Goodall ‘sorry’ for civil servants salary delays

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has apologised to civil servants after salary delays left them without their wages.

Gondwe: Forced to apologise

Gondwe: Forced to apologise

Affected with the delay include judiciary staff, teachers, nurses, prison wardens, and a range of other civil servants.

“I must apologise for the delay,” said Gondwe in parliament after being pressured by opposition members of Parliament (MPs) led by Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party-PP) to explain the reasons behind delayed salaries despite the House having duly passed the 2015/16 National Budget last week.

Gondwe said it is “important” that people are made aware that the situation is as a result of “improvements being made to the Ifmis [Integrated Financial Management Information System].”

He said: “We are trying to fix and make enhancements, thus it has not been possible for us to process the salaries.”

Gondwe disclosed that salaries for the Ministry of Health have been processed.

He assured Parliament that the rest of the civil servants will be paid “immediately”

However, Dedza East MP Juliana Lunguzi (Malawi Congress Party-MCP)asked Gondwe to “clearly state what he means by immediately.”

Lunguzi said: “Ambulances in many hospitals are grounded because there is no money for fuel.”

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46 thoughts on “Goodall ‘sorry’ for civil servants salary delays”

  1. ochewa says:

    Komadi inu a president ndi A Gondwe nwankhwima kwambiri. Dziko lakukulilani. Are your brains thinking horizontally? Dziko sichibwanatu. Mmaona ngati Bingu amayendetsa mudzi eti? Ndikulira chitsulo cha njanje ine apeza pano titamanga Umodzi park yina ku Mzuzu koto ine Bingu mdatisiila nkhalamba. Choncho kalamula bola muzivako za anthu anzeru asati aliyese!

  2. Petros says:

    I wish i was a member of Boko haraam ndikanathana nawo,ationjeza.thats why working in malawi its like working in Hell.

  3. igwee says:

    Peter mwatondeka mube banyake nte mwaukapo pambele mundafwe na BP

  4. Lutho Bilima says:

    2 Hell With Your Apologies! Its Too Late To Apologise Now Yet You Knew This Long Time Before. Your Bellies Are Full Thats Why!!!

  5. Bob says:

    Goodall and Peter you are cursed, useless, thieves and you must rot in hell

  6. Mutofa says:

    it high time all living Dinosaurs are forced to retire. We can’t engage scraped retired apes to manage our affairs for the better!

  7. waiyaki of siriyana says:

    you are taking civil servants for granted .we voted for you for betterment of improving poor conditions we civil servants are experiancing.You are touchering us

  8. phiri says:

    govt should tell us the truth,maybe funds?

  9. Naomi says:

    which ministry of health? ife sitinalandilebe up to now.
    and to make things worse mankhwala akusowa kuno, ambulance sakuyenda as lunguzi said,allowances not paid.and our referral hospital mzuzu central there is no surgeon due to money issues as we hear, they didn’t renew his contract.nde azitinamiza apa?

  10. choka phiri says:

    I was at bottom hospital maternity ward. Shocked. No toilet was working. Lights on corridors were all off. Nurses did not attend pregnant women in pain who were lying on the floor crying. When I asked for someone to help they told me to stand on que. A pregnant woman was bleeding. I got angry and asked for a bed. Just told to go and look for one. I did and find one very dirty covered by blood. Jesus. I asked to be cleaned. I got what I wanted by paying. I dont blame workers. They dont get paid in time. But why no globes in the hospital? Its not money but stealing. The whole nation is rotten people dont care anymore. Espcially when leaders are bussy enriching themselves. WHERE ARE HONEST MALAWIANS? DO MALAWIANS LOVE THEIR NATION? DO THEY THINK OF THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN? U CAN HAVE MINEY BUT WITIOUT A FUNCTION HOME MONEY IS USELESS. These old people want to steal for their families. Peter has children in USA if he he has. They came to steal not to rule for the better .

  11. choka phiri says:

    Goodal is lying. The reason for the delay is because they take the money and use it for other thing. Its evil to delay salaries of low income people. These people have families. How are they going to survive? This is worse than slavery. It can not continue like this. I know the people who work with the machine they are blaming. He told me that their bosse is the one who stopps them because they want to correct the 92 billion. Goodal is in that billion. Peter too. Many DDPs. To live in Malawi is like living in America during slavery. Worse slaveries used to get free food. Its up to Malawians to let this goverment or any goverment to treat them like this. God will never help u if you sitt there and wait for Jesus. They take advantage of ignorance if majorit of the Malawians.

  12. Deflated says:

    Actually its your asses that need enhancing.

  13. Mbuyankhoma says:

    Ngamala ndinaphatambo mabasa tani? Wa! Nkhabe kufumba kubasa tayi.

  14. Phwado says:

    Nkhalamba zakuba zabodza ngati izi sindinazione!

