prof and his cohorts and the result is – wholesale failure that they fail to explain and comprehend but are able to defend. Cry my beloved country.

  4. Sichali says:

    We are used to be donated, we stupid malawians, we have all the resources but we are failing to use. Shameful to malawians. Most of the resources europeans use comes from our continent. Let’s stand firm not releasing our raw materials, these europeans will bow down to our lovely africa. Shameful africa, shameful malawians!

  5. andrew says:

    Nothing can separate us from our God.let’s stop pointing fingers church leaders let’s go into mountains and fast and pray maybe miracle money will come easily.

  6. 2016 welcome says:

    The main culprit is not Gondwe but Mutharika. Besides, In the article Goodall says government is doing tremendous job….. My word! Has the meaning of tremendous perhaps changed? How can you say that when the socioeconomic indicators are worse? You have lost touch Mr minister.

  7. Andrex Ngala says:

    Malawians Avoid A Pull Down Syndrone. Let Goodall Alone

  8. Truck says:


  9. koulalampa says:

    I know DPhiPHi from time immemorial,what they will do is


    Pitala:Mussa Mussa Henere iwe iwe….
    Pitala:Kodi amati chani kukamsokhano kawo kaja?
    Mussa:Anthu ma political propaganda akudana nafe.
    Pitala:Ndiye titani?
    Mussa:Ine ndikuona ngati tingowapasa chibanzi?
    Pitala:kunali anthu ake ati?
    Mussa:Ma NGO,ndi a ma Church ena ndaiwala ndimuyimbira Bishop wathu wa phankeyu.
    Pitala:Okay ndiye tamuuze Ben andibwerestere kangondolosi kaja..
    Mussa:Zikomo koma zinthu mene zavutilamo i think ndipita kumuzi akandikhapire mphini 5000 thupi langali ana asamadelerele.
    Pitala:Ahhhh ineso akanditemera ndkapita kwa kape ngongoliwa uja.

  10. Alex Flatts says:

    The same thing is happening in Kenya. When bloodlines inherit power through dubious means, then you expect the worst for a country

  11. Sailota says:

    Bonaventure, if Goddal dont go, who must go then???

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Peter and Alan.

  12. Che Kubwalo says:

    Things are getting worse better accept and let others try you realize madzi ali nkhosi

  13. kaipa m says:

    Malawians very good @ pointing fingers to wrong direction leaving the greed cruel sons and daughters of Jazbel caught red handed with huge tax payers money,a clear reason that made donors flee. How do u feel looking @ massive buildings,nice cars these bulglers are having?kodi m’mesa okuba tikamugwila ataba njinga timatenga kaye njingayo nkupatsa mwiniwake?

  14. Cracker says:

    As long as Peter Mutharika is the captain of this ship called, Malawi, we can not develop. He is bearing the wrong name of Mutharika. He is the leader of the same party Bingu led to: 1 Chase away the British Ambassodor to Malawi, Cochratd Diet. 2 Its the same party that started cashgate and swindled away about K550 Billion frm gvt coffers. 3 He failed to perform in the 3 ministries he head: {a} Ministry of Justice and Constution al Affairs. {b} Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. {c} and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relation. If G. Gondwe is going, it must start from the captain of the ship. These people they only came into power to continue where they left during Bingus tenure, thereby enriching themselves, leaving the masses poor than before. Its why they gave to MOVESA the RTD contract who have his main centre of the Maltis system in RSA becoz they report to The captain 17hrs every day what RTD have collected, so that he can called for the money frm NBS.

  15. bonaventure says:

    For sure, Gondwe is not to blame…..

  16. woes says:

    zikuonetsa kuti tithamangamo muno, koboooooooooo!!!!!

  17. dingi says:

    mavi ……kunukha

  18. Angel of Doom says:

    Was Gondwe voted into office?

    The call for him to resign is as pathetic as the country is hungry.

    The mess we are in now is a result of years of laziness, expecting handouts and doing absolutely nothing.

    We expect the Kwacha to be at say 400 to the $, how? The value of currency is determined by supply and demand.

    What does Malawi supply to the wider world?

    What does Malawi demand from the wider world?

    If what we demand is more than what we supply, that is not Gondwes fault, is it?

    If even after last years floods and shortage of food, Malawians still insist of growing Tobacco, rather than food ,who causes the hunger?

    Politics, that is practiced without wisdom is destructive.

    White people fund you to destroy yourselves and you are very happy. Since when did a white mans organization have blacks at heart?

    Muzalila koto!!

  19. mbani says:

    black americans on holiday in a blind country

  20. Everyone is on”Gondwe must resign”leaving the big fish behind who is the governor of the central bank,,,bingu amakana za zoti ndalama ifike PA 1000,inu munkaona ngati akutizunza lero siizi!!kodi nthawi imene joice banda ankasainira zoti ndalama ifike PA 1000,Gondwe adalikuti nanga ma economic analysis adali kuti?this shows that anthu amene akugwira ntchito mu boma don’t care about the ordinary people!!!!!!!

