Goodall says DPP cares for north Malawi: Parliament approves K22bn loan for Mzimba water project

People of Mzimba will soon have potable water after parliament unanimously approved a K22 billion loan for a comprehensive water and sanitation project.

Finance Minister Gondwe

Finance Minister Gondwe

This means the government will now borrow K11 billion from OPEC European Bank repayable in 20 years and another K11 billion from the African Development Fund repayable in 40 years with a 10 years grace period.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said the water project will benefit 48000 people while the sanitation project will benefit 31000 people in the largest district in Malawi.

Gondwe said Mzimba has one water tank with a 250 cubic metre water capacity saying the new project will see new pipes laid down with several tanks with a capacity of over 6000 cubic metre water capacity.

The Finance Minister described as childish suggestions by some members of parliament who said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government was marginalising the northern region in development programmes.

“We are constructing the Njakwa road. There was nothing that was done during the two years we were out of government,” said Gondwe indirectly hitting at People’s Party members of parliament who mostly lead the assault on DPP for allegedly marginalising the northern region.

Gondwe said as a cabinet minister from Mzimba, he always champions for development activities in the north.

“This government cares for the north more than the government that was here two years ago, I am concerned about developments in the north than anyone else,” he said.

When told he was out of order for being too political, Gondwe said in Tumbuka, “waniyambira ntcheni.”

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39 thoughts on “Goodall says DPP cares for north Malawi: Parliament approves K22bn loan for Mzimba water project”

  1. Kumwerako tazilamulirani vuto palibe koma komweko mukumvetsa chisoni koposa dera lina lili lonse mudzikoli mudziwe.Ku Nsanjeko pakadali pano odwala akupempha zokudya ngakhale muma colledge ana ambiri kupempha zakudya pomwe ifeyo ot salira kulibe muchitidwewu.Visit konse ku secondary schools, colleges hospitals kulibeko.You gain one side you lose the other nature takes charge.

  2. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Abale anga akumpoto ndife ozikonda. Kodi cheni cheni tikufuna ndi chani. Chitukuko kapena kapena utsogoleli. M utsogoleli mwini ndi mulungu malawi ndi modzi. One president at a time. Tikakhala ndi nsanje mulungu satidalitsa

  3. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Gondwe is patriotic thats what i can say.

  4. chimwemwe says:

    Goodall makhalamba muthandiza malawi muka nsika pansi, ma tenga mpando za FM kwacha akugwa everyday, inflation kukwera mthu wanu ndi dzimbiri muka puma ku mudzi

  5. Jacks says:

    Tired of hearing North, North , North! Hey give us a break. ATumbuka make your country if you think an investment in Central region by Malawi Government doesn’t belong to Malawi, but pipo in the center. Shupiti!

  6. stupid pple like stupid coments example (tumbuka will not rule this country who told u? behave urself )fucking crazy

  7. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Are the comments based on Goodalls statement? Surely,something is wrong with us… Just wish to applaud government for this project that will benefit people of Mzimba. People will shower a lot of insults at Goodall and DPP,but surely its because they have decided to close their eyes and ears, and open their mouth without understanding issues.. If really the North is not benefiting,the Mzimba is in the Centre and the Njakwa Road is in Thyolo

  8. George Kamanga says:

    Gondwe you the most foolish and stupid old man. You think we can clap hands as you do to these dogs in DPP. No how many years will pass we only believe and trust that only God will fight for northerners. Even in our history you will never be included because you are a gangster, murderer, morster and criminal as your fellow DPP followers.
    No one from the central or south have wished northerners good just the same as the NAZIs who have never and will never wish the Israelites the best. Goodall you are are greedy person and you are dancing yo the tune of those dogs (DPP) to fill your belly not for benefit of Malawians who are oppressed by these dogs.
    You see now this dog (APM), he was saying that Malawi will flourish without donor aid but now hear what he was telling British MPs. Please British MP don’t hear what this idiot and a big fool is telling you to fund Malawi Govt. He is there to fool you because tomorrow he will call you stupid as his late brother did. The money he is asking is for him to steal and claim tomorrow that he was already a trionnaire. APM and his followers are great gangsters and criminals.
    Britons don’t release your tax paid money to these dogs (DPP) until true and great leaders come to power which is truly to come to pass whether these dogs in DPP want or not. APM please don’t trouble azungu just come home and rig the economy as you rigged the election results. APM wapepera piano umat ndiwe ochenjera.