  15. Northener says:


  16. jimbo says:

    The President and MPs are also civil servants, have they also not received their pay cheques? Corruption, mismanagement, ignorance, past their ‘sell-by’ date – this government is a total failure. Is there no mechanism for getting rid of them? What about a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in parliament? Surely there must be some way of putting an end to this ‘mad hatter’s tea-party’. The country is in a deep hole and the government continues to dig it deeper.

  17. malili says:

    Boma ilo!!!! Alomwe, Alomwe, Nophiya, mapuya murupale, ali phee!!! kumwa wamkaka, funso mboomamu alipo mulomwe yemwe amagwira mbooma? nde ukuti bwa???? after vote yako utaponya poti ndi mulomwe mosayang’ana what mulomwe can bring on the table?? HeeeH! Musovenge.

  18. Yusuf Hofmally says:

    Tamva bwana but I hope kuti inunso simunalandire.

  19. Nkhedu says:

    Wasted ‘pwevupwevu’ minister.Too old lyk bwampini

  20. 5555 says:

    Gondwe!!!! please go and rest in your Village!! leave this job to young ones. Kukakamila bwanji?? You are follosh

  21. Njanjanja says:

    Tatenga galu wokalamba kuuzimba tibwelera opanda nyama

  22. Ndongoti says:

    Movota vota a Malawi. Why leave your life at the mercy of matchona who have no clue to run government. Poti ndi mapwiya mwati ndiamweyo. Chamba eti.

  23. Chintebwe says:

    Stupid gvt

  24. Munnyabu says:

    This useless prof:amaonesatu he failed in all ministries he was appointed by his brother; how did malawians expect such a fake prof to perform at position? Anthu akuvutika mzipatala iye buzy ndi maphwando alomwe ndizitsilu kwabasi tingogawana dzikoli basi enough is enough

  25. In the know says:

    Government Ministries have not received ORT funding for the month of June and you can’t pay salaries as well? Fotseki!

  26. mzimwale says:

    Ife sitidya ma apology… just give us our money. or we will sue you to ICC for crimes against humanity.
    Ka Chilima kanalongeza kuti civil servants will be treated with all respect and get payed in time. How do you expect us to work hard when we have not been payed?
    We will frustrate your public sector reforms.

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Hon. Gondwe, are you fixing and enhancing the Ifmis system becuase it loots government money or what? Who PLANNED that the system should fixed on a pay day?

    After looting it builds mansons in area 43 and drives flashy cars in town.

  28. Rodgers Banda says:

    Who is Gondwe? Don’t blame him It is this DPP government which is Corrupt and doesn’t care. Sorry comes from those leaders who call civil servants slaves

  29. umziya says:

    A government of Failures. Soon you will here theres is no fuel. The signs are there already

  30. Molopwana says:

    Withe Kamlepo around, it will not be easy for DPP ……KKKKKKKKKKK why apologise? just pay the salaries not lip service

  31. ben says:

    palibe forex goodall standard bank yafika chokera 445 mpakana 457 next mafuta anyamba kusowa

  32. mapapaya says:

    zomvetsa chisoni. Ena ali ndi ukwati pa 4 July pompa.

  33. mcdonald nkhoma says:

    Mwatiyenjeza. Zinaziwikiratu izi. Kulepera kupereka ort funding ndiye mukapereke salary? Mavuto tiri naye. Lord have mercy.

  34. ambuje says:

    chitsiru iwe Goodal you are very stupit Boma ili ndi la madala team failing to tik

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Mabvuto, Malawi is finished

  36. MALAWIAN says:


  37. OBSERVER says:


  38. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Sorry neither pays bills nor brings food on the table.

  39. mtengo wagwa says:

    We don’t have anything to eat. If we reach Friday no pay, something will happen.

  40. Bottleman says:

    Never seen such kind of gvt that leads by apologies, chifukwa chiyani ndalama zoti muziba zikupezeka koma zotilipira zikusowa? Becareful! Kenako tikatapa tokha ku RBM’ko.

  41. Its better that Goodall and ur President should accept that u’re old and have run out of ideas. Do u. Think Escom, Water Boards, Landlords commodity sellers will feel pity with us? That’s total madness.

  42. maritchara says:

    It was Juliana Lunguzi who asked govt to explain the reason behind delay in salaries payment for civil servants and madman Kamlep

  43. ZZ Junior says:

    This Goodall guy is too old to be running an effective ministry. Watopa mkuluyi akapume.

  44. what is going wrong with our systems. It seems nobody cares. gov workers are underpayed and then you delay that little change. STOP CORRUPTION DEVELOP THE NATION plz

  45. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Koma nawonso Agondwe sanalandili malipiro————–These guys they are now creating lopeholes to steal monies eg Sale of MSB ITS NOW THEIR TIME TO EAT MONIES AND WITH THE PASSING OF BUDGET THEY ARE NOW HAPPY FOR GETTING THOSE WHO PUT THEM NO THIS CHAIR

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