  21. Kenkkk says:

    Stupid Matola. If Gondwe goes, he should not go alone. Peter, chiyembekedza, tembenu, etc must also go. Food is the most important and the minister of Agric is failing Malawians terribly. Alan must go before even gondwe goes.

    Tribalists like Matola are targeting Gondwe when the whole govt including the president are useless and failing.

    Why are you silent on the minister for agriculture?

    Matola, your party pp and this dpp govt have contributed significantly to the economic woes the country is facing through cashgate.

    No blame games, just contribute meaningfully so that the country develops. Give us your solution to the problems not blames.

    Simango gave some of the solutions to kick start this ailing economy. That is what we want.

  22. tulo amalawi says:

    haaaaa! reforms at a crossroads dont work, resolve 577 b issue bring donors back and continue with ur reforms. and ur r claiming we are cing changes on economy shaaaa!in ur own house bachalor watondeka

  23. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:


    PSALMS 107 (EXCERPTS): “Some wandered in desert wastes, finding no way to a city to dwell in; hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted within them. Then they CRIED TO TO THE LORD IN THEIR TROUBLE, AND HE DELIVERED THEM FROMM THEIR DISTRESS!!!. He led them by a straight way till they reached a city to dwell in! Let them thank the Lord for His steadfast love, FOR HIS WONDROUS WORKS TO THE CHILDREN OF MEN!!! Some sat in darkness and in the shadow of death, prisoners in affliction and in irons, FOR THEY HAD REBELLED AGAINST THE WORDS OF THE LORD, AND SPURNED THE COUNSEL OF THE MOST HIGH. Then they CRIED TO THE LORD IN THEIR TROUBLE, AND HE DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DISTRESS. He brought them out of darkness and the the shadow of death, and burst their bonds apart!!!! Some were FOOLS THROUGH THEIR SINFUL WAYS, AND BECAUSE OF THEIR INIQUITIES SUFFERED AFFLICTION; THEY LOATHED ANY KIND OF FOOD, AND THEY DREW NEAR TO THE THE GATES OF DEATH! Then they CRIED TO THE LORD IN THEIR TROUBLE, AND HE DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DISTRESS!!! HE SENT HIS WORD AND HEALED THEM, AND DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DESTRUCTION!!!! Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters; they saw the deeds of the Lord, His wondrous works in the deep. For He commanded and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea. They mounted up to heaven; they went down to the depths; their courage melted away in their evil plight; they reeled and staggered like drunken men and WERE AT THEIR WIT’S END. THEN THEY CRIED TO THE LORD IN THEIR TROUBLE, AND HE DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DISTRESS! He made the storm BE STILL, AND THE WAVES OF THE SEA WERE HUSHED. THEN THEY WERE GLAD THAT THE WATERS WERE QUIET, AND HE BROUGHT THEM TO THEIR DESIRED HAVEN!!!! He turns rivers into a desert, springs of water into thirty ground, a fruitful land into a salty waste, BECAUSE OF THE EVILS OF ITS INHABITANTS!!!! WHEN THEY ARE DIMINISHED THROUGH oppression, evil and sorrow, HE POURS CONTEMPT ON PRINCES AND MAKES THEM WANDER IN TRACKLESS WASTES, BUT HE RAISES THE NEEDY OUT OF AFFLICTION AND MAKES THEIR FAMILIES LIKE FLOCKS. THE UPRIGHT SEE IT AND ARE GLAD, AND ALL WICKEDNESS SHUTS ITS MOUTH. WHOEVER IS WISE, LET HIM ATTEND TO THESE THINGS; LET THEM CONSIDER THE STEADFAST LOVE OF GOD! AMEN AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  24. The Analyst says:

    If this PAC meeting is as open to every rat and bat as it is, then it is as useless and empty as meetings and discussions of drunkards or mad men or bachelors.

    A very simple but often igonred truth is, too many people can’t agree on anything. Thus if you want things not to work out, appoint a committee of more than 2 people coz they will not agree on anything.

    And if the people we suspect to be reasons for the ills of the country are also seen as part of solution hence given a chance to make presentations, then PAC is just a joke. How do you epect Good-All Gondwe to offer solutions (in word document at the meeting) when he has failed to produce a pdf or action document for at least 2 years in office?
    Are we any surprised therefore that instead of . . .
    . . . admitting failure, he is reminding us of the eulogy accorded to him and his cohort by the useless IMF and further accusing us of failure to recognise the same?
    . . . coming up with new ideas, Good-all is talking about a team of young researchers, when we all know that such people, Malawi already has in various ministries, at the RBM and other bodies; only that their recommendations are not taken on board or implemented (even when they are evidence-based)?
    And are we any certain that PAC will come up with tangible recommendations in such an intimidatory and unconducive environment? I doubt!
    All my high hopes are now lower than low, as I anticipate nothing tangible to come out of this meeting.