  9. Mchekulu Munyinu says:

    Amdala Kayiwonanga, ndimo mwana Brian Banda wakamufumbilani kuti mukhale pasi pawuli? Mwachekula. Anhenani sonu nadi mukuti tiwonge pa mulimo uwo bazukulu bithu bizamkulipila ngongole? Nthena imwe na banyinu ba DPP mwibengepo pa K22 billion apo.

  10. Tiyanjane says:

    Inu a Gule # 23
    Inu mukuti mtumbuka sazalamulila. Inu nomwe mukuti a tumbuka akuphanga zintchito zanu kwanu. Ndiye akulamulira nzake ndi ndani?

  11. Jayjay says:

    PAC is deliberately letting the federalism debate go wayward. People do not know what exactly happens. It does not mean people of the north will go to the north neither the southerners to the south rather is only about decentralized development . It has nothing to do with people trekking to their regions. PAC is hiding behind Peter so that people should grab the truth about federalism. Even if we won’t implement it why can’t you initiate civic education about this subject. Friends do not comment ignorantly, don’t expose your ignorance; it’s embarrassing.

  12. Chimsey says:

    Kudzikonda? Iwe poti ndimchewa umazida? shame on u! mavuto nzowona simaliro okha ndaonela paiwe ndiwe mbuli kwabasi

  13. Favoured citizen says:

    Shut up… who says the north will never rule… you will see… who thought a black man can rule America? You will first perish with that mind starting with your president then the north will rule?

  14. tan'gatan'ga says:

    I would be happier if the Quota system was removed.

    Goodall is a sellout on the issue of the Quota system. He sends his kids and grand children abroad so he does not care about northern children who do well in school.

    1. JJB says:

      You are a fool!! Godall has no grand children, his Children were not born in Malawi. In USA if you are born there you are a citizen, regardless of where your parents are from, unlike the UK.
      Hate the person for the right reasons.

      Muzamulila muthuyu. M<zimba North is already missing him, but its too late.

  15. gule says:

    Chimene chimandisangalatsa ndi chakuti whether someone likes it or not, mtumbuka sadzalamulilako dziko lino. Anthu awa ndi odzikonda and ndibwino tingoyambadi Federalism kuti azikakhala kuchigawo chawo basi. Federalism adzayiva kuwawa ndi atumbuka omwewo chifukwa ndi amene amathawa kwawo kumadzaphangila ntchito mzigawo zina. Azibwelera kwawo azikalembana ulonda

    1. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

      Stupid mindset. Kamuzu was from the north but his parents settled in Kasungu. Just look at his names Kamuzu Banda with Sisters Chendawaka, and Chatinkha (typical Tumbuka names) at the same time you may argue that Tumbukas will not rule but we lead. Just to go to all government departments and offices. We take school seriously instead of plucking tea and working at Chikangawa forest and estates all over Malawi like AHLOMWE.

  16. pwefu says:

    Tulo mdala, so dola yomweyi akuipangaso divert kupita kwina fodya basi

  17. Katong'ongo says:

    Kuyamika chani?? Who owns this country and who is doing another a special favour?? I pay tax and you expect me kuyamika. Kuyamika ku Nyau (Mchewa)??? This country was spoiled way back by the Chewas. Pali iwo nthawi zonse ndi miseche, mangawa, kugwetsa munthu kuti ziwayendele. The Lhomwes are only drunk with power. Otherwise, these Chewas are worst than the devil himself. Who chased the northerners from other regions? (10 marks). Quota system started with the Chewas. We are supporting Chakwela because he is a genuine man and because DPP is taking us for a ride. Otherwise, we are bound to shift our allegiance to any party to punish the Chewas. We are immuned to suffering. We can let DPP to rule this country till kingdom come. Achewa siyani miseche!!!

