Goodall says JB fertilizer loan programme was ill conceived: Malawi govt fails to recover K11b

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe said government suspended the fertlizer loan programme conceived y former president Joyce Banda because it was ill conceived and the government is struggling to recover K12 billion.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe:

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe:

Gondwe said this in parliament when leader of People’s Party in the House, Uladi Mussa asked Finance Minister to explain why the programme was discontinued despite being an alternative to the farm input programme.

“This was an ill conceived programme. It was done by the president’s office only, there was not even a budget for this,” said Gondwe.

He said out of K13 billion disbursed, only K2 billion has been recovered. The recovery mode was not good and we had to find other ways of recovering the money.

Gondwe however said it was a brilliant idea, though it was ill conceived, saying the Mutharika administration is looking at ways of how to improve the programme before it is rolled out again in the coming years.

However, Mussa said the Mutharika administration might have discontinued it on political reasons, urging the government to reconsider its position.

Gondwe also told the parliamentarians that the government is importing 30000 metric tonnes of maize and buying locally 22000 metric tonnes of maize because of harsh weather conditions.

The Finance Minister’s remark came after severe criticism from the opposition members of parliament on the government’s handling of food shortage and farm input programme which they said leaves a lot to e desired.

But Gondwe said the situation last year was beyond government control, saying the floods and drought worsened the situation.

He said South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are also importing maize.

However, the debate nearly went out of hand when Blantyre North MP Francis Phiso picked up a quarrel with Uladi Mussa, forcing Phiso to threaten the People’s Party leader that he would reveal the source of money for Mussa’s newly bought Area 43 house and that he was moving with bags of money in his car in the run up to the 2014 general election campaign.

Mussa did not respond.

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Fisi akagwa mbuna salankhula. Uladi Mussa anangokhala chete atamuwuza kuti amuwulura komwe watenga ndalama zogulira nyumba ku area 43.


This government has nothing to offer rather than wasting time and energy on mzimai inu ndi amuna tapangani zanzeru tiwone.


You are failing to collect funds because during 2014 TripatriteElectionsCampaigns you were telling people that they should not pay back the funds.Today whom are you blaming.CHOYIPA CHIMATSATAMWINI.MWAZIONA.Even the issue of donors withdrawing budget support its because you were taking the issue of CashGate as aCampagningtool.Now it ishiting you back.STOP TALKING ABOUT CASHGATE AS ATHNG CONTRIBUTING TO YOUR FAILURE TO DEVELOP MALAWI.


Iyi ndi locally cashgate, anthu wamba nawo adyapo, atayeni basi, 11billion zingafane ndi 557billion.

2019 no nkhalamba

Kodi awa siaja anaba ndalama za feteleza???


simple mathematics just subtract it from 577 full stop

Willie Chimseu

Ngongole sapeleka ma politians ayi. Imeneyo muiwale anthu sadzabweza. A PP amadziwa zimene amachita pa nkhani ya ngongole zimene boma lao liapereka monga ya njinga za moto.

chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa

Abwere JB adzanene mmene ngongole ya fetereza ikuyendera kapena inayendera kuti anthu asamabweze. nanunso okongolanu mudzibweza. Aboma musatenge loan ina mpaka ngongoleyi idzathe.

D.D. Phiri

koma ngati Uladi Mussa anakhala chete! loo pali kanthu apa kkkk kulongolora!


Goodall is too old putting spanners in this years FISP programme if it fails he is solely to blame for this, upto now fertiliser not supplied on disagreement with suppliers on prices

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