  25. Kadausi says:

    Koma a Gondwe tsopano ayamba kuona zomwe ankapezana nazo Kasambara. People are calling for his axe yet omwe akuononga economy are protected. This is exactly what was happening at that time.

    Kaya zanu izo lazy thinkers!

  26. peter must fall says:

    From my point of view, both Mr president and G. Gondwe must resign with immediate effect they have failed honestly. S. Chilima must take over.

  27. Banda says:

    A Goodall mupusilapo apa, ndibwino mungoyalula mphasa zanu ndikumabwerera kwithu ku Bwengu/Chiskombe nakukachezganga na vizukulu vinu,chifukwa pa chichewa pali mau: pakadafunda padajiwitsa galu, pa chitumbuka napo pali mazgu: chiwerera nyuma chikaziya mbawala, ndiye muchenjere musakhatenge malawi kukhala munda wanu inu a DPP a nyani inu!

  28. Fair Lady says:

    Is Chiyembekeza who has absolutely failed to apply his PhD theory into practicealso old? Is Peter Mthalika who is on holiday in Malawi (from Ameria) young? Why pick on Gondwe only. What is Fabiano doing with education besides tearing the system into pieces?

    Amdala Kayiwonanga, I also want you to go home to enjoy your remaining time with your family. BUT you are not going to go as a sacrifice – with all the ethnic lacing. Aah aah. You all go or no one goes.

  29. Chibalo says:

    Guys you are living in the world of your own. Gondwe might be old and also the president is old but TRUST me that the problem of our economy is not his.Not that i want him to stay put but rather for you my fellow Malawians to look beyond the ability of on human to turn around our economy.No any intelligent minister can do that in Malawi-i must tell you.What is very wrong in our Nation is our bad politics.Finance ministers are all loyal to the president and to what he and his subject say.

    If for example the finance minister does not agree with what the president suggested or his subjects suggest, do you think he can further resist that even if he actually knows it will hurt the poor?
    Do you know that under Bakili Muluzi the economy became really bad and yet we had one genious Minister then-Honourable Mathews Chikaonda?Do you know hwy he was quickly relieved of his ministerial position to go back to Press?There was too much politics in his job and likewise with Gondwe position.
    Dr Mkwezalamba under Joyce Banda did not tick well and little can be told about him except the fact that the president was a puppet of donors when she accepted to devalue our currency many times so that our economy could ease alittle bit.But trust me his position was also clouded very much with politics.WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM IN MALAWI WITH OUR POLITICIANS-THEY DONT LOVE US-NEVER BE DECEIVED MALAWIANS.

  30. BOKHO says:

    Where is Mkwezalamba. This guy was good .

  31. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Ndipo mukapemphera nkhopeyo isungunuka mwinanso kusanduka njoka kapena nyani. Amen

  32. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Nkhopeyo si satana uyu. A Malawi pempherani zolimba

  33. chiwa kogoya says:

    Gondwe we do respect you but this is too much now plz rest in peace so that others can takeover ok !!!!

  34. Cling to power muchokera limodzi,u guys u see president mbeki resignng ,u should who will take is a malawian not A zambian ,and please remember u rigged in 2014

  35. chibweya joe says:

    Yes concerted effort from accross the nation and not from GG. He has done his part and now he is expired. Please accept the fact that you are to old for this job now. If you really love this nation please go honourably.
    Are you sure there nothing you can do out there?

  36. Jobe says:

    Bamusi talked about giving ‘altimatums’ as not accepted. However, this ‘agogo’ should be given one. Show him an exit door.

  37. patrick says:

    Kwacha and inflation will stablise if following is done, remove all controls for kwacha appreciation , as there is a limit of only 0.25% appreciation per day that is hindering kwacha appreciation, if that is changed to unlimited appreciation per day kwacha will be back to 600 to a dollar and inflation will go away. But the question is Chuka being appointed by PP will he do this as this policy change will stablise economy and make DPP popular. SO does Chuka want DPP to be popular or is he a PP boy and will allow kwacha to depreciate further so DPP get unpopular

  38. james says:

    Gondwe wake up smell the coffee if IMF was happy with you they would have resumed budget support, you are a failure when 80 years olds cling onto there jobs how will young people get jobs. Make ways for younger generation. Look at the kwacha from 400 to 800 in less than 2 years it is a disaster come out of your VIP luxury home and see how people are suffering.

  39. Tchama says:

    Gologolo pamtengo wakakamila

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