  18. Mchewa says:

    Give me the K22 billion and I will still develop Mzimba to a major city.I will construct tarmac roads throughout Mzimba, construct atleast 5 markets across Mzimba, construct an international bus depot,bulid atleast three state of the nation primary schools as well as construct atleast 200 houses for the poor.

  19. Zondiwe says:

    Why start new roads when old roads remain unfinished?
    The Mzimba-Mthwalo-Njakwa road remains unfinished 8 years after it was started.
    What a shame.
    People are not happy about this issue. It is not even raised in Parliament. It would have been better if it was not started at all, rather than start, and abandon it altogether.

  20. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Most people in Mzimbva are not Tumbuka, and they do not speak Chitumbuka. The North speak a corruption of Tumbuka. Gondwe speaks Tumbuka from the Tumbuka in Rumphi.


    Chimbuzi= Choloni
    Cup =Komechi
    Kwambana=Kwavyana, (wandavya)

    Waniyambila ntcheni should have been wandavyila ntcheni
    Kabunthu = Chitewe
    Ball = Chikwati
    Shoe = Chilyato

  21. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    There is no cause for celebration here, MK22B is a loan that has not even been approved yet. Who is going to pay back that Money? Komanso nkhalamba za DPP zatikwana.

  22. Lordmansfied says:

    Just Bcoz Of Mk22b Project For The North (Mpakana Mwaima Pakwelu) Why Dont U Publicise Developments Of Other Regions, U Just Show That North Is Treated As A Third Class Area, Anthu Andale A Kumpoto Ndamene Amabwezela M’buyo Chitukuko, Ndi Ma Yes BBWWANNAH

  23. emzuzu says:

    on behalf of all the people from the northern region let me say thank the Government for this development ,we have to give credit where it is due


  24. KAMBWE says:

    Goodall Gondwe ma bans ukumadya ndi a DPP akuthimba eti….wasiya kulankhula za anzeru masiku ano

  25. Mkwapu says:

    Dpp cares for the north fotsekiiiii?

  26. STIGMA says:

    why should you talk of region when it come to project for the North.Why not make it when presenting projects from other regions

  27. Tomtom says:

    Can somebody enlighten me on who is funding the Njakwa-Livingstonia road?

  28. chilipaine says:

    Pa BOMA para, pabenge vimbuzi na misi yamumpope sono? Kweni chitukuko chafika ku mpoto nadi!

  29. mapwevupwevu says:

    Atumbuka mudziyamika. Inde DPP ikulakwitsa zambiri koma apa pokha yamikirani agalu inu!

  30. Therere says:


  31. Moyenda says:

    Wandiyambira ntcheni, wandiyamba dala, hahahahaha!

  32. Chenda says:

    The Njakwa – Livingstonia road will be an important asset to the region. Come on new DPP.

  33. Talibo says:

    Anthu Akupoto Ambiri Amakhala Ngati Agalu Anthu Osayamika

  34. Atumbuka amnzanga pamenepa tikuti bwanji? Giving credit where it is due

  35. PICHI says:

    Ine ndale zochitana please zi zikundikwana bwanji? I never heard kuti athu aku Mzimba were complaining about water. Khaya inu? Ahhh all that money why 22billion for 48000 people zoona?

  36. KK says:

    Atumbuka sayamika.

  37. ziliko says:

    Kkkkkkkkk. Goooondweeee!
    Goodall “Ntcheni” Gondwe sounds good to me